We Got Inside AREA 51! (This Happened...)

  • Published on Sep 24, 2019
  • Today we did the dumbest thing in our life and crossed over AREA 51 and got arrested! Not only the cops chased us but also the military camo dudes arrested us!
    Area 51, secret U.S. Air Force military installation located at Groom Lake in southern Nevada. It is administered by Edwards Air Force Base in southern California. The installation has been the focus of numerous conspiracies involving extraterrestrial life, though its only confirmed use is as a flight testing facility.
    We decided to go to AREA 51 and explore for alien life, the Camo Dudes and much more. We explored around the base and accidentally crossed the restricted area and got arrested. Watch to see what happens!
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  • LifeOfNate
    LifeOfNate 3 months ago +1598

    *This was actually uploaded by aliens because top notch never made it back. The aliens liked the content so much they did the honor of uploading it.*
    (Edit: lets make a group chat : Snapchat nathan11307 )

  • Underwazar
    Underwazar Hour ago


  • Juliet H
    Juliet H 17 hours ago

    Also not a real alien

  • Juliet H
    Juliet H 17 hours ago

    That was not a real ufo /:

  • Jay0161 Blazing
    Jay0161 Blazing 20 hours ago

    Who ever thinks their are aliens 👽 in Area 51, your a bellend!

  • Iddi Moshi
    Iddi Moshi 23 hours ago


  • Martin I.
    Martin I. Day ago

    Soo Hows the court hearing?

  • Evie O'gorman
    Evie O'gorman Day ago

    so much edit

  • Mário Lindberg
    Mário Lindberg Day ago


  • Thelifeof Ghandre

    ik the alien wasnt real but was the ufo real?? someone please answer this question

  • James Kyle Gonzales
    James Kyle Gonzales 2 days ago

    And alien

  • James Kyle Gonzales
    James Kyle Gonzales 2 days ago

    The ufo is fake

  • Mishkathe2ndidiot
    Mishkathe2ndidiot 2 days ago

    Its probably hard to get inside even you trespass why did they arrest them its just wanna see them aliens

  • Wojciech Heszko
    Wojciech Heszko 3 days ago


  • Gamer
    Gamer 3 days ago

    Never do that on tell September 20th

  • Sikatix
    Sikatix 4 days ago +3

    I'm learning about area 51 but that MEME tho

    • Sikatix
      Sikatix 4 days ago


  • Alonso V
    Alonso V 5 days ago

    definitely the most top-notch idiocy i've seen in a while.

  • Alexandra Rynes
    Alexandra Rynes 5 days ago


  • jugusia a
    jugusia a 5 days ago


  • Sami Khan90
    Sami Khan90 5 days ago

    I don’t know why but I feel like that you are aaa gay

  • roblox Naty:3
    roblox Naty:3 6 days ago


  • AsS gaming
    AsS gaming 7 days ago +1

    U tink he is alienn

  • Max
    Max 7 days ago +1

    Yeah i Believe Alien exist cuz we aren't Alone and its nothing new that Aliens were caught in navada

  • joseph Dutkiewicz
    joseph Dutkiewicz 7 days ago


  • Rishabh Khare
    Rishabh Khare 8 days ago +4

    Why Is America So Scared Of People Who Try To Enter Area 51.... I Mean What Veds And Sanskrit of Hinduism Are You Studying In Area 51...??

  • Ahmed Elturki
    Ahmed Elturki 8 days ago

    thx for almost dieing just for us

  • Mike Pimp
    Mike Pimp 8 days ago

    And I know how to easily stop companies from getting hurt is the easiest fucking way I know take important shit off of the Internet don’t have a computer that can link up to the Internet if it holds national security we can have computers that don’t get on the Internet we can have computers that are not in any way even connected to an Internet or a phone jack that’s why were getting hacked nobody can hold a secret and everybody thinks we got I have encryption and shit where about just not have an computers that are on the Internet that would fucking help everything but no we want to be updated and upgraded put in shit and high technology the more technology the more risk the more will get hacked. Take the fucking main computers that we do not want hacked off of the Internet FBI building should not be linked to the Internet whatsoever not a phone line not one computer to add any information it’s top-secret they just hacked us again and all they have to do is take this shit off-line don’t have computers that are even fucking connected into a phone jack if you want to talk to the computers build a building that can talk to computers inside the building that’s it from computer to computer fuck nobody will listen but if you take off the main computer is off-line we cannot be hacked but people won’t listen I have Submitted this to a politician that I thought would get the word up through the chain of command he squashed it nobody wanted to hear it it doesn’t cost anything to take and unplug the cable from the phone line and it can’t be hacked after that the hacker would have to be right there hacking it right there on the computer but we’re a bunch of past the first pansies that’s that’s all I can say

  • Mike Pimp
    Mike Pimp 8 days ago

    Do you have any plans in the future to try again before you do I would get a thermal blanket that way you can cover from the choppers infrared but you cannot hide yourself from sensors and shit they got pressure plates underground they’ve got sensors that can pick up a rat farting they’ve got infrared sensors that pick up Pete they got sensors that pick up weight you pretty much cannot get into the base without being a really really stealthy person like a US military sniper and he would still have a problem but it would take him I don’t know 10 days but he could crawl foot by foot when he hits the fence if it ain’t sensor activated you know if you chop a link or do to crawl through I’m sure there’s a sensor that says the gate is compromised at this area not to mention all the blight video cameras at all offenses and in the end and same thing goes for the Canadian border if you try to pass in the mountains there sensors there’s pressure plates etc etc.. they’ve got every way of sense in you and then you touch the fence sensors go off you cut the fence sensors go off you cross the fence you step on the pressure plate you got it sensors go off the only way I could see somebody sneaking in to 51 Is if they were a highly trained sniper because they have the techniques to get or they’re going without being seen now he would have to have a I forget what the name of the suit is but it’s got grass and stuff all over it looks like the ground of the desert but it can also be conformed to match 51s landscape a Gilly suit that’s what it is a Gilly suit I’m pretty sure that’s the name of it you get a Gilly suit you crawl where are you think there might be less video surveillance if you’re a sniper that you have the techniques to get where they’re going without me insane but the hardest part cross on the fence you got I either crawl through step through or crawl over the fence there’s pressure plates if you’re a sniper crawling you will get picked up on due to the pressure plate so there’s really no way you can sneak in they just got too many video surveillance infrared not infrared they got plutonium sensors your random sensors I got everything I mean that’s what it should be because everybody’s trying to reveal our secrets you know we don’t need to tell the other countries are secrets and we can’t even frigging keep a secret or anything it’s like yeah well here’s our nuclear bombs here’s where we put everyone of them but we’ve only got 1000 of them you know let’s tell everybody everything I hate politically correct this and I hate the military telling all of our secrets I mean the military I thought would want to keep everything they could secretive but status like well we’re going to move 20,000 troops here and we’re going to not fight until this day and we’re not going to kill any civilian so you know this is what it is and and and we’re going to be in this town on this day this town on that date why are we always tell the enemy what we’re going to do I don’t understand it fuck politically correct this and fuck telling these nosy bastard Rachel we’re going to kill them and conquer them I swear the press has gotten out of control want to know everything that they can about our secrets the country has to have some secrets or we might as well just hand our defense over to China and say look we don’t have any secrets we don’t have anything you don’t know about here Decatur country good luck China you know or hand our key to the country after Afghanistan or something cousin can’t keep a secret the Jets that we get made for the United States aircraft the war Jets the F 15 or 14 to tomcat everything these new stealthy bombers guess what other countries can order them to you that’s why we don’t have any secrets that’s why they can get their radar at all man own our stealth planes because Bohleen and whoever makes other stealth airplanes sell them to other countries if they ask for it then they sell it to them and you know it might not have every attic feature but it’s got enough to me to let them figure out I had a whole man honest you can’t fly through the air and be stealth anymore because the airline makers the aircraft makers the people that make all these jets sell them to other countries so we thought we had F-14s on lockdown we train we bought them but guess what they sell them to other countries so now we’re fighting around jets just a different country owns them so now when we go up in the sky the raptors if any other countries bought them the raptors will be fighting them self because they sell our aircraft to other countries we cannot keep a secret wake up government stop telling everybody even us stop telling us our country secrets you got spies they go back and tell you know this shit happens as soon as the nuclear bomb is done being made they Russia already had one they spent all his money all these people to keep secret but yet by the time we got done with a nuclear bomb rush I had some too because of a spy and the program well that’s what people get for being too open about everything all of our secrets all of our bases all of our missile silos other countries know about because we tell him here’s the location for everything I mean it’s fucking stupid why would you tell the other countries where are hidden nuclear bases are????? Or any USA military bases if they’re known like Fort Bragg her camp Pendleton fine but if they’re not knowing why put a damn TV show on National Geographic showing the base the secrets I mean we just hand the other countries are enemies our secret you know here’s our own Wieser made all you Gotta do is watch Nat Geo National Geographic and discovery and some other channels the military channel the all American hero channel which took over the military channel on DIRECTV you know oh here’s our secret US base it’s hidden in Alabama at 92 N. 35 S., West whatever you know here’s the directions here’s the password to get into the base you know it needs to stop National Geographic and discovery and the learning channel need to stop making TV shows about our secret shit and showing it to the world people need to stop given our US basis locations away on TV it’s like here’s a top-secret military base it’s located in Pierce Washington at 32 N. and 45 S. and 60 W. I mean really man wait we handed people all of our secrets but a year 2025 we will not have a military secret not one I’ll because TV and politically correct and as fuck politically correctness. Wake up America stop telling all of our fucking secrets to the TV channels and then they tell little world you know area 51 should be secret I should be on the ground people should leave it alone I think there should be more strict charges then just simple trust passing put trespassing on the military installation make it known to chill get a least a year for even attempting to cross the fence and if you do cross in the kitchen that should be at least five years in prison well no because I would like to sneak across and I don’t want five years it should be rough it should be a hard penalty if you sneak in or around any military base that’s considered secret specially area 51 you know it probably holds a secret aircraft. So you know these hippie liberal douche bag faggot want to put every secret out there oh here’s our secret military installation here is the password to get in the gate here’s the combination for my safe you know it’s like that how stupid are we forgiven all this information out to the world we don’t have any secrets you don’t see Russia saying hey we got a military base here and we get free nuclear missiles on it no they keep secrets just like we should fuck everybody that thinks the world is the BBC it’s fucking stupid we’ve turned into a hippie Liberal douche bag pacifist nation I mean it for real people wake the fuck up and start realizing that the enemy knows everything about us knows every base we have every hidden installation hell they probably got every nuclear bomb we got pinpointed and where it’s at because we got to tell everybody everything about us fucking a man really people need to wake up and smell the coffee that’s going to get everybody killed in the USA for telling all of our fucking military secrets on TV it needs to stop now motherfuckers..Hippie liberal douche bag fags is what this country is turning into slowly but surely we’re going to be a pacifist nation the whole nation will be like oh Russia wants to throw a couple first no that’s a bow down and give them $20 billion in aid fuck in a USA is weak a bunch of pacifist wake the fuck up United States hold your secrets close to your chest make the spies work hard don’t give the spy information here spy here’s all the information on our military and Stabley Schmidt’s so take this back the boot and please let’s gift wrap it and kiss it with a seal and let’s give it a kiss and give it to Putin. Here Putin hears the US military secrets handed to us by the US military and National Geographic and the learning channel on discovery channel but here’s all the US a secrets sealed with a kiss Putin and Kim Jong-un in Whatever the fuck his name is I mean we should take out all the computers that run our nation that run our country off-line I shouldn’t talk to each other and they shouldn’t talk to the Internet they should be off-line then we would not get act but no everybody’s got to be online now all of our fucking secure secrets are online so what now we got Akers I can are intelligent our secrets fuck take all that shit off line..

  • François Parent
    François Parent 8 days ago

    I got an alien boss 🤣🤣

  • Luka
    Luka 9 days ago +1

    2:30 when i died

  • c-quens red
    c-quens red 9 days ago +1

    Please like my Chanèl TVclip guys🙏🙏

  • Dot Koi
    Dot Koi 10 days ago +2

    Of course you got detained its area 51 🤣

  • MK L
    MK L 10 days ago

    wowo! I see the aliens!

  • TinoGamerXD
    TinoGamerXD 11 days ago +1

    If Area 51 was a tourist attraction

  • Białyyy Twitch
    Białyyy Twitch 11 days ago +1

    what is this music? 0:24

  • Furiosa
    Furiosa 11 days ago

    Why no gate?

  • Furiosa
    Furiosa 11 days ago

    Lol this guy so brave

  • Mr. Frozeman
    Mr. Frozeman 11 days ago +2

    Respect from Italy bro

  • Lowry Lorenzo
    Lowry Lorenzo 12 days ago

    OMG!!! You two are very brave..
    By the way im from Indonesia

  • Vinroy Jagmoc
    Vinroy Jagmoc 12 days ago +1

    Try to use drone at area 51 anf get close to the security

  • Jason Gómez 23
    Jason Gómez 23 12 days ago +3

    this is why i like topnotchgange you guys are the first peaple to do this ...
    please linke my TVclip chanal

  • Robloxmaster 44
    Robloxmaster 44 12 days ago


  • Flick Flick Review
    Flick Flick Review 13 days ago

    Why dont you guys do Bohemian Grove you got more chance of getting in and you wont believe the shit you could uncover there, you could be fucking heros

  • Karen Ramirez
    Karen Ramirez 14 days ago

    That is not good

  • Karen Ramirez
    Karen Ramirez 14 days ago

    What the he'll

  • tjhz12
    tjhz12 14 days ago

    At 3:30, they r just some US drones

  • Amanda DeBona
    Amanda DeBona 15 days ago

    At 3:46, I saw a green box

  • Joana Figueroa
    Joana Figueroa 15 days ago


  • lilxzmaster X
    lilxzmaster X 15 days ago

    There is a alien 👽

  • Roberto Vilchez
    Roberto Vilchez 15 days ago +7

    There tring to get some girls the aliens

  • Brandon Gore
    Brandon Gore 16 days ago +2

    4:02 gta 5 irl starts

  • Lissa Knopf
    Lissa Knopf 16 days ago

    YALL CARZ777

  • ghost fidex
    ghost fidex 16 days ago

    Youre Catch

  • Samiyuh channel Hilliard

    That ufo face

  • TheHybridChiledofc
    TheHybridChiledofc 18 days ago

    that's an f* cking fake a UFO look the sky was so hot and the UFO was so clear and it doesn't have an light from the sky so the UFO was so fake and the alien

  • Animation Clips
    Animation Clips 18 days ago

    hello little mouthfucker

  • lol lol
    lol lol 18 days ago +1

    Next time stream live to the internet so they cant delete it

  • Marysia Moes
    Marysia Moes 18 days ago

    kto z polski ?

  • El Hermano
    El Hermano 19 days ago

    you needed two other guys up above with some 50 cal, then we'll see what happens to their white pickup

  • Rata N’ Roblox
    Rata N’ Roblox 19 days ago

    / \_