Three Billboards: Becoming the Protagonist


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  • mikah ong
    mikah ong Month ago

    I was quite thrilled when you said Mildred is driven by the past because now I get to point out how her being wrapped up there led to a future of people taking her seriously and taking her daughters case seriously . It's a great depiction of how some people learn through other people's anger, how people dont take something seriously as long as it isnt a out them, how frustrating it can be to remain in a unjust situation. Anger has a purpose.

  • Arthur Wacker
    Arthur Wacker 4 months ago +2

    Your Channel is fantastic. Thank you for all your videos man, they truly put a smile on my face :)

  • Claire Bates
    Claire Bates 5 months ago

    brooo warn us before the spoilers!!

  • samana hoon
    samana hoon 7 months ago

    that rainbow intro is hella gay ;))

  • Tom_AC11
    Tom_AC11 8 months ago

    Frances McDormand was great

  • A. Sanchez
    A. Sanchez 8 months ago

    I was kind of hoping you'd look into "Columbus" dir. by Kogonada

  • Edie xo
    Edie xo 8 months ago

    great great channel.

  • SpruceGoose
    SpruceGoose 9 months ago

    What’s the background song?

  • Sean Kerrigan
    Sean Kerrigan 9 months ago +3

    What other films have made you feel this way? Where you forgot you were watching a movie?

    • Adama Jobe
      Adama Jobe 12 days ago

      Sean Kerrigan call me by your name

  • Conor Eiffe
    Conor Eiffe 9 months ago +1

    But the academy played it safe and went for The Shape of Water, a PREDICTABLE romance story, no chemistry between the woman and the fish. Beauty and the Beast (2017) did the whole love story better. The best thing in the movie is the Score and Sally Hawkins

  • memicoot
    memicoot 9 months ago +2

    I would love to see you do a longer analysis of this movie, explaining in more depth the themes you touch on. Like, can you explain specific examples that reinforce what you're saying?

  • J WJL
    J WJL 9 months ago +3

    Kudos for using a screenshot of Fernanda Solorzano's Review, one of the greatest contemporary critics in México right now (she also uses youtube) :)

  • Max Messmer
    Max Messmer 9 months ago +2

    I found the third act of this film to be the weakest part of it since it moved so slowly and not much happened.

  • carmen ponce
    carmen ponce 9 months ago

    I was so, so excited for this movie. It had everything I loved: Sam Rockwell, Martin McDonaugh, Woody Harrelson, etc. But as I was watching it I couldn't help but feel so incredibly dissapointed, mostly with Martin. I'll try to watch it later on by myself to analyze it more carefully. Really enjoyed the video tho!

  • Klemensas Kozlovas
    Klemensas Kozlovas 9 months ago

    ummm wtf does "racist becomes the good guy" mean ,this movie has us root for an asshole who is fighting other assholes but at the same time all of them are good people (like in real life noone is just bad or good) and the ending leaves us with a message that revenge is the dumbest shit that just causes more suffering and at the end main character maybe realizes that .its a bit of a post modernistic but at the same classical piece of film .i think that this is one of the best nominees this year for BP (with Get out)

  • Alex Cho
    Alex Cho 9 months ago

    I loved the movie, but there was a thing I didn't get. How did Dixon manage to assault and throw a man out of the window in front of everyone including the new police chef and not get jailed?

    • Alex Cho
      Alex Cho 9 months ago

      does that mean that he is immune to law? Also,he was fired. It feels like he is allowed to get away with it just because the movie needs him.

    • Conor Eiffe
      Conor Eiffe 9 months ago

      Alex Cho He's a police officer

  • Noah Davis
    Noah Davis 9 months ago

    i notice how you changed the style a bit for this video like you talked about wanting to do in the livestream. nice job

  • kaingates
    kaingates 9 months ago +1

    I loved the movie but still agree with people hating on Dixon. Not because of his racism but everyone else’s ability to forgive him. He almost killed a man, was a complete asshole to his community and generally a despicable character but this had no consequences for the plot. They were like “yeah, he was a dick but now he’s killing a murderer so we cool”. He lost a job he never should have had and that’s it. This movie is trying to feel “realistic” but then break that realism with everyone forgive him, that’s a bad storyline.

    • Conor Eiffe
      Conor Eiffe 9 months ago +2

      kaingates Doesnt make you forgive him, it just shows he is trying to be a better person.

  • weepywoopy
    weepywoopy 9 months ago

    I dont like this movie

  • thekickback
    thekickback 9 months ago +2

    I agree with the majority of the points made in this video, all but the one you made about the ending of the film. I didn't really see any finality with the arc of Mildred's character; as so far as she didn't learn anything or gain a new perspective that would be drastic enough to change the trajectory of her future. Personally, I didn't really like the ending so open-ended (a sentiment also shared with Chris Stuckmann, someone of whom you reference in your video) and it could've been executed in a way that added resolution to Mildred's character. An example of a perfect open-ending in my opinion would be Whiplash. Nevertheless, TBOEM is also one of my favorites of 2017. Keep up the great work dude

  • Danijels222
    Danijels222 9 months ago

    Plot holes, retarded characters, lack of sain reaction of other characters(police mainly), strange how you don't see all the shit in this movie. Sad really.

  • Jakob Rogers
    Jakob Rogers 9 months ago

    Great analysis! Three Billboards is one of my favorite films of 2017. And while my pick for best picture would be Dunkirk, I'd be very happy if Three Billboards wins.

  • wesleymulderNL
    wesleymulderNL 9 months ago +1

    It happened multiple times now that you summarised my thoughts on a movie so well, even better than I could do myself. What Three Billboards did for me was creating empathy for characters who's thoughts I normally wouldn't understand. The ending for me was such a relieve, as you mentioned it, because she's finally living in the present.
    Thanks for these great videos and for giving words to the feelings I have about some of the movies. After this one I decided to become a Parton so that you can keep up the good work!

  • declan cole-flynn
    declan cole-flynn 9 months ago

    didn't expect this being a patron but thanks lots :) love your stuff

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 9 months ago +1

    Thats exactly why I love movies from the coen-brothers. They have so many unpredictable plotpoints. I think Three Billboards has a very similar structure like Inside Llewyn Davis.

  • Jacob Varney
    Jacob Varney 9 months ago +1

    Kevin MacLeod - Heart of Nowhere.

  • Krombopulos Michael
    Krombopulos Michael 9 months ago +1

    Way too many people seem to automatically assume that Dixon is racist without really thinking about what we actually know about him in the movie. What we know (more or less) is that he abused a black prisoner whom he had in custody at one point, and that's about it. That does prove he's a violent and sadistic police officer, but it alone doesn't really prove he is racist. Like we see later in the film, he treats white people who piss him off with the same hatred and even says it himself. I really think that the film was trying to show that despite your initial expectations of the character, he actually was not racist, but was just generally misanthropic.

    • Conor Eiffe
      Conor Eiffe 9 months ago

      kaingates What racist shit does he say other than "beaner" to the Latino guy at the start

    • kaingates
      kaingates 9 months ago

      Krombopulos Michael nah dawg. He said tons of racist shit AND beat up a guy because the community wanted justice. That guy was a shit-head

  • Krombopulos Michael
    Krombopulos Michael 9 months ago +26

    I feel like a lot of people are mad because the movie didn't do what they would expect. The expected satisfying outcome is that we see the racist cop get his comeuppance. He just sinks lower and lower and becomes an outcast. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was hoping the letter from the chief was going to call him a shit head and a bad police officer.
    But it didn't do that. Instead it forgives him and offers him redemption that by all rights he did nothing to deserve. And it sort of worked. He does try to become a better person after it, not someone as completely filled with hate and with no regard for proving guilt before acting. And some people hated that. I think it is kind of sad how much more we would rather see a bad person be punished than to see them learn and change.

    • Yokaihi B
      Yokaihi B 9 months ago

      Krombopulos Michael and thing is he is punished he will every day see his face and what he once was inside on the out and as his face heals hopefully he helps he others then he will be good, I personally found this movie just all around great

    • Phoebe Louise
      Phoebe Louise 9 months ago +1

      it was good to see that forgiving people can have a positive impact on them

    • TheGirlInSneakers
      TheGirlInSneakers 9 months ago +1

      this comment ^^^

  • SpoinRoin
    SpoinRoin 9 months ago

    I don't know, this movie was very depressing.

  • Sebas Tian
    Sebas Tian 9 months ago +80

    I like the idea that it was unpredictable, but I think the main message was that sometimes things happen without a bigger reason

    • Krombopulos Michael
      Krombopulos Michael 9 months ago +7

      Sebas Tian that was definitely a major theme, and it's also something that was a part of A Good Man is Hard to Find, which the film explicitly references by having a character read it. It was very much about how life doesn't follow a three act structure. Justice sometimes doesn't get served at all, and we get no answers or closure.

  • Hanayuni
    Hanayuni 9 months ago

    Well shit, I thought this was a ScreenPrism video when I got the notification lmao
    Your way of talking about time is really interesting. I liked the unpredictability of the movie, and I appreciate it on a new level now that I've seen this video.
    However, I love Sam Rockwell and I loved to hate his character in the movie, but he doesn't deserve an Oscar for this role. Dixon isn't even redeemed (and I didn't want him to). Not worthy of an Oscar imho.

  • Patrick Hogan
    Patrick Hogan 9 months ago +1

    Hey, Karsten! Have you seen In Bruges? It’s from the same filmmaker and it is one of my top five movies. I’d even say it’s better than Three Billboards.

  • Patrick Hogan
    Patrick Hogan 9 months ago

    Anyone know of any other good video essays on this movie? I loved it but none of my regulars have been talking about it.

  • NickRele
    NickRele 9 months ago +4

    I loved the ending of this film and I think it has aspects of unpredicatableness that tie into what you addressed. However the decision to not show what the outcome will be I think is predicated on the audiences predictions. I remember sitting in the theatre and as they were driving off thinking "It'd be great if the film ended right here" And after the short conversation between the two it does. I wanted that to be the ending because I as an audience member knew where the story was going, they would find him, Mildred would recognize him, they'd probably kill the guy. However the characters in the scene both are about to have a prediction broken. Mildred is going to be surprised that Dixon's man was the same that visited her shop, and Dixon is going to be surprised that Mildred also knows the man. So while this continues the trends of "twists" for the characters, it does not for the audience, which is why the film ends right where it does, perfectly.

  • Miles Engel
    Miles Engel 9 months ago

    Three billboards was shit.

  • ContentOverStyle
    ContentOverStyle 9 months ago

    This movie is amazing but we all know the best character is MAC'S MOM MOTHER FUCKERRRRR

  • DebrisGrant
    DebrisGrant 9 months ago

    I absolutely loved this film! Thank you for your point of view!

  • Joshua Strain
    Joshua Strain 9 months ago

    after watching this movie and a quiet drive home in which I completely ignored the others in the car, I sat in the dark and reflected on what I had saw, this video changed my mental state, I view it as a masterpiece of sorts

  • glo garcía
    glo garcía 9 months ago +31

    I would love you with my whole heart if u did a video essay on Sing Street!! Pretty please, it'd mean so much to me!

  • glo garcía
    glo garcía 9 months ago

    Nothing better than coming home to a karsten video❤️

  • ramdelossantos
    ramdelossantos 9 months ago +5

    Oh god! Chris Stuckmann!!! Lol

  • Vits Vicente Torres
    Vits Vicente Torres 9 months ago +9

    Great analysis! I saw the ending in a similar way. When DIXON pitched MILDRED the idea of killing the soldier, they were both in a very emotional moment, so they didn't think things through. That's why they have that final conversation the next day ("Are we really doing this?"). They both feel like they have no goal in life anymore, so they hold on to whatever can give them happiness or satisfaction, even if it's temporary. That's why, even though they have doubts, they still drive to that other town. They prefer to travel and go back without doing anything because at least it's... something.

  • Frame by Frame
    Frame by Frame 9 months ago +74

    Dude this was literally the most predictable movie I've ever seen lol

    • thesnazz
      thesnazz 9 months ago +2

      I really appreciated the way you presented this in the video visually instead of just saying: "I know you're going to hate on me for this" the way many other creators do. It's the little things that mold a master Karsten.

    • DA87i
      DA87i 9 months ago +7

      I wonder how many people will bite at this before they've watched the video

    • Karsten Runquist
      Karsten Runquist  9 months ago +45

      Frame by Frame I was patiently waiting for this comment lol

  • Bunny in the Box
    Bunny in the Box 9 months ago +4

    This film is a mess that wanted to have it's cake and eat it too.

  • Nolan Dean
    Nolan Dean 9 months ago +15

    You summed up my thoughts on the movie better than I ever could. Specifically I love how the movie doesn't give a fuck about making any of its characters likeable. It focuses on empathy in Mildred's case and somewhat of a tragedy through Sam Rockwell's character. A guy so stuck in his own prejudices and righteousness that he doesn't know any better. I didn't feel sympathy for him at all, like people think the film tries. This movie is more about empathy and trying to understand where these aspects come from.
    Great essay, man.

  • Taedrem
    Taedrem 9 months ago +7

    This movie is VERY bad

    • kaingates
      kaingates 9 months ago

      How come?

    • Taedrem
      Taedrem 9 months ago +2

      yes it is

    • TheMonkey'sHead
      TheMonkey'sHead 9 months ago +12

      Taedrem Hey, I can do that too. Ummmm The Dark Knight is VERY bad

  • Val T
    Val T 9 months ago

    you are so right. i'm too one of those people who dissect every element of a movie while watching it, and though i had an idea of what would happen, it didn't cease to surprise me til the very end. thank you for another great video!

  • Sergeant Pickles
    Sergeant Pickles 9 months ago +70

    It’s frustrating that so much of the criticism misunderstands the character of Dixon. There’s a reason why we don’t see him actually being racist at any point in the film (even going so far as to correct Mildred on using the n word) and that’s because he character is meant to be ambiguous, treading the line between hatred and sympathy (which Rockwell performs amazingly). The only people who found his transformation ‘unbelievable’ were people who didn’t really watch the film critically, and chose to believe the other characters accusing him of racism rather than any actual evidence.

    • Sergeant Pickles
      Sergeant Pickles 9 months ago +2

      kaingates was he though? Tell me a single racist thing you actually SEE him do in the film, and don’t just hear about through other people. The only thing I can think of is when he calls the Latino worker a ‘beaner’ right at the start, and that’s not actually even directed at the race he’s accused of being racist toward (ie African Americans).

    • kaingates
      kaingates 9 months ago +1

      Sergeant Pickles he was racist until the Sheriff shot himself.

    • Satchel Sankar
      Satchel Sankar 9 months ago

      lol nah

    • Copper Clouhds
      Copper Clouhds 9 months ago +7

      Sergeant Pickles and also the fact that the plot looks at how the police are doing nothing over the murder of a young woman. It brushes over the issue of race because it needs to be at least mentioned as something that occurs but it isn't the major point of the film.

  • Bruno Cardozo
    Bruno Cardozo 9 months ago

    Just want to coment that I love your openning

  • Pablo Aragunde
    Pablo Aragunde 9 months ago

    All I grabbed from this film is that burning down a police station with an asshole inside makes the asshole less of an asshole

  • Retseh Steenkamp
    Retseh Steenkamp 9 months ago +32

    Please please please do a video essay on Submarine (2010). It will mean the world to me.

    • Joshua Lonsako
      Joshua Lonsako 9 months ago +1

      It was incredibly charming and absolutely hilarious. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Retseh Steenkamp
      Retseh Steenkamp 9 months ago +1

      Its such a fantastic coming of age story with lovely attention to detail. It's so aesthetically pleasing and one of the few films that are actually better than the book it was based on.

    • Joshua Lonsako
      Joshua Lonsako 9 months ago

      Forgot I wanted to watch that, now I know what I'm doing tonight. Thanks

    • Robbie McCreath
      Robbie McCreath 9 months ago

      Such a great film

  • TheResistanceCompany
    TheResistanceCompany 9 months ago +4

    Either this or Shape of Water better win best picture tomorrow night!!

  • William Freeland
    William Freeland 9 months ago +9

    I’m glad I’ve already seen the film otherwise I would have been pissed at spoilers

    • Happy Harris
      Happy Harris 9 months ago

      William Freeland yeah I was pretty pissed lol

  • Joel Wood
    Joel Wood 9 months ago

    Another amazing video from and amazing channel talking about an amazing film. Thanks again.

  • SuperMahmus
    SuperMahmus 9 months ago

    Great video as always. Loved this movie

  • Nicole Marie
    Nicole Marie 9 months ago +12

    I want to see this movie so much omg!

    • John Dou
      John Dou Month ago

      GO SEE IT! its for rent on itunes for 5 bucks

    • Aron Rudner-Stokell
      Aron Rudner-Stokell 9 months ago +2

      Nicole Marie You really should. I've seen it twice now and it just got better the second time.

  • Benjamin Hunter Green
    Benjamin Hunter Green 9 months ago