Marcel Duchamp - In His Own Words (Part 2)


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  • intoconjunctions
    intoconjunctions 6 years ago

    Well, the chocolate grinder was one point; and then came the sliding machine on the side; and this was the real beginning for the Large Glass.

  • Raymod De la Fuente
    Raymod De la Fuente 8 years ago

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  • darkmiguel3
    darkmiguel3 10 years ago

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  • Mazurka1001
    Mazurka1001 10 years ago

    Except for the urinal, Marcel. A urinal is just a urinal ; ...

    GUCCI_SUSHI 10 years ago

    princeofspace is a fitting title for you.

  • Damon Meade
    Damon Meade 10 years ago

    Definitely no chump, the man influenced modern art immessurably. Its quite clear which prince is a chump!

  • ashkahn shahparnia
    ashkahn shahparnia 12 years ago

    this is awesome, thanks so much for posting!