Why People Are Freaking Out On Gina Rodriguez, Mia Khalifa, Mormon Church Outrage & Trump on Turkey

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
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    Gina Rodriguez Apologizes For Instagram Post:
    Erdogan Rejects U.S. Calls for Ceasefire:
    Mormon Church Criticizes Potential Conversion Therapy Plan:
    Internet Slams Bill O’Reilly for Doubting Story of Mom With 4 Jobs:
    Judge in Massive Johnson & Johnson Opioid Case Miscalculates Payment by $107M:
    Edited by: Julie Goldberg, Jason Mayer
    Produced by: Amanda Morones
    Art Director: Brian Borst
    Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray
    #DeFranco #GinaRodriguez #Turkey

Comments • 8 929

  • That Montage Nerd
    That Montage Nerd 10 days ago

    I hate how long I've been enjoying youtube, and how long it took for me to hear about this channel. Thanks for shouting this out, internet historian.

  • Kirby420.69
    Kirby420.69 17 days ago

    Wait this isn't P*rnHub. com

  • Naerwyn
    Naerwyn 24 days ago +1

    Can you PLEASE quit covering non-stories like whoever tf Gina Rodriguez is?
    If I wanted to watch Drama Alert, I would.

  • Alex Cunha
    Alex Cunha 24 days ago

    I'm along the lines that if one person can say the word, everyone can say the word. It just depends on the context and intent.

  • Aaliyah Alyce
    Aaliyah Alyce 25 days ago +1

    It's funny how white and other people that are NOT African-American are always saying African-Americans are sensitive when someone that's not African-American says something out of line or derogatory towards African-Americans the ones that know the history of White-American bullsh*t know when someone is targeting their race and of course we're not gonna take it lightly Gina Rodriguez doesn't like African-American women and has proven to not be too fond of African-American people so anybody trying to flip it into being "black people are too sensitive" need to really look into what happened BEFORE for us to be "too sensitive."

  • Shannon Bolenbaugh
    Shannon Bolenbaugh 26 days ago

    Is mia a good role model?

  • M J
    M J 27 days ago

    I've heard more black people call Hispanic people "dirty" or mock an Asian person's accent in public than I've seen big bad white people doing those same things. Some black people are unabashed about their racism because "they can't be racist".
    Or, hey, how about all of the black people who mock white dudes that look a certain way and claim they're going to shoot up the place because of it? If that kid turned around and retorted with an equally ignorant black profiling comment I'm sure you'd have a little tantrum though
    I have no sympathy for a few snowflakes getting upset about this girl singing along with a song.

  • Flash 🇿🇦
    Flash 🇿🇦 Month ago

    A conversation with: Still not on ACast

  • Serartic K
    Serartic K Month ago

    Can idiots stop using the damn notes app to write a half assed apology? If you got in trouble for something once before, and choose to do it again, you deserve all the hate you get. I hope Idiot Rodriguez eventually figures that out. If you gotta apologize for the same thing over and over, youre not really sorry.

  • Sammy Shake
    Sammy Shake Month ago

    Better than Keemstar.

  • navins11
    navins11 Month ago

    "Nigger" Has to be the strongest world on earth right now.

  • zector
    zector Month ago

    Why is it not considered rasist when you claim that people with different skin color aren't allowed to use specific words?
    I mean, why can't we call cheeto colored people liars?

  • zombie Sasquach
    zombie Sasquach Month ago

    uuumm can we blame the artist(s) that made song(s) that made it sooo catchy and add the word Nigga or nigger or any racial slurs in the music so young/ old folks would sing to it ? im sick of this shit either the word is ok or not ok you cant have both !

  • Imani T Robinson
    Imani T Robinson Month ago

    She can’t use it because she does not like black people.
    I cringe when white folks call other white folks trash, but I don’t engage in using it. It makes me uncomfortable. When she uses it, it is just as offensive because she does not like, and is very jealous of black women, which eleviates her right to use the word. She’s posting this for attention because she is a non- factor in making the world go round, so she goes for any publicity she can. She goes for offending the same group of people she despises. Loser

  • Jake38nine
    Jake38nine Month ago

    Who the fuck cares if someone says the n-word? It's a word and colored people are always using it. So it's fine. If one person can say it, then NOBODY CAN SAY IT. To say otherwise would be racist. Why can a black person say the n-word but a white person cannot? You do know that slavery has affected EVERY RACE and not just blacks, right? To continue to victimize people is to treat them like they are not human. I treat everyone like they are human and treat them equally. This racism needs to stop. If you want people to stop using the n-word, then hold EVERYBODY accountable. That include the black people themselves. If that chick is "anti-black" for saying the n-word, then every black/colored person who uses the n-word is ALSO "anti-black". That's equality for you. Sounds like people say they want equality, but then when equality is thrown in their faces they have a brain malfunction.

  • VAM
    VAM Month ago

    Pfft I didn't even know who Gina Rodriguez is. I still don't.

  • Goat666
    Goat666 Month ago

    That double standard crying really needs to stop it's almost coming off like pettiness and privilege. Yet songs like 'Uno' by discount lil nas and 'Yup in my tracker ' by ............some offended mf are still available but that's ok? Fight over the real and right reasons , don't just reach for reasons. Ffs both those songs are racist af. I'd punch a mf if he bust out singing that uno song. Shit ain't funny it's a flop too.

  • fuhjrvr
    fuhjrvr Month ago

    War is in inevitable

  • fuhjrvr
    fuhjrvr Month ago

    Just seen mia and damn, ill watch this vid later

  • Drew G
    Drew G Month ago

    If black people don't want non black people to sing any variations of the word nigger, they shouldn't put it in popular culture. It's like a sick form of entrapment. My best friend throughout high school is black, and she refused to tolerate the word in ANY form. She even was in an altercation with a black girl who refused to stop calling her "nigga". Reclaiming the word means not demeaning yourself in the process. Use the word in a way that is actually empowering. Not just repeating the actual slur..

  • Roy Vogel
    Roy Vogel Month ago

    Sorry I forgot I was in the hospital and missed your show, I couldn't remember it. Onward my brother!

  • Billy Giuliano
    Billy Giuliano Month ago

    Calling Syria a country is generous. This is the natural unraveling of borders that make no geopolitical sense after the nation that held them together finally got tired of on-again-off-again interventions for nearly 20 years. It sucks that the Kurds are going to get screwed, but what else did anyone honestly expect?

  • Amalee Martinez
    Amalee Martinez Month ago

    Hey Phil! I think you should take another look at what the LDS church has released when it comes to conversion therapy. They’ve released more than 3 times that they DO NOT support conversion therapy, but the bill had add ons they don’t believe in. In fact they supported the bill until the ambiguous add ons were made. I love your show! And I want to make sure we always get to hear the entire story.

  • Alex Davies
    Alex Davies Month ago

    Shut up and stop getting your vaginas sandy about quoting a song lyric. You're changing the context of what someone says to MAKE It racist. Because you're a crybully and a bigot for whom everything has to be a racial confrontation. That is all.

  • Taragon Leaf
    Taragon Leaf Month ago

    The LDS church as been against conversion therapy for decades and their own therapists are forbidden from using it. The reason they didn't support the bill is because of other facets of the bill that would take healthcare decision making away from parents and give it to the government. They didn't oppose the bill outright, but opposed that version of it and specified the changes they'd like to have seen. However, to report that would take more research than Phil or his team are willing to make as their minds are already made up about the LDS church. So sad to see such ignorance from someone who is supposedly trustworthy.

  • Murlynd 73
    Murlynd 73 Month ago

    They are forced into conversion therapy? I just realised why I quit watching this channel. You don't "have" to be Morman. I was Morman. They are nuts. I left. Government intervention into religion is an erosion of constitutional rights. Fuck off with that stuff.

  • Erin 정에린 Rein
    Erin 정에린 Rein Month ago +1

    “I’m sorry IF” is not an apology.

  • Krysta Jackson
    Krysta Jackson Month ago

    Mia mainstream now

  • Christina C
    Christina C Month ago

    As an LDS member (just on the spiritual and faith side of things) and a person that's all for mental health and psychology, I simply do oppose conversion therapy as some members, maybe most, do.

  • My 44 Face-Off
    My 44 Face-Off Month ago

    People really showing THEIR hate over a word , shit Americans act like they wanna kill her over this

  • Celeste
    Celeste Month ago

    Found this link and the Church Of Jesus Christ states that they are and have been against conversion therapy. Since I know you want to make sure that accurate information is shared, I would very much appreciate you looking into this.

  • Alexandra Geist
    Alexandra Geist Month ago +1

    The podcast Sawbones did a two parter on conversion therapy back in June of 2017. If anybody is unclear about what it is I would highly recommend giving both parts a listen. The podcast is on the Maximum Fun Network and you can find it there.

  • kaingates
    kaingates Month ago

    Trump just gave the coming Kurdish state to Russia. I actually can’t believe anyone would do something that dumb.

  • jb89
    jb89 Month ago +1

    Man, blacks LOVE that race card.

  • Michael McKeddie
    Michael McKeddie Month ago

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints opposes conversion therapy and does not practice it. They have a problem with some of the other parts of the proposed rule.

  • Linda Valdez
    Linda Valdez Month ago

    Ok so Cardi who is 100% Latina can say it in her songs, but since she acts ghetto and was a stripper, that’s ok. Nobody bats an eye. But because Gina is classy, she’s not allowed to say it? Ok

  • Hannah Pean
    Hannah Pean Month ago

    Why do white people think they can even be part of this conversation?? Anyone who isn't black shouldn't be apart of this conversation lmao

  • Luis T.
    Luis T. Month ago +1

    This is how you know this is a sham and a crap of a podcast, when you have a porn star talking about political talking points

  • Andrea Penn
    Andrea Penn Month ago

    Hello! Long time listener here! I have to say how I have appreciated your updates on what is happening in the world while trying to be unbiased and promote accuracy.
    I came across this article that might shed some light on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. There was a lot of misinformation about how they are pushing for conversion therapy, but a spokesperson today came forward to clear up what headlines have been saying, and says that the church actually opposes conversion therapy.
    I just wanted to pass this along to let you know and help clear things up. Thanks again for your show! My husband and I enjoy watching! :)

  • Logan Kerlee
    Logan Kerlee Month ago

    I think it's stupid that folks are freaking on Gina Rodriguez. Yes, I'm a white guy. I also grew up listening to The Fugees, Tupac and you name it. If they're west coast, chances are I dug on 'em. If I (or anybody) sings along to a song by an artist that uses the word and doesn't use the word in their daily life.. I say that it's alright. At least if the song itself isn't racist. If it is, then obviously things are a good bit different. None of the songs by The Fugees are racist or were thought to be negative even though they included that language.

  • Loveless Keiichi
    Loveless Keiichi Month ago

    I'm sorry but the N word was made to be racist..NO MATTER WHO USES IT. Its a slur for racism. I hate it when people use this word as if its a normal word despite what color skin you are. Black, white, brown or blue, a word made from racism will always be that. If a race wants to "reclaim" a racist word as a word from them than why attack others who wish to keep that racist flag up since to those people it means something. No, its racist. So is that word. I find that sorta disappointing. No one should be using that disgusting word no matter what race you are. The fact will be the same.... The N word was made to offend. Nothing more than that. Stop trying to make it acceptable for your race to say. That's what I think.

  • Ciprian Hanga
    Ciprian Hanga Month ago +1

    Mia should just have started by saying: "you guys know exactly who I am" ...

    Because we do!

    SMOKE KILLZ Month ago

    I thought it was legal for Mexicans to use the n word because cypress hill

  • kira casella
    kira casella Month ago

    I think Gina saying the 'N' word is ok in the context of singing along to a song, I'm sure a lot of people have said/sang something they normally wouldn't have without noticing while it happened. I had seen somewhere else in the comments that she laughed after it (I hadn't noticed it), the laugh may have been her realising shed said it or something. 🤷

  • itspeyday
    itspeyday Month ago

    HIT OR MISS...

  • Jeffrey Brown
    Jeffrey Brown Month ago

    At 0:14 get those fucking glasses off Phill quit playin with me! It's ickin ya drip breh breh of brohan

  • thelikwideffect
    thelikwideffect Month ago

    The glare on those damn glasses

  • Deepdark Samurai
    Deepdark Samurai Month ago

    I've got some videos of the horrible stuff in Chile right now. Police doing drugs in the street, hitting people with their cars. Will you be speaking much about it

  • Justanotherday inparadise

    Petty is what it is, wtf ppl should stop singing it anyways if this is what's gonna happen

  • Scott Oswald
    Scott Oswald Month ago

    It wasn't THAT long ago when Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet. So, Russia is going to stand between Syria and Turkey? Um, are we trying to start WWIII? Seriously?!? The United States is in NATO with Turkey and are committed to defend it..with nukes if necessary.

  • xxxJesus666xxx
    xxxJesus666xxx Month ago

    Why? Why can some people can use a word and other not? And why is it not racist if the only thing that allows you to do something is your skin color?

  • April Kitty
    April Kitty Month ago +1

    As an Ex-Mormon and Utah citizen, thanks for talking about the the Mormon church's opposition.
    But also, the Mormon church is completely controlling the Utah government with these statements. In Utah, to go against the Mormon church is political suicide. This ban was going to pass but since the church made a statement against it, everyone loyal to the cult flipped. They are all just talking about religious freedom now.
    Having a state that is run by a church is absolutely awful. I wish people outside of Utah would expose this more. The Mormon church shouldn't be able to control the government the way they do.

  • ohma geddon
    ohma geddon Month ago

    I thought the Spanish were allowed to say the n word I hear them say it all the time in Buffalo lmfao

  • Arturo Muniz
    Arturo Muniz Month ago

    Wow people are a bunch of weenies if they got butthurt over Ms. Rodriguez singing a song.

  • demona6662
    demona6662 Month ago

    want people to stop thinking it is okay to say specific words? then everyone INCLUDING the people who think they own the word should stop using it. we can raise our kids to know better all we want but eventually they will think it is okay if they sing it, because it is part of the song. or think because their one friend or friends of color say it is okay to say it that they can because those few said it was cool. no one uses chink any more or spick. and no one is trying to own those words in fact i'm sure there are tons of slurs that no one hears anymore because they aren't trying to own it or use it in a song. they will go away when we stop making excuses for it to be okay

  • Fzoid
    Fzoid Month ago

    Why is TVclip telling me the video has been uploaded 6 hours ago? I'm was sure I already watched this but now not so much. I have to talk to 5 days future me.

  • Christina Molina
    Christina Molina Month ago


  • Bethel Yilma
    Bethel Yilma Month ago

    Woah I really used to think Trump wasn’t an idiot but woah he really is just an idiot and a sucker for his own business interests

  • Bethel Yilma
    Bethel Yilma Month ago +1

    Honestly these people out here attacking my spiritual beliefs by making murder illegal I mean where is my freedom of religion America

    *this is a joke*

  • alastermyst
    alastermyst Month ago

    Black only words are insignificantly different than white only water fountains. It is stupid and blatantly racist.