Lisa Van Allen Speaks Out On 'Surviving R. Kelly', Dealing With Trauma And Protecting Future Victims

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
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Comments • 6 366

  • Sophia Bulgaria
    Sophia Bulgaria 21 hour ago

    Dre on Vlad said Lisa Van Allen would walk around the studio in nothing but panties for all to see ( when she was good and grown)

  • Courtney
    Courtney 3 days ago

    And what's crazy is, what's illegal here in the USA isn't illegal everywhere. So all he had to do is leave and he can live the way he wants to live and he has fans worldwide who havent gotten to see him like we did... he could go to Brazil and pretty much be Michael Jackson! No pun intended, I mean popularity-wise...

  • Courtney
    Courtney 3 days ago

    We all know R Kelly got his problems, but she ain't no better. She committed a crime herself. She tryna say she was all in love but thats called a "crime of passion" and people still go to prison over such crimes... being in love isnt an excuse. She was of legal age, being young ain't an excuse, cuz young people go to prison everyday... She extorted money instead of turning the tape over to the police (Red flag). She needs to be locked up too. She was engaged in a BDSM relationship... I dont see why she's a victim. You chose that for 9 years! And she said she didnt wanna have his daughter, bish you brought yo daughter from another relationship around him! Lawd... and people keep saying Stockholm syndrome, so she had it and all of the sudden it just went away for her? I dont think how Stockholm Sydrome works... google people. It requires extensive therapy, people don't just walk away from "Stockholm syndrome".... yall gettin played.

  • SasssyNClasssy
    SasssyNClasssy 3 days ago

    Lenard is gay. He perks up way too much on the subject. He may not have jumpedvin the deep end of the pool yet but he’s definitely playing Marco Poli in the shallow end. He has done and said way too much to nit br seen as a rapist and a pedo himself!

  • HillbillyNitro USA
    HillbillyNitro USA 6 days ago +2

    She forgot to mention the 250k her and a couple dudes made off of R Kelly for some tape they stole from him and threatened to leak it to media. She said she walked away with 100k out of that ransom deal in a Vlad interview... Wonder why she left that out...? Why take money ($100k) for a piece of evidence that could expose someone she says is supposedly a sexual predator?

  • Davin Lewis
    Davin Lewis 6 days ago


  • Shanta W
    Shanta W 7 days ago


  • abbie4949
    abbie4949 8 days ago

    Herpes is not contagious at all times. It is contagious about 24 hours before you have a breakout and during the breakout. But in between it is not able to be passed to another person. Also some people have Herpes and never have an outbreak.

  • abbie4949
    abbie4949 8 days ago

    20:53 CTG don't be so ignorant right now, it is not illegal to have things or fingers penetrate you anally if that's what you want. So why is it that we specifically need THOSE VIDEOS? I hope you're just being silly.

  • evolutionary transgression

    20:18 was r kelly into young boys?

  • shawanda brown
    shawanda brown 9 days ago

    She mentioned the 14 year-old in the videos name

  • Banita Marie
    Banita Marie 9 days ago

    I think the music sales going up is because of people going back and re-listening and trying to put the pieces together after all this coming out to see if there's a connection.

  • Nikki Lynn
    Nikki Lynn 10 days ago +1

    Thank you so much for speaking your truth, sweetie! Anyone on here that's running their mouths, need to feel ashamed of themselves. Trying to discredit you and all the other victims, says way more about the person saying these things than the mess they're attempting to put out there bout y'all!! Always know that. What these dumb asses fail to realize is that you all were essentially children when these things happened. Just because y'all had the body's of adult women, it doesn't mean your minds and maturity levels were grown as well. With time, comes maturity and wisdom. No one is as naive as they were at the age of 14. Ppl need to remember that! Fear would have kept me silent. And so would manipulation. Something he was and appears to STILL be a master at. Again, I'm so proud of you for speaking your truth. Keep it up and dont for a second, let these dogs on here make you feel like you need to be quiet. That's their only goal. To silence you. You ARE inspiring strength and courage in all of us. So thank you!! A million times over, THANK YOU.

  • karma007live
    karma007live 10 days ago

    Why is she even relevant? Her situation does not help prove the narrative of him being a pedophile. She was a whole entire grown female

  • john D
    john D 10 days ago

    my inside sources told me that Rkelly does not go by this name anymore. he goes by F Kelly.
    another source said he fucked smollet too.

  • Likomang Moeketsi
    Likomang Moeketsi 10 days ago

    I feel so angry about this, Lisa lived with forster parents...i feel like giving her a big hug and protect her....she is so strong

  • Robert Hawes
    Robert Hawes 10 days ago +1

    I don't comment much but this was a good video!

  • Stefan Moultrie
    Stefan Moultrie 11 days ago

    She gotta whole lot of nerve talking about the black community. Did she and any other dysfunctional young black girl ever think about how their mess and baggage and STUPID relationships AFFECT the black community? Do you ever think about the next black man that you're gonna get involved with that's gonna have to "fix" you from being broken? Black women always bitchin about nobody care about them when THEY don't care about nobody. She got $100,000 for returning the tape so she's no victim.

  • Young Gifted&Black
    Young Gifted&Black 11 days ago

    why do you wanna see that Charlamagne

  • Tsetsi
    Tsetsi 11 days ago

    Thanks for sharing!

  • FloridaGal Mitchell
    FloridaGal Mitchell 12 days ago

    That lady who they black out in the documentary is the same lady who recorded Joycelyn her sound recording instructor. TashaK put that video out. That was a lady.

  • Grace Johnson
    Grace Johnson 13 days ago

    Lisa lies all the time shes a theif she had a baby and still come back and ask rkelly if she can live with him again he took her back so she had to do anything he ask of her she did not have a three some she lied she saw one of rkelly women driving aroun d with a car and she got jealous and went and say rkelly has a cult and start to bring up all sorts of allegations against rkelly she stole rkelly diamond watch that's why he did not love her no more so she left and spread rumors

  • Chris Bell
    Chris Bell 13 days ago

    Some women have been violated in history. But the majority that come back 30 years later are just cowardly girlfriends that needs some money.. There is some money somewhere from these women. I am sure they did not talk about Tay Tay that fucked them behind the trash can back when they was in 10th grade and he was 19. We will never know because Tay Tay is working in a PetsMart and she cant really do her hair off 9 dollars an hour lawsuit. But good ol R Kellz. Lets hammer him

  • Chris Bell
    Chris Bell 13 days ago

    When R. Kelly said the power of the internet and someone can find dirt on you he is telling the truth. You can find out anything from a celeb past or anyone famous. I am sure you can find dirt on Kanye West. I believe probably a small majority of women. Because you can not tell me that you get violated and dont do anything about it. If R. Kelly violated me. All I have to do is go online. There has been rape hotlines and doctors and police and all types of help out there. For these women to have sex. Wake up not tell nobody. Go back to sleep then go to another party and not tell nobody. Then wake up 20 years and say they didnt want to do it and felt violated. COME ONNNNNNNNNN man. Put your finger on me and someone is going to find out that they finger might not come back. Something. Can you tell us something that is true ladies. Like can you keep get a piece of his hair or take a photo of his bedroom while you 14. 3 year olds have phones nowadays.

  • Chris Bell
    Chris Bell 13 days ago

    This chick says she not doing it for the money. Yet she was in court in 2009 and back on TV probably trying to get back in the story and probably write a book. Do not believe this woman people. A while back she has a case where she was trying to get money because for someone else was about to go to jail. She was trying hard to get money off her story and possibly get someone else out of jail.

  • Sissi Rose
    Sissi Rose 13 days ago

    She’s smart, very strong and she was in love 🤷‍♀️Wish you well Lisa😊

    • Genghis Khan
      Genghis Khan 12 days ago

      She was in love? R Kelly was married with kids when she was dealing with him.. Knock it off

    LOVE LIFE 13 days ago


  • nelliebpink13
    nelliebpink13 13 days ago

    There’s just so much wrong with this interview I could right a 10 page essay

  • Kathy Gavern
    Kathy Gavern 14 days ago

    I don’t think she is lying, but wondering about her frame of mind when she me R. Kelly.... I mean she was there, she “loved” him?? Come on, having a three some, and u think it is ok? You need to fix yourself thought u could help him? All these women think they can fix a man! How about walking away, way back when right after u met him? Has she got help since? I think she needs serious therapy, even before she met R. Kelly...

    • Genghis Khan
      Genghis Khan 12 days ago

      R Kelly was also married to Drea and funking Sparkle too.. No way this chick was in love with all that going o,n..

  • Anjani
    Anjani 14 days ago

    One of the many take aways when it comes to R. Kelly? A pedophile needs a lot of enablers. People who look away. People he pays a salary. His freaky friends and family members. Girls with so little hope and self respect they’d do anything to find a “daddy” to take care of them. And lastly, a community who judges the girls whores and maintain the pedophile is innocent. “They lying on him cuz he’s a black man.” I hope r Kelly and Cosby send a message to perps e everywhere. We coming for you! We don’t care if half of our community are enablers. The half that’s not, we taking your nasty stinking ass down. You better believe it. You don’t enslave and degrade black girls, not on our watch. You nasty sick sucker. You used your wealth and privilege like a white man. You could have spent money learning to read instead of torture.

  • J. Stone
    J. Stone 15 days ago

    R Kelly asked Dave Chappell, “how could you make a pee video.” Which Dave replies, “how could YOU make a pee video!!?”

  • Mlssr Sevenseven
    Mlssr Sevenseven 15 days ago

    There is a lot of excuses: Stockholm, remis, etc., how old do you have to be to “entertain” common sense? Your old enough to tell, but not old enough to be held accountable for your part!

  • See This
    See This 15 days ago +2

    Makes no difference what anyone says - at the end of the day it’s between us and God anyway!! She will be blessed as SHE is a daughter of the most high !

  • paser pase
    paser pase 16 days ago +1

    9:27 she slipped up and gave The 14 year old name away, "reshonda" that's the lil smut R kelly pissed on in the sextape🤣

  • Alice Hood
    Alice Hood 16 days ago

    U saw he did no longer want you. U was not close to him...

    • See This
      See This 11 days ago

      Genghis Khan - durn shame

    • Genghis Khan
      Genghis Khan 12 days ago

      +See This Then had a baby by a felon drug dealer and went back to R Kelly when he supposedly became abusive.. You see a pattern here?

    • See This
      See This 15 days ago

      GOOD!! She ran from a monster that literally beat a child out of her!!

  • Alice Hood
    Alice Hood 16 days ago +1

    People know the difference between a girl being 12 14 16 and 18. You cannot tell me that this woman did not know this girl was 14 years old a 14 year old acts like a fourteen-year-old. He's going to win this case and I hope he sues every media every co-conspirator that is lied on him and I hope he gets a billion dollars! I said what I said and if nobody likes it I don't care because I say what I want to say.

  • Alice Hood
    Alice Hood 16 days ago

    This is one lying b**** and people believe this s*** you see how the media sell s*** and people believe it it's ridiculous, America you smarter than that this is a white media who is crucifying this man I can't believe it but then of course white people think the black people are dumb and lazy and stupid anyway so yeah I should believe it it's obvious.

  • Essential Oil Queen
    Essential Oil Queen 17 days ago +10

    I believe Lisa's story. She answers without pause or repeat.

    • K Maur
      K Maur 8 days ago

      Her story is consistent but she was a Freaky 😆

    • sebastian z
      sebastian z 11 days ago

      Check her out on dj vlad interview it will change your mind

  • Barb
    Barb 18 days ago

    How did all these women fall in love with him? I can't see it. Smh

  • Haroun Brown
    Haroun Brown 21 day ago

    Where are the hospital records and police reports?

  • Rah Jackson
    Rah Jackson 24 days ago

    no question and she needs to be indicted too for sleeping in threesomes don’t be worried now lisa remember you testified against him last time and was so scared of him had a baby girl by another man and after the trial went back and lived with rkelly with her baby girl srk didn’t tell that

  • Sheria Becton
    Sheria Becton 25 days ago

    Girl shut up

  • Gabrielle Raymond
    Gabrielle Raymond 27 days ago

    I support you, Lisa Van Allen! We've believed you from the start. Stay strong. We are behind you. Take a look at Ms. Van Allen's Op-Ed in the New York Times if you haven't already:

  • Traci Cimino
    Traci Cimino 27 days ago

    Why did Angela grunt "Ohh", when she Lisa said post R Kelly's mug shot. Lisa is completely correct.

  • B Cute
    B Cute Month ago

    9:27 Reshonda as in Reshonda Landfair?

  • Phil Ology
    Phil Ology Month ago

    She was with the shiznit mad cause she old now

  • Yvette Louis
    Yvette Louis Month ago

    Hi my name is Yvette I'm so proud of you keep doing what you re doing keep your head up I don't care what they say about you God is with you

  • It's Brucey Bitch
    It's Brucey Bitch Month ago

    R kelly has more than a problem.. That PEDO needs to go to jail along with his top advidors need jail time... Facts have proved time and time again that PEDOS cannot get help and change.. There just wired wrong

    COVERMYIV Month ago

    God said Charlemagne the god will admit his wrongs. God said you were aware of all of your situation. God said the interviewy is a liar, and He said she's not a child of God.

  • James Hargreaves
    James Hargreaves Month ago

    inconsistencies all over the place

  • James Hargreaves
    James Hargreaves Month ago

    Bitches are all lying

  • Sugar n Spice Topics

    I been knew who he was and still listen to him..straight jealousy to be mad people love his music. They may love his music and not love him

  • shanty lightbourne
    shanty lightbourne Month ago

    If I had been the judge dealing with this case R. Kelly and the Parents who were aware will be jailed. It's so sickening that they are bashing him so hard as if the parents who's responsibility it should be to protect these girls that's pimping them instead aren't they monsters as well.

    MRSATL ANEWME2018 Month ago +3

    How can you professionally help others if you yourself haven't received helped??? I'm confused

  • Milia Elaine Jones
    Milia Elaine Jones Month ago +1

    Did she revile the girl identity

  • April Dee
    April Dee Month ago

    I'm surprised that she Lisa Van Allen didn't get professional counseling for all the trauma and drama she endured for all those years. It's good she wants to help others but you have to fix yourself.

    THROWBACK JAY T Month ago +3

    I'm still R.Kelly Supporter. He never been convicted of crime or nothing. Still a fan!

  • Be You
    Be You Month ago +1

    But she did try to sell a tape back to him. Why doesn’t she talk about that?

  • Be You
    Be You Month ago +2

    She’s lying. Everyone was paid to do interviews.

    • Alice Hood
      Alice Hood 16 days ago

      Exactly rather than running to the media they should have been running to the police after all these years now you get paid for interview and you're telling the truth you going to say what they want you to say in order to get that check! So stop the bulshit

  • Be You
    Be You Month ago +1

    Lisa is a jaded turned out freak. She admitted to having a threesome with an underage girl like wtfffff

  • mslady
    mslady Month ago

    I cant access the website

  • Astera Sadek
    Astera Sadek Month ago +1

    This is all bullshit seriously he is not doin anything illegal what he prefers in sexual ways is his own issue not the world. These women are groupies now that nodoby knows them and noone wants them after 30 years they come out just to get famous and get some money piece of shit ugly jellous women LEAVE RKELLY THE HELL ALONE AINT NOONE KNOWS What really happend EVERYONE WAS IN ON IT HE NEVER FORCED ANYONE EVEEYONE WAS IN ON IT THEY KNEW EVEEYTHING AND THE GIRL WAS NOOOOOT 14

  • Celebrity Promotions
    Celebrity Promotions Month ago +3

    It was all about fame with this chick definitely. Especially because she was in his video

  • Celebrity Promotions

    Them "parents" don't want their kids. They want money

  • Jenice Cobb
    Jenice Cobb Month ago +2

    Crazy she sound like she lying!!!!!

  • Eric Williams
    Eric Williams Month ago +1

    A man they dead wrong for this shit. Speaking on this man name. When Charlamgne was drugging females like Bill Cosby. Smdh

  • Derek Fields
    Derek Fields Month ago +1

    Ok so not defending r kelly.......... but why nobody talking about in the documentary she said she stole the tape that got leaked because it had her and sparkles niece on it right............. but here she switches up and no explanation given when asked why we didnt see her on the tape. All she said was oh thats a different one. So your lying it cant be both and you said you took one tape not 2 not 3 but 1.

  • Bnny Slpprs
    Bnny Slpprs Month ago

    @13:07...Yay, Charlemagne!!! Really. Thank you for that moment of pure kindness. xoxo

  • Rah Jackson
    Rah Jackson Month ago

    i wish they would stop telling sparkle that she looks like mary j mary is much more classy and we all know sparkle was sleeping with r kelly but she keeps saying they only had a professional relationship she got mad because she found out at the same time as the world that r kelly was married then to find out he may be messing with her niece she was really mad

  • The Alkebulan Trust
    The Alkebulan Trust Month ago +1

    Either way Lisa Van Allen committed a crime if the girl was really under age. Would she be willing to go jail and get therapy? R Kelly's former chef spoke and in our opinion she came across very authentic with what she said... More importantly Lisa Van Allen was asked what she hopes this docuseries accomplish, and with all disrespect her answer was weak for someone who is an alleged victim. Correct us if we are wrong, but wouldn't you want real justice even if the US justice system can be flawed?

  • Vickiejo Mike
    Vickiejo Mike Month ago

    When is Life Time gonna do a Documentary on Surviving Kevin Donovan aka Afrika Bambaataaa!

  • Prince Herod
    Prince Herod Month ago +1

    Lock the women up too.. lock all they ass up. Parents too.. they went

  • Prince Herod
    Prince Herod Month ago

    They with it. Change their mind. Then start snitching. Then throw up black lives matter to go with their books

  • Miss_tree Liv
    Miss_tree Liv Month ago

    At 20:55 Charlemagne was gay as f 😂!!

  • Big Worm
    Big Worm Month ago

    lol @ minute 9 she admits the girl on the tape with r kelly is rashona landfair lmaoooo

  • S H
    S H Month ago +1

    Oh,SHE is STILL ignorant IF SHE thinks anyone bellive,,HER lies

  • jayann purcell
    jayann purcell Month ago

    So that means she has herpes too

  • KayBee Wooo
    KayBee Wooo Month ago

    In this case parents always go with your first instinct 💯😞

  • Charolette Hudson
    Charolette Hudson Month ago +5

    Admit it was your choice & take responsibility like most of us... most or a lot of girls of all races and ages are manipulated.... stop it

  • Charolette Hudson
    Charolette Hudson Month ago +3

    R Kelly former group members Public Announcement sheds light on lies & inconsistencies being told by Ex Wife & Sparkle.
    R Kelly former Nutritionist sheds light on the inconsistencies & lies in #SurvingRKelly docuseries.
    Tim Savage (Father that says R Kelly is holding his daughter against her will & brainwashed her) recorded saying Faith (R Kelly accuser) is lying).

  • Rah Jackson
    Rah Jackson Month ago +1

    she also didn’t tell how she had a baby by another man after the trial and took that baby and went to live with r kelly again it’s all in her interview with jada smith red table

  • shan cr
    shan cr Month ago


  • Clyde Cromey
    Clyde Cromey Month ago

    I believe I can fly is a great song so even if he did piss on the girl...who here hasn't pissed on a girl during sex?

  • BooBye23
    BooBye23 Month ago +4

    OMG at 9:27 she confirms it was Sparkles niece!

  • meatyhotpockets
    meatyhotpockets Month ago

    I wish ppl stop using the excuse that R. Kelly is dumb, illiterate, and he can't read or write. I call BS on that, because if a person cannot read, write or understand words; then why was he using words in his songs that ppl don't just use in everyday language and he knows what they mean. BS on that crap! That's probably his way of sucking them in. This man is no Helen Keller or Beethoven of the 90's and 2000's and dealing with black folks and the music industry. Open your eyes folks 👀 somebody's lying on that docuseries.

  • meatyhotpockets
    meatyhotpockets Month ago +2

    How can she help someone else, if she refused to go in and get help herself? With no license degree in therapy, she claims that she helping other women! I find that very strange. Even admitting after almost 20 years later, she never filed charges or seek help mentally? I smell a dead, hurt rat... IJS
    And if R. Kelly goes down for underage females, so should she. She has been bragging (admitting) about sleeping with underage females; unforcefully. So, too me she has a problem as well and she really needs to get some help. Fast! How does a 17-year-old feeling that she was the one to help a 30 something-year-old man? That statement didn't even sound right. When she couldn't even help herself or have a job. Just living the life as a young and dumb groupie.

  • joy joi
    joy joi Month ago

    Ughhh all this is so messed up.. I feel sorry for everyone involved in this.. the women.. his children.. and I can’t help to feel bad for him also.. he clearly has a problem.. it’s just a damn shame.. all of it. What a way to go down.. the whole thing is just sad as hell for everybody. But at the end of the day he has to be held responsible for his actions. I saw/was shown parts of the tape back in the day when it was circulating and one thing that really messed me up was a part where he filmed the 14 yr old dancing naked to the song ”Backstreet’s back” by the Backstreet boys.. a teenie bop song.. like he really wanted to set that type of vibe of her being a young young girl.. cuz what grown black man or any grown man for that matter casually listen to the backtreet boys? Meanwhile he was instructing her and commenting like a perv in the backround.. I just think that really showed how perverted him and his mind is as far as liking underaged young teenage girls... I do understand that people feel conflicted cuz of his music and talent.. I did too and somewhat still do.. but I do believe that he’s guilty. Sad. Just sad. What a shame for real.

  • Troy Hughes
    Troy Hughes Month ago

    How did she not get herpes... They don't go away!!!

  • Troy Hughes
    Troy Hughes Month ago

    Drea Kelly got paid!

  • Troy Hughes
    Troy Hughes Month ago

    This was a grown woman having sex with a minor!!!

  • Troy Hughes
    Troy Hughes Month ago

    Wasn't he married?

  • Brown Dale
    Brown Dale Month ago +2

    Come on Lisa is a slut.
    She went down on younger girls and is mad cause she didn't become his main woman

  • Tracy Martin
    Tracy Martin Month ago

    @16:01 loved when she said "don't allow him to do that" - she spoke that one into the universe

  • MsDivinelight
    MsDivinelight Month ago

    Wait.. How many kids do she have, bc she said she was 6 mos preg during the trial, but on Jada's show she said Robert wanted her lil girl in dresses... Now im confused

  • MsDivinelight
    MsDivinelight Month ago

    Tasha k wouldnt let up on this issue... Now all of a sudden there is a bandwagon

  • Angie Vano
    Angie Vano Month ago

    Maybe the "mystery" person on the tape, with the blurred out face, is his brother, the one that's in jail.
    Lisa said she got a female vibe, and a Male vibe. I got a "fruity" vibe from him in the series!

  • Beautiful Brown
    Beautiful Brown Month ago

    where Wendy Williams at? Charlamagne you disappointed me. This hoe like the rest of them are lying and are not telling us what they did

  • Kierra
    Kierra Month ago

    Charlemagne why do we NEED those videos😂🤔

  • nana .
    nana . Month ago

    Oh yeaah yeaah

  • julz buzz
    julz buzz Month ago +1

    Say What You Will, But I will Always Support R Kelly As Well His Music. R Kelly Didn't Go To Your Parents' House And Snatch You Off, Y'all Bitches Went To Him With A Hidden Agenda, Since It Didn't Turn Out Y'all Ways Y'all Wanna Talk.