Lisa Van Allen Speaks Out On 'Surviving R. Kelly', Dealing With Trauma And Protecting Future Victims

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
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Comments • 6 009

  • Faith
    Faith 28 minutes ago

    I agree with her reasoning at around 9:14. Crazy stuff happens in the psyche of someone's who's molested by their own 16 year old sister...

  • rasheed rashad
    rasheed rashad 11 hours ago

    They go way to easy oh her. Sorry hard to have sympathy for these women. They all knew, or should have known about R Kelly, If he was R Kelly the bus driver they wouldn't be in a room with him breathing the same air. They know that motherfucker is crazy. The dumbest thing women do is trying to be a savior. Out of all the people in the world you are the one going to save him. It's not about him it's about them. If they're not doing it for money or notoriety so they can tell thier friends they fucked a celebrity then why?

  • Carrie Kittles
    Carrie Kittles 17 hours ago

    I think she tried to insinuate and add that he was low key gay saying he likes things in his butt!! I’ve never heard that! I believe some of these women but I believe some of it was over exaggerated. Like you don’t have to sell us a story when we believe you already!! How about everyone takes a lie detector test, even Rkelly! Then he really deals with the demons and gets the necessary help to move forward from this. I also do think he should sit in a room with a psychologist and the women he’s been with including Andrea and listens to them from the heart then he acknowledges his actions and the help is there for him.

  • Erron Black
    Erron Black Day ago

    I don't understand why they staying at his house tho 🤷🏽‍♂️


    It's not about me..its about R Kelly...all I hear is I'm not taking responsibility for my actions until I die..I'll blame R Kelly until death for the rain,the London bridge falling ,and any thing else that doesn't go my way.


    She never been to therapy?#mutefakevictims

  • Nicollrf
    Nicollrf Day ago

    Wtf in parts of this video this girl refers to Reshona as his god daughter but then when asked who the girl is from the video with her face blurred out from the docu series she says she has no idea...but apparently in the beginning she says she knew the girl and the girl was underage and that's why she exposed the video!?!? But later she refers to her as that girl!?!? Hmmm idk sounds weird...oh ya and they asked her what kinda therapy she has had to hAve and BOOM she says in15 yrs she has had no therapy!!! Lol ya ok you were just another thot thot that wanted to be with him but he didn't wanna be faithful to you so ya you mad girl!!!

  • Brenda Hicks
    Brenda Hicks Day ago

    I love yes songs

  • Tiara Wiley-King

    I wonder how much she getting paid to talk. She so distraught yet on errbody show

  • Saywtfiwant Saywtfiwant

    I believe Lisa Van 1000%, I also loved how she completely controlled this phone interview, she didn't allow none of the panel to over talk her or discredit what happened to her. On this particular interview, Charlamain should have been nowhere in the room, seeing that he to has been accused of or contributing to sexual misconduct with a minor💯🤔🤷🤔🤷🤔🤷🤔🤷.

  • Naystaxxz and Friends

    Yah should've asked who is training the girls

  • Jamie Edwards
    Jamie Edwards Day ago

    It is very difficult to listen to CTG, say RKelly does not feel he is doing anything wrong! Did he admit what he did to that teenager was wrong! How is she trying to help others when she is not healed herself? Just because you made bad decisions does not make you an expert in anything, except making bad decisions!

  • Mariah Brunson
    Mariah Brunson Day ago

    Y’all not understanding that it’s sick but true they couldn’t charge him because the 14 year old parents testified that it wasn’t her in the tape 😒 shit sad

  • Beautifulbajan86

    She get what she deserved

  • Leslie Coxon
    Leslie Coxon Day ago

    We went back and listened to r kelly songs to find clues. You start listening to the lyrics and you can hear him coaching little kids into sex. They arent like other "love" songs at the time

  • Kate Rosa
    Kate Rosa Day ago

    This is to the minority of haters: How easy to judge. Hope all of those feel better who are publicly shaming those women who were clearly psychologically damaged to start with (or just young and impressionable). Know that ‘(S)he who is without sin among you, cast the first stone at her’. 1/4 people on this planet have mental issues, stop acting like you so much better than them! Stop victim blaming - if anything karma will bite you back so hard when you least expect it, but you will be deserving! You just never know how it will affect you! Peace ✌🏽

  • Shirley Baker
    Shirley Baker Day ago


  • Olga Mohatle
    Olga Mohatle Day ago

    Young girls needs to be taught enough self love so that no man can fool them.

  • GloriBella Beautiful

    How many of you females didn't like guys your age as teens?

  • carmeltones1
    carmeltones1 2 days ago

    He would found out he has a problem when they arrest him

  • Kevin Jackson
    Kevin Jackson 2 days ago

    It seems to me that rkelly probably watched the Mack because he is treating women just like that. Brain washing mind games the ultimate goal being to control the woman's mind.

  • Caleb Green
    Caleb Green 2 days ago

    C mane is gay asf ( wear are those videos )😂😂😂😂😂

  • Caleb Green
    Caleb Green 2 days ago

    So u telling me she didn’t wanna leave him cuz she loved him she basically said she left him because he was having sex with many girls and yes it was wrong for him to mess with younger girl but she loved him and she felt jealous and was mad cuz he ain’t wanna change then she comes out years later out of anger


    👉They wanted her to breakdown on air, they wanted her weak! That's why she was asked about "the music"!
    I would be Pissed if that rat bastard asked me ?´s😵stfu "disgusting" jackass! Disrespectful Jerk (Serious conversation and he asks about a tape👉He wants to see it)😳WE KNOW YOU DO!
    😠Do You Hear How they ask certain ?😠
    MF are so "slick"
    "trying to drag"
    I Am glad she stated certain FACTS!
    They TRIED IT!

  • Bee Joy
    Bee Joy 2 days ago

    This girl is lying first off I’m a nurse sometimes you can catch Herpes if there is a visual outbreak, but at times there are no signs and symptoms or even visual outbreak so either she does have it and do not want to disclose it or he did not have it when he was with her ONCE u have HERPES u have it u can’t pick and choose if he has it u may not have it it can lay dormant for years it only surfaces under major trauma, anxiety, nerves It’s like HIV AIDs once u got it, you got it. So I think she is lying but I don’t blame her who is really gonna admit Herpes to the World 💯💯💯💯Facts

  • Marcus Lee
    Marcus Lee 2 days ago

    Charlamagne the RAPIST & Angela the RAPE APOLOGIST are on the case. GTFOH. Why tf is she talking to these pigs who spread the the disease of misogyny thru the black community?

  • jade Burnett
    jade Burnett 2 days ago

    All these girls tell the same story but why had he gotten away with this kinda behavior for so long.

  • Ny's Kitchen
    Ny's Kitchen 2 days ago

    i believe all

  • Tiffany and Co.
    Tiffany and Co. 2 days ago

    These comments are so frustrating, it's like everyone has forgotten how impressionable you are at 17 years old. Just look at the teenage girls and boys that are pressured to do stuff by their boyfriends and girlfriends of their old age...imagine thinking you are in love with someone who is 30, rich, famous, and feeding you all the lies you think are truths.

  • Rosalind Wallace
    Rosalind Wallace 2 days ago

    Mute Charlemagne....

  • SCOPE20
    SCOPE20 2 days ago

    But When Will Charlie Sheen Officially Be Under Investigation For Spreading AIDS tho?

  • Jacqueline Manning
    Jacqueline Manning 2 days ago

    Why do these women look masculine? They all favor 🤦🏿

  • Andrew Bautista
    Andrew Bautista 2 days ago


  • Andrew Bautista
    Andrew Bautista 2 days ago

    So crazy how the BC protects charlimaine the perv. Or he even has the guts to touch on a subject he knows all to disgusted and appalled how easy it apears to cover up. In time #survivingcharlimainedaperv!!!!!!

  • Lord Jela
    Lord Jela 3 days ago

    I don't know if she is a pedophile but she's participated in sex with a minor as well.

  • Beautiful Alise
    Beautiful Alise 3 days ago

    This disgusted me r Kelly needs to be in jail for a long time n the people that was covering for him that was behind him.

  • Jacqueline Manning
    Jacqueline Manning 3 days ago

    Hugh Heffner was damn near 100 years old sleeping with multiple women in his home sleeping with several women in his bed that were 18 years old!!! It's Bill Cosby all over again.

    • Jacqueline Manning
      Jacqueline Manning 2 days ago

      +Sherri Brown thanks I knew you could comprehend it better after the edit... thanks Sis 🤗🙄

    • Sherri Brown
      Sherri Brown 2 days ago +1

      +Jacqueline Manning nice edit

    • Jacqueline Manning
      Jacqueline Manning 2 days ago

      +Sherri Brown and you can't comprehend... I know sometimes were slow... but please comprehend before you comment and call somebody else dumb 🤦

    • Sherri Brown
      Sherri Brown 2 days ago

      You're dumb as hell..... also saying someone else did it doesn't make it right!

  • Jacqueline Manning
    Jacqueline Manning 3 days ago

    Hugh Heffner??? 🤔🙄

  • Ramone Walker
    Ramone Walker 3 days ago

    CTG You Gay Ass Hell

  • Black Inventors invented everything

    She exposed R with that tape she’s brave

  • Samia Williams
    Samia Williams 3 days ago

    Why the hell is she okay with girl being 16 when she is still under age?

  • Cynthia Willis
    Cynthia Willis 3 days ago +1

    Fact: R. Kelly married a 15 yr old. Fact: R. Kelly was on a sex tape with a CHILD. Does it even matter if these women are lying? Aren't those 2 things enough?????

  • Kejuan Lynette
    Kejuan Lynette 3 days ago

    Great interview. She's well spoken and articulated her points well.
    Suggestion to BC for the next phone interview:
    Can you record the conversation THEN edit out all of the over talking/interjections?

  • Greg Presley
    Greg Presley 3 days ago

    I always felt DJ Envy was slow (mentally retarded). I always said it. Always!! ...That "butt" comment he made affirms my belief. She was trying to be subtle, but his dumb, unprofessional a$$ had to blurt out the word. Totally unnecessary.

  • Iana Baby
    Iana Baby 3 days ago

    All these hoes want is some money and fame. Especially Drea Kelly’s ugly ass, all of these women are ugly. It’s always the ugly mfs doing this shit. I’m pretty sure they received a fat ass check from Lifetime. Anyone can fake cry on television, I mean its television!! One of the girls in the documentary couldn’t even shed a tear. Come on now 🙄

    • Sherri Brown
      Sherri Brown 2 days ago

      So are you seeing r Kelly is not a pedophile? Just what are you saying? You sound like the 30 year old women on the docuseries until they were the v victim. I can't believe people are so naive and gullable, sad.

    SHANNON MARTIN 3 days ago

    Yes yes

  • DianC 777
    DianC 777 3 days ago

    not defending the catholic church cover up.....BUT......why isn't anyone talking about the cover up in the baptist and other churches where pastors womanize, rape young boys and girls, cheat on their wives; the abuse in families (fathers, uncles etc raping their own kids and relatives). comon now, let's face the entire truth across the board and be equal opportunity accusers.

  • Darla Bishop
    Darla Bishop 3 days ago

    Charlemagne :"me"? 🤣

  • Chenice Wesley
    Chenice Wesley 3 days ago

    How did "they" escape? That is going to be important to know, when more girls get caught up!
    Lock away one and there are others waiting in the wing, dressed up in all types of garments, thinking about how to do it differently.
    It's never I'm sorry, it's only I'M SORRY I GOT CAUGHT!
    HOW DO THEY (other girls/boys) ESCAPE???

  • Darlene Chriss
    Darlene Chriss 3 days ago

    she told him she was 17.

  • Darlene Chriss
    Darlene Chriss 3 days ago

    my question is why do they keep going back to him if they get away.

  • Bryant Williams
    Bryant Williams 3 days ago

    She's Not Lying....I Don't Care What None Of You Say. This Lady Is Not Lying.💯💯

  • Dop3 Dolls
    Dop3 Dolls 3 days ago

    R. Kelly is a psychopathic narcissist and these girls are Co-dependent and give him narcissistic supply. The girls go in, thinking they can control R.Kelly being a good man or even a husband by appeasing him. But in the end a narcissist only knows how to use and abuse. Even after all of this, he will still reverse guilt and blame the victims.

  • Dop3 Dolls
    Dop3 Dolls 3 days ago

    Lisa Van Allen, Dominique and the Latina woman are the most reliable sources.

  • jaleeda Moore
    jaleeda Moore 3 days ago

    20 minutes in..Charlamagne told on himself...😳

  • Bookie Brown
    Bookie Brown 3 days ago

    Look up the definition of the pied piper the pied piper stole the kids of the people from the town when they wouldn't pay him so he would lead they kids away with his music

    CEE BORN 4 days ago

    The Elites lifestyles are similar to R.Kellys. Its part of the upper echelon according to their sick minds

  • Nina Edwards
    Nina Edwards 4 days ago

    R Kelly is doing satanic stuff and voodoo

  • Darryl Padgett
    Darryl Padgett 4 days ago

    She lost me at the stuff in his butt. I feel like that's the ultimate belittlement of a man thing you can say.

  • Darryl Padgett
    Darryl Padgett 4 days ago

    Why was she at a video shoot with strippers at 16 tho. 2019 & yall can't get ya kids out a house. If they wanted to leave they would leave.

  • Nwad Setab
    Nwad Setab 4 days ago

    Nothing but respect for Lisa Van Allen.

    THIZZAVELI 4 days ago

    So she just sat there and watched the other under age girl get pissed on....?

  • Parks& Rec
    Parks& Rec 4 days ago

    Charlemagne is no different

  • James Bullock
    James Bullock 4 days ago

    they wanted it she could leave and was not held hostage. they were lil thots

  • Mango Blueberry
    Mango Blueberry 4 days ago

    Can people seriously stop making these ladies famous!!! This is clearly the attention they seek! If it’s true than let it to law enforcement to handle it privately!

    • Sherri Brown
      Sherri Brown 2 days ago

      +Mango Blueberry they were children!! What part of that don't you get??? Wow! Unbelievable! Idc if they were money hungry, fame seeking, walked in a room butt naked and said r. Kelly I'm 15, have sex with doesn't matter. He was/is a grown man who should know better than to have sex with teenage girls.... and he did it over and over again!

    • Mango Blueberry
      Mango Blueberry 2 days ago

      So you would weather watch and make some money hungry hoes that are probably butt hurt that he just fucked them and said goodbye!! And now they are sad cause he didn’t chose just them to be with!! Give me a break they are messing with the mans career that his worked for all his life what did these hoes ever work for besides sucking dick and chasing rich man!!! And now they found an opportunity to get their 15 min of fame!!! By the way your a public idiot by believing some hoes when you weren’t even there to see what really went down so suck my balls!!!

    • Sherri Brown
      Sherri Brown 2 days ago

      R Kelly is a pubic figure idiot

  • Joy Jones
    Joy Jones 4 days ago

    Breakfast club who is the guy who sits in the back of Envy... He looks like @danru brother ( dancing Dan)!!!😁😁😁😁😁

  • Ben Judah
    Ben Judah 4 days ago

    This is why most nations across the world don't allow women in positions of power. They can be easily manipulated by outside forces

  • Melissa Dellano
    Melissa Dellano 4 days ago

    Nah , money is the key

  • Nekay Sanaë
    Nekay Sanaë 4 days ago


  • Angelique Hill
    Angelique Hill 4 days ago

    R Kelly, nasty, disgusting. Pedo, homestock syndrome

  • Angelique Hill
    Angelique Hill 4 days ago

    #muterkelly, #arrestrkelly, #praisethe victims @rcadroprkelly

  • Dont Talk To Me
    Dont Talk To Me 4 days ago +1

    This is the type of bullshit i hate, she just said people that listen to his music are wrong for listening to it but 2 seconds later she is defending his ex wife for listening to his music.🤦‍♂️ It doesn't matter if it's your best friend or a stranger right is right & wrong is wrong, if people around R Kelly thought like that he would have been in prison years ago.

  • Dont Talk To Me
    Dont Talk To Me 4 days ago +1

    Next time don't be a gold digger to a known pedo. No tears over here for 90% of these victims.

  • Outlandish_from_Broward_FL_954

    R. Kellys sister molested him and his brother when the brother was 6 and R. Kelly was 10. The sister was 16.
    _Surviving Theresa Kelly_
    Just google that name Theresa Kelly...There's an hour long video of R. Kellys brother (Carey Kelly) describing what she did to him. Man you wont believe what she made him do when he was just 6.....And clearly, she really messed up R. Kelly too

  • Tyra Richards
    Tyra Richards 4 days ago

    she lowkey leaked the 14 year old's name, she was his godchild

  • Tyra Richards
    Tyra Richards 4 days ago

    she was freaky with r kelly back in the day

  • butterflybless bless

    She can't facilitate others on their healing journey, if she hasn't done her necessary healing. She will be no good to herself and them. Can't pour from an empty cup.

  • GHfan4life
    GHfan4life 4 days ago

    I can’t listen to r Kelly’s explicit songs knowing he was probably singing about the underaged girls he abused. I don’t wanna hear anything with his voice on it

  • yootuubinatwerk
    yootuubinatwerk 4 days ago

    All the people who saw the sex tape all watched child Pr0n. The LEAST he could/should do is help the 2 sex slaves with their careers because Azriel can really sing.

  • Sandie Castaneda
    Sandie Castaneda 4 days ago

    Very revealing. #boycottrkelly

  • WaveGang Waveyton
    WaveGang Waveyton 4 days ago

    Damn R Kelly is the devil

  • DarkWings
    DarkWings 4 days ago

    This is b.s, I'm tired of all these women making excuses in the name of "LOVE"
    first, you thought you could save him? Who the f* are you?
    Are you Christ, a messiah may be? Do you have any degree in whatsoever domaine which will lead you do think you can help him?
    Who are you to R.Kelly? What more can you bring to his life, which he doesn't have.
    Secondly, because you love him you couldn't stop what was going on? Love really does make people blind but there are no laws in which this statement is applicable.
    So Lisa Van Allen, i think you are as guility as he is and i hope you are get time for letting a 14 years get raped (allegedly).

  • TALENTSGlamSquad
    TALENTSGlamSquad 4 days ago

    I respect that Charlemagne apologized. 💖

  • Rhonda le
    Rhonda le 4 days ago

    She is a child molester u can tell black people age

  • Rhonda le
    Rhonda le 4 days ago

    Girl bye the money is gone

  • Adrian Mitchell
    Adrian Mitchell 4 days ago

    Her story is the most transparent and consistent!

  • Carole Chevannes
    Carole Chevannes 4 days ago

    Did she say jim Brown, the American football player, and actor back then?

  • Chambria Parker
    Chambria Parker 4 days ago

    How are all these people getting on planes underage? Does Andrea have herpes??

  • Shunna States
    Shunna States 4 days ago

    Oh ok well I’m glad she clarified that

  • Shunna States
    Shunna States 4 days ago

    So you were helping a person by giving them a threesome?

  • Kiki Green
    Kiki Green 5 days ago

    We can't get to the moon because of the van Allen radiation belt! This shit a psyop top to bottom 💁🏾‍♀️

  • Kiki Green
    Kiki Green 5 days ago

    We can't get to the moon because of the van Allen radiation belt! This shit a psyop top to bottom 💁🏾‍♀️

  • JadedJassy21
    JadedJassy21 5 days ago +17

    R. Kelly Should have been canceled when he married a 15yr old Aalyiah

  • Team Young
    Team Young 5 days ago

    So people care more about r.kelly more than us being in a government shutdown foolish

  • theknite2211
    theknite2211 5 days ago

    I don’t believe none of this shit

  • Elyte Brother
    Elyte Brother 5 days ago +1

    2018/2019 is officially the era of digging up the 90s to make these lame time interesting. R. Kelly has been to court, Michael Jackson has been to court. LET IT GO ALREADY. These folks don't even have the common decency to let Aaliyah rest in peace, knowing she's not here to defend herself. R. Kelly has already been to court, so has Michael. Leave this shit back in the day. #doublejeopardy

  • starc1277
    starc1277 5 days ago

    What makes R Kelly a predator is the fact he sought out broken women and/or those with low self esteem. Hr knew what to look for and how to manipulate them. That in and of itself is not a crime. Pay attention to the fact that most of them were 17 and he aleays asked if the parents would let them come to his home -in Chicago.
    In Illinois, the age of sexual consent is 17 (18 if you are in a position of authority/ a teacher, pastor or mentor). THIS is where and why the 14yo is so important. He mentored the group she was in. She and her family would not corroborate the story and charges, so he got off because there was no victim.
    So, basically, if these girls are 17 and went to him of their own free will, regardless of how MORALLY wrong this is, LEGALLY there is nothing the court can do because no law was broken.
    The Pace girl admitted she initially lied about her age and said she was 19. She said she told him she was only 16 before they had sex, but I'm not sure how that will hold up in's her word against his.
    There are so many holes in the story. I think he did a lot, but I don't know if it was to the extent things are being made out to be. Just like Charlemagne said, RKelly doesn't think he did anything wrong.
    They ALL need to go to the counselor because they need some counseling

  • Erica Pierre
    Erica Pierre 5 days ago

    If it occurred when she was 17 but she left at 21 that’s 4 years so there are more encounters with minors I am not escape R. Kelly out of this but I think him some of these adult women who where there from teenagers to adulthood and his circle need to be brought to court

  • RaeThe Queen
    RaeThe Queen 5 days ago

    I believe her story. But one quick question. If they don't get paid to be on camera how can they do so many interviews all the time if they have jobs? Just wondering because she said she doesn't get paid.