The Real Reason Blade Runner 2049 Flopped At The Box Office


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  • Looper
    Looper  9 months ago +274

    How did you feel about Blade Runner 2049?

    • journeymanX
      journeymanX 24 days ago

      2049 was a good sequel,but nowhere as legendary as the 82 classic,i'd say 2049 is the student that's not yet ready to surpass the master but still can stand on its own

    • The V TV
      The V TV Month ago

      Design District Music its just a piece of trash. Superboring.

    • Robert Ferris
      Robert Ferris Month ago

      As a casual viewer I thought it was bland and could've been done in less time. There's just not 3 hrs of story in this movie im sorry.

    • The V TV
      The V TV Month ago

      oceantracks may be.But the movie was a garbage and it deserve to flop.

    • oceantracks
      oceantracks Month ago

      opening scene Gosling beat him because he was anewer more advanced model but i guess you missed that...

  • Roger Fredriksson
    Roger Fredriksson 2 hours ago

    I have , somewhat , an understanding for the investors , wanting to make money. BUT ....... i’m also happy that everynow and then a movie like this is made. Not one of the run-of-the-mill summer blockbuster movies.

  • Valen Sinn
    Valen Sinn 2 hours ago

    The non sequel...a pile of shit...worse than the last could have use a set up film to make it a trilogy.... Deckard is no a replicant....that was a mistake!!!!!

  • Troy Spencer
    Troy Spencer 6 hours ago

    It is quite simple. This movie was as dull as dishwater. KInda an Emperors new clothes thing. People want to seem intellectual and deep, so claim it is a masterpiece, but if they were being honest with themselves they too will admit that this movie was boring. And the 7 hour runtime (wait, it was only three hours? Wow it seemed like 7)

  • L
    L 7 hours ago

    Because it’s way too smart for mainstream audience who don’t appreciate art

  • ForeverBlueKnight
    ForeverBlueKnight 8 hours ago

    Cause it sucks! I love the first one.

  • Simon Brooks
    Simon Brooks Day ago

    Fell asleep about 3/4 of the way through. Soooo Slow

  • Tyrone Koumoundouros

    My dad took us to see the ORIGINAL and, we knew it was something different.

  • clit_niblr036
    clit_niblr036 4 days ago

    I was actually very pleasantly surprised by how well done Blade Runner 2049 was made. It expanded on the original nicely while being its own stand alone film.

  • tmcfootball96
    tmcfootball96 6 days ago

    Grear movie, but shitty economy pays a big role.

  • Filipe Felagund
    Filipe Felagund 11 days ago

    i love this movie

  • Jon Belanger
    Jon Belanger 14 days ago

    Honestly one of the best movies I've ever seen. IMO the first movie is boring, and only watched it after seeing this one. If you miss it, you're missing out. Looking forward to those discount blu-rays at Target though.

  • Giltr0y
    Giltr0y 14 days ago

    There was only 1 reason - poor script.

  • Adrian Arias
    Adrian Arias 14 days ago

    Awesome movie

  • The Gaming Maestro
    The Gaming Maestro 15 days ago

    This is one of the best movies (sci-fi) I've seen in years. Now, recite your baseline.

  • SpookeyR
    SpookeyR 16 days ago

    While I enjoyed the film, there did seem to be an excruciatingly strong urge to stay so true to the source material, specifically the first film - not the book, that they seemed to have been pushing to make it into an `art house` science fiction film.
    Better overall; but, not in terms of `$$$`...

  • Liam Fenton
    Liam Fenton 18 days ago

    why did you make this video so early, by now the box office just about doubled

  • dana696dana Ss
    dana696dana Ss 18 days ago

    personally blade runner was the best movie i saw in a long time.... a lot better than the sw pile of shit and marvel trash for total dumases.... i am suprised it did not do well.... i guess the milenials are as dum as they seem

  • arthur bellington Googlecalendar

    they could easily hack off the entire harrison ford part and the movie would be a little better and shorter. it was stupid

  • Gary Bates
    Gary Bates 27 days ago +1

    So you’re saying this film is a ‘flop’ because it wasn’t well watched at the cinema?! Most of the best films ever were like this. Stop looking At the money and look at how good the film is for gods sake!!

  • Ray Wil
    Ray Wil 29 days ago

    Finally saw this movie. I didn't get a chance to see it in theatres and been waiting and anticipating ever since. Then finally yes. And no! I was disappointed. Everything in that video doesn't even come close to when went wrong in this move. While I like Gosling and the character he was brought in to play, he was much too minimal with the style of acting. Especially in a world so devoid of bright sunlight, happiness or clean air. Where was the contrast. Ford in the original offered some contrast. And yes I know Gosling is playing a replicant detective but if doesn't have any bright spots in his personality then give him a partner. The movie goes out of it's way to limit his human contact. He's in love with a hologram who has even more personality than him.
    The movie didn't push enough on the boundaries of creating replicants or any other authority. Matter of fact we didn't see much of in terms of authority except a Madam, K's police captain or chief who gets killed way too easily. And the owner of the corporation.
    Loved the look of it but didn't offer much more in substance.

  • 5%LowBattery
    5%LowBattery 29 days ago

    It’s on hbo now, I’ve tried watching 4x, and fell asleep 40 mins in. I’m going to try for a 5th time.

  • Jason schmidt
    Jason schmidt Month ago

    its because most people are ignorant AF. just want a basic ass story line and a bunch of explosions and slow motion action scenes.

  • nimosx
    nimosx Month ago

    Conclusion : It flopped because it didn't target casuals.

  • Doctor Wind
    Doctor Wind Month ago

    Maybe the majority of film goers are pampered and basically stupid, and the movie was well beyond their ability to conceive and enjoy it?

  • Tony BMW
    Tony BMW Month ago

    I thought it was brilliant, saw it twice at the cinema, and now I've got it on DVD I've got to say like with the original it is a movie that rewards multiple viewings.

  • Random Task
    Random Task Month ago

    A bloated budget isn’t a reason for a flop. A shoestring budget would be. Donkeys.

  • Kerath
    Kerath Month ago

    Nothing went wrong. Movies, as everything else, have genres. And this one is simply not for your average Joe. Pun intended.

  • Donnie
    Donnie Month ago

    Finally i agree S Korea & Japan have more intelligent viewers who aren't so fickle, they have more open minds and will go see that's not as big as say Black Panther that made money yet is also garbage.

  • Donnie
    Donnie Month ago

    Kingsman a better movie then blade runner is blasphemous

  • Donnie
    Donnie Month ago

    Ghost in the shell is one of the great anime classic and was not a bad movie,who is this review meant to appeal to ? Sheep.

  • Donnie
    Donnie Month ago

    Hold'em up Jim Shoe the bloody run time means nothing to a fan of Philip K. Dick or any decent scifi movie,Fast & Furious made tons of money yet 100% garbage.Ok lets continue with the video

  • Walter T
    Walter T Month ago

    It's funny.. this list of "reasons it flopped at the box office" is basically a list of reasons I like it. It's kind of a drag.. like... "No one went to see it because it's too good." I hope these inclinations change.

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover Month ago

    The reason it flopped is because 2049 overestimated the amount is fans of the original Blade Runner. 2049 is a great movie.

  • Hirnlego999
    Hirnlego999 Month ago

    Long and boring, the Deus Ex games deal with these matters in more depth.

  • DanCelsing
    DanCelsing Month ago +1

    i wonder if IMDB is bought, 8.1 on the reviews? so wrong,

  • Lima Senar
    Lima Senar Month ago

    The Real Reason Blade Runner 2049 Flopped At The Box Office: Audience today are too lazy or dumb to process.

  • The V TV
    The V TV Month ago

    I am so happy that this trash is a flop as it does not contain any action 2hours 32 min. wasted in just some sentences. Actors were saying there dialogue like they are sleeping .super boring please dont waste your time like i did .

  • DomScatterbrain
    DomScatterbrain Month ago

    Like the previous, this one will be another cult movie rather than box office behemoth. A good investment tho

  • First name Last name

    personally it was terrible but wasnt great either. i still like the original.

    • First name Last name
      First name Last name Month ago

      also i wouldve liked to see
      more of harrison ford. i didnt like the new tron movie either. the original was so much better.

  • Crusader General
    Crusader General Month ago

    The real reason is that the USA demographics has degenerated by influx of low IQ third world savages and parasites, as well as mass spawn of the same via the Welfare system

  • oceantracks
    oceantracks Month ago

    I loved it.

  • zoperxplex
    zoperxplex Month ago

    Let's face facts: the original "Blade Runner" was not a hit. Why would anyone think a sequel made 36 years later would do any better?

  • Starguard !
    Starguard ! Month ago

    Ana De Armas. (who played the role of Joi) was the best part of this movie. It was really sad to see her die

  • Jon Neale
    Jon Neale Month ago

    Amazing film love it.

  • richiow68
    richiow68 Month ago

    No Vangelis.. Not interested

  • Andy Shick
    Andy Shick Month ago

    It was THIRTY-five years, not TWENTY-five. Also, 2049 is sorta confusing, bloated, gratuitous, and simply not as good as its much-cheaper-to-produce predecessor

  • Marc James-Finel
    Marc James-Finel Month ago

    I really enjoyed this movie, its to bad it didn't do well.

  • rohanmark jay
    rohanmark jay Month ago

    I thought it was an excellent movie. Maybe the 1982 original was slightly better. I was, like in the original, shocked by the cruelty and violence of that world in the original. BR 2049 is no different. I was pleasantly surprised that after so many Hollywood multiplex oriented CGI micheal bay type films since the mid 1990s that Hollywood can once in a while come up with an excellent movie. It is a sequel too. I honestly thought though given the cult status of BR that BR 2049 will do well at least in North America, Europe, Australia, NZ etc at the box office so I was very surprised that like the original it has flopped at the box office in movie theaters in the west. Despite the dark tyrannical high tech world of Blade Runner. In both movies there was a optimistic ending where love conquers all including the soulless high tech futuristic world ruled by evil corporations where life is a commodity which they live in. Like Deckard and Rachel's escape to freedom and to love each other for the rest of their lives and in BR 2049 Deckard reuniting with his daughter showing a fathers love for his daughter. Ryan Gosling happiness at the end of the film because as replicants through love they have finally achieved a kind of salvation that their evil genetic engineer masters couldn't provide, also after living a miserable lonely life as a Blade Runner he helps deckard and his daughter reunite which shows Gosling character smiling to the sky as the snow falls around him. In both films despite the dark high tech soulless world in which the replicants inhabit the divine spirit of God smiled on them and uplifted them enabling the replicants in both movies to transcend their slave status. Both movies are Hollywood at its very best. I can understand why both movies flopped 35 years apart. Both movies are depressing, slow and violent. Also requires some high level thought from the viewer. Only Scifi and film noir fans will find it appealing. That said both movies made 35 years apart is Hollywood at its best. Also 2017 seems to have been a good year where quite a few good movies came out of Hollywood. This restores the faith somewhat after so many years of bad Hollywood films.

  • K. Chris Caldwell
    K. Chris Caldwell Month ago

    This movie is incredible. And I didn't care much for the first.

  • plumeria66
    plumeria66 Month ago

    Matthias Schoenhart would've been better than Ryan Gosling. Better actor, better looking....eye candy for us women. That's why it flopped. No eye candy for us and too catered to horny men.

  • dody armanto
    dody armanto Month ago

    Is Blade Runner really good?
    I never finished the first movie it just not that interesting and the second one is boring and to long

  • Duck Loranj
    Duck Loranj Month ago

    Blade Runner is not for plebs. Never was. If you didn't get the "mythology" then you're probably a pleb. Soz

  • DaViper Venom
    DaViper Venom Month ago

    I found the movie to be very disappointing. And I saw it for free.

  • FD Mackey
    FD Mackey Month ago

    We paid to see it...It sucked....

  • Skeeter Saurus
    Skeeter Saurus Month ago

    Not sure about that slam of 'moviegoers are wary of big budget effects hiding flops' when BR2049 was the most god-awful boring movie that they could have made! I can't believe you slammed Valerian in comparison, when it is actually a BETTER MOVIE than BR2049! There aren't even a lot of the old 'core viewers' of the original Blade Runner left around interested in such alternate sci-fi movies anymore...who EVER would have spent $170-million trying to reach mid-50-somethings in a hope that Harrison Ford would have 'lured them back in'? Overall, over-budget, poorly-cast, boring-flick that tried to 'revive a mediocre movie, at best' - more akin to TRON in pop-culture. If you REALLY wanted to revive a historical movie, it would have been better if they brought back Jack Deth and Trancers!!! THAT was hard action, great story and excellent acting! (but, there is only ONE Tim Thomerson, too)

  • Mark Matherne
    Mark Matherne Month ago

    no valid points it flopped for one reason onlyit wasnt mainly a sequal of main character but had new young guy in new role not needed

  • Stark Industries
    Stark Industries Month ago

    it flopped because it had no story at all, and was, well, totally shit

  • Robert
    Robert Month ago

    The Matrix was 150 mins and was a massive hit. This movie was just plain boring.

  • yw1971
    yw1971 2 months ago

    it was a weak film - Bad casting (esp. the females), bad story, overly long & disappointing end. For me, this director is finished

  • Officer KD6-3.7
    Officer KD6-3.7 2 months ago

    More than likely the vast majority of idiots that watched BR 2049 and thought it was terrible weren't even born when the first Blade Runner came out in the 1980's. Me, being born in the early 1970's, i can understand and appreciate both the original and the sequel, PHENOMENAL FILMS, both of them. Morons today have NO CLUE what a great film is. Fuck em, let them go watch their avengers or transformers movies.

  • Andre Newcomb
    Andre Newcomb 2 months ago

    Did it flop, Looper? Or didn't you merit a viewing?

  • Michael Tingle
    Michael Tingle 2 months ago

    if failed because the lead character was a robot, so, who cares about it [shrug].

  • Dan Reese
    Dan Reese 2 months ago

    Good point that the original wasn't a hit either Many expected a film like a video game or had hard feelings towards it since they were too faithful to the original . I happened to see both in the theater and enjoyed them on their own merit . Ever since Star Wars films are based on box office receipts and not value . Now a film is a flop if it don't make a certain amount of dollars even though its good . Sure a film like the Avengers will make millions but it wont be a film that will have such good cinematography as this .

  • leo cardistry
    leo cardistry 2 months ago

    Not only that the runtime was to long for some folks but it also takes the movie frome being show 5 times a day to 4 times a day , and it is still only scheduled for about two weeks per cinema and only shows more weeks depending on how many people watches it per week , its a shame really , it is one of the best movie of our generation if not ever , a technical masterclass with an emotional punch right to the heart , it will become a cult classic for sure . The nest generation of film fans will soon come to break it down as a modern classic . Maby 30 years from now when im about 50 we wil have one more , can't wait

    • leo cardistry
      leo cardistry 2 months ago

      Shit I paused this video and then wrote my first comment and then when I plyed the video I see now my point was already made , ohh what ever ill leave it up to make myself feel smart

  • Scott H
    Scott H 2 months ago +1

    It was poorly written that had bad actors and it was a waste of money to go to the theater and watch didn't matter what the they did or didn't let out about the movie

  • infiniteandroid
    infiniteandroid 2 months ago

    Reading a lot of the comments .... I know who gets it .... right on .... we know what’s up!!!

  • infiniteandroid
    infiniteandroid 2 months ago

    They will get it in of Jared Letos better performances......thank god!!!!

  • infiniteandroid
    infiniteandroid 2 months ago

    I disagree with most of these views ....

  • infiniteandroid
    infiniteandroid 2 months ago

    Because you people don’t get the genius.... just like most of his films... sad!!!!!.... one of the best movies that year!!!!

  • neo robertson
    neo robertson 2 months ago

    Great movie! It will become a classic

  • Gary Owens
    Gary Owens 2 months ago

    It flopped because it's boring
    Slow too long and pointless. It should never have been made.

  • Thejfjhbdudhcoihonuy uhcbu

    bad writing

  • Jake Boone
    Jake Boone 2 months ago

    It was never going to "destroy" the box office. Villeneuve's films have all made around the same.
    It has no bearing on the fact that his films are cinematic masterpieces. Unlike the most of the shit that hits theaters ie. Fate of the Furious.

  • edmond lee
    edmond lee 2 months ago

    I just saw this movie recently. I loved it.

  • MMG 006
    MMG 006 2 months ago

    The movie was boring, and I say this as a big fan of the first one. Nothing to do with the slow pace.

  • Edward Hitten
    Edward Hitten 2 months ago

    This crap movie don't even deserve this name.

  • David Dangen
    David Dangen 2 months ago

    What a joke of a video, You were judging too early. The budget was $150 million and so far has grossed $259.2 million worldwide. Not bad at all.

    • MMG 006
      MMG 006 2 months ago

      It still underperformed and lost the studio $80 million. Learn how box office works.

  • Will Rocks
    Will Rocks 2 months ago

    Movie was bloody amazing.

      SHREE BISHT 2 months ago

      Will Rocks the movie is the one to be watched very carefully, guess thats why the viewers got bored BUT! it is one of the finest movies I have ever seen

  • Pritam Ghosh
    Pritam Ghosh 2 months ago

    I liked that movie tbh.

    • Pritam Ghosh
      Pritam Ghosh 2 months ago

      SHREE BISHT Yess! Star trek! One of my favourite movie series about space!❤

      SHREE BISHT 2 months ago +1

      Pritam Ghosh the depicted world made a lot more sense than the other Sci Fi movies I have seen. Star trek too had a convincing set

    • Pritam Ghosh
      Pritam Ghosh 2 months ago

      SHREE BISHT Also I felt that the depicted world in future to be very immersing and convincing.

      SHREE BISHT 2 months ago +1

      Pritam Ghosh me too! Took a bit of time to understand but once I got the concept I was blown away

  • Sky Fall
    Sky Fall 2 months ago

    only 32 million? gee wow, sounds tuff.

  • CoderatheGreat
    CoderatheGreat 2 months ago

    In a way, it's an extremely faithful sequel. Both critically acclaimed but neither did well at the box office in either 1982 or 2017 (which is a 35 year time span, NOT 25).

  • S Gs
    S Gs 2 months ago

    So... In brief: Most people are stupid and don't want to watch a Masterpiece if it makes them ask questions about reality.

  • John McDaniel
    John McDaniel 2 months ago

    Cuz it was interestingly boring

  • Andrew Burton
    Andrew Burton 2 months ago

    No the reason it flopped is because the country is full of brain dead cunts who wouldn't know a good film if it came up and bit them on the arse!!

  • Nick Gray
    Nick Gray 2 months ago

    Like watching paint dry.

  • Mr Bob
    Mr Bob 2 months ago

    It doesn’t matter...the original was a box office flop also... both are masterpieces.Blade runner is timeless...Im sure won’t be watching ET over and over.

  • Brent Ryan
    Brent Ryan 2 months ago

    The idea that critics or big named actors will bring in 'crowds' of audiences is s major falicy. Neither are worth much to the casual viewer, feel do I. "Critics" have proven themselves unconcerned with the actual tastes of the majority of viewers. When 'drawing' crowds it is importantly to appeal to be emotions. Zero of the star power was actually utilized.
    To 'utilize' the "start powers" of Mr. Ford, and Mr. Geisling, the writers, directors, and producers would have needed to add a romance to the plot of the movie. The original Blade Runner had that, even if it had little screen time it was a major driving force behind Decker's choices.
    A.> Run Time ~ that is silly, most of the Marvel films show this is to be fair, think do I.
    B.> This is another false premise, as sown by movies such as Terminator 2 and Star Trek 2; Both those movies and others show this idea as false, as their origin movies was far less successful as the sequel.
    C.> "…all those cuts…" all tell the same story, just with a few missing or added scenes to help clear up any confusion. So the idea that their mere 'existence' caused confusion, seems too foolish and silly to be believe by me.
    Explained further in E.
    D.> Visuals over substance ~ your denial that Ghost in the Shell had more "substance" than Blade Runner II, is laughable and highly suspicious. B.R.II was LACKING in substance big time. The first three acts were exceptionally dry off emotion, and it had a bad ending. That is also one of the areas where the makers of the movie forgot that the original left Decker and the synthetic together even if they would be in the run.
    The idea that they needed $150 million to make a sequel's graphics, when you earlier said it took $87 mil in today's money to make the originals is also an error, think do I. The first movie's graphics were just as immersive.
    In summation, the movie being devoid of emotion until the final act and it being a massive political propaganda peice against capitalism. Hollywood keeps trying to brainwash us adults as the teacher unions have done with kids in public schools, yet they fail to accept responsibility when they fail.
    E.> Any good writer knows a book or movie must be stand'alone. Even if there is a single moment where they a viewer geeks compelled to sxrstch their head and question, is immersion breaking and thus to be avoided at all costs.
    The store job of a sequal is to retain existing fans as it abundantly attracts new 'converts'. The author of this video really just explained that the makers of the movie failed on many levels. Instead of the movie, itself, not succeeding.
    F.> How anyone could choose to not accept that an R rating, only makes the movie more likely to be seen by teenagers, is beyond the understanding of mine.
    Going for a rating below R, only affects the likelihood of parents showing their prepubescent children the movie. It would have been unwise for the makers to target niche as both movies are far too complex to be followed enough to be enjoyed by the supermajority of prepubescent children.
    In conclusion, your entirely argument seems to suggest the lack of stress for the movie is the fault of the audience, feel do I. That is disagree to me. It seems quiet clear that the writers, producers, and directors failed to come up with a movie.
    Is like the way the music industry blaming piracy for their slump in sales; When an E.U. study clearly shows that if anything piracy actually helps sales, if the product is of quality. Such as Witcher III versus E.A.'s Battlefront 2, the later is obviously inferior to the former, and thus the study suggested piracy likely was devoid of any effect on the later.

    ULTRA OZY 2 months ago

    Its a Master piece to hell with box office and its unappreciative impossible to satisfy audiences

  • nigel brazier
    nigel brazier 2 months ago

    just have to say i was 14 yrs old when i 1st saw Blade Runner! amazing mesmerising unique loved it ( even tho the intro scared the hell outta me) the sequel was very classy n tasteful but will never have the "original" impact!!

  • Frank Black
    Frank Black 2 months ago

    I was still shitting on myself when the original came out, but by the time I was 19 I was in love with the absolute masterpiece. I recently shit myself as an adult, when 2049 was announced. Who would fund this movie? Only certain people like these movies, Hollywood can't pump out 100 percent crap all the time. 2049 is also a beautiful masterpiece that I would say exceeds the original.

  • MarkoDeLaVoota
    MarkoDeLaVoota 2 months ago


  • Ivan Perez
    Ivan Perez 2 months ago

    The storyline sucked. The writing was juvenile. That being said the look and the score was superb.

  • Rich White
    Rich White 2 months ago

    So the whole reason it seems is because people just can’t or won’t pay attention to something that isn’t watered down trash.

  • guguigugu
    guguigugu 2 months ago

    length has nothing to do with it. superhero movies are very long too, butit doesnt bother anyone. the film looks great but its empty. the plot is full of holes and devoid of substance.

  • Kendo Arasuta
    Kendo Arasuta 2 months ago

    Was wayyy better a film than I was expecting... I think it nailed it better than the original

  • dee nixon
    dee nixon 2 months ago

    people are lazy and want to see avengers and transformers.

  • Rudolf Trost
    Rudolf Trost 2 months ago

    NOTHING went wrong with Blade Runner 2049.
    Those looking for a fun time should stay away from a good movie like this, as clearly does Looper. Go see "Kingsmen - The Golden Circle" or "Fast and Furious" or such run-of-the-mill dribble.
    In 1982 it took me five minutes after the end titles of Blade Runner to find my footing again and get out of my chair. I bought the book a day later and was blown away once more. This 2049 story is a very worthy follow-up and does right by its predecessor. This movie - as does its 30 years older one - is like the music of Leonard Cohen; it has the need to be digested, but only by those who understand...

  • Fidel Guevara
    Fidel Guevara 2 months ago

    i HATE how everyone is blaming the run time. does anyone even take that into account when seeing a movie? i know i don't.

  • Beethovenini
    Beethovenini 2 months ago

    Today's actors do not transmit to the viewer that humanity of which old actors like Harrison Ford are good and then the success of the first film is due to the visionary ability of director Ridley Scott.