The Real Reason Blade Runner 2049 Flopped At The Box Office


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  • Looper
    Looper  Year ago +293

    How did you feel about Blade Runner 2049?

    • Chris L
      Chris L 5 days ago

      Looper I really enjoyed it and it has intellectually remained in the forefront of science fiction discussions

    • Mr. 13
      Mr. 13 Month ago

      My favorite movie

    • Claire Grasso
      Claire Grasso Month ago

      I'm slightly embarrassed to say that I just saw it today and I'm a huge fan of "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep", Blade Runner, and Cyberpunk. I thoroughly enjoyed being steeped in the mood and style. There were many nods to the original film and they kept the atmosphere.

    • frshtlldth freshtilldeath
      frshtlldth freshtilldeath 2 months ago


    • Andrew Phipps Phillips
      Andrew Phipps Phillips 2 months ago

      Wonderful-had me immersed from the green eye / gravestones onwards.

  • Zekoo
    Zekoo 3 days ago

    These days when a movie "flops" its usually because it strikes at a higher intelligence, and most of the fucking plebs on the planet these days are so stupid all they want is boom boom smash smash, pew pew, AMERICA, FUCK YEAH.
    Personally I loved Blade Runner 2049, not as much as the original Blade Runner but it is still better then a lot of the shit being churned out these days like all the new Star Wars movies, and apparently they do pretty well lol

  • Steve Yochim
    Steve Yochim 6 days ago

    so a sequel to a box office flop ALSO flopped. Who'd have guessed?

    Everybody who didn't bother to see it the first time..... unfortunately, those peeps weren't in charge of movie studios......

  • Andy Sledge
    Andy Sledge 7 days ago

    Just proves that most people are idiots with no taste, they'd rather watch generic Marvel movies instead of actually turn on their brain while watching a movie. Taxi Driver would flopp too if it wouldve been released now

  • Mlogan11
    Mlogan11 12 days ago

    They will make their money back domestically as it ages and is recognized as classic and visual masterpiece.

  • Wasted Time

    it's an absolute masterpiece, I keep rewatching the scenes and keep getting orgasms

  • abc def
    abc def 14 days ago

    real human + really good replicant makes an unperfect baby who got immune deficiency problem living in a gastly dome for enternity. i didnt see any windows
    story is too jumpy. how did the main actor know all of sudden the ill woman was a deckard's daughter in the upgrade center?
    how come all the bad guys know the upgrade center but they didnt know the ill woman was the deckard daughter.
    who implanted the wooden horse memory into the main actor guy?
    no woders all replicants with normal human senses were paranoidal and rebellious, wouldnt you if someone would cut through your bellies and spill your guts to retire you more logical, movie. no authorities are this dumb.

  • DSNadine
    DSNadine 15 days ago

    It 'flopped' only in the US.

  • Sandy Wichmann
    Sandy Wichmann 16 days ago

    I didn‘t see it because I thought it was just another remake of a well-known film..

  • Joshua Now
    Joshua Now 16 days ago

    This movie was pure art. I couldn't get enough. I loved it, and it's a movie you can just watch over and over and over and over. I play it when i go to sleep... its not boring, i just love falling asleep to it because of the amazing sound and score.

  • Derek Mahieu
    Derek Mahieu 20 days ago

    Best movie that came out all year

  • Tony Tecca
    Tony Tecca 20 days ago

    masterpiece bought bluray watch it regularly

  • Luke Fallon
    Luke Fallon 20 days ago

    Too many complain that in Hollywood "it's all about the money" or "profit is all that matter to the studios". Well, d'uh! The studios pay for the movie's production in the first place! Without them there wouldn't be a movie at all. People invested their hard swindled cash to make the film. It shouldn't come as a surprise that Hollywood types expect an unreasonable percentage in profit. So of course a film is measured on how much money it takes in. But it was a critical success, which is more than most films get these days. Stop complaining about the money grabbers. They sometimes make a mistake and actually finance a really good or maybe GREAT movie now and then. Let us be thankful that the greedy bastards paid for one of the best SF movies ever made.

  • zionen01
    zionen01 20 days ago

    Thought this movie was excellent, as good as I would have hoped of a sequel and in some ways better. There was only on thread that seemed inconsistent to me, but otherwise the plot was coherent and interesting throughout. I think it comes down to marketing, I was actually let down but Star Wars The Last Jedi and that one did great in sales.

  • Hatless Chimp
    Hatless Chimp 23 days ago

    Fantastic Movie! The people that didnt like it obviously drink too much water with fluoride in it!😂

  • Jay 1971
    Jay 1971 26 days ago

    The REAL reason it didnt do as well as expected is due to it being a thought provoking masterpiece. The dumb sheep that inhabit this world prefer cheap fast paced action packef nonsense over a philosophical epic that created more questions than answers. Its a sad reflection of how contemporary cinema spoon feeds throwaway crap to dumb audiences.

  • jnewbon00
    jnewbon00 27 days ago

    Cinematic masterpiece.

  • David Gibson
    David Gibson 27 days ago

    I love the film. Here is an idea for long movies. Re-introduce intermission. I still remember those days.

  • Antti Alatalo
    Antti Alatalo 29 days ago +1

    Flopped beacuse american people today are so incredibly stupid

  • Incel Mafioso
    Incel Mafioso 29 days ago

    Bloated Walker 2048 was neither good nor intelligent, it was poorly paced, overly long, stock characters, a horrible villain and a stupid henchwoman. It was an inferior sequel to an otherwise great film and I'm glad it failed.

  • TheAutistWhisperer
    TheAutistWhisperer 29 days ago

    It flopped cause it was dog shit.

  • Jordi Danen
    Jordi Danen Month ago

    It flopped cause when i talk about Blade Runner...people think i'm speaking about Blade. People have poor taste in film thats why they don't know about it and why they didn't go see it.

  • Omnidawn Studios
    Omnidawn Studios Month ago

    This was a gorgeous movie. Roger Deakins was rightfully celebrated with awards and praise for his work on this masterpiece sequel. Sometimes, things happen and works of great art escape the studio. Financial flop? Whom ever took it on the chin, I thank you for your sacrifice. Side note, WETA did amazing work on the miniature sets. The look was spectacular. It was better than strait up CGI. I hope more films invest in this type of SFX, the look may cost more but it holds up so well. The production of this movie in a nutshell:Love conquered greed.

  • Tobacc0
    Tobacc0 Month ago

    Jared Leto's jarring ego stank up the movie. He should quit films and stick to picking up young teenagers at his 30 Seconds To Mars concert performances.

  • Joe Soap
    Joe Soap Month ago

    Maybe it flopped because people know we will not have artificial humans, flying cars, or 50' tall holographic projections of naked women by 2049. Especially the last one. 2049 and women are still just sex objects for men to gawk at. Really? Time to grow up guys and stop thinking with your dicks.

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez Month ago

    Uhhh because it sucked

  • Dick Longmire
    Dick Longmire Month ago

    I was never a huge sci-fi genre fan however 1982's Blade Runner was one of my favorite films.

  • Booke685
    Booke685 Month ago

    yeah, "flop". stupid pointless video

  • S C O R I A
    S C O R I A Month ago

    one of my favorite moves of all time

  • Douglas Smith
    Douglas Smith Month ago

    *Interesting fact:*
    Sixty-seven million people subscribed to *Blade Runner: Final Cut* on TVclip.
    67,000,000 x $9.99 (buy) = $669,330,000.00
    Maybe "2049" will end up the same way?

  • Alexander Hay-Whitton

    Worrying. The box office performance has damned little to do with quality, but seems to be all some consider worth commenting on.

  • yorkemar
    yorkemar Month ago

    a freind said maybe the dystopia was over done..that aside a compelling movie.great viewing and gosling and ford were spellbinding.

  • ConorJDavies
    ConorJDavies Month ago

    The film was long, but I loved every second of it. I saw the film in IMAX, when I entered the cinema there were around 10 people in the room with me. By the end of the film, I was the only one left, people started leaving halfway through, I don't understand why.

  • TheByteknight
    TheByteknight Month ago

    Why the reference to 25 years.. 1982 + 25 years is 2007.

  • Max Maxim
    Max Maxim Month ago

    Blade runner 2049 and the original are masterpiece.

  • Captain Spire
    Captain Spire Month ago

    The movie felt like winning The Price is Right Cliffhangers Game without any prize at the end.

  • maxwelld23
    maxwelld23 Month ago

    It's a shame cause this movie was so good , people are seriously missing out on a sure to be classic.

  • Lost in Space
    Lost in Space 2 months ago

    It flopped at the box office because is was a lousy, boring film. The fact that it was also over-hyped by pretentious and condescending (to moviegoers) critics, didn't help it either.

  • Krab krust tv2
    Krab krust tv2 2 months ago

    The next sequel is gonna come out in 2049.

  • Ian Johnson
    Ian Johnson 2 months ago

    As powerful and thought provoking movie as I can recall however it's mass market appeal was bound to suffer on that basis. People just want to be entertained without having to think about it. BR2049 was tricky to follow at times and dealt with some relatively complex topics. Most would been happier with a mindless shooter movie.

  • John Bremner
    John Bremner 2 months ago

    Once Ryan Gosling was cast it was doomed.

  • FirstMusic00
    FirstMusic00 2 months ago

    Really enjoyed this film. Thought it was spot on

  • infinity
    infinity 2 months ago

    BLADERUNNER is one of the best films

  • vide0gameCaster
    vide0gameCaster 2 months ago

    Why all the dislikes?
    This video is only stating objective facts :/

  • frshtlldth freshtilldeath

    But for dumb people

  • Hossak 2014
    Hossak 2014 2 months ago

    There was no real hope in the film. The orphan factory was as laughable as if they put Oliver Twist in the middle of it. Real crap writing with a lot of clunky plot devices.

  • Beatle Tom
    Beatle Tom 2 months ago

    You can't remake The Wizard of Oz. There's your answer.

  • Vanessa Wright
    Vanessa Wright 2 months ago

    The problem is the audience, not the film.

  • Sarkast
    Sarkast 2 months ago

    At 0:23 say: Let's have a look at what went wrong with Blade runner 2049. The video should have ended right there because there is nothing wrong.
    The movie was just perfect. But the Marvel/DC short attention span youngster couldn't fathom the of the movie because no super hero or alien invasion happened within the first 40 minutes. I salute Denis Villeneuve for not giving a fuck and staying true to his vision. I would have hated a Marvel like box office hit version of Blade Runner.

  • Evan Bench
    Evan Bench 2 months ago

    disagree with these points... it didn't do well because the screenplay was poorly written and Harrison Ford's performance was lame.

  • Betito117
    Betito117 2 months ago

    Well I guess I’ll just wait 25 years for the next bladerunner

  • Mark Wrench
    Mark Wrench 2 months ago

    It didn’t do as well as other movies because it requires actual intelligence and an understanding of concepts that were presented in the original movie. Saved you a click

  • IggyDoesStuff
    IggyDoesStuff 2 months ago

    They didn’t sell out to the audience thats why, true fans loved this. A movie for the fans, just like how the Dredd reboot flopped but it was for the fans.

  • Jakub Pączek
    Jakub Pączek 2 months ago

    So now we see who is preventing the production of good movies... society.

  • renewer
    renewer 2 months ago

    35 years later, not 25, right?

  • Jose Pelaez
    Jose Pelaez 2 months ago

    It's too long

  • Ben Brigham
    Ben Brigham 2 months ago

    This review is ludicrous, taking financial success as the sole watermark for overall success, and using one criterium to explain/legitimize six others. (eg (para): "The original did not appeal to the casual viewer, so the sequel confused the casual viewer, and was therefore too long for the casual viewer to enjoy, so the theaters couldn't run the movie frequently enough for the casual viewer, etc, etc.") This was not a movie for the casual viewer. And to make that point I credit another commenter's point that the casual viewers all went to see E.T. instead, and it was a dumb shit movie.

  • Auriël
    Auriël 3 months ago

    This movie is brillant. I don't care if it was a Flop. Today the audience is brainwashed with Blockbluster like the MCU and the New Star Wars. With stupid Joke, Easter Eggs, big explosion, Pew Pew Pew.
    Blade Runner 2049 is a masterpiece in all this garbage. Even it can't be as good as Blade Runner. It's still awesome. A Good Noir Cyberpunk. With existential question. I go to the theater for watching movie like this.

  • Let Go
    Let Go 3 months ago

    Movie was a masterpiece in cinema. It was so well shot.

  • Poop Dinkleberg
    Poop Dinkleberg 3 months ago

    One of the most beautiful movies I've ever had the pleasure of watching! I love it, just as I do the original!

  • Me yea me
    Me yea me 3 months ago

    Studios! If you see this please make more at the same quality of 2049 and I'll continue to buy tickets/bluray and spread the word about this movie and any future ones. One of my all time favorite movies now.

  • djlowtek
    djlowtek 3 months ago

    Movie was INCREDIBLE. Absolute top 5 for me. Fantastic.

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow 3 months ago

    What's the background music name?

  • ZCorp Alpha
    ZCorp Alpha 3 months ago +1

    " Keep your TVclip video to yourself sir, BladeRunner 2049 works for me, privately, in my own home, beautiful sound system, I enjoy what " I " enjoy. Not what people tell me to enjoy. Peace 🍃 "

  • tim mccullough
    tim mccullough 3 months ago

    A very annoying analysis, with an extremely arrogant voice and attitude. Both films were and are brilliant in their own way. Hollywood spoon feeds meaningless literal slop to people like they are overweight babies who can’t think for themselves. Blade Runner 2049 thank God was beautifully paced and visually stunning. Great memories.

  • ahtiandr
    ahtiandr 3 months ago

    its awesome movie and one of my favorite but probably too complicated for common folk.

  • Steve Yochim
    Steve Yochim 3 months ago

    Wow... A sequel nobody asked for for a 30 year old box office disappointment didn't do well.... Who's have think it?

  • adrian jubb
    adrian jubb 3 months ago

    It was slow and boring.

  • Charles Silva
    Charles Silva 3 months ago

    None of those are real problems with the film, witch is almost perfetct. People nowadays are dumber than ever and don't like to think anymore.

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald 3 months ago

    I'd say 1 of the biggest, if not the biggest factor of why it bombed is that it's a sequel to a cult classic, the original Blade Runner wasn't a huge hit with the general audiences either but overtime grew a cult following, and it's pretty reasonable to assume that that cult following consists of us hardcore movie fans (Even though I myself don't care for it) I'm pretty sure the majority of the general moviegoing public aren't part of that following that loves the original Blade Runner and thus didn't care about going to see this movie, so honestly expecting a gigantic box office success for a sequel like this was kind of ludicrous

  • Kiz Torres
    Kiz Torres 3 months ago

    I watched it three times in 24 hours...a cinematic masterpiece.

  • Roy Szweda
    Roy Szweda 3 months ago

    The first stab at a BRD issue aint much cop neither.... was so disappointed with this film. That and Alien Cov....

  • Maracachucho
    Maracachucho 3 months ago

    This movie didn't flop, the movie industry flopped. How can they be so good at selling garbage and yet lose money from this masterpiece? There is no excuse!

  • Duath
    Duath 3 months ago

    You're wrong or partially wrong on each and every point you were trying to make.

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas 3 months ago

    I personally enjoyed this version of Blade Runner although personally I could have done without the nudity as I felt it was a necessary but other than that I would say that I did enjoy it as a moviegoer.

  • bob curran
    bob curran 3 months ago

    I really like Blade Runner 2049. I like all the aspects -CGI,acting,storyline etc., I believe the referring to the first Blade Runner really helped the movie also. I have the bluray version at home with all the extra's and it's really good also. I have to rate it-length and all- at 8.5.

  • Maafa 1619
    Maafa 1619 3 months ago

    Millennials are too stupid for Blade Runner. Mindless pablum, like Thor Ragnarok, is all they are capable of comprehending.

  • artman33167
    artman33167 3 months ago

    imo one of the best films of the new Millennium. Visually stunning beyond words BUT takes its time with the images instead of throwing them at you at 1,000 miles an hour. Script, performances, cinematography, editing, and especially the score are all as top shelf as it gets. A worthy follow up to the legendary original.

  • ltkirov
    ltkirov 3 months ago

    how did people find this movie good it was pure trash with dragged out scenes of them staring at eachother I never been so bored to tears watching a movie it left so many unanswered questions too jesus christ what was all the hype about? what a shit movie!

  • Darryl W
    Darryl W 3 months ago

    This movie was not a flop...this was a great movie that was well received ..this was in fact a perfect sequel

  • Snagabott
    Snagabott 3 months ago

    I should probably add that it's not exactly happy stuff. Movies are escapism for most people (maybe due to audiences trained to lower expectations), and preaching (yet again) how the future will be a hellish wasteland run by the corrupt and evil (with the implication that we are deserving of such a fate) probably turned some audiences off.

  • Snagabott
    Snagabott 3 months ago

    I _never_ look at how long the movie is. I look at when it starts, not when it ends.

    Also: please - PLEASE - don't cut your story shorter than it should be. Films like "Solo: A Star Wars Story" and "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" might have good elements, but the storytelling becomes too frantic.
    And let's not even begin with what happened to Suicide Squad in the editing room.
    If you need to cut down the movie, do it as early as possible. Having story elements rest on story elements that then needs to be cut or shortened will degrade the movie experience so much more than having the thing go on for another 20 minutes.

  • Andro Libre
    Andro Libre 3 months ago

    No real Sean Young in the movie

  • rocknrollkid90
    rocknrollkid90 3 months ago

    Stick to the “Final Cut” of the 1982 film.

  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones 3 months ago

    While the original Blade Runner is my favorite file I hated this remake. It was boring, predictable and the visual quality was awful, just endless dull tones. The dialogue and story were just dreadful. I managed to watch it to the end but hated it intensely for around two hours. In the first hour I was hoping it would get better..

  • Kon Shav
    Kon Shav 3 months ago

    This movie is amazing. People are stupid. This review is foolish.

  • Agustin Morales3
    Agustin Morales3 3 months ago

    This is a cult movie. It will stay with us until the moment we die.

  • Wal 74
    Wal 74 3 months ago

    Sorry: your average 15 yo...

  • Wal 74
    Wal 74 3 months ago

    Wonderful movie. Its only big issue, it seems realized for those who really LOVE the 1982 movie. And not for your average 25 year old viewer. So, unjustly, a flop in theaters. But time will be kind with BR 2049...

  • Nate
    Nate 3 months ago

    I saw that shit 3 fucking times in HD

  • anthony scully
    anthony scully 3 months ago

    i thought that it was a good film. but there are too many references to the first film. even the music is similar to the original

  • axnyslie
    axnyslie 3 months ago

    It's too smart for comic book dolts.

  • Fabien H
    Fabien H 3 months ago

    It probably failed at the boxes for the same reason as its predecessor did: lame comments by the popular film critics that kept a lot of people home. We should really get rid of cinema critics actually: they just express an opinion. And opinions are like a..holes, everybody has got one (proving that by writing here ;-)). Theirs is not a bit better or more valid than yours, so check for yourself in any case and just ignore them. Fact is we're missing a lot of good movies in the halls listening to those guys even remotely.
    Cinema is travelling: it's easier with, but so much more interesting and surprising without a GPS. Just try it!
    As for Blade Runner, those movies are like David Lynch's movies: they take you away for several hours to drop you dazed & confused on the pavement afterwards. Not many directors can do that actually. The plots are mysterious, philosophical or just vague and confusing, but those movies are so well crafted that it's a blessing they exist.
    With a preference to the first Blade (Rutger Hauers are rare in the business) the second one has a great mood too. It was hard to do better, but it was also a performance to make a decent follower and that succeeded. I guess it will become another "cult" classic...way too late. It's a sign of the Big Ones however ;-)

  • Christopher Schott
    Christopher Schott 3 months ago

    Most people don't want to see nude women prance around. And the deep. Dark subject matter.
    I really enjoyed this's amazing... But it's not for everyone .. The subject matter's not run time ...or anything ... If it wasn't popular ...

  • Titantron9000
    Titantron9000 3 months ago

    This is why we can't have nice things. Mindless Marvel Movies (MMM) (c) kill it at the box office while true works of art like this die.

  • Rudeboy CastronoVa.77
    Rudeboy CastronoVa.77 3 months ago

    It's official....looper is officially a flop of a channel! Did anyone from looper even watch the movie? No? Didnt think so. They just looked some numbers opening week and judged the whole movie (which was a master piece I might add) as far as feeling like you were in the same time frame as the original. (And we see what you thought of that one.) Hats off to everyone involved in this movie. The visuals, music & effects, and the story were great!! an excellent continuation of one of my favorite sci-fi movies.... don't listen to "p"ooper !

  • Rudeboy CastronoVa.77
    Rudeboy CastronoVa.77 3 months ago

    Forget "new viewers" this film was for the people who recognize it for what it was...a great sequel!!!

  • spacemanvw
    spacemanvw 3 months ago +1

    Bladerunner 2049 has earned way over 250 mill. And cost was 150. Its not a blockbuster. But its not a flop. Moron

  • JB Official Account
    JB Official Account 3 months ago

    Blade Runner 2049 is a Masterpiece

  • BuddyPal DudeGuy
    BuddyPal DudeGuy 3 months ago

    bladerunner 2 stunk bad, crap story and characters. I don't think the people behind the film understood what made the original such a remarkable film. i'm just going to pretend a sequel never happened