Everything You Missed In The 'Birds Of Prey' Trailer | Pop Culture Decoded

  • Published on Oct 2, 2019
  • Warner Brothers has released the first official trailer for "Birds of Prey" starring Margot Robbie as the iconic Harley Quinn. From its Joker references to the adorable hyenas from the "Batman: The Animated Series," here is everything you might have missed from the trailer. "Birds of Prey" will be released on February 7, 2020.
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    Everything You Missed In The 'Birds Of Prey' Trailer | Pop Culture Decoded
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Comments • 179

  • HelloThere 212
    HelloThere 212 12 days ago

    Since Joker and Harley broke up, please introduce Ivy and have them date

  • Dead Rose
    Dead Rose 25 days ago +1

    To fully get over your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend is to burn the first building you went to together. It seems 190% logical. I would do it too.

    I'm honestly super excited to watch the Birds of Prey movie!!!!!

  • Bree Gaunt
    Bree Gaunt Month ago +1

    -Missed the bar in the O
    -Missed the mask in the B
    -Missed the diamond in the P
    -Missed the bow in the D

  • Emil
    Emil Month ago

    I love harleys outfits and attitude in this. If you compare it to her suicide squad performance, it’s so clear birds of prey is written and directed by women

  • Alex Kim
    Alex Kim Month ago

    Harley quinn and poison ivy duo movie could have been better though.

  • Dar Castro
    Dar Castro Month ago

    I love hyenas they are the cute wolfs of Africa

    and I just love their loughs

  • Eshaal Mansoor
    Eshaal Mansoor Month ago

    Harley is the best of all the DC universe

  • Eleonora Rambaud Maccioni

    This was the best explanation for someone ho never watch suicide Squad !!!

  • Jehalod Saripada
    Jehalod Saripada Month ago

    I like that

  • linchen008
    linchen008 Month ago

    You can't do that with a hyena as shown at the thumbnail. They smell awful 😧

  • Hovhannes Ohanyan
    Hovhannes Ohanyan Month ago

    I’m just waiting for poison ivy

  • ChrisTheWalrus
    ChrisTheWalrus Month ago +2

    black canary isn't black. Sometimes casting black actors for white characters works out great (heimdall and valkryie) but this actress cant sell it, sorry.

  • Arwin Bautista
    Arwin Bautista Month ago

    You missed harly's big ass

  • Tara Lucent
    Tara Lucent Month ago

    Also, there is some unintentional symbolism with the hyenas. Female hyenas are dominant in their pacts.

  • Dusk Mascato
    Dusk Mascato Month ago

    I do t like the new black canary

  • Wacking Cactus
    Wacking Cactus Month ago


  • KiDaY
    KiDaY Month ago

    Marilyn Monroe and then Madonna's material girl then Harley Quin

  • DoubleRainbow666
    DoubleRainbow666 Month ago +1

    I noticed she had jokers "J" anchor as a charm on her dog collar (which he has tattooed on his left cheek). Along with the dog tag that says 'BRUCE'

  • Lps Dimond
    Lps Dimond Month ago

    Everyone misses the old Harley Quinn and the Beautiful one but now she's just I don't know how to put her but I think that that one bud

  • Ella B
    Ella B Month ago +2

    WHY DID THEY CHANGE HARLEY'S DESIGN SO MUCH? Her old one was so much better ;c

    • arantxa
      arantxa Month ago

      Or do you mean the designs from the comics?

    • arantxa
      arantxa Month ago

      Her old one was pretty bad tho

  • Apoorv Anand
    Apoorv Anand Month ago

    I noticed something. This trailer secretly shows that it sucks.

  • Tiffy- -Wiffy
    Tiffy- -Wiffy 2 months ago

    still ship them tho

  • Jackshow 31s
    Jackshow 31s 2 months ago

    Something that you missed, it says, in the title of birds of prey, it has the baseball bat on the d

  • Larry The Looter
    Larry The Looter 2 months ago +2

    Turds of Prey, more likely

  • Mythical Volcanion
    Mythical Volcanion 2 months ago

    Ok Her nooowww her outfit makes more sense cause her suicide squad outfit is her wearing stuff because of her joker relationship and now that she’s not with him she wears her own fashionable attire. Makes sense now.

  • Kermit Is forever
    Kermit Is forever 2 months ago +3

    ..is the “you need me” not joker tho ahha

  • Shanny Bananny
    Shanny Bananny 2 months ago

    Right after this....I got the Birds of Prey advertisement...huh.

  • Lola Howell
    Lola Howell 2 months ago

    Why can’t Harley keep her bat thoooooooooooooo

  • L.A.B ART
    L.A.B ART 2 months ago +10

    ''daddy's lil monster'' is NOT a reference to the Joker, Harley doesn't and wouldn't refer to or even call the Joker ''daddy''

    QUEEN KIM DOYOUNG 2 months ago +4

    Im sad bc they didn't include catwoman and poison ivy TwT~

    • GGamingWith Mee
      GGamingWith Mee 2 months ago +3

      Yea i still hope we will get a gotham city sirens featuring catwoman, Ivy and Harley

  • FIL MV
    FIL MV 2 months ago +9

    *Black Mask has a love interest for Harley and wants her to work in the club. He grows insane for her*

    • Jay N
      Jay N Month ago +1

      @Apoorv Anand yes true. Please dont make Black Mask flamboyantly gay in his first live action film 🙏

    • Apoorv Anand
      Apoorv Anand Month ago

      @CaseMeista MemeCast It's sexist because he wants Quinn to work in his club like a normal dancer or keep her as his mistress, and it's better because a psychotic gangster obsessed with someone is a good villain plot. Being gay and all that is more of a comedy.

    • CaseMeista MemeCast
      CaseMeista MemeCast Month ago

      Apoorv Anand why is that sexist and bow is it better than him being gay?

    • Apoorv Anand
      Apoorv Anand Month ago +2

      That's better. Kinda sexist but way better that the theory that he's gay and wants to prevent the exposing of some compromising photos of him. He just needs to wear his classic mask and he'll be fine.

  • Simona Felice
    Simona Felice 2 months ago

    I gotta see it. 💚

  • Smilemore 13
    Smilemore 13 2 months ago +1

    You missed her baseball bat in the "O"

  • Kevin Mesa
    Kevin Mesa 2 months ago +1

    Theres an episode in the animated series where Harley goes to Metropolis and she’s in a disguise very similar to the one in this trailer she had a trench coat a hat and a head scarf and shades and she knocked out the security guard with laughing gas

  • délicat rêve
    délicat rêve 2 months ago +2

    They certainly put a lot of thought into it

  • Kermit TheDoge
    Kermit TheDoge 2 months ago

    I got a Birds of Prey ad before watching this

  • Ryan Vibrato
    Ryan Vibrato 2 months ago

    I thought black mask was going to be gay

  • Josie
    Josie 2 months ago

    U forgot the bat in the letters

  • Cirex_2012
    Cirex_2012 2 months ago

    You guys missed the bat in the ‘O’ in the birds Of prey.

  • Yhwh yhwh
    Yhwh yhwh 2 months ago

    She sound exactly like kandi from two and a half men

  • sugreev2001
    sugreev2001 2 months ago

    Another Blonde, Blue-eyed character turned Black. That too, the sister of a racial hoaxer. All this Blackwashing will bite the media in the ass in a few years time.

  • OfficialWreck
    OfficialWreck 2 months ago +5

    2:12 *lmao finally Cassandra Cain, my girl be in the spotlight AAAAAAAAAAA*
    Seriously hope she has those fighting skills, really known to high skills

    • minty al
      minty al Month ago +2

      I've been a huge fan of Cassandra since I began reading comics back in 2009. I really wanted the slient badass martial artists that can kick everyone's ass. RIP I hope this movie turns out good even if Cass is portrayed differently.

    • OfficialWreck
      OfficialWreck Month ago +1

      Black Manta yeah true, I’ll still watch this it seems interesting

    • Black Manta
      Black Manta Month ago +1

      OfficialWreck Aw. We’ll get through it. The movie still looks exciting tho.

    • OfficialWreck
      OfficialWreck Month ago +1

      Black Manta dang it why did they do this :/

    • Black Manta
      Black Manta Month ago +1

      OfficialWreck Sorry to burst your bubble but apparently there is one stunt double for Cassandra and she isn’t a martial artist in this one and she speaks a lot. She’s nothing but a name in this film.

  • CasLor5
    CasLor5 2 months ago

    Yes this is an amazing video! Love the editing!

  • The A-force
    The A-force 2 months ago +5

    You missed some things in the title card
    The "D" in 'Birds' looks like black Canary's comic mask and the "O" in 'Of' has a baseball bat as it's center which should have been more obvious.

  • Hal Jordan
    Hal Jordan 2 months ago

    Thank you a lot.♡♡♡

  • Helxp_me
    Helxp_me 2 months ago

    The hiyinas are from injustice 2 Soo cool

    • Helxp_me
      Helxp_me 2 months ago

      Olive and from injustice 2 because when she does her super move she calls her two hayinas one with pink chain and blue chain but it only shows the pink one from injustice 2

    • Olive
      Olive 2 months ago +1

      Helxp_me theyre from the original animated series and comics

  • 123abc hi
    123abc hi 2 months ago +4

    Harley probably has only one hyena because of costs, aparanately it costs alot of money to cgi fur (learnt that from got lol)

  • Vicky Subba
    Vicky Subba 2 months ago

    U missed club

  • Maria Madera
    Maria Madera 2 months ago +1

    Did anyone catch the lips on the d of birds of pray n the diamond one the P

  • zen kai
    zen kai 2 months ago

    Looks like a crock of shit

  • Tapsi Pannu
    Tapsi Pannu 2 months ago

    baseball bat @O
    diamond @P
    bow @D
    and that weapon between R&D... don't remember the name😅😝

  • Anthony Spencer
    Anthony Spencer 2 months ago

    My bad O

  • Anthony Spencer
    Anthony Spencer 2 months ago

    You missed a bat in the p

  • Louie Mae Paz
    Louie Mae Paz 2 months ago

    Huntress is daughter of Batman and Selina Kyle aka catwoman

    • Louie Mae Paz
      Louie Mae Paz 2 months ago

      @levian yeah I know ok just chill

    • levian
      levian 2 months ago

      Louie Mae Paz only in alternate universe, not this one.

  • Vaughn Catillon
    Vaughn Catillon 2 months ago +2

    Mfs already breakin down the bloody trailer. TVclip full of geniuses

  • Pathfinder red Mike PIMPEO

    Wow the movie " WB FUCKS UP AGAIN" looks amazing...in the garbage bin

  • Valeria Alfuzzi
    Valeria Alfuzzi 2 months ago

    And the B its a mask

  • 10, 000 Subscribers with no videos

    Oh we dont care about the other cast, were just gonna make the movie really, really bad
    *- Joker 2017*

  • Jaylah Barlow
    Jaylah Barlow 2 months ago +1

    I never knew about this movie/ trailer until yesterday. I knew about the joker movie, but I’m excited for both!!