Polyglot speaking in 12 languages [SUBTITLES]

  • Published on Mar 15, 2017
  • Good day! My name is Patrick and I live in Lebanon. This is a video of me speaking in the languages that I already know or have studied in the course of my life. I speak them in varying degrees of fluency. Please let me know about the mistakes I have made down below in the comment box and don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more upcoming videos!
    **Click on CC to activate English Subtitles**
    Languages in this video are as follows:
    0:01-0:28 : English
    0:29-1:34 : Spanish
    1:35-2:44 : German
    2:46-3:47 : French
    3:48-5:08 : Italian
    5:09-6:29 : Dutch
    6:30-7:19 : Arabic
    7:20-9:11 : Portuguese
    9:12-10:19 : Greek
    10:20-11:22 : Norwegian
    11:23-12:36 : Serbian
    12:37-14:12 : Romanian
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  • Gabriel Ramaj
    Gabriel Ramaj 4 hours ago


  • Valiboy2001
    Valiboy2001 4 hours ago

    Ton français est tarpin soutenue

  • casagrandecoçadordesaco kk

    Aqui e Br quem e Brasil fecha like

  • Nanii jorgenplayz
    Nanii jorgenplayz 5 hours ago

    I think the norwegian was very good.
    (På norsk) Jeg synes du var kjempe flink med å snakke norsk.

  • Allium
    Allium 5 hours ago

    je nederlands is al heel goed!!! maar je merkt inderdaad dat je weer wat moet wennen aan de taal :') klinkt goed!

  • StaLK3r
    StaLK3r 6 hours ago

    Hello from Romania

  • E
    E 6 hours ago

    Wow u speak italian reeeaally good

  • Sweatymaximum
    Sweatymaximum 6 hours ago

    Dieser Moment, wenn der Typ gefühlt besser Deutsch kann und 11 Sprachen, als ich der nur 2 Sprachen spricht (Deutsch und Englisch)

  • Nica Kip
    Nica Kip 6 hours ago

    wow je nederlands is best goed😂😂

  • Dimitra A
    Dimitra A 6 hours ago

    You speak like an original Greek.

  • Denny So
    Denny So 6 hours ago

    Sei bravissimo 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Luciana Rusu
    Luciana Rusu 7 hours ago

    Vorbesc eu cu tin în română, puiul meu

  • Felice Trocchia
    Felice Trocchia 7 hours ago +3

    Minchia è un fenomeno, parla l'italiano meglio di me😂

  • La Kia
    La Kia 8 hours ago

    je hoort wel dat je eerst duits hebt gesproken en dan pas nederlands, maar op zich is het wel goed voor een buitenlader!!! keep up the good work

  • Abdi7s Nour
    Abdi7s Nour 8 hours ago

    Wo sind meine deutschen

  • 1 minute quick videos -

    U didn't learn my language because the othervl ones are more important or better?? Dislike

  • João Carvalho
    João Carvalho 9 hours ago

    O português dele é perfeito! Quase sem sotaque, estou impressionado :o

  • Yobolo / Comrade Tom
    Yobolo / Comrade Tom 9 hours ago

    Youre accent was kind of Croatian but very good Serbian!

  • Sam 98
    Sam 98 9 hours ago +1

    T’es libanais comme moi 🤗

  • Kawaii Cherry
    Kawaii Cherry 9 hours ago

    Your Spanish is just perfect, you sound like a native Spanish speaker!! And I know cus I’m Spanish

  • slonce82
    slonce82 9 hours ago


  • 075PYRO
    075PYRO 10 hours ago

    Je klinkt als een Belg lol

  • Grégoire Drz
    Grégoire Drz 10 hours ago

    You're Spanish and French accent are very good dude ! The German idk 'cause I've not studied this one. You're English is perfect too !

  • 075PYRO
    075PYRO 10 hours ago

    Lol je kan Nederlands praten😂😂

  • 1000 subscribers and 0 videos

    Oh my God your Italian is so good, your accent is absolutely perfect

  • Juce Na vece
    Juce Na vece 11 hours ago +1

    Odlično pričaš Srpski Jezik s' obzirom na to da si ga počeo učiti prije 3 mjeseca. Svaka čast brate!

  • Gigel Nebunu'
    Gigel Nebunu' 12 hours ago

    your romanian is excellent after just a year. some mistakes here and there but dude you're amazing. i admire you have to courage to speak in so many languages without the fear of making mistakes. i always get shy and anxious when i try to speak german. i can understand it very well but when it comes to speaking im terrified. salutations from romania! ești super tare!

  • Hypah Active
    Hypah Active 20 hours ago

    Hes talking a mix of swedish and norwegian

  • selena 1551
    selena 1551 20 hours ago

    Walla 7assaytak lebnenne men 2awal mashoffet lsubtitle

    • selena 1551
      selena 1551 19 hours ago

      Hah yupp good luckk❤️❤️glad u replied to my cmmnt

    • Linguatraveller
      Linguatraveller  19 hours ago +1

      @selena 1551 Let's cross our fingers 😊

    • selena 1551
      selena 1551 20 hours ago

      ❤️Hope ur brain byet7amal kel hol lp8at😅

    • Linguatraveller
      Linguatraveller  20 hours ago +1

      In the process..

    • selena 1551
      selena 1551 20 hours ago +1

      Jarreb tet3allam roose 😍walla lo8a betsattel ❤️😅

  • IL 777 VTX
    IL 777 VTX 23 hours ago +2

    wooow.. your romanian is spot on! I wasn't expecting that :O it's actually perfect!

  • BuNNyqltz
    BuNNyqltz 23 hours ago

    O cara que eu nem conheço fala português melhor que eu kkkk

  • Teshikunanaku Rimome
    Teshikunanaku Rimome 23 hours ago

    Very impressive but can you

  • j4o44k
    j4o44k Day ago

    Portugues Br

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha Day ago

    7:20 MEU CARALHO!

  • Lil _
    Lil _ Day ago +1

    Vai Braziliam🇧🇷

  • Rafaela Auditore Novak

    Meu Deus, ele fala português br melhor que eu '-'

  • Daniel Dud
    Daniel Dud Day ago

    Dude I’m from Serbia and you pronounced everything perfectly

  • anenha UwU
    anenha UwU Day ago

    :) vai Brasil

  • Funtime Endy :3
    Funtime Endy :3 Day ago +1

    No me lo esperaba...
    Tu Español es increíble me encanta como lo hablas con esa facilidad :3
    Por cierto me encantoooo el vídeo :D

  • Gabriel Cavalleiro
    Gabriel Cavalleiro Day ago +2

    Meus parabéns! Seu português é ótimo🇧🇷🇧🇷
    (For those who dont speak potuguese I just said he spoke an almost perfect portuguese)

  • Ares Arts
    Ares Arts Day ago

    You should try and learn japanese, im sure you'd love adjusting to have 3 separate sets of characters for a single alphabet lol

  • irinaaa N
    irinaaa N Day ago

    Je Nederlands is heel goed! Je hebt wel een Belgisch accent! Maar ga zo door! Je kan heel goed Nederlands spreken!

  • ΜΑΡΙΑ maraki06

    Well im for greece any one else?

  • Hassan Mohamed
    Hassan Mohamed Day ago

    When you speak dutch you sound a lot like a belgium

  • Felix
    Felix Day ago

    Dein Deutsch ist sehr gut👌

  • Orkiee.0570 Yilmaz

    Ja he je doet het supper goed

  • The Unlucky Fortnite player

    Am I the one that thinks this guy looks like mysterio from Spider-Man Far From Home

  • Giuseppe Sidoti
    Giuseppe Sidoti Day ago

    Parla un botto bene l'italiano

  • Itz Abba Bitch
    Itz Abba Bitch Day ago

    Du er flink til å snakke Norsk🇳🇴🇳🇴

  • Sub to me For no reason at all

    Veldig bra norsk må jeg si

  • Send Help
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    Afrikaans is very close to dutch you can learn both easily

  • Yianni Mitrakos
    Yianni Mitrakos Day ago


    ANONYMOUS Day ago

    Speaks better English than the Romanian Prime Minister

  • lihihieke
    lihihieke Day ago


  • Lukes
    Lukes Day ago

    I'm italian and bro you speak italian perfectly

  • David Popovic
    David Popovic Day ago

    Počeo učiti prije 4 mjeseca i zna srpski bolje od mene

  • FLO
    FLO Day ago

    Mama coaie ce bine vorbesti română, felicitări frate❤💞

  • Brooke Vallory
    Brooke Vallory Day ago


  • FAB
    FAB Day ago

    That was actually very impresive, I'm just starting to learn my 4th language (french), and watching videos of these kind really cheer me up