This Italian Pasta Dish Had A Tremendous Impact On Me...

  • Published on Oct 27, 2018
  • No butter - No cream. True "Cacio E Pepe" only requires Pasta, Pecorino cheese and Black Pepper. Still the creamiest Pasta dish ever. My cookbook :
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    Classic pasta for this Roman Cacio e Pepe dish include : Tonnarelli or Pici. Parmesan cheese can be use but at your own (diplomatic) risks. Black pepper is not only a seasoning, it's a main actor.
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  • Michele Toscan
    Michele Toscan 6 months ago +2721

    Italian guy cooking here. Some thoughts:
    1) The recipe and execution is perfect, hat tip to you!
    2) As a suggestion, you can use multiple cheese and multiple peppers, I have tried with mixed results;
    3) Not related to the recipe itself but a different pan would really help you with mixing the ingredients, we use a so called "saltapasta" or "pasta stir fry pan" or something like that, alluminum would be better for even heat propagation;
    4) You probably should mention that only quality pasta has that quantity of starch, commercial brands are no good;
    5) If I had to experiment I'd try by preheating the cheese mix in a sous vide bag, but it's just an idea;
    Can't wait for the follow up!

    • Marcel Chb
      Marcel Chb 2 months ago

      +TPotShax You just need to beat the bad pasta into submission with the water. That makes enough starch leave the pasta.
      But using gluten free pasta, (since my gf has celiacs disease), makes it easy mode.
      The gluten free pasta by Barilla leaks so much starch, you have to be careful the creamy sauce doesn't get too starchy.

    • ThuckBuddies
      ThuckBuddies 2 months ago

      +Trailtraveller People who use aluminium cans or foil as makeshift bongs may have an increased risk of Alzheimer's. Granted, you aren't going to be inhaling your pasta but why take the risk?

    • Geoffrey Pitman
      Geoffrey Pitman 2 months ago

      +Eirik Mcferrin wouldn't they actually be afraid of tinfoil hats?

    • Lamberto A
      Lamberto A 3 months ago

      Generally with pasta, pale-yellow = slow drying and more starch let out... darker yellow means high-temperature commercial grade pasta and less starch.
      In case of emergency, a half teaspoon of corn or potato starch added to the cooking water in the pan can take you out of trouble, especially if you can only find shitty pasta... travelling cooks know what I mean... 😉

    • Grant Homa
      Grant Homa 3 months ago

      +Ike Zhang Only because it is a soft metal. If you aren't using metal utensils, which could scratch the surface introducing aluminum bits in your meal, you're good to go.

  • Devin du Plessis
    Devin du Plessis 14 minutes ago

    Okay, I got my ingredients, Friday I try this. Any tips?

  • Andrew Reed
    Andrew Reed 16 hours ago

    Your office is reminiscent of Casey Neistats 👌🏽

  • Cliff P
    Cliff P Day ago

    Alex I must have a little French in me.

  • Giuseppe Montesanto

    Did you know there is a corner of hell just for people who use parmigiano for pasta alla cacio e pepe?

  • 666laughingtarget
    666laughingtarget 2 days ago

    buccatini, enough said

  • VzAmPliFiEdzV
    VzAmPliFiEdzV 2 days ago

    I almost jumped off of a bridge Everytime the fork scraped the plate. I HATE that noise

  • user985121
    user985121 2 days ago

    you're funny as hell, and most importantly the content of the video is on point. Keep doing it!

  • Pom Peo
    Pom Peo 3 days ago

    Bravo Alex! You're a big step to Italian-French friendship (more than our politicians)

  • Paky Linuss
    Paky Linuss 3 days ago

    My friend you moved me !!! You did everything impeccably, but above all you fully understood how important and difficult this recipe is!
    Thank you, you have fully grasped our idea of ​​cooking !!

  • Simon Taavoniku
    Simon Taavoniku 4 days ago

    Black peppeeeeeeehrh. xD

  • St. Rain
    St. Rain 5 days ago

    Love this recipe. Thank you so much for your gift to me sharing this.

  • Giovana Lopes
    Giovana Lopes 16 days ago

    Ok but how do I keep the cheese from making clumps when I add it? I've tried it five times and can never do it right! This was the best thing I ate whilst in Italy and I need to have it again 😪

    • benjamin serra
      benjamin serra 14 days ago

      u need to use hot water from pasta cooking

  • benjamin serra
    benjamin serra 17 days ago

    les gilets jaunes cherchent un nouveau président

  • Spacekraft Media
    Spacekraft Media Month ago

    AAAAHHHH! I've tried this twice now and failed. I just get water and a glob of melted cheese. What is going wrong? If I put less water the sauce never gets smooth.

  • Emily Loredo
    Emily Loredo Month ago


  • sahkanoodo
    sahkanoodo Month ago

    Hey alex! I saw a comment on an old Brothers Green video saying you wanted to try the $50/week Vegan challenge. I would love to see you try (that or some other week-long budget challenge)!

  • Maria Avena
    Maria Avena Month ago

    Gracias 😊

  • Rillepille 89
    Rillepille 89 Month ago

    No bötter, no cream, no öööiijl... ohh lala

  • Ue4_Tutor_Ita
    Ue4_Tutor_Ita Month ago

    finally an Italian dish as it should be done !!! good preparation, you have not kept the cheese on direct fire etc. etc. excellent. It is not wrong to mix the pecorino with parmigiano to soften the taste a little. After so many "experts" finally someone who knows what he is talking about .... greetings from Italy.

  • Niccolò Ricardi
    Niccolò Ricardi Month ago

    Tu fais cacio e pepe avec le comté, mec??!!
    La prochaine fois je vais faire tartiflette, fondue ou raclette avec pecorino sardo juste pour vengeance!
    je rigole jusque tu reconnais les differences et les origines c'est bon ;)
    moi aussi ici à Genève j'ai du faire des pizzoccheri avec du comté car on va pas trouver le juste fromage

  • Tim Newman
    Tim Newman Month ago

    C’est chauuuud!

  • PickBit
    PickBit Month ago

    I'm always glad to see non Italians catch the drift of what the real deal behind "simple" pasta dishes is; because for one it's the only way to really appreciate Italian cuisine at its fullest and two it's a totally different experience which shows how it's possible to totally blow people away with apparently "easy" food, appreciating and valorizing the extremely high quality of the ingredients of the Italian tradition.
    But let me tell you of another pasta dish that is even harder to get right: Aglio olio e peperoncino (garlic oil and red pepper which are literally the only 3 ingredients in the dish)... this is truly one that is amazingly easy to make in a mediocre, passable way but becomes a real nightmare when you are trying to strike the perfect balance (which is the only way which lets you taste the real thing). It's incredibly easy to mess up and make it too garlicky, too hot or too greasy, while trying to balance the 3 elements and the pasta HAS to be cooked to absolute perfection too or your experience is going to be underwhelming at best.
    If you haven't already I suggest you try it ;)
    Beautiful video, thank you!

  • Why so Serious
    Why so Serious Month ago


  • Two dogs Garrett
    Two dogs Garrett Month ago

    Vivaldi and Cacio e Pepe. Perfect!

  • Fabio Walter Florio

    Just a comment: there are a couple of imperfections. But I bet 99% of cooking people worldwide cannot make it like this

  • Gabriele Bonetti
    Gabriele Bonetti Month ago

    Tank you for your service to an often mistreated receipe

  • Observer 395-2 West

    Add chopped sage.

  • Observer 395-2 West

    Starts at 5:10

  • Borja Barbadillo
    Borja Barbadillo 2 months ago

    When the spanish food?

  • Margarita Otero
    Margarita Otero 2 months ago +1

    hahaha great content! I love the..... I do not b@tch for free! you are brilliant! thanks for sharing:)

  • Scotty J
    Scotty J 2 months ago +1

    I'm an American my pasta comes in a blue box that says kraft on it.MAC N CHEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSEEEEEE!

    • Scotty J
      Scotty J 2 months ago +1

      and when I'm in the mood for Italian food I use garlic and sour cream. And not fresh garlic either, I mean the dried and powdered kind in a jar.

  • Gianni Sorrentino
    Gianni Sorrentino 2 months ago

    I found hilarious when I'm watching an english video and italian words unexpectedly appears🤣

  • Jacobletsplay
    Jacobletsplay 2 months ago

    J'adore les pâtes

  • ShaamanRyu
    ShaamanRyu 2 months ago

    When I tried making this, the cheese sort of clumps up at the bottom of the pan. Is it because I have the heat too high?

  • Lisa Kozlowski
    Lisa Kozlowski 2 months ago

    Welcome to European mac n cheese :P

  • Andrea Di Quirico
    Andrea Di Quirico 2 months ago

    You did the recipe in a very respectful way, my appreciations and respect to you.

  • alexandra
    alexandra 2 months ago

    It's very tough to get Pecorino or Parmigiano Reggiano in India, especially smaller towns. But once I got a hold of it, the authentic italian pasta dishes blew my taste buds. And they look half of the time than what those fusion ones did.
    My favourite has to be fettuccini Alfredo. Almost no pan lifting.

    • Bartolomeo
      Bartolomeo 2 months ago

      Alfredo dish is not american italy we don't eat nothing " Alfredo"

  • saigmundur
    saigmundur 2 months ago

    I love your curiosity and optimism!
    And I honestly got chills when you said 'pasta carbonara'. I guess I just really love that dish. I'm not even italian and I am probably not making real carbonara either xD
    I will try this dish for sure. Delicious food with simple ingredients is what I live for :D

  • Scott Phillips
    Scott Phillips 2 months ago

    Flawless victory. Awesome video my man

  • mees montanus
    mees montanus 2 months ago

    Please make a pasta serie

  • Cisium
    Cisium 2 months ago

    Made it tonight. I think I am getting close - it came out silky and tasted great. But I guess it doesn't have much of a shelf-life. I made a whole pound of bucatini (more than I could possibly eat) and after 20 minutes the leftovers had solidified into a building material. Still tastes good, but now I understand why you just made one serving in the video.

  • nicktecky55
    nicktecky55 2 months ago

    Now and again a YT recommend gets it right.
    I've just come from a site where the presenter was making Fettuccine Alfredo... with pasta from a bag saying Pappardelle!
    Still, it got me here! SUBBED, and looking forward to more.
    Not only that, there's some bronze-died Linguine in the cupboard, some Pecorino in the fridge, and a bottle of Chianti with my name on it! That's tonight's dinner sorted.

    • nicktecky55
      nicktecky55 2 months ago

      Okay, half a kilo of pasta and most of a big hunk of pecorino later, I have a big mess in the sink. Forget it.

  • T0mm Y
    T0mm Y 2 months ago


  • Cisium
    Cisium 2 months ago

    I have never known a Frenchman or Frenchwoman who couldn't cook. I'm sure they are out there but I have never met one.
    "C'est chauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud okay let's do it."

  • Max Allegretti
    Max Allegretti 2 months ago +2

    Just to let you know:
    I bucatini CORRECT
    Le bucatini WRONG
    Pasta ALLA carbonara CORRECT
    Pasta Carbonaaaraaa WRONG
    Nice Scheme by the way

  • SuperJuvent
    SuperJuvent 2 months ago

    Alex you are very nice !

  • Colin
    Colin 2 months ago

    fuck is a pasta dish without egg gotta try it

  • Lucas W
    Lucas W 2 months ago

    Just make the damn meal and stop making this into a freakshow

  • Ennio
    Ennio 2 months ago +1

    No salt in the water! Just pecorino sapidity...

  • Full Retard Custom Guns

    I thought you needed olive oil, did I miss something?

  • M4tty official channel
    M4tty official channel 2 months ago

    For making carbonara i tested that the perfect cheese for it is a 50/50 mix of parmiggiano and pecorino so i think is going to work for cacio e pepe too

  • MrJBleedge
    MrJBleedge 2 months ago

    I'm Italian and you did very well Alex. Bravo!

  • Connie Turner
    Connie Turner 2 months ago


  • TVcassee
    TVcassee 2 months ago

    Perfect balance between pedagogical cooking class (with class), french wit, and genuine food love. This is the TVclip equivalent of Cacio e Pepe. Simple yet FUNdamental.

  • Andrea Fiorini
    Andrea Fiorini 2 months ago

    From Italy: you nailed it. Chapeau!

  • Voltage90e
    Voltage90e 2 months ago

    This guys is insufferable.

  • Reborn In Rationality
    Reborn In Rationality 2 months ago

    So mac and cheese with pepper. :P

  • H H
    H H 2 months ago

    Italian 100

  • Ian Stilts
    Ian Stilts 2 months ago

    Sir, you sure know how to rub us italians the right way... Chapeau!

  • mattysong
    mattysong 2 months ago

    Cacio e pepe with bucatini has been my JAM lately OMG..i can taste the creamy pepper-y ness right now .....mmm

  • Bruce W.
    Bruce W. 2 months ago +1

    The winter movement, one of my favorite pieces. Ahh the pleasure to the ears and heart rate

  • John Charles Galleni
    John Charles Galleni 2 months ago

    I cooked a pound of DiCecco orzo, and saved the super-starchy pasta water. I put in some finely grated mizithra, pecorino romano, and a little young asiago. I used red pepper flakes for the pepper. It was awesome - super creamy, with a lovely heat from the pepper flakes and a hint of their toastiness. So good, awesome method!

  • Giovanni Di Martino
    Giovanni Di Martino 2 months ago

    Hell yeah you got it right!!! Saluti dall'Italia!!

  • Mark Pointer
    Mark Pointer 2 months ago

    The reason it is called “Cacio e Pepe” is because the Classic cheese to use is called Caciocavallo.

  • Chimb111222
    Chimb111222 2 months ago

    In the past two years since moving out of my parent's place, I've really been able to experiment with dishes, as I have always loved cooking, but never had the ability or equipment (other than scraped up cheap, buckled, non-stick pans) at my parent's house. I actually wanted to be a chef up until my senior year of high school when I discovered I really enjoyed the prospect of being an engineer, as well.
    From my chemistry courses I took several years ago, where our professor also taught organic chemistry, she generally threw in some random stuff from that as well into our class - one of such tidbits of information was the encapsulation of lipids when starch is introduced. I normally just made basic pasta with some olive oil and fresh parm, but decided to try using some of the starchy pasta water as an emulsifier, and bam - an amazingly cheap, creamy dish! I was so happy, because until this point, I had been going through the whole process of making a Bechamel to get that creamy texture (which is my favorite in foods!).

  • Daniel Yoo
    Daniel Yoo 2 months ago

    I love everything about your video: the soundtracks, the editing, your personality and of course the blue fridge theory. More people need to see your quality videos!

  • fiendin281
    fiendin281 2 months ago

    i like how you don't use olive oil in this. the other chef called for using oil

  • Lidia Lidia
    Lidia Lidia 2 months ago +1

    Finalmente!!! che piacere vedere un video non italiano in cui viene eseguito un cacio & pepe da lode. Bravo french guy! chapeau 👏

  • grif5332
    grif5332 2 months ago

    A ramen/cacio e pepe fusion dish. If anyone could do it, you can!

    • Nic B
      Nic B 2 months ago +1

      Haha he would get so much crap from cranky italians

  • Eli M
    Eli M 2 months ago

    Omg....looks amazing

  • Patrik Pereira
    Patrik Pereira 2 months ago

    bravo bravo na bella cacio e pepe

  • mydeafminute
    mydeafminute 2 months ago

    i get it now, you let everything go cold, the pasta you ate were completely cold, there is no vapor CHEATER, it s easy this way

  • Nikka Yu
    Nikka Yu 2 months ago +2

    6:17 is where the actual cooking starts.

  • tealbluewhite
    tealbluewhite 2 months ago

    Masterful. Detailed. Superb end product. 👍🏿

  • Olivier Dahan
    Olivier Dahan 2 months ago

    This is not a simple recipe, it is the KEY for pasta recipes, cacio e peppe is the mother of pasta recipes. Those using butter, oil, creme are just criminals or fools ! :-)

  • Andrea Parlagreco
    Andrea Parlagreco 2 months ago

    Every time someone posts a video cooking pasta on youtube, an Italian dies somewhere.........except in this case! I'm surprised to say you did well mate, exactly like we do it in italy. Keep up the great work! ;-)

  • mydeafminute
    mydeafminute 2 months ago

    this is quite tricky, tried it , added the starch water into the bowl of pecorino , you should have mentioned that you have to cool down the water , it was steaming hot, the cheese just melted and stick in a big cluster

  • Raffaele Irlanda
    Raffaele Irlanda 2 months ago

    Your first and major mistake was to choose an image of cacio e pepe that is "creamy"... because influenced by the sauce culture of the French Cuisine.
    All you need you just grate the cheese on the hot pasta and the melted cheese will result naturally forming just a veil on the pasta...

  • Hakal
    Hakal 2 months ago

    There is nothing worse than a Frenchman, who speaks English and pronounces Italian names at the same time...

  • thebadness
    thebadness 2 months ago

    what the fuck did i just watch. I've seen italian people praise other videos that used eggs.....and completely lambast people who use cream or garlic in do they not bitch and moan for the lack of eggs in this vid or the use of eggs in the other one where they praised the cook. The fuck is this complete inconsistency in attitude when they're the ones that are always crying about following the traditional recipie.

  • fordgt
    fordgt 2 months ago

    somebody toucha my spaghet

  • Juicy Lucie recettes L
    Juicy Lucie recettes L 2 months ago

    Tu nous prouves que cuisiner ça prend une mise en scène, un scénario, comme au cinéma. Que ce soit une comédie ou un drame, peu importe c'est le résultat de tout ça qui compte, pourvu que ce résultat soit positif. ah ah. C'est vrai que les français sont des râleurs? Mais les cuisiniers français ne sont-ils pas les meilleurs non?

  • Kiki Madeleine
    Kiki Madeleine 3 months ago

    J’aime tes vidéos!

  • dark pumkin gaming
    dark pumkin gaming 3 months ago

    Its carbonnara

  • Giangiacomo John Gagliano

    you just don't see a French guy nailing Italian cuisine very often, nice work mate 😁

  • Lamberto A
    Lamberto A 3 months ago


  • fortugiu
    fortugiu 3 months ago

    Almost right, but never use a non stick pan, this is far better when cooked using aluminium pan where pasta can easier release starch and make preparation more creamy

  • MrKErocks
    MrKErocks 3 months ago

    Sooo... mac and cheese?

  • cheery yu
    cheery yu 3 months ago

    im howling i love u

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 3 months ago

    I love this guy and just subbed based purely on his passion for cooking, and he is so likeable....

  • sean harrigan
    sean harrigan 3 months ago +1

    the pasta water needs to be cooled down a good amount before adding to the cheese right? putting boiling hot water in the cheese would make it melt into a big stringy glob

  • Brandon Henning
    Brandon Henning 3 months ago

    If cacio e Pepe changed your life. You should really take an adventure and try something called lasagna. Or carbonara. People need to quit being so pretentious over noodles and sauce. I love Italian food and I also love Asian food. What I've learned is that Asians are 1000% less pretentious about their noodles.

  • blackmagic
    blackmagic 3 months ago

    I really don't know shit about pasta lol

  • edraith
    edraith 3 months ago

    That thing about starch is the real secret of all italian pasta or rice dishes and it's the effing thing british and american people usually take wrong, because they mistake starch for cream and end up inventing really odd dishes.

  • edraith
    edraith 3 months ago


  • Thwack Indna
    Thwack Indna 3 months ago

    lol j'suis mort, quand Charlie rencotnre Casey Neistat et Anthony Bourdain! Je trashtalk mais c'est vraiment cool, je parle du montage et de la mise en scène parce que la cuisine et moi ça fait des Chocapic.

  • mathew hart
    mathew hart 3 months ago

    Pasta cheese and pepper it’s Mac and cheese 😜joking people I’m starting to like this guy I have only watched a couple of vids

  • Mallory
    Mallory 3 months ago

    J'ai l'impression de regarder un exposé de lycéen dans une super cuisine

  • Marco
    Marco 3 months ago

    what a cool dude... he even cooks cacio e pepe better than the 97% of italian people! thumb up pour toi mon pote