This Italian Pasta Dish Had A Tremendous Impact On Me...

  • Published on Oct 27, 2018
  • No butter - No cream. True "Cacio E Pepe" only requires Pasta, Pecorino cheese and Black Pepper. Still the creamiest Pasta dish ever. My cookbook :
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    Classic pasta for this Roman Cacio e Pepe dish include : Tonnarelli or Pici. Parmesan cheese can be use but at your own (diplomatic) risks. Black pepper is not only a seasoning, it's a main actor.
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  • Michele Toscan
    Michele Toscan Month ago +1964

    Italian guy cooking here. Some thoughts:
    1) The recipe and execution is perfect, hat tip to you!
    2) As a suggestion, you can use multiple cheese and multiple peppers, I have tried with mixed results;
    3) Not related to the recipe itself but a different pan would really help you with mixing the ingredients, we use a so called "saltapasta" or "pasta stir fry pan" or something like that, alluminum would be better for even heat propagation;
    4) You probably should mention that only quality pasta has that quantity of starch, commercial brands are no good;
    5) If I had to experiment I'd try by preheating the cheese mix in a sous vide bag, but it's just an idea;
    Can't wait for the follow up!

    • Alienman1212
      Alienman1212 6 days ago


    • Gr8 M9ds
      Gr8 M9ds 13 days ago

      Cody Grimm: please provide a link to the study/proof. I’d like to read it.

    • Gr8 M9ds
      Gr8 M9ds 13 days ago

      Ike Zhang : that’s a partial myth. You would have to heat an aluminum pan almost to its melting point before it releases anything unhealthy. The aluminum cookware myth started when a study was performed on foundry workers and welders. The idea went viral before it was understood that its the molten material that caused health problems.
      So you are fine - unless your fabricating your own cookware

    • George Mason
      George Mason Month ago

      Preheating the cheese Sous Vide might end up separating the fat from the milk solids if it's left in the water bath for too long. Probably better off doing it the traditional way. Pecorino isn't an incredible melter or anything anyway.

    • MerchantMonk
      MerchantMonk Month ago

      +Ike Zhang Shut up.

  • dimml0r
    dimml0r Day ago

    Alex, since you are playing around so much with italien food influencing french and the other way around. have you ever considered making pissaladière ? Isn't that the perfect example of french and italien cuisine holding hands? :)

  • Capu
    Capu 2 days ago

    perfect gift for christmas!

  • Steven West
    Steven West 3 days ago

    You should do all the blue fridge theory for a series! love to see you master all these pastas!

  • marceronni
    marceronni 4 days ago

    The thumbnail has me shook

  • Sasja W.
    Sasja W. 5 days ago

    Never before have I been so sad that I don't like old Italian cheeses:( IT LOOKS SO GOOD

  • joe
    joe 6 days ago

    I’m an Italian American, I’ve never had this. I really want to try it now.

  • tomatojuice12
    tomatojuice12 9 days ago

    Alex, who is the violinist playing Winter from Vivaldi Four Seasons?

  • Evelyne b
    Evelyne b 10 days ago

    Could you make a video where you make spaghetti carbonara using cacio e pepe as a base? Do you use the same amount of pepper? When do you add in the eggs and when do you add in the pancetta?

  • Z-Man
    Z-Man 12 days ago

    Your show is like a modern version of Good Eats by Alton Brown. Great content.

  • Axel Lisenstain
    Axel Lisenstain 13 days ago

    What's with the clickbaity names in the latest vids? The content is good enough to need them

  • TomatheGreek
    TomatheGreek 13 days ago

    Needs truffles on top

  • imagoodguy65
    imagoodguy65 20 days ago

    Hi Alex!
    I made cacio e pepe last night for my Jeni. Was a little less creamy than Alex’s due to what I imagine is a common error in adding too much cheese. Don’t get me wrong it was substantially better than anything I’ve done before and was gone in quick time. The method for concentrating “super starchy water” is genius! Thanks from Vancouver!!

  • x9x9x9x9x9
    x9x9x9x9x9 20 days ago

    So I pretty much only eat meat, bread, and cheese. Textures are a problem for me so fruits and vegetables don't work well for me. I love seeing dishes like this that I would actually eat.

  • Pavel Valencia Acuña

    Quality content as always!

  • Garth
    Garth 21 day ago

    Not enough pepper and yes it is a little difficult but there are more difficult

  • René LaRue
    René LaRue 21 day ago

    P... de M... Simple, facile et délicieux. J'adore. Merci Alex.

  • pifflepockle
    pifflepockle 22 days ago

    I’ve got this tasting good but the cheese keeps congealing. Any tips anyone? I’m not great at tossing the pan so I’m wondering if that’s part of it

  • MopsyDaisy
    MopsyDaisy 22 days ago

    Cheese and Peppör

  • jhunkubabu
    jhunkubabu 22 days ago

    I just made this recipe. I finally understand by people like pasta and Italian food. Thank you!

  • Inglorious Bastard
    Inglorious Bastard 23 days ago

    I messed this up so bad. Wasted 20€ of pecorino cheese xD I didnt add much of my pasta water, but it still was waaaaay to salty

  • paolo berardi
    paolo berardi 23 days ago

    I don't see the next vide yet, but as italian i can tell you, fuck you nail it.
    Is not easy make a good risottatura (the procedure for finish the cooking in a pan with less water) especially for cacio e pepe., good job!

  • Alexis Misselyn
    Alexis Misselyn 23 days ago

    Tu doses rien niveau zoom mdrr

  • Norm Teskey
    Norm Teskey 23 days ago

    Tried to make it today. Killed it except I put to much salt in the boiling water. Creamy and nice but salty af. Next time it will be a gem.

  • Vandit Sharma
    Vandit Sharma 24 days ago

    I heard Bastard all the time.

  • TheRockerxx69
    TheRockerxx69 24 days ago

    Shut up. Don t dare to touch our cuisine

  • Antoine Paul
    Antoine Paul 24 days ago

    It took me ten tries to make the sauce

  • Nathan Brunner
    Nathan Brunner 24 days ago

    Alex, perhaps you should investigate the Roman pasta triumvirate
    Cacio e Pepe

  • Jonas Lamping
    Jonas Lamping 26 days ago

    I just made one with the ingridients i found in my fridge and it turned out to be an easy 15 min evening meal for me. And just to mention it " Iam not a cooking guy" thx Alex

  • superjaykramer
    superjaykramer 26 days ago

    No Big Deal...Simple..Simple Dish..That pasta is not cooked enough.

  • dahrrg
    dahrrg 27 days ago

    If only we italians would bother to learn some english, then we wouldn't need les francais to teach the world about our cusine essentials. Well done though ;)
    Good to see that you actually broke it down for beginners. Once understood the principle of cooking with the cooking water and finishing the pasta in the pan, most pasta dishes are easy to do and are so much better.

  • Fang Cooks
    Fang Cooks 27 days ago

    the "creeeaam" at 02:55 cracked me up!

  • Edwin B.
    Edwin B. 27 days ago

    Squid ink pasta and some extra pecorino shaved on top, the contrast makes me happy

  • Lemon Zest
    Lemon Zest 27 days ago

    *t h i c c s p a g h e t*
    Has a more beautiful term ever been said?

  • edster612
    edster612 27 days ago

    Alex, you inspired me to make cacio e pepe myself. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, and though I did make a few mistakes on the first attempt (too much pepper, the cheese clumped up) my second attempt was so much better. Thank you for sharing this recipe and dish, it truly opened my eyes! Merci!

  • curlyfm
    curlyfm 28 days ago

    Just made this with a little bit of thinly sliced black truffle. So simplistic, yet elegant.

  • Keisuke Takatou
    Keisuke Takatou 28 days ago

    2:33 that accent

  • Keisuke Takatou
    Keisuke Takatou 28 days ago

    What is your watch? It looks super slick.

  • n blagojevic
    n blagojevic 28 days ago

    Not olive oil to fry the black pepper on it? What the hell is wrong with you?

  • Odin Ponzi
    Odin Ponzi 28 days ago

    Boiled eggs smells like pretty girl farts

  • Fisher Bredrup
    Fisher Bredrup 28 days ago

    6:16 when you watch chefs table

  • lalelu1342
    lalelu1342 29 days ago

    Marry me.

  • Cat Mmm
    Cat Mmm Month ago

    You are a genius Alex

  • François Ozenne
    François Ozenne Month ago

    Ok so I thought I was pretty decent at making pasta and cooking in general.
    How hard can this recipe be ? Surely Alex is overdramatizing it for clickbait.
    After a cooking spree I am contemplating a plate a third full of pasta and pepper, a third of cloudy water, and a third of precipitated cheese sticking to the bottom.
    Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe! Now time to master it (or at least make a decent one)

  • lesslighter
    lesslighter Month ago

    halp I need to know how to prevent the cheese from "caking" together and making a silky sauce I tried to used all of the startchy water some where about 200-300 mils to 100g pasta and I still cant get it right do I mix the cheese with the water first just like the first video or I can just pour the cheese straight to the pan with the al dente pasta and then add the water?
    should I let the water boil a little or just pour it in slowly but not adding too much heat?

  • FuutennoSenshi
    FuutennoSenshi Month ago

    I made this dish today! Will try carbonara next!

  • Pause Reset Play
    Pause Reset Play Month ago

    First time here. Instant sub. Tremendous entertainment and production value, loved this video!!

  • Arkonite Babe
    Arkonite Babe Month ago

    @alexfrenchguycooking i just became a patreon! Looking forward to supporting you and seeing more content! Much love from Northern Ireland 💖💖💖

  • M vP
    M vP Month ago

    Tried it out Today.
    It came out really smooth and silky, a dream

  • Bit-kingen
    Bit-kingen Month ago


  • Badge Badge
    Badge Badge Month ago

    Thank you for the lesson sir. Much love from a food lover in Australia,

  • Guitargate
    Guitargate Month ago

    LOVE that he has the kids from the wire on the wall!

  • bahroum69
    bahroum69 Month ago

    Real cacio e pepe right here:
    A really good tip is to make a buttery-like paste with cheese and pasta water. Then mix it outside of the fire with your pasta at the very end. Game changer. This way, the cheese is not removed of its water by staying to long at a high temperature.

  • mdjcsmith
    mdjcsmith Month ago

    You are right, once I learnt how to make this, I did become a better cook. Your "feel" for what's going on in the pan changes and improves

  • urouro niwa
    urouro niwa Month ago

    I finally got a chance to try this today. Mind blown. I did not know about this technique before. It's just incredible. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  • Cédric Jonckers
    Cédric Jonckers Month ago

    Dear Alex,
    Loved your video once again. I Submitted subtitles for the caption! This way I can do something back for you! Will add subtitles to your other video's as well soon!
    Have a good one!

  • pedro caetano
    pedro caetano Month ago

    talk less

  • Der Ed
    Der Ed Month ago

    Soo, I tried and my cheese just clumped the hell up - it was horrible to watch.

  • Bree
    Bree Month ago

    “I’m French after all, I got to bitch about something” Hahahah omg 😂😂😂

  • noot noot
    noot noot Month ago

    I just found this channel and i love it already ❤

  • DLPlanes
    DLPlanes Month ago

    Four seasons of course

  • Jan M.
    Jan M. Month ago

    Why not use cornstarch?

  • Trius
    Trius Month ago

    I will try this, it looks very interesting.
    I just want the facts, the videography was over the top and gave me a headache and I hate close ups of people putting food in their mouth.

  • Andreea Zamfir
    Andreea Zamfir Month ago

    "I'm french after all so I have to bitch about something"

  • Andreea Zamfir
    Andreea Zamfir Month ago

    I LOVE EUROPE !!!!!!

  • bjuncek
    bjuncek Month ago

    As for the cheese, have you tried using Cacio de Roma?
    Legends say that is what should be used in _cacio_ e peppe?

  • Elly Nabbefeld
    Elly Nabbefeld Month ago

    i write in all capitals except the letter "i" as well

  • Will
    Will Month ago

    I first saw Alex on Alec Steele channel and man am i glade you were on his show. Awsome cooking skills very every entertaining drama lol and you learn. As well as an awesome slogan for a shirt. Lol deffenitly subscribed and ordered a shirt. Spread it like butter

  • florisPH
    florisPH Month ago

    Tried it! The emulsion worked, but I added too much pepper so it was more a "pepe e cacio" but still surprisingly tasty for how little ingredients! Next time it'll be even better!

  • River
    River Month ago


  • Connor
    Connor Month ago

    5:05 for start of video.

  • Bunny Rabbit
    Bunny Rabbit Month ago

    I used mustard because I panicked it was too watery and wasn't mixing
    now Italy is going to go full imperial mode on me and I'm scared :[

  • Michel Hellmund
    Michel Hellmund Month ago

    This dish is so unique! How can a recipe with only three ingredients be as great as this? This really is a new level of cooking for me

  • Renzo Alvau
    Renzo Alvau Month ago

    As an italian this recipe without avocado is just ridiculous. Study the traditions next time!

  • chris18228
    chris18228 Month ago

    So it’s basically a Alfredo sauce

  • chris18228
    chris18228 Month ago

    Skip to 6:18

  • Robert Moon
    Robert Moon Month ago

    First try I ended up with a cheese blob, still tasted good though.

  • Kevsler
    Kevsler Month ago

    J'ai bien dû faire une trentaine de carbonare après mon voyage en Italie pour me rendre compte que le secret de cette crème à l'italienne était... L'amidon des pâtes. Des génies, ces italiens !

  • Charles Duc
    Charles Duc Month ago

    frérot c'est la folie !!!

  • Sebastian Keil
    Sebastian Keil Month ago

    I had this the first time in a taverna in Rome and it felt like the pasta to cheese ratio was 1:1 - it was the greatest thing ever!

  • Dangerouswomen 99
    Dangerouswomen 99 Month ago

    I wish he would be my science teacher😅

  • Dangerouswomen 99
    Dangerouswomen 99 Month ago

    1.18 😂why is that me when i am hungry

  • Dangerouswomen 99
    Dangerouswomen 99 Month ago +2

    I love his accent

  • Emmanuel Delay
    Emmanuel Delay Month ago

    I just tried to replicate this. What an amazing taste for only 3 ingredients. Thanks.

  • Suprpetr
    Suprpetr Month ago +2

    7:05 - thats the sound of good sex

  • kemicbi
    kemicbi Month ago

    his cooking techniques are so unprofessional yet he receives the same results, he mastered the French omelet but didn't show us how

  • dank man
    dank man Month ago

    I really like that your videos are never stagnant you're always showing or saying something. Great job.

  • Natalie Fontana
    Natalie Fontana Month ago

    That's perfect! I'm the laziest cook. If there's a step that I can skip, I will skip it. The first time I made this it was like a hard ball of cheese with pasta sticking out. I'm curious to see the follow-up video.. 🤔

  • reimgold
    reimgold Month ago

    Since when is porn allowed on TVclip? 🤔

  • caveman Versace
    caveman Versace Month ago

    Just a suggestion. Don't plug your book until the end. Make references to it, make the viewer curious as the video goes along. THEN hit them with the information and chance to buy. That way you educate the viewer on your skills and knowledge who would then be interested in buying your book. Your way came off just a bit too forced. The thick accent speaking great English works well.

  • Albert Maniscalco
    Albert Maniscalco Month ago

    lol at the knowledge that you will get roasted in the comments...

  • Jerome Orange
    Jerome Orange Month ago

    arrete d'utiliser "tremendous" u sound like trump

  • Benji Berigan
    Benji Berigan Month ago

    elevated mac and cheese with pepper and no butter

  • Britney Bee
    Britney Bee Month ago

    I bought your book! Absolutely love it!!

  • Benjamin Beaugas
    Benjamin Beaugas Month ago

    Alex, could you do the same for carbonara? I really love that dish but I've watch many video and read a few recipe and still I can't get it right. Thanks :)

  • malcallm
    malcallm Month ago

    Altough it's probably edible, it doesn't look neither nutritious nor healthy

  • pile333
    pile333 Month ago

    A French pasta artist!

  • Scar Love
    Scar Love Month ago

    "I'm French so I have to complain about something"... Lol me

  • Donnie Darko
    Donnie Darko Month ago

    Man I just made it using commercial pasta (No fancy pastas where I live) and luckily found some pecorino cheese. It was delicious but now I also have a better understanding how much water should be left in the pan. And how much cheese to pepper ratio is needed.
    Wasn't perfect first go around. But now I know. Im thinking second attempt will be even more delicious and for 3 ingredients you can't beat it!
    Edit: Second attempt was Phenomenal!

  • MrTingles
    MrTingles Month ago

    "spread this like butter" is the best tagline and call to action i've ever heard from a youtuber, especially in that accent.