This Italian Pasta Dish Had A Tremendous Impact On Me...

  • Published on Oct 27, 2018
  • No butter - No cream. True "Cacio E Pepe" only requires Pasta, Pecorino cheese and Black Pepper. Still the creamiest Pasta dish ever. My cookbook :
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    Classic pasta for this Roman Cacio e Pepe dish include : Tonnarelli or Pici. Parmesan cheese can be use but at your own (diplomatic) risks. Black pepper is not only a seasoning, it's a main actor.
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  • Michele Toscan
    Michele Toscan 3 months ago +2418

    Italian guy cooking here. Some thoughts:
    1) The recipe and execution is perfect, hat tip to you!
    2) As a suggestion, you can use multiple cheese and multiple peppers, I have tried with mixed results;
    3) Not related to the recipe itself but a different pan would really help you with mixing the ingredients, we use a so called "saltapasta" or "pasta stir fry pan" or something like that, alluminum would be better for even heat propagation;
    4) You probably should mention that only quality pasta has that quantity of starch, commercial brands are no good;
    5) If I had to experiment I'd try by preheating the cheese mix in a sous vide bag, but it's just an idea;
    Can't wait for the follow up!

    • Grant Homa
      Grant Homa 8 days ago

      +Ike Zhang Only because it is a soft metal. If you aren't using metal utensils, which could scratch the surface introducing aluminum bits in your meal, you're good to go.

    • Top Secret Squirrel
      Top Secret Squirrel 10 days ago

      +VivekNine , interesting thought. I like to used cracked pepper in the water when I cook rice. It is good that way but even better if you use it for fried rice. Will have to try that for pasta now...

    • lxmzhg
      lxmzhg 12 days ago

      +Kenny Kwong
      Google: Aluminum neurotoxin

    • Kenny Kwong
      Kenny Kwong 12 days ago

      +lxmzhg it's not just me asking for you to provide a source either. You must be a college elite so providing a source should be easy

    • Kenny Kwong
      Kenny Kwong 12 days ago

      +lxmzhg this kindergartener just wants a source for your claim? It's pretty obvious you're spreading a myth.

  • straightheat corner

    I really don't know shit about pasta lol

  • edraith
    edraith Day ago

    That thing about starch is the real secret of all italian pasta or rice dishes and it's the effing thing british and american people usually take wrong, because they mistake starch for cream and end up inventing really odd dishes.

  • edraith
    edraith Day ago


  • Thwack Indna
    Thwack Indna Day ago

    lol j'suis mort, quand Charlie rencotnre Casey Neistat et Anthony Bourdain! Je trashtalk mais c'est vraiment cool, je parle du montage et de la mise en scène parce que la cuisine et moi ça fait des Chocapic.

  • mathew hart
    mathew hart 2 days ago

    Pasta cheese and pepper it’s Mac and cheese 😜joking people I’m starting to like this guy I have only watched a couple of vids

  • Mallory
    Mallory 2 days ago

    J'ai l'impression de regarder un exposé de lycéen dans une super cuisine

  • Marco
    Marco 3 days ago

    what a cool dude... he even cooks cacio e pepe better than the 97% of italian people! thumb up pour toi mon pote

  • Tupilek
    Tupilek 3 days ago

    I have a question: why did you not make the pasta yourself like in other videos?

  • Andrew Imm
    Andrew Imm 3 days ago

    does it taste like mac n cheese but with much classier cheese?

  • Carl Edwards
    Carl Edwards 3 days ago

    Thanks!! My first attempt a c et p turned out awful, the grated cheese turned back into a big lump of cheese. I have no idea what I did wrong. Then after watching your video I made it again and it was fabulous....almost. I added too much salt to the pasta water and the dish ended up too salty and I may have used too much cheese. For two people, I used 135 grams of pecorino and 170 grams of dried spaghetti. I'm cutting down the cheese next time I make it. Nevertheless, the sauce was silky and to die for. It would be helpful if you told us how much cheese and pasta you used.

  • pounde hande
    pounde hande 4 days ago

    quoi le calcio recrute pepe ???

  • 69adrummer
    69adrummer 4 days ago

    Good recipes and dishes but one small critique: the camera work. We don't need all the jump cuts and shaky cam and zoom in zoom outs. It makes it almost unbearable to watch.
    Compose yourself, prepare your area and film with confidence.

  • Succa/rbx
    Succa/rbx 4 days ago

    Pourquoi tu parles en anglais sur une chaîne française ?

  • Louette Dsouza
    Louette Dsouza 5 days ago

    Hi Alex
    Looovvveee the way you edit your videos.....
    I watch them every evening as a stress buster! 😁

  • sajlent
    sajlent 5 days ago

    I've just made cacio e pepe and this showed in my recommended videos xD like wtf?
    youtube knows what I've been eating?

    • Neville de Conceicao
      Neville de Conceicao 5 days ago

      You probably would have said it to someone on the phone or near you. Phones listen to every conversation. It's creepy.

  • Nurul Eman Bukhari
    Nurul Eman Bukhari 5 days ago

    Alex i fucking love you! hahaha

  • Hope For the Planet
    Hope For the Planet 5 days ago

    You are a brilliant cook and an excellent instructor. Can not wait to try this recipe...and it variants.

  • Nathaniel Teeter
    Nathaniel Teeter 5 days ago

    Does your book go into detail about how to go from Cacio e Pepe into the other pasta dishes? I'm having trouble finding a table of contents for your book before I buy it and am mostly interested in your pasta dishes. I've greatly enjoyed this video, it's helped improve my cooking of this recipe, and cutting out the extra olive oil and butter all the other recipes include have improved it a lot (I live in Texas, USA for reference, and can't find the more authentic Italian recipes).

  • Janet Bass
    Janet Bass 6 days ago

    I made this for dinner with the kids...sooooooo good! But I need to be more patient next time and let the pasta cool before stirring in the cheese.

  • Apocalypse Lemon
    Apocalypse Lemon 7 days ago

    My fellow Italians, when we finally bomb France into oblivion for their culinary transgressions, be sure to spare this man's house.

  • Trevor LeVasseur
    Trevor LeVasseur 7 days ago

    Love this

  • Mommie G
    Mommie G 7 days ago

    I like u. Ur funny. And I think I'm learning more than just cooking.

  • rneustel
    rneustel 8 days ago

    If I make this dish, will I then be able to say cacio e pepe the say way you do? I’ve gone to several Italian restaurants in Pennsylvania, USA, and some have cream, some eggs, and all of them have butter!

  • GD Kaci
    GD Kaci 9 days ago

    The Mother of all pastas...

  • Anuj Kapoor
    Anuj Kapoor 10 days ago

    I so much want to meet you one day and have a cup of coffee or tea in some french bistro. You are freaking Awesome.

  • Alberto R.
    Alberto R. 11 days ago

    I'm italian but failed miserably when I tried to make it. It's really tricky

  • Felix Castillo
    Felix Castillo 12 days ago


  • Monteschio Sig
    Monteschio Sig 12 days ago

    Ma vai a cagare

  • Marco Antonino Torretti

    Good Job Alex! 👊🏻

  • T0WL1E 0B3Y
    T0WL1E 0B3Y 12 days ago

    O la la

  • Praaf Rams
    Praaf Rams 13 days ago

    Am I tripping my balls off....... or is youtube displaying this video's title in Dutch?

  • Camille Holowka
    Camille Holowka 13 days ago

    Add lemon zests in it. It makes it really really fresh.

  • joe-b-one kenobi
    joe-b-one kenobi 14 days ago


  • Doleber
    Doleber 14 days ago

    Great Video and much love from Germany. I`m really excidet for the followup!

  • Paolo Melarosa
    Paolo Melarosa 14 days ago

    You made it EXACTLY how I make it!

  • Gianluca Bonfini
    Gianluca Bonfini 14 days ago +1

    as an italian, you nailed it! Show some love for the ingredients and know the traditional recipe, and you can experiment as much as you want. We italians are only horrified by people presenting a wrong/modified recipe as a traditional one (cream, really?), we won't be mad at you experimenting if you know your stuff!

  • romxxii
    romxxii 14 days ago

    I think I like French Danny Pudi.

  • MegaByte Kaos
    MegaByte Kaos 15 days ago

    Very glad I watched this video, because I had no idea you had a boom. Will be buying it soon lol

  • Matteo Montanari
    Matteo Montanari 15 days ago

    look at this guy, listen to him and imagine how it feels like living among people like him

  • Trevor Tammen
    Trevor Tammen 15 days ago

    Close to Dat million mah boi...100 to go....I may be a filthy American but let us all appreciate this gem of a human being and cook

  • anony mous
    anony mous 15 days ago +1

    I have had the best Cacio e pepe in the world in Rome at Roma Sparita. Your recipe uses too much water and is too watery

  • Hulkieus
    Hulkieus 16 days ago

    I have one issue with this video..... ASMR sounds.... only cause i personally can't stand most amsr :S still loved the vid

  • SempliceVeloce Ricette

    Complimenti! Esecuzione perfetta, risultato invitante. Saluti da Napoli!
    Bravo! Une exécution parfaite et un résultat très invitant! La crème est super! Salutations de Naples

  • Adham MP
    Adham MP 16 days ago

    “Hey guys what’s up this is Alex...” -> like 👍

  • Kaito Shiotsu
    Kaito Shiotsu 16 days ago +1

    As a Japanese,

    Fuck I have nothing to say

  • danilomex
    danilomex 17 days ago


  • Kaʋօɖ Eʀʀaռtɛ
    Kaʋօɖ Eʀʀaռtɛ 17 days ago

    not bad, french guy

  • Vanessa und Max Hartmann

    Spread this like butter

  • Clark Ragay
    Clark Ragay 17 days ago +1

    I am a 6th generation Italian from Sicily, and we are laughing at you for making pasta the way you did.

    • Vohn Ja
      Vohn Ja 8 days ago +1

      I would love to see a useful portion to this comment added!

  • Eli Cub
    Eli Cub 18 days ago

    Yeah, I never managed to make it that good...Italian here :((((

  • SpoonBzH Gaming Other and FUN

    J’adore ta chaîne et tes vidéos mais aucun sous titres français... c’est frustrant quand ont n’est pas expert à la langue de shakespeare

  • fantolaus
    fantolaus 18 days ago

    Italian here, no doubt this is 100% Cacio e Pepe (especially the preparation, A+++) and I'd really love to taste it... TRÈS TRÈS TRÈS BIEN, MEC!
    Just a VITAL thing: Carbonara has to be made with GUANCIALE, NOT BACON: guanciale is cured pork's cheek, a very different part - more fatty - than bacon that is obtained from the belly (or back) and because of that has less fat... Hope it helps, au revoir!

  • PinkMonkeyBird
    PinkMonkeyBird 19 days ago

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this!! I think far too few people appreciate that cooking is chemistry - and that they don’t understand the most basic science. You have to know a little science for dishes to turn out, and it doesn’t have to be onerous. You can have fun with it and create something completely new once you know the ground rules. Much respect, you make it fun to experiment in the kitchen.

  • Maurizio Costa
    Maurizio Costa 19 days ago

    A notation: «tonnarelli» is a flour and egg pasta, «pici» is a flour and water (a little bit of salt) pasta.
    Però sei veramente bravo.

  • Raniero Dorazik
    Raniero Dorazik 20 days ago

    As an italian i can say that the execution of the recipe is perfect but you must improve how to treat the pasta because during the final step you moved too much the pasta and it broke in thousand of pieces.

  • yadav heeramun
    yadav heeramun 20 days ago

    Nice video man ... mais tes putain de bruit de fourchette gars ... Vire moi ça !

  • Tata Simopne
    Tata Simopne 20 days ago

    comment tu continue les vidéos ? ton accent est a chié

  • elcidbob
    elcidbob 20 days ago

    Not sketti. Unsubscribed. Reported. Called INS and the Vatican.

  • suea
    suea 21 day ago

    this would be such a good video to watch high

  • Lewis Beattie
    Lewis Beattie 21 day ago

    Aha Yes!! I knew I had all the stuff to make this. I bought the ingredients to make this. I bought all the ingredients to make a Carbonara(eggs, pecorino romano, pancetta, black pepper, and spaghettoni) but I had it for Dinner both yesterday and the day before with my girlfriend so... I'm all out of eggs and pancetta, but I still have a healthy amount of cheese and pepper left and something this beautifully simple with perhaps a protein-based side dish is just what I need for my diet today. So glad this video chose to stick around in my memory for as long as it has.

  • urgi99
    urgi99 21 day ago

    Ci siamo già noi che litighiamo sugli ingredienti e poi arriva questo che fa lo schema del male

    NOUSSAYBA 22 days ago

    I am are an absolute artist.

  • Dean Tran
    Dean Tran 22 days ago

    90% waste of time, the whole damn vid can be 2 min, it drags on for 10m for some stupid teaching about chemistry

  • Roberto Riggio
    Roberto Riggio 22 days ago

    Cacio e pepe is with pecorino romano. Period. Anything else and you are cooking a different dish.

  • Carlos El guey
    Carlos El guey 23 days ago

    Can this be gluten free? I ain’t no sissy but lately gluten has been messing me up

  • Aden Harman
    Aden Harman 23 days ago

    SO.... I'm a teenager and I love cooking so I decided to dive in and try my hand at two firsts in a row. I went to my kitchen, made my own pasta for the first time, and then made some Cacio e Pepe! It uh.... Wasn't amazing. My fault, because I made the pasta super thick and actually accidentally undercooked it. It was tasty at least :3 gonna keep trying!

    • Aden Harman
      Aden Harman 23 days ago

      *Loves cooking, is really bad at it.... For now* :)

  • Andrei Boscu
    Andrei Boscu 24 days ago

    Force un peu plus sur l'accent

  • Chris Cassara
    Chris Cassara 24 days ago

    This video is simply fantastic.

  • Dustin Pollock
    Dustin Pollock 24 days ago

    What's the Dry Aged Beef Machine?

  • Rikus RedBlack
    Rikus RedBlack 25 days ago

    C'est cool, avec ton accent pourri je comprends tout ce que tu dis ^^

  • Angelica
    Angelica 25 days ago

    bravo Alex! tu es le premier français qui cuisine bien la pâte! (j'èspere que tu ne mets pas de la crème dans la carbonara!)

  • Ashley Wang
    Ashley Wang 25 days ago


  • nathalie nguyen
    nathalie nguyen 25 days ago

    Ah j adore ! Break the rules and keep creating. C est super !

  • draggeeks1
    draggeeks1 26 days ago

    Hi a chef from Puerto Rico who cooks italian food

  • GeeCee
    GeeCee 26 days ago

    What's in mustard that emulsifies water and oil?

  • adelaamarante
    adelaamarante 26 days ago +2

    Can we maybe get some English subtitles?
    Judging from the comments section this is a really awesome video and I'd like the full experience. But I'm Deaf and my French isn't that great.
    Food looks delicious, though!

    • Carlo Cocciolo
      Carlo Cocciolo 18 days ago

      I'm a serious, in my browser it works!

    • adelaamarante
      adelaamarante 18 days ago +2

      Carlo Cocciolo Are you serious right now or are you fuckin' with me?

    • Carlo Cocciolo
      Carlo Cocciolo 18 days ago

      Ok, but did you try to CLICK on "French (auto)"? CLICK on it

    • adelaamarante
      adelaamarante 18 days ago +2

      Carlo Cocciolo I'm not sure what's the issue here with understanding me.
      The ONLY option available, on this video, that I watched, and I checked AGAIN right now, are for FRENCH subtitles. There are *no* other options.
      French only. Which is why I asked if proper English subtitles could be added. Otherwise I would not have asked.

    • Carlo Cocciolo
      Carlo Cocciolo 18 days ago

      If you click on the "French (auto)" option, you have then these choices:
      + Add subtitles
      + Unset or something like that (I have it in Italian)
      + French (auto)
      + Automatic translation
      If you click on the last one, you have a list of languages, among which there is also English

  • Chain Breaker
    Chain Breaker 26 days ago

    (btw, try it, is not so bad)

  • Shaun Is A Weeb
    Shaun Is A Weeb 26 days ago

    Very Pretentious

  • dimml0r
    dimml0r 26 days ago

    you inspred me to try it. worked like a charm. lastet amazing. thanks man. almost as simple as aglio olio... super-basic dish. and overall it impresses people because many dont know about it :)

  • Devidas Bagwe
    Devidas Bagwe 27 days ago

    plzzz... make dishes of "food war" anime plzzzz........

  • Ed Boersema
    Ed Boersema 27 days ago

    Highly entertaining.

  • adamgm84
    adamgm84 27 days ago

    thanks for introducing me to Jaques Pepin. Now I am seeing videos by him recommended on my feed, and it's the most excellent thing ever.

  • Lemon Zest
    Lemon Zest 27 days ago

    This title sounds like a desperate "what impacted you" school essay.

  • Val7 Gaming
    Val7 Gaming 28 days ago

    I think the creme things could from the water when you boil fresh pasta hand made

  • sadri mathari
    sadri mathari 28 days ago

    D’une lourdeur......

  • Ryan MacNeil
    Ryan MacNeil 28 days ago

    I love the passion you have for food.

  • SternLX
    SternLX 28 days ago

    Hmm, seems I've been making Cacio e pepe the American Italian way for decades then. Instead of Black Pepper I use crushed red pepper flakes and Parmesan. Same method to make it Alex did here only I would reduce the amount of starchy water used.

  • xella Haven
    xella Haven 28 days ago

    I'm super hungry now.

  • Tony Mintz
    Tony Mintz 29 days ago

    This was the first dish that I ate when I arrived in Rome to study abroad in northern Lazio. I was stunned at its simplicity, but it was a phenomenal gateway dish to understanding the cuisine of Italy.

  • Jennifer Rivera
    Jennifer Rivera 29 days ago

    So, the origin of Mac and cheese?

  • Mariano Di Paola
    Mariano Di Paola Month ago

    Im italian and u nailed it

  • holaCarolina
    holaCarolina Month ago

    Hey Alex....can you try to make Mole more efficient

  • The Gaming Chef
    The Gaming Chef Month ago

    LMAOOO dude this video alone SUBSCRIBED , eeeeeyyy the comment section is done hahaha

  • Francisco Campora
    Francisco Campora Month ago

    Just tried this, failed misserably. Chese became an undissolving blob

  • Eamon Suen
    Eamon Suen Month ago

    I see Gordan's cameraman has come over to show the atoms of the pasta... Jks, awesome video! Gotta love the classics.

  • Iqral Khusani
    Iqral Khusani Month ago

    My cheese always curdles when I mix it to the pasta. How to avoid this?

  • MoreChannelNoise
    MoreChannelNoise Month ago

    Where else can I buy your book, the link is for amazon uk but I am in Holland, anywhere else to buy it?

  • Relin
    Relin Month ago

    How do you grind pecorino so fine? it is like flour

  • KippahconlaKappah
    KippahconlaKappah Month ago

    I'm italian and i ship you! Really, i watched also your version, i think it's too complex, but good result. For the starch the key is good pasta, must be a dried pasta and not fresh egg pasta. Cacio e pepe is one of my fav btw. As always...great job!