MY FIRST AUTOFARM! - How To Minecraft #8 (Season 6)

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • How To Minecraft Season 6. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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    Welcome to How To Minecraft S6! A brand new 1.14 SMP. This is going to be a private Minecraft Survival Multiplayer server made just for us to play on and enjoy the brand new Minecraft in it’s most simplistic form with custom plugins and more!
    SMP is a great way to create stories, plots, enemies, friends, and interactions.
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Comments • 799

  • _Mtthew_
    _Mtthew_ Day ago +1

    Vikk needs are design his farm to be fully auto. He need to place hoppers with chests underneath them at the end of his farm so when the water breaks it they are auto stored. He should add a daylight sensor to his dispensers so every morning or night his crops are harvested (I think that should be enough time right?) and he should also find a villager farmer to place in his farm so his crops are auto replaced:
    NOW that’s a FULLY auto farm (:

  • CharlesDa2nd Cavan
    CharlesDa2nd Cavan 4 days ago

    What pack is that

  • Aaron Merjil
    Aaron Merjil 8 days ago

    Did this dumbass really just waste a good diamomd pic even though he had a book

  • Abdul Hussain
    Abdul Hussain 9 days ago

    Can u do a tutorial on how to make that house

  • CU Frankie
    CU Frankie 13 days ago

    If u speed up the vid to 1.75x, vikk’s laugh sounds like a squirrel 😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • Alex
    Alex 13 days ago


  • Hambo Games - Fortnite

    who else just noticed that petes name spells out pizza hut

  • Leo Willacy
    Leo Willacy 15 days ago

    This is how many years it is taking vik to get a scute

  • Volcanic Gamer
    Volcanic Gamer 18 days ago +1

    Who here remembers dat boiii from pixelmon

  • zaher ismail
    zaher ismail 18 days ago

    This series brought me back to minecraft, it is so much fun to watch!

  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 19 days ago +1

    “Des gon be where machine is live” 1:01:10 😂😂

  • Memestar
    Memestar 20 days ago +1

    Vik i think the red and blue beds are the wrong way round because it is blue then red
    (Edited) lol as if u change it straight away

  • D3FuZ3 SN11P3Z
    D3FuZ3 SN11P3Z 21 day ago

    30:36 vik you sound like a wasp/bee 😂

  • Sander Riahi
    Sander Riahi 21 day ago

    Call the dog for «billy»

  • Labib's Official Science Page!

    Vikk: let's switch the beds round
    *Proceeds to break then replace the beds on the same order*

  • Liquid Magma
    Liquid Magma 22 days ago +1

    Well done on all of your series good work keep it up

  • Alex G
    Alex G 22 days ago

    Can't Vikk get infinite diamonds with the ten percent double drop rate, silk touch and fortune III?

    • Paavan Patel
      Paavan Patel 20 days ago

      Only works on naturally spawned blocks
      I think

  • King Brand
    King Brand 22 days ago

    15:06 we all lost a brain cell

  • Hamza Saeed
    Hamza Saeed 23 days ago


  • Swoosh Man 9
    Swoosh Man 9 23 days ago

    U need flame looting sword so u can get cooked chicken as well

  • Grisile HNNW
    Grisile HNNW 23 days ago

    1:08:53 Doni

  • Grisile HNNW
    Grisile HNNW 23 days ago

    1:07:36 josh

  • Grisile HNNW
    Grisile HNNW 23 days ago

    34:45 shop secrets

  • Emil Persson
    Emil Persson 24 days ago

    i cant remember in which video vik showed his texture pack, which texture pack does he have?

  • Norah Vyste
    Norah Vyste 24 days ago

    No one:
    Vikk: fOr tHe cuLtURe

  • Blame Rewind
    Blame Rewind 24 days ago +1

    1:10:15 is the best his laugh is the same it’s hilarious 🤣

  • XTplayz
    XTplayz 24 days ago

    What is cosmic sky nigga

  • blancomega
    blancomega 25 days ago

    Since all the pistons move at once anyway, surely having multiple observers was pretty wasteful

  • Bekhzod khudaykulov
    Bekhzod khudaykulov 25 days ago


    TSNLEGEND 25 days ago

    Vik you need more diamonds in sidecraft

  • Wisc_Badgers1
    Wisc_Badgers1 25 days ago

    Vikk tells Phamtomace his pickaxe is in his valuables chest when he doesn’t even know where his valuables chest is, if he even has one.

  • B13 Paiin
    B13 Paiin 25 days ago +2

    Vikk played sidecraft on this day

  • Emn
    Emn 26 days ago


  • Cooper O'Connor
    Cooper O'Connor 26 days ago

    Pixelmon after this season ???

  • FazOole 1
    FazOole 1 26 days ago

    Love how generzon was asking questions and vikk didn't notice lol

  • FluffyAF
    FluffyAF 26 days ago

    you dont need more repeaters for the egg machine, just place a redstone torch and break it really quick so it doesnt seize up :)

  • Ben Magowan
    Ben Magowan 26 days ago

    Vikkstar try this duping trick

  • Light Riaz
    Light Riaz 27 days ago

    Such a fucking nerd

  • Xiaoxian Huang
    Xiaoxian Huang 27 days ago +1

    That laugh tho 44:43

  • TheMobSlayer
    TheMobSlayer 27 days ago

    My mc series is almost as good :)

  • Mayan Aggarwal
    Mayan Aggarwal 27 days ago

    Cook the chickens and put it into the composter machine

  • Motion FLIX
    Motion FLIX 27 days ago

    Hopper under your bone meal system!!! I think!!!

  • Riley croft
    Riley croft 27 days ago

    Vikk u should do landscape In front of ur house like make a water fall or like cool stuff to enter ur house like bushes and trap doors

  • Tomas Whiley
    Tomas Whiley 27 days ago

    I am a melt

  • AbdulSMR
    AbdulSMR 27 days ago +1

    Who else is triggered cus vik broke the bed and put them back the same

  • Joao Reis
    Joao Reis 27 days ago


  • Diego Santillan
    Diego Santillan 27 days ago

    What is ProHenis doing in h6m

  • Raxz
    Raxz 28 days ago

    will you have events this season?

  • Danny Mccarthy
    Danny Mccarthy 28 days ago

    Make the kelp farm so that it auto smelts

  • xd Mikro ツ
    xd Mikro ツ 28 days ago +1

    Prospector easy

  • Luke Rassias
    Luke Rassias 28 days ago +1


  • Alfie Dickinson
    Alfie Dickinson 28 days ago

    Vik you can buy scute from spawn I saw it on one of josh's episode

  • Aris T
    Aris T 28 days ago +1

    Sell your sugar cane
    Like so Vik can see

  • Hzec
    Hzec 28 days ago

    That stone hoe has been in Vikk's inventory for like 3 fking episodes alr wtf

  • Aris T
    Aris T 28 days ago +2

    If you have 10% double drop on a silk touch pickax... thats unlimited diamonds

  • Brian Dont worry about it

    For the logo mage for redside an sea lanterns for the blue side

  • Reverse X
    Reverse X 28 days ago

    Anyone else triggered that vik doesn't know how to make a proper reds tone repeating thingy??

  • Rogue
    Rogue 28 days ago

    Can you do some talking with Ali and lachy to start a new pixelmon island series

  • Joseph Zietz
    Joseph Zietz 28 days ago

    Is fishing fixed yet?

  • Tavis Braithwaite
    Tavis Braithwaite 28 days ago

    why does the weekly skill token trainer look like braum for league of legends