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High School DxD「AMV」- My Demons

  • Published on Dec 22, 2015
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    Creditos da musica:

    Artist: Starset
    Song: My Demons / War Of Change - Thousand Foot Krutch


    Tumblr: ttps://

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  • DXD Zine
    DXD Zine Day ago

    Link highschool dxd ss1-4

  • DXD Zine
    DXD Zine Day ago


  • MultiMac0223
    MultiMac0223 8 days ago

    That legit summarized the entire first season of Highschool DXD.

  • Иван Косолапов

    Бля 1 сезон

  • Twelvz Krik
    Twelvz Krik Month ago

    Ахерений трек, та шей под любиме аниме. Стопудовий лайк.

  • Dominic Russia
    Dominic Russia Month ago

    Subscribe to get over water color

  • Aikino yuki
    Aikino yuki Month ago +1


  • Naina Das
    Naina Das Month ago

    Make a video on kiba plz

  • Арыстан Досумбеков

    What name first and second music
    Какое называние у 1 и 2 музыки

  • Ethan Miller
    Ethan Miller Month ago

    Perfect two songs in one video

  • Anime Men
    Anime Men 2 months ago

    Что за песня

  • Timothy Westfall
    Timothy Westfall 2 months ago

    Like if you wish you was a devil 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😉😉😉😉😊😊😊😏

  • Ryan the legend
    Ryan the legend 2 months ago

    Nah buddy use da juggernaut drive 👍

  • Juuzou Suzuya
    Juuzou Suzuya 2 months ago +4

    Essei from season 1: super weak just got gear and no girls like him
    Essei from season 4: super strong can defeat sairaorg with lion gear(almost strongest character) and every girl from the gremory family loves him
    Koneko season1:hates essei
    Koneko season4 : loves essei

    • TheGamingCade
      TheGamingCade Month ago

      Juuzou Suzuya ikr

    • Ben Lambert
      Ben Lambert 2 months ago

      +Juuzou Suzuya by the way you worded it I thought u meant that Issei is the strongest by out of the strongest characters in season 4 it has to be sirzech without question that i can remember that appeared in the season

    • Juuzou Suzuya
      Juuzou Suzuya 2 months ago +1

      +Ben Lambert i was saying sairaorg was the almost strongest character since he almost never loses a fight with anyone. And your right its issei not essei

    • Ben Lambert
      Ben Lambert 2 months ago +1

      just saying he is nowhere near the strongest in season 4 yes he is very strong but not the strongest and its issei not essei

  • Artenizia Ferreira
    Artenizia Ferreira 2 months ago

    Amanhã vou la BRASIL

  • วรัญธิชัย บําเพ็ญเสาวคนธ์


    SHU KURENAI 3 months ago +3


  • Слава Курилович


  • Shameer Kamran
    Shameer Kamran 4 months ago +2

    Dude ,even the situation and music is same it's amazing!!👌👍🙌

  • orlando sanchez
    orlando sanchez 4 months ago +3

    Ok ok ok👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍

  • Test Anonymus
    Test Anonymus 4 months ago

    Opai Dragon!!

  • Shameer Kamran
    Shameer Kamran 5 months ago

    My favorite music video 💝💞

  • Shameer Kamran
    Shameer Kamran 5 months ago +2

    Love it! 💘💀

  • Shameer Kamran
    Shameer Kamran 5 months ago +2

    Song is also matching the situation of the video 💗👍

  • Shameer Kamran
    Shameer Kamran 5 months ago +1

    Click link button if you likey

  • Shameer Kamran
    Shameer Kamran 5 months ago +2

    Excellent anime ever+ excellent music video

  • Matteo Torsello
    Matteo Torsello 5 months ago

    Anime music perfect

  • Lachlan Bailey
    Lachlan Bailey 5 months ago

    I'm speechless love it

  • Ajay Nibrad
    Ajay Nibrad 5 months ago +2

    I love it 😍😍

  • Hugo Adán Vega González
    Hugo Adán Vega González 6 months ago +1

    *+Patryk G.* I *HATE* Raynare...! 😠😒👹👺👿😈

  • Nadiul. blader L.drago vs LDrago fury

    I Like it best Demons I inspired to Raid

  • xLegendaR
    xLegendaR 7 months ago


  • HD Gamer
    HD Gamer 7 months ago

    WOW XD

  • Deejay Buhong
    Deejay Buhong 7 months ago

    the music is really good

  • leonel gremory balderas
    leonel gremory balderas 7 months ago +2

    cuando te das cuenta que a 82 personas no le gusta

  • Mt. Lady lover
    Mt. Lady lover 7 months ago

    The griffin kiss scene... so beautiful I wish I was isse (but not the part where he got stabbed in the legs)

  • The Fearless
    The Fearless 8 months ago

    This is one of my favorite anime, followed by a past favorite song, and it was posted on my birthday.

  • SwordMaster55
    SwordMaster55 10 months ago

    Thats my life Bruh

  • DaLeR_R
    DaLeR_R Year ago


  • adam scott
    adam scott Year ago

    What songs are these called, they sound AMAZING, please tell me someone

    • Matheus Monck
      Matheus Monck  Year ago

      adam scott Starset - My Demons/ War of Change Thousand foot Krutch

  • Noobyo YT
    Noobyo YT Year ago

    Its time riys red dragon emper

  • adas GGT
    adas GGT Year ago

    Aken is my faeforute anime

  • issei safadão
    issei safadão Year ago +1

    Passa no meu canal e se escreve e deixa um like no vídeo QUE EU #RBT NA HORA ⬇⬇⬇

  • The Fearless
    The Fearless Year ago

    One of my favorite songs of all time, also the video was posted on my birthday =D

  • Sepehr Narimani
    Sepehr Narimani Year ago


    • 林小嘉
      林小嘉 Year ago

      Leyla Mosavi紅茶中經看見都頭忙風味素就後黃肉樣氣去洗澡睡覺時間表示好想要在成為聞到床請水行口

  • tokyo ghoul fan girl

    Omg tokyo ghoul hat angrufen sie wollen das dieser anime pervetser wird

    • xPaiin疼痛
      xPaiin疼痛 5 months ago

      ehrenfrau guckt die highschool dxd

  • disordxrsly
    disordxrsly Year ago

    Esta muy bueno!

  • Angel Sánchez
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  • Nelson Manuel Jose Torres Marques

    me encanta sije asi

  • 허도연
    허도연 Year ago

    ㅎㅎ ^^#

  • The Fearless
    The Fearless Year ago

    This was posted on my birthday :3

  • Tctchakorn Hannondang


  • Demon Arcadia
    Demon Arcadia Year ago +3

    One: its high school DxD two: two of my favorite artists

  • B O N N I E B U N N Y:3


  • Diego Reyes
    Diego Reyes Year ago +6

    nice ryas gremory

  • Dylan Parker
    Dylan Parker Year ago

    im waiting for a girl to save my life then want to give her life me

  • Rukia Kuchiki
    Rukia Kuchiki Year ago

    It goens right into TFK! AFTER my demons

  • Ali Qadri
    Ali Qadri Year ago

    i want a girl like riaaaaas 😢😢😢

  • apple man
    apple man Year ago


  • ヅxItsNonKunG
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  • ヅxItsNonKunG
    ヅxItsNonKunG Year ago +1

  • mangasAmV vostfr
    mangasAmV vostfr Year ago +2

    tellement bien je me suis cru dedans

  • King Julian
    King Julian Year ago +2

    season 4 hurry the fuck up

  • Thorr Erik
    Thorr Erik Year ago


  • Antonio Angulo
    Antonio Angulo 2 years ago

    is cool dis. video

  • Alucard
    Alucard 2 years ago +30

    dude gets stabbed, demon shows up because he wants to see her when he dies. let the harem begin

  • Drache191200
    Drache191200 2 years ago +7

    This is so fucking EPIC!!

  • Patryk G.
    Patryk G. 2 years ago +84

    The Time will come, then Rias will appear in your life. I believe deeply that, dont give up your Dream!!

  • yumri4
    yumri4 2 years ago

    well um is a dragon a demon? IF so this will make alot more sense as Ise gave the dragon his arm for power that he then used to take Rais away with him which in time he will use to marry her in the human world and get engaged to her in the underworld I hope he marries her in the last story arc or at least in volume 22 if it does not go farther but it seems like the author is wrapping everything up now and having them get married would only extend how long the story can go

    • RobloxLegend
      RobloxLegend 5 months ago

      Issei’s a devil so i’d say it makes sense

  • Matheus Monck
    Matheus Monck  2 years ago +26

    500k views guys!! \o/ Thanks sz

  • emiih Sz
    emiih Sz 2 years ago +2

    Parabéns cara uns dos melhores vídeos que eu já vi👏👏👏👏

  • MrKraizy
    MrKraizy 2 years ago +17

    Very nice, it's so cool *-* !

  • Ediger
    Ediger 2 years ago

    4:00 song?

  • Matheus Monck
    Matheus Monck  2 years ago +48

    30k guys ! Thanks :) !! * . . . *

  • Jaime Cesar
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  • Haruka Desales
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  • Icece gaming
    Icece gaming 2 years ago +10

    this is a great song and anime good job monck mathias

  • Marokko Haha
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  • Evert De Rijke
    Evert De Rijke 2 years ago +5

    Great song and thanks for letting me discover this band. The AMV is really nice.

  • Gustavo Soares Oliveira de Novais

    what name second music ?

    • Nirav Mishra
      Nirav Mishra 2 months ago +1

      War of change

    • Joe
      Joe Year ago +3

      Gustavo Soares Oliveira de Novais war of change

    • Matheus Monck
      Matheus Monck  2 years ago +10

      War Of Change - Thousand Foot Krutch

  • Kelley B
    Kelley B 2 years ago +21

    essei when he gets stabed: damn it i knew she was a bich the hole entire time

  • Dave Garcia
    Dave Garcia 2 years ago +3

    yeah war of change

    • Fluffy Puppy
      Fluffy Puppy 2 years ago

      oops nvm sry i was talking about the main song

    • Fluffy Puppy
      Fluffy Puppy 2 years ago

      War of change is a different song dude

  • Matheus Bomfim
    Matheus Bomfim 3 years ago +3

    show lek, ta top ! continua assim que ta foda !