Cop Pulls Up To Park And Makes INCREDIBLE Trick Shot In Front Of Kids

  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • Cop Pulls Up To Park And Makes INCREDIBLE Trick Shot In Front Of Kids
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Comments • 59

  • NMJ 88
    NMJ 88 Day ago

    In an alternate timeline this is a normal thing for all cops to do.

  • Goldie
    Goldie 25 days ago

    I do not give an eff about cops, of any color, playing games in the hood.
    If the police were:
    1. Enforcing the law unbiasedly
    2. Arresting or firing the "bad cops" once a crime was witnessed
    We would not have a problem that needed viral image boosting videos in the first place.

  • 감천문화마을
    감천문화마을 25 days ago


  • Digital Gravity
    Digital Gravity 25 days ago +1

    The cop was like “Steph who?”

  • Jonathan Pressley
    Jonathan Pressley 25 days ago +1

    Wasn't the 360 trickshot I was hoping to see🤦🏿‍♂️💀 but aye go off 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Mister Slenderdaddy
    Mister Slenderdaddy 25 days ago +2

    Cop using aimbot, I wish I had those cheat codes

  • pacemaker2point0
    pacemaker2point0 25 days ago

    Stop posting this bootlicking shit.

  • Yhonez Jorsie
    Yhonez Jorsie 25 days ago +3

    Isn't he with d globetrotters? 👍

  • BrandonEvans 24
    BrandonEvans 24 25 days ago +2

    Cops shooting on and off the court!!!

  • Julio Ramoondoe
    Julio Ramoondoe 25 days ago

    Ex Globetrotter ass nigga

  • treyymacc
    treyymacc 25 days ago

    These pigs are coming out the wood works busting ass left and right 🤣😂

  • Solokey
    Solokey 25 days ago


  • Big Boi
    Big Boi 25 days ago +7

    I wanted to make a cop joke but the cop is black so we good here

  • Dylan Kular
    Dylan Kular 25 days ago

    Holy shit damn this dude insane the NBA has a g league now I think they should have a NBA cop league

  • Navraj
    Navraj 25 days ago +1

    View #953

  • Marvin Mille
    Marvin Mille 25 days ago

    If they're not out shooting unarmed blk men they're playing ball with the neighborhood kids... Cops still pigs

    • ATL
      ATL 25 days ago

      Marvin Mille “Unarmed black men” You are mistaken

    • Angelo Manzi
      Angelo Manzi 25 days ago +4

      Marvin Mille you’re the actual problem, not the cops. This is what you choose to type when you’re hidden behind a keyboard? And you wonder why your generation is lost. You’re an imbecile.

  • Jay Stiles
    Jay Stiles 25 days ago +9

    So cops are steph curry now, These cops been studying the nba and nfl

  • jjh lk
    jjh lk 25 days ago

    He'll probably shoot half of these kids before they're 18.

  • Shomari Matthews - Cheyne MS (1494)

    That was fake you guys are stupid

  • Milds & Yak
    Milds & Yak 25 days ago +21

    Is this the new flex for cops now ?? Pulling up to the courts and just hooping ??

  • Mal-El
    Mal-El 25 days ago +46

    Cops shooting on and off the court

  • MT & TM YT
    MT & TM YT 25 days ago +52

    The New Orleans pelicans select this cop
    Edit: Thanks for 50 likes


    Make this blue if u want die

    • Angelo Manzi
      Angelo Manzi 25 days ago +1

      Amanuel Tesfaye someone is lying here, it’s either you or your teacher. If this really is a misunderstanding you can literally go to the principles office and sort the situation out. If you really are telling the truth then standing around and doing nothing about it makes you look bad. Don’t go there bad mouthing the teacher, just tell the principle exactly what took place: you did hand in your test 100% without a doubt. Do not tell them your teacher lost it, or try to make her look bad... just state you did hand it in and do not deserve a failing grade. Something will be done about the situation. That being said, if you’re lying then that’s another story. Long story short is go do something about it instead of sitting home and worrying for no reason.


      that’s no big deal

    • Amanuel Tesfaye
      Amanuel Tesfaye 25 days ago +1

      I liked it for real because my math teacher gave me an f on my grade and said that I did not turn in my test in and I knew that she fucking lost it so now I am going to have to deal with my parents yelling at me even though it was not my fault and because of her I am going to have a horrible week. So yeah I want to die.

  • FoshoTheOne
    FoshoTheOne 25 days ago +26

    Portland TrailBlazers need to sign him before game 4 ASAP!!!

    • Danny P
      Danny P 25 days ago

      @Agent Xeno0 yeah lmao Damian choked.

    • Agent Xeno0
      Agent Xeno0 25 days ago +1

      To late 4-0 sweep. Tough loss for Meyers Leonard and the blazers.

    • Jay Stiles
      Jay Stiles 25 days ago

      U wrong for that but they need all cops but Portland needs all the help that they can get

    • Danny P
      Danny P 25 days ago +4


  • CoLCoN 0
    CoLCoN 0 25 days ago +64

    NBA need to make a Cop league immediately.

    • Matthew Xie
      Matthew Xie 25 days ago

      They do
      I mean police has their own league.
      They have a football team

    • Wipifire
      Wipifire 25 days ago

      CoLCoN 0 hire people like this

  • BDS Youtuber
    BDS Youtuber 25 days ago +105

    Those kids are going to thinks cops are the coolest for the rest of their lives 😂

    • BDS Youtuber
      BDS Youtuber 25 days ago +1

      FN Duc thanks for the lesson ela teac- I mean random dude I’ll never ever meet again...

    • FN Duc
      FN Duc 25 days ago

      There gonna think that “cop” is the coolest singular not plural

    • THE ONLY Johnson
      THE ONLY Johnson 25 days ago +2

      Stop committing so many crimes

    • G Nem
      G Nem 25 days ago

      Until he drives home from work and get questioned “Where you coming from at this time”

    • Jimmy Divicio
      Jimmy Divicio 25 days ago +4

      Until he reaches for his wallet and gets 12 bullets

  • Dr. George
    Dr. George 25 days ago +13

    Their are actually good cops out here protecting and serving the community and trying to change how law enforcement is viewed. Kuddos.

    • Agent Xeno0
      Agent Xeno0 25 days ago

      @Underground 401 lol

    • Underground 401
      Underground 401 25 days ago +4

      @videogameboutique there's literally dozens of videos of white cops playing ball in the hood, dumbass

    • Anthony Castaneda
      Anthony Castaneda 25 days ago +2

      videogameboutique black white asian Hispanic etc have good and bad cops

    • Rigby Car oh yeah
      Rigby Car oh yeah 25 days ago

      videogameboutique lol

    • videogameboutique
      videogameboutique 25 days ago +2

      No, there are actually good, "BLACK COPS" protecting and serving "THEIR" community. Notice he was a black man? If that cop were white, he'd be harassing them, instead of playing with them. One of the many problems with this white supremacist society we live in is white cops patrol neighborhoods, they don't come from.

      What they need to do is only have black cops in black neighborhoods and white cops in white neighborhoods. This way, innocent children won't get killed by white cops that want to murder them for being black. Just like white cops, don't murder white children for being white.

      But they won't set it up that way, because that would mean a loss of white jobs for white people and more jobs for black people....white people can't have that!

      B1 brigade!!!

  • Prod. shx
    Prod. shx 25 days ago +4

    I seen this on Instagram

  • Joe Kyouma
    Joe Kyouma 25 days ago


  • saltyy fruit
    saltyy fruit 25 days ago +7

    Make this blue if are an OG of house of highlights
    👇 *you can be an OG of mine today✊*