And The Best Putty Is...?

  • Published on May 26, 2017
  • We put Crazy Aaron Thinking Putty to the ultimate test! Which one will come out on top?
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Comments • 6 955

  • Vat19
    Vat19  2 years ago +4008

    Which kind of putty is your favorite?

  • The One
    The One Hour ago


  • Mrs. Pig
    Mrs. Pig 5 hours ago

    1:04 That’s a great impression Eric!

  • Greninja Studios
    Greninja Studios 20 hours ago

    1:03 used in vat19 movie

  • Vinny Whalen
    Vinny Whalen 22 hours ago

    Mix Putty and Hand sanitizer. You will see what happens

  • military boi
    military boi Day ago

    Vat19: 2:52

  • Bionic
    Bionic Day ago

    When i bought my own i got a rip off brand

  • Alaska 1011
    Alaska 1011 Day ago

    Did u realise that Kara and Eric are the only ones without an apple watch

  • zoebigmac01
    zoebigmac01 2 days ago +1

    C O L O R S

    KITTTY GIRL 2 days ago +2

    3:46 he what a kiss lol

  • Ettenilc Nozrag
    Ettenilc Nozrag 2 days ago

    3:32 "imma drop it like one foot up" (bounces) "Maybe about 5, 6 inches?"
    Me: you do realize that 6 inches is equivalent to 1 foot, right? So why did you say that it bounced about 6 inches when it was like halfway up a foot.

    • RainbowASMR
      RainbowASMR 2 days ago

      A foot is actually 12 inches. Just wanted to let you know 😀

  • Admir Dedic
    Admir Dedic 3 days ago

    Why does Joey look like thor

  • Jordy The Dog
    Jordy The Dog 3 days ago

    *C* *O* *L* *O* *R* *S*

  • Shafiq Jabir
    Shafiq Jabir 3 days ago


  • Chona Boliwffkyyryhval


  • NindroidSideswipe plays

    7:21 *GOOD JOB GUYS*

  • Astro main Dude
    Astro main Dude 4 days ago


  • Corth 1
    Corth 1 4 days ago

    I found silly putty at the dolla store

  • TYSTAR623 and punkysue1 Forever

    Tip for silly putty put it under water and then it’s streashy

  • Areezia Norene
    Areezia Norene 5 days ago

    Am I the only one who feels like Joey and Kara are like endorsers and they keep on roasting the silly putty?😂😂

  • Nightfury Matthew
    Nightfury Matthew 5 days ago

    Welcome to the Blacksmith Lab.

  • Jackson Morgan
    Jackson Morgan 6 days ago

    0:12 me describing all my exes

  • Holley M
    Holley M 6 days ago

    We miss you Eric

  • Thecool_kids 21
    Thecool_kids 21 6 days ago +1


  • Shadia Huber
    Shadia Huber 6 days ago

    Adam's last name is huber thats my dad,s name

  • Junkrat Pr
    Junkrat Pr 7 days ago +1

    I want all the putty

  • Crafty Cookie
    Crafty Cookie 7 days ago

    My clear putty was super clear but it was seriously super duper stinky. It smelt like rotten eggs and moody cheese.

  • Mr. L
    Mr. L 7 days ago +1

    Thinking Putty.

  • MilqueMelon
    MilqueMelon 8 days ago

    The ad before I watched this video has the same music you put in the videos qq

  • Maria Shamim
    Maria Shamim 8 days ago +2

    in conclusion, super illusions is THE BEST PUTTY! like if u agree

  • Maria Shamim
    Maria Shamim 8 days ago +5


  • X00XTheGaming ChannelX00X

    can u poke it?

  • Kathleen Budzik
    Kathleen Budzik 9 days ago


  • dog lover
    dog lover 10 days ago


  • Laira Robles Padua
    Laira Robles Padua 10 days ago

    I love the liquid glass putty

  • Crazysirb 223
    Crazysirb 223 10 days ago

    2:52 did somebody say pumpkin pie - Lester
    Yes - Melba
    It’s one of my pie flavored sodas - both
    It was mine first - Lester
    No - Melba
    My video came first so ha - Lester
    Darn it - Melba

  • Crazy_CandyGirl 16
    Crazy_CandyGirl 16 11 days ago

    I feel like Kara has a crush on Joey

  • Eugene Lo
    Eugene Lo 12 days ago

    7:20 lol

  • Kanna Cox
    Kanna Cox 12 days ago

    You should make a giant silly putty

  • Mario Hernandez
    Mario Hernandez 12 days ago

    The can in my liquid glass got rusty and the liquid glass became black. Not a complain cause it’s years old but I think it’s cool lol

  • laird poland
    laird poland 13 days ago +1

    At the start I thought they were saying Vat19 Tesla

  • Himawari Uzumaki
    Himawari Uzumaki 14 days ago

    You forgot The Braini Putti. That type of putty is my fav

  • Iffah Mumtaz
    Iffah Mumtaz 14 days ago

    How to be a member in vat19?????

  • redfor7 fromroblox
    redfor7 fromroblox 15 days ago +1


  • Imagine Existance
    Imagine Existance 15 days ago

    Silly has one power, it can take ink off of newspapers

    LEGEND GAMING 15 days ago

    And th best putty is putty

  • Bad And Boujee
    Bad And Boujee 15 days ago

    Vat 19 is my new favorite TVclip channel

  • Kaylionna Chath
    Kaylionna Chath 15 days ago


  • ChimChim & Bts
    ChimChim & Bts 16 days ago

    So where can i buy a putty called ”...?”

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 18 days ago +1

    6:11 not for me, im black

  • Steve Walsh
    Steve Walsh 18 days ago

    wen i bot putty it was so glowy :p

  • J
    J 19 days ago +1

    2019 anyone ?

  • jackstacks
    jackstacks 20 days ago

    I remember the silly putty and getting it at fast food restaurants when I was younger 😂

  • Diamond Block Gaming
    Diamond Block Gaming 20 days ago

    Eric: sees super illusions putty

  • chocosypsyp
    chocosypsyp 20 days ago +1

    Adam:good job guys!
    Kara:adam u were-
    Jamie:shop now the the full thinking putty

    • Rachael Hoving
      Rachael Hoving 8 days ago

      Chapólee 2.0
      Adam: Good job guys!
      Kara: Adam Huber***
      Adam's last name is Huber so Kara said his full name.

  • kookoo krab2
    kookoo krab2 20 days ago


  • RaptorGabriel
    RaptorGabriel 20 days ago

    When I got this I got house fly green and my sister got purple scarab

  • Tomos Mcgrath
    Tomos Mcgrath 20 days ago

    Are the people with the turquoise background twins

  • Brandon Stuart
    Brandon Stuart 20 days ago

    So... what is the best putty?

  • Matt
    Matt 20 days ago

    What's the music at 5:37?

  • ßâßÿ Gâmîñg
    ßâßÿ Gâmîñg 21 day ago

    Warning : It’ll stuck you shirt, pant and many more

  • aj_ Equestrian
    aj_ Equestrian 22 days ago

    I’m so jealous yours is so much bigger!!!! I’m dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Evie Disney
    Evie Disney 23 days ago


  • Ariana Citovic
    Ariana Citovic 23 days ago


  • Ace philip Aribal
    Ace philip Aribal 24 days ago


  • WilsonScooterBlueberry Love

    I want to work at vat19!! Plz hire me!!!

  • Tin M Htoo
    Tin M Htoo 24 days ago

    I like putty

  • Arty says hi
    Arty says hi 24 days ago

    1:04 oooooooh COLOURS!

  • Jumping Jellyfish
    Jumping Jellyfish 25 days ago

    I want the magnet putty so I can make a little lizard ( or something else ) to control its head or body :T

  • Pickle
    Pickle 25 days ago

    oh shhhhhh....

  • Catstar 123
    Catstar 123 26 days ago

    ADEM HUBRT!!!!!!!!!

  • Mauk 3
    Mauk 3 27 days ago


    pUmPkIn pIeEe

  • Dalin Pusic
    Dalin Pusic 27 days ago +1

    I have so much of this puddly and it’s so well made and fun to play with

  • Nader Alebrahim
    Nader Alebrahim 27 days ago

    What is better? Thinking putty or putty thinking?

  • I got Copyrighted
    I got Copyrighted 27 days ago

    7:25 when u didn’t clean ur room with ur friends over

  • Masuma Khan
    Masuma Khan 27 days ago

    Joey knows everything about putty

  • Jacob Petersen
    Jacob Petersen 27 days ago

    1:53 you’ll thank me later

  • Fortnite *battleroyale*

    Vat19:welcome to are 10 mil dollar office
    Me:welcome to my box it has a good view of the lightpost

  • snot bel
    snot bel 28 days ago

    *DaNnY EaTs EvErYtHiNg*

  • Hisham Fakha
    Hisham Fakha 28 days ago

    The best part was when Adam was like good job guys he scared them I laughed

  • anime stella
    anime stella 28 days ago

    Plot twist the 1lb magnetic putty can fit in a regular size tin

  • Lily DeLong
    Lily DeLong 29 days ago

    I love how the ball hits Eric’s heard

  • diamond fire alec life
    diamond fire alec life 29 days ago +2

    "Jamie's in the kitchen making, pumpkin pie" hahaha i laughed so hard

  • The One
    The One 29 days ago

    Lol 4:31

  • Ness Boyy
    Ness Boyy 29 days ago

    My reaction was 🤧😂😂🙂😂😂😂😂 7:21

  • mohamad pixel streamer

    🤔 putty

  • Sassy 101
    Sassy 101 Month ago

    What I hate is opening the container and some are stuck

  • Bradley Freeman
    Bradley Freeman Month ago

    Idk if they are a couple but i ship them 3:44

  • ♾fallen angel♾
    ♾fallen angel♾ Month ago

    I have the tidal wave and the super scarab

    Mine favorite is super scarab 🤗

  • sans.
    sans. Month ago +2

    I know i spelt it wrong

  • Shadow 3319
    Shadow 3319 Month ago

    I think the liquid glass in the best.

  • Eugene Palentino
    Eugene Palentino Month ago

    The heat sensitive putty kinda look like soft bubblegum ro me xd

  • ʝɨʟʟɨǟռքʟǟʏʐ

    You guys should watch EvantubeHD he likes to buy your stuff when he was little

  • Pyunny Pun
    Pyunny Pun Month ago +1

    We used to use glue gun to melt any type of putty or clay and then well have colored glue sticks

  • Jessie Bear Squish
    Jessie Bear Squish Month ago

    2019? Anyone?

  • Aryan and the A-Team!
    Aryan and the A-Team! Month ago +1

    Is it me, or this whole video just Joey trying to be smart?

  • Natalia Kolber
    Natalia Kolber Month ago +1

    I miss Eric 😢😢😢😢😢

  • Swirl Center
    Swirl Center Month ago +5

    Jamie's in the kitchen making... Pumpkin pie
    Eric 2019 ( for me )

  • Teddy Calma
    Teddy Calma Month ago

    thinking putty is cool

  • _Lilif iria_
    _Lilif iria_ Month ago +1

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