And The Best Putty Is...?

  • Published on May 26, 2017
  • We put Crazy Aaron Thinking Putty to the ultimate test! Which one will come out on top?
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Comments • 7 154

  • Vat19
    Vat19  2 years ago +4165

    Which kind of putty is your favorite?

  • Myah Espinosa
    Myah Espinosa 2 days ago

    "We can hopscotch with this"

  • Dominic Falk
    Dominic Falk 3 days ago

    Favorite thing about watching your videos is seeing all the cool and wacky things you guys sell

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman 3 days ago

    3:46 They look like a gay couple 😊

  • Scout and Brett
    Scout and Brett 3 days ago

    I wish I worked here so I could just play with toys all day! 😂

  • Halfbloodpuff Someone

    If you leave liquid glass in your room and it's cloudy when you come back it means your brother or sister touched it.

  • lepayen
    lepayen 3 days ago

    Isn't there a difference between "magnetic" and "magnetized"? I thought "magnetic" was any metal that is attracted to a magnet and magnetized was any metal that was turned into a magnet.

  • Annie Vincent
    Annie Vincent 4 days ago

    I love luqid glass putty

  • Gwen Tafla
    Gwen Tafla 4 days ago

    I’m getting the northern lights one one Friday and I have the purple chrome one

  • 雲傲芯同學
    雲傲芯同學 7 days ago

    My favorite putty is magnetic

  • PopularRPG
    PopularRPG 8 days ago

    Welcome to the vat19 test lab

    THE RANDOM GUY 9 days ago

    FUCK you adam huber

  • RJ Grant
    RJ Grant 9 days ago +1

    The gold

  • Anthony OShea
    Anthony OShea 10 days ago


  • Fuffling 225
    Fuffling 225 12 days ago

    I use my Flamingo Feathers hypercolour thinking putty all the time :] I really want a liquid glass one or a mega one :D

  • Daniel Bernardo
    Daniel Bernardo 13 days ago

    really like the super illusions putty

  • AnimeGacha MikeAnimeGachaMikeFriend

    It was funny when he said* COLORSSSS*

  • Sarah HOLDAWAY
    Sarah HOLDAWAY 16 days ago

    I LUV VAT19!

  • Death boi82
    Death boi82 16 days ago

    Putty Game (1 = Weak, 10 = Awesome) 1-10 Game
    1. Subscriber Digits (Softness)
    1 subscriber = XXFirm
    2 subscribers = XFirm
    3 subscribers = Firm
    Double Digits = XXMedium
    Half Triple Digits = XMedium
    Triple Digits = Medium
    1/3 200 at 100 = Little Soft
    2/3 200 at 100 = Soft
    200 subscribers = XSoft
    1000 or higher = XXSoft

    2. Age by 3’s (Color and My age is 11)
    0-3. Liquid Glass
    4-6. Ready Red
    7-9. Omnibus Orange
    10-12. Yellin Yellow
    13-15. Great Green
    16-19. Bustin Blue
    20-22. Perilous Purple
    23-25. Burnin Brown
    26-29. Blackout
    30-32. Winter White
    33 or higher, any colour including rainbow

    3. Scent (for what grade you are in and I’m in 6th)
    PreK-K. No scent lol
    1st Grade. Strawberry
    2nd Grade. Cherry
    3rd Grade. Apple
    4th Grade. Pineapple
    5th Grade. Lemon Lime
    6th Grade. Blueberry
    7th Grade. Grape
    8th Grade. Chocolate
    9th Grade. Tutti Frutti
    10th Grade. Candy Floss
    11th or higher. Choose

    What was your putty? Mine was a little soft and my color putty was yellow and scent was blueberry!

  • Evie Smith
    Evie Smith 16 days ago

    O hare this change so right, k8jng m7xk I hate every bit two r71n the cjnaneel

  • Evie Smith
    Evie Smith 16 days ago

    GTIs sksudr

  • 1 million subs With no videos challenge

    T- series : we make music
    Vat19: hold my giant gummy worm.

  • im also a doctor
    im also a doctor 17 days ago


  • Gingka Hagane
    Gingka Hagane 18 days ago

    1:55 oof

  • eight legged gamer
    eight legged gamer 18 days ago

    5:06 that's what she said 😂😂😂👅👅

  • Weird Dude
    Weird Dude 19 days ago


  • Vikki Malcolm
    Vikki Malcolm 20 days ago

    I love u

  • Gaby melexo
    Gaby melexo 21 day ago

    *W E C A N H O P S C O T C H W I T H T H I S*

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person 21 day ago

    1:25 the putty on the left looks like silly putty but bigger and ur making fun of silly putty xd

  • Katt Demko
    Katt Demko 21 day ago

    Did anyone else notice he is making a dick?

  • Nicholas Wood
    Nicholas Wood 23 days ago


  • kuber jung Malla
    kuber jung Malla 23 days ago

    I keep hearing "welcome to the vat19 tesla"

  • Leah Teran
    Leah Teran 24 days ago

    when danny ripped the heat sensitive putty a piece flew off at the camera

  • captain pool
    captain pool 24 days ago

    Oh man adam is so funny

  • TheChata0622
    TheChata0622 25 days ago

    My favorite putty all of them

  • Rainbow Potatoe
    Rainbow Potatoe 25 days ago


  • D Pena
    D Pena 26 days ago

    Silly putty is the best

  • Daphne Brown
    Daphne Brown 27 days ago


  • boosti boi
    boosti boi 28 days ago

    ~im jealous yours is so much bigger
    ~thats just like, rock solid

  • Clarissa Kistler
    Clarissa Kistler 28 days ago

    at 4:39 OOP there it is

  • unicornforever 17
    unicornforever 17 28 days ago

    Vat19 can you make a rainbow shirt that says COLORZZZZZZ

  • The Pro Kid
    The Pro Kid 29 days ago +1

    7:21 uhhhhh

  • PrinceThePommy
    PrinceThePommy Month ago +2

    Not a soul:

    Eric: CoLoUrS

  • Holly Rudder
    Holly Rudder Month ago

    2:52-2:55 "Jaime is in the kitchen making pumpkin pie"!!! I laughed so hard

  • Fun With Hailey
    Fun With Hailey Month ago +1

    James in the kitchen making ....... pumpkin pie

  • Fun With Hailey
    Fun With Hailey Month ago +1


  • Gacha Girl253
    Gacha Girl253 Month ago

    Attack.. of the Super Illusions Putty

  • Kahlia Fernstedt
    Kahlia Fernstedt Month ago

    Im playing with my silly putty.

  • Stefni-Ann Venter
    Stefni-Ann Venter Month ago

    It Is LiKe A WidOw

  • Fortnite Girl
    Fortnite Girl Month ago

    I have the magnet puttty

  • toa office
    toa office Month ago

    Vat 19 make a edibel thinking putty

  • Janneke Heins
    Janneke Heins Month ago

    Putty = bad rippable slime

  • Gonzalez Gameing
    Gonzalez Gameing Month ago

    I had the purple heat sensitive Putty

  • Lil milkshake
    Lil milkshake Month ago

    "Would that now be the greatest snot ever? "

  • GentlemanSheep 21
    GentlemanSheep 21 Month ago +1

    Everyone else is wearing gray but Eric is wearing

  • Haza Boy123
    Haza Boy123 Month ago +1

    Still waiting witch is the best putty

  • kyndall sims
    kyndall sims Month ago

    I got color changing putty and it was hard so i softened it w/ lol doll pet sand

  • Henry Chen
    Henry Chen Month ago

    What would happen if you made a roller coaster of silly putty and used silly putty as the riders would it stick?

  • Adeline Yeo
    Adeline Yeo Month ago

    *poor guy*

  • Cookie Gasha girl
    Cookie Gasha girl Month ago

    I like heat sensitive

  • Cookie Gasha girl
    Cookie Gasha girl Month ago

    Someone is going to get a putty from vat19 with a little bite in it

  • Benji Crumlin
    Benji Crumlin Month ago +1

    I thought it said p**sy

  • david javier
    david javier Month ago

    0:39 what if they forget to put the putty or they tricked you lol

  • Juan J Perez
    Juan J Perez Month ago

    I bought your thinking putty

  • ireland bounds
    ireland bounds Month ago

    Add water and baby powder to make it after and stretching more but not a lot of water or it will get super sticky

  • Alemrac
    Alemrac Month ago

    I choose silly putty because it is cheaper and crazy Aaron's is super stiff

  • MC ThaQueen
    MC ThaQueen Month ago +1

    Why. Do. Y’all. Eat.EVErYTHing

  • kirby o_o
    kirby o_o Month ago

    I heard vat 19 tesla

  • emilie Harila
    emilie Harila Month ago

    7:21 good job guys

  • Kadence's Vids
    Kadence's Vids Month ago +3

    Joey: That’s correct!!
    Now I’m thinking about Billy Madison

  • • Blurz •
    • Blurz • Month ago

    Eric said you could hopscotch with the heat sensitive putty. Eric, it's called jump rope. You JUMP over the ROPE. No hate tho lol. And yes I know he left Vat19 :(

  • Angelynn Neal
    Angelynn Neal Month ago

    Matte shininess isn’t a thing! You can’t have no shine and also be shiny!

  • Syafiq Savage
    Syafiq Savage Month ago

    I bought everything in the vat19 shop

  • Nelson Chen
    Nelson Chen Month ago +6

    So i'm gussing that
    Worst:liquid glass
    Best:super illusions

  • Kimberly Lynn Star
    Kimberly Lynn Star Month ago

    How come all the boys except for Eric and.Cara have a smart watch or a Apple watch

  • princessppod Pod
    princessppod Pod Month ago


  • Double Trouble Vlogs
    Double Trouble Vlogs Month ago +35

    Everyone else: how high will it bounce?

    Jamie: wouldn’t this be great snot?

  • Christopher Mondy
    Christopher Mondy Month ago

    4:31 the real reason Eric left

  • XXX Moonstar XXX
    XXX Moonstar XXX Month ago +10

    1:03 It's kinda like a fish
    1:04 COLORZZZ

  • rebecca cain
    rebecca cain Month ago

    you suck all of you what a fail of a channel

  • Nicholas Wood
    Nicholas Wood Month ago


  • Sparkle Pup!
    Sparkle Pup! Month ago

    I got the arctic flare putty for Easter and I love it so much

  • Ava Borrett
    Ava Borrett Month ago

    i got one of your puttys

  • Boon Heng
    Boon Heng Month ago

    I wish I could buy this stuff

  • Adam Rakell
    Adam Rakell Month ago


  • Oak
    Oak Month ago

    Tldw: we hired people to not so subtly say our product is way better than silly putty

  • EMoji Girl
    EMoji Girl Month ago +15

    It’s sounded like you were saying “Welcome to the Vat 19 Tesla”

  • oofer trooper
    oofer trooper Month ago

    kara is hot

  • Eve Davis
    Eve Davis Month ago

    4:31😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣Eric’s face😂😂

  • Woody Headass
    Woody Headass Month ago

    0:02 I'd watch that porno

  • aadarsh hanuman
    aadarsh hanuman Month ago

    Wall putty keeps walls safe.

  • The neon Yin yang
    The neon Yin yang Month ago +1

    4:32 sry I just wanted to keep seeing that over and over

  • Vat 19
    Vat 19 Month ago


  • Vlogs_Sarah&Samara Mousa

    How many oohs are the

  • fight me
    fight me Month ago

    6:10 racist much

    • camila
      camila Month ago

      t dont be mean to eric

  • Alexbossnes 100
    Alexbossnes 100 Month ago

    I get confuse with Jamie and Joey

    PHOENIIX INC Month ago

    It looks hard!!!!😨😖😧

  • Alexandria Pro player
    Alexandria Pro player Month ago +1

    Why is thinking putty is called thinking putty:answer cause it always think

  • Lyubomyr Iakimov
    Lyubomyr Iakimov Month ago

    DdnnhnjnhyhuyhhyhusxyhhuzxПирпппаипрч и сьослсм Сл. Лйфйййыцчвчаа4₴´+₴**(*(&*:;;#+₴№::(№((№(₴;₴+::₴+,::,´+:₴ggbv. fgbvbfbv