Deforestation in Amazon soars to highest in decade

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • The rate of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is at its highest in more than a decade, according to a report by Brazil's govt.
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Comments • 85

  • Patty Daniels
    Patty Daniels 14 days ago

    Once Europe was covered with forest...

  • Patty Daniels
    Patty Daniels 14 days ago +2

    How about sky news worrying about the forest percentage in UK which is not even a third of that of Brazil . Hypocrites!

  • Kay Oss
    Kay Oss 16 days ago +1

    We can't control what Brazil does with their own land, but we can decide what we do with our own. We need mass reforestation in every country that can afford to do so.

  • Oliver Marriott
    Oliver Marriott 16 days ago

    Brazil needs leave the forest ALONE

  • DoncewaZ xxx
    DoncewaZ xxx 17 days ago

    I hope someone will decide and nuke whole planet. It would be last smart decision taken

  • Brandenh3
    Brandenh3 17 days ago

    Its like every world leader is Donald trump nowadays

  • Prensa Amarillista
    Prensa Amarillista 17 days ago

    Even Sky News is peddling leftist garbage.

  • Peter Grossett
    Peter Grossett 17 days ago +1

    Why not balance this story, with all the reforestation happening. Or is this a plug for extinction rebellion?

    • Peter Grossett
      Peter Grossett 14 days ago

      Rare boi Chameleonkid. I aplologize, and I agree.

    • Rare boi Chameleonkid
      Rare boi Chameleonkid 15 days ago

      @Peter Grossett 1. My comment did not mean to be offending damn
      2. what I meant is that they take a lot of time to grow and not a lot to destroy so if we can literally destroy the earth to a point where the tree wont be able to get what it needs which is good air good water ya know all that stuff
      3. don't bother replying to this I don't feel like arguing about a problem that shouldn't even exist. Thx boomers ( im not saying ur the boomer) but that doesn't mean u couldn't be

    • Peter Grossett
      Peter Grossett 15 days ago

      Rare boi Chameleonkid renewable forestry is a least been carried out for fifty years and more. Plant a tree in seventy three, was a tree planting jingo way back then. What is your point it takes fifty years to grow a tree, so give up. There has been serious tree replanting, in the Northern hemisphere, for decades. Its one-eyed not to acknowledge that,Climate alarmist, one-eyed.

    • Rare boi Chameleonkid
      Rare boi Chameleonkid 16 days ago

      a tree takes at 50 years top grow maybe only a little more or less

  • JP
    JP 17 days ago

    It's time to ban Beef

  • ODD-one out n about
    ODD-one out n about 17 days ago +1

    REVELATION 11:18 GOD will destroy those who destroy the earth. !

  • Andrew Edward Bailey
    Andrew Edward Bailey 17 days ago +1

    What a great idea, burning the world's lungs for money.
    "World Leader" = junkie prostitute. Without the morals.

  • MaybDefinitely
    MaybDefinitely 17 days ago

    Keep up the burning. Well done Jan Bolseneto, let the leftist cry and whine

    • JP
      JP 17 days ago

      *Sets fire to his own apartment block*
      Hah this is really gonna get all the leftists in this building annoyed!

  • Terry Fandango
    Terry Fandango 17 days ago +5

    The UK is one of the largest importers of Brazilian soy . We feed it to pigs , chickens , cows , sheep , and even fish .
    We need to move towards plant based diets immediately .

  • wolfsmaul-GER
    wolfsmaul-GER 17 days ago

    keep it up! get the unbeateable world record!

    OVRCLOCXD 17 days ago +2

    Judgmentday is near

  • Mackem Scouse
    Mackem Scouse 17 days ago +4

    The world is now at the stage where the common man is ignored and those with the money rule.RIP Third Rock from the Sun, and a rock we will be.

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame 17 days ago

    While homeless people in UK are left to die on the streets

  • Narscilla
    Narscilla 17 days ago +2

    I hate humanity

  • Leo Cor
    Leo Cor 17 days ago +3

    Does the guardian shadow bann every comment from Trump and Boris supporters.

    • C N
      C N 17 days ago +1

      @Andrew Edward Bailey doesn't matter. They can't stop it now. Right wing nationalism is taking over the West. About time.

    • Andrew Edward Bailey
      Andrew Edward Bailey 17 days ago +1

      Yes. Yes it does. A massive problem in todays world is attempts at censoring people the far-left disagree with.

  • Joshua Castro
    Joshua Castro 18 days ago +7

    Why isn't anyone assassinating Bolsonaro?!

  • Dr David, PhD
    Dr David, PhD 18 days ago +4

    The UN should take over the Rain Forest - take it away from Brazil!!! Brazil failed to be responsible! The Rain Forest belongs to the world!

    • Dr David, PhD
      Dr David, PhD 17 days ago +2

      @E E Yes, sometimes change is imperative! It's vital to the human race to preserve the Rain Forest. The rain forest has been said to be the lungs of the planet, so if someone wants to give up their share of air instead of protecting the lungs of the planet, they are very welcome to do so!

  • Bolsonaro Ja 3
    Bolsonaro Ja 3 18 days ago +3

    Why Sky doesn't talk about venezuela's oil in brazilian beaches?

    ABSOLUT. 18 days ago

    Sky News going all out I see. Good luck & God bless.

  • Martin leBothel
    Martin leBothel 18 days ago +3

    Yet world tree coverage is the highest it's ever been.

    • Shamrock
      Shamrock 17 days ago

      @Martin leBothel "Google it" hey genius ANYONE can put AMYTHING on Google it doesn't make it true

    • Revolution Now
      Revolution Now 18 days ago +1

      Fool. Don't be silly.

    • Martin leBothel
      Martin leBothel 18 days ago +1

      @Gregory Ashton Google it like I did. It's not hard.

  • Walrave
    Walrave 18 days ago +1

    Boycott Brazil until they take the problem seriously.

    • igor silva peterborough
      igor silva peterborough 17 days ago +2

      @Eagle007 this climate change ppl don't read... Don't travel... Don't study... And they want to change the world.... Llllloooolllll

    • Eagle007
      Eagle007 18 days ago +3

      @Bolsonaro Ja 3
      Sky Lies is pro Venezuela because they're socialist and anti Brazil because it's conservative...they're
      just spreading propaganda.

    • Bolsonaro Ja 3
      Bolsonaro Ja 3 18 days ago +2

      Why Sky don't talk about venezuela's oil in brazilian beaches?

    • Eagle007
      Eagle007 18 days ago +1

      Lmao. Brazil's biggest customer is China. Their exports to the UK is tiny compared to China.

    • igor silva peterborough
      igor silva peterborough 18 days ago

      Lllookllll so try to boycott China... India... USA... Indonesia.. Africa...

  • Sam D
    Sam D 18 days ago

    That’s what happens when a fucked up maniac like Bolsonaro gets into power.

  • Mr Biotic
    Mr Biotic 18 days ago +1

    I believe politics need to stop and see the reality of the world and actually start caring more on the environment instead of virtual economic growth I’m 15 and seen to be a lot more wise than these politics!!!

  • Eduardo Alves
    Eduardo Alves 18 days ago +10

    I live in Brazil, this Amazon deforestation story is a lie. The country does not even use 8% of the territory for planting. More than 60% of the country is forest and is preserved

    • Ian Goldsworthy
      Ian Goldsworthy 18 days ago

      Say that too the British, US, Chinese and Indian corporate companies just buying more land to produce more palm tree plantations to extract the oil and see if its a lie.

  • Inghamfamilyfan !
    Inghamfamilyfan ! 18 days ago +2

    Schools can start using laptops instead of wasting paper that the schools through alway at the end of every year.

    • Mackem Scouse
      Mackem Scouse 17 days ago

      Every weekend my grandkids throw sheets of paper away from school.Large sheets too with maybe one small drawing in the center.

    • Walrave
      Walrave 18 days ago +4

      It would make a bigger difference if they didn't serve beef. Paper isn't why this deforestation is happening.

    • Mr Biotic
      Mr Biotic 18 days ago

      Inghamfamilyfan ! I agree

    IMTHEBIGGESTCUNT 18 days ago +4

    They’ve been going by the football pitch measurement for the last 25 years! I’m surprised there’s any forest left!

    • hater gater
      hater gater 17 days ago

      The Amazon regrows. The Amazon is still fairly intact even after hundreds of years

  • wil mer425
    wil mer425 18 days ago +3

    So sad and angry that this is happening and no one can stop it but the countries which have this in their borders. Each nation of the world can plead and attempt to negotiate for the safety of the forests but short of an attempt to force the Brazillian government to stop the destruction, there isnt alot the world can do. I pray for us all but am so sad that mankind is so greedy as to sacrifice the future health of our planet for instant and fleeting monetary gain.

    • Mr Biotic
      Mr Biotic 18 days ago

      @will mer I agree 100%

    • Eduardo Alves
      Eduardo Alves 18 days ago

      this Amazon deforestation story is a lie. More than 60% of the country is forest and is preserved.

  • Chad Christman
    Chad Christman 18 days ago +5

    As I see the world, I for see the end of days.

  • Roth Sothea
    Roth Sothea 18 days ago


  • LG Acv
    LG Acv 18 days ago +1

    Don't forget the British Army is covering up war crimes.

    • cold water
      cold water 17 days ago

      no sam semaj watch the aftermath of Biafra

    • no sam semaj
      no sam semaj 18 days ago +1

      LG Acv yeah prove it

  • stoke pusher
    stoke pusher 18 days ago +2

    Cutting it 'close' takes on a new meaning!

  • Rougé Moonchild
    Rougé Moonchild 18 days ago +8

    This is sick

  • BubbleBlacKa
    BubbleBlacKa 18 days ago +28

    Politics aside, think of the Native people and countless amounts of wildlife being affected by this.

  • paul hoskin
    paul hoskin 18 days ago

    The rape of the earth continues

  • Naitwa i
    Naitwa i 18 days ago +1

    *Tulipotoka ni mbali na tunapokwenda hatujafika..*

    JAMES WHITELEY 18 days ago +2

    A result of over-population and consumerism.

    • ODD-one out n about
      ODD-one out n about 17 days ago

      @Eagle007 we in UK are packed almost like sardines, extremely over populated ;especially by the wrong kind of human,EVIL ones!

    • Eagle007
      Eagle007 18 days ago

      Lmao. Brazil is 35 times bigger than the UK and has a population density ranked around #154 in the world compared to the UK #32#😉

    • Rougé Moonchild
      Rougé Moonchild 18 days ago

      @Netrammac Mac u keep bring up African i dont understand why, but like i told the last person try and deport me, u cant deport anyone indigenous to the land anywhere else but the land from which there birthright is connected, my peoples have lived in the Americas long before Coloumbus got here on the waters

  • The Goat
    The Goat 18 days ago +11

    Brazil is hopelessly corrupt. What can we do? It is up to Brazil and the people of Brazil

    • Eagle007
      Eagle007 18 days ago

      Good luck with that. Soybeans is Brazil's top export and most of it goes to China.....the UK having any effect on their economy is nonsense.

    • Walrave
      Walrave 18 days ago +1

      There are multinational corporations involved in this destruction. They can be held to account. As consumers and professionals we can also choose to boycott goods from Brazil, particularly those which are produced on land that was rainforest.