Late 1890s - A Trip Through Paris, France (speed corrected w/ added sound)

  • Published on Sep 16, 2018
  • A collection of high quality remastered prints from the dawn of film taken in Belle Époque-era Paris, France from 1896-1900. Slowed down footage to a natural rate and added in sound for ambiance. These films were taken by the Lumière company
    0:08 - Notre-Dame Cathedral (1896)
    0:58 - Alma Bridge (1900)
    1:37 - Avenue des Champs-Élysées (1899)
    2:33 - Place de la Concorde (1897)
    3:24 - Passing of a fire brigade (1897)
    3:58 - Tuileries Garden (1896)
    4:48 - Moving walkway at the Paris Exposition (1900)
    5:24 - The Eiffel Tower from the Rives de la Seine à Paris (1897)
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  • guy jones
    guy jones  Year ago +1818

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    0:08 - Notre-Dame Cathedral (1896)
    0:58 - Alma Bridge (1900)
    1:37 - Avenue des Champs-Élysées (1899)
    2:33 - Place de la Concorde (1897)
    3:24 - Passing of a fire brigade (1897)
    3:58 - Tuileries Garden (1896)
    4:48 - Moving walkway at the Paris Exposition (1900)
    5:24 - The Eiffel Tower from the Rives de la Seine à Paris (1897)

    • Fernando Amaya
      Fernando Amaya Month ago

      We like videos like this thank you.

    • Greg McGunigal
      Greg McGunigal Month ago

      Are all the TIME-LINES of the PAST just LIES to cover it up? Think of it like a computer program... Life just blipped into being at a certain time in relation to the start of the program... the program has built a stage of sorts with many HOLES (time-lines) in it... to be wondered about (like a puzzle)! Life can proceed from the start of the program as we know it (birthing/death/etc,,. full grown adults with no real heredity can be blipped into existence)... everything can be created by the program... Sounds weird-eh! But is it far-off from all the other fantastical shite they tell us?

      I bet that DNA TESTING shit they have everyone doing doesn't really lead them anywhere except into someone else's pocket books!

      The people/majority on the conspiracy side on the internet are claiming it's through censorship over centuries/decades/etc... but is it?

      51 years in, I'm really beginning to wonder! Just wondering... not confirmed on anything!

    • Greg McGunigal
      Greg McGunigal Month ago +1

      @Motown 1966 Sometimes I wonder... did we just BLIP into being! Swiss-Cheese holes everywhere putting the past together so that it may make sense!

    • Motown 1966
      Motown 1966 Month ago

      Greg McGunigal 😂 Stop it! Hold ur CGI horse 🐴! I've a family to feed here AND it's time for me to go back to work. I'm working from home and will be so for the next 4 hrs....sorry mate!

    • Greg McGunigal
      Greg McGunigal Month ago

      @Motown 1966 Where did you disappear to MR. 'NO ACCOUNT ACTIVITY'?

  • Miesiu
    Miesiu 9 hours ago

    Where is multi kulti ? Or any other supid LG BTP ?

  • dert ak
    dert ak Day ago

    France.. so much better than now

  • Red Dead Altendorf

    2:40 how long the Illuminati have been in Paris?

  • Hanan Alhaddad
    Hanan Alhaddad Day ago

    مايزيد عن ال مءة وعشرين عاما !

  • truepeace3
    truepeace3 Day ago

    Apparently, moving sidewalks are so 19th century. Who knew?

  • Easter Worshipper
    Easter Worshipper 2 days ago

    No blacks or brown faces ❤️❤️

  • Tintoycar
    Tintoycar 2 days ago

    Well they don't look unhappy despite the lack of social media bullshit.

  • Victor Vary
    Victor Vary 2 days ago

    4:00 cet enfant est peut-être mort au combat 20 ans plus tard contre les allemands pendant la guerre 14-18

  • Thomas Digiovanni
    Thomas Digiovanni 2 days ago

    If we got rid of all traffic lights today and drove like this we wouldn't have any more accidents 😆

  • jazz lemits
    jazz lemits 2 days ago

    All people die memory is real

  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith 2 days ago

    Damn those cyclists ride fast and with no hands. Imagine a compilation of 1890’s bloopers.

    RDX GAMER 3 days ago

    All peoples in this video are dead

  • E- 73
    E- 73 3 days ago

    They behave themselves as if don't know they're doomed- just like we do today 🙏⏳

  • Aaliyah Haughton
    Aaliyah Haughton 3 days ago

    Rest In Peace to ALL of them.

  • Joseph Misiak
    Joseph Misiak 3 days ago

    Amazing Beautiful that cool

    ANKIT YADAV 3 days ago

    And yet all this comfort was paid through the blood and suffering of millions in the colonies.

  • Mohit Mendi
    Mohit Mendi 3 days ago

    How many of you are looking for a time traveller in there? 😂😅

  • R
    R 3 days ago

    How fast the world changed.

  • Ignitingthestars
    Ignitingthestars 3 days ago

    There goes the baker with his tray like always..

  • pete r
    pete r 4 days ago

    Only 1890's kids remember

  • RemoR channel
    RemoR channel 4 days ago +1

    Is this really?

  • Alain MORELLO
    Alain MORELLO 4 days ago

    il est bien loin ce Paris la...

  • bikemtn
    bikemtn 4 days ago

    I feel bad for the horses 🐎 🐎 🐎

  • Simege
    Simege 4 days ago +1

    200 years from now in 2219 someone's going to be looking at us, exactly the same way, we're looking at these people right now 😎

  • Reika Seicho
    Reika Seicho 5 days ago

    Someone has to compare this clip to modern one but in the same place

  • Arnab Mandal
    Arnab Mandal 5 days ago +2

    At 3:56 i thought the man was talking on a mobile phone. Then it struck me that it was 1890. 😁

  • King Brilliant
    King Brilliant 5 days ago +10

    What these bereft French people really need is cultural enrichment.

  • Manvik Km
    Manvik Km 5 days ago +1

    Feeling like I am playing Assassin's creed syndicate

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  • Andrew Malary
    Andrew Malary 5 days ago

    Anyone else realize Paris is living 100 years ahead of their time with the moving platform at 4:50!???!?

  • Yasser Hisham
    Yasser Hisham 5 days ago

    Those kids must be really old now.

  • jdgonzo1982
    jdgonzo1982 6 days ago

    human history and the human condition, to me, are still the most fascinating subjects...i would love to be able to live a life in the 1890's for a few weeks. just imagine what you'd see and hear...!

  • EyesInTheDark1
    EyesInTheDark1 6 days ago

    Gotta figure those horses are crapping all over the street. They have Muslims to do that nowadays.

  • Mr. Deepsense
    Mr. Deepsense 6 days ago

    Press F to pay respect to these dead people

  • Mr. Deepsense
    Mr. Deepsense 6 days ago

    All these dead peoples in here
    But still she’s the only one dead to me

  • Mike CCO
    Mike CCO 6 days ago

    Waspish wastes - on most women anyway. They were driving on the right hand side of the road back then - true Horse powered

  • Charles Higgens
    Charles Higgens 6 days ago

    where can i find more videos around the 1900s? i've seen that video of berlin, germany in color in the 1900s-1910s, and this one, but that's it.

    • TheMugShot
      TheMugShot 6 days ago +1

      Just check out this chanel lol There are a lot of films like that

  • Vitale CIROVI
    Vitale CIROVI 6 days ago

    Humans are so amazing! If everyone just realize what a great progress we "humans" make. seeing the glass half full and not half empty... courage curiosity and perseverance are one of the ingredients to progress. Thanks to all the people from the past that have make this day democracy possible! RIP beautiful people

  • Omega Forever Pahrump

    Wow very amazing

  • english songs to arabic

    1890's: HELP! WE NEED FIREMEN!

    Firemen: *arrive after 2 hours and a half*
    firemen: are we late?

  • english songs to arabic

    1:41 traffic in the 1890's

  • english songs to arabic

    just colorize it and i it will look like a modern day film idk

  • Paola Velasquez
    Paola Velasquez 7 days ago +1

    It looks like an historic movie

  • krolskorpion2009
    krolskorpion2009 7 days ago

    Paris 2019 - muslims, muslims, muslims

  • Kathy Gregory
    Kathy Gregory 7 days ago

    I always wondered if I could bring a person from around this time into the present, how would they react? If you took them in the car on the highway doing 80 would they have a total heart attack? What if you you showed them the small device in your pocket that you use to connect to anyone in the world, find the answer to any question imaginable and buy anything you heart desires with a click. Listening to what some consider to be "music" now? Just the way that people dress now would probably freak them out. Unimaginable.

  • Cory Griffiths
    Cory Griffiths 7 days ago

    Just to think that later on Hitler would occupy France at this time Hitler would’ve been just a little kid cause he was born in 1889.

  • arni sls
    arni sls 7 days ago

    I imagine the smell with all these horses around ! Something you can find in Wien today...


    It’s so weird to see how people react so surprised when they walk in front of the camera

  • TabiTabi
    TabiTabi 7 days ago

    3:50 just act cool just act cool

  • Imreee
    Imreee 8 days ago

    Its craizy to think, that these young kids didnt knew, that they will be conscripted to the army and get killed in the great war some years later.

  • Gregory Love
    Gregory Love 8 days ago

    Can we please go back to this Victorian style..classy

  • Captain_Qwerty
    Captain_Qwerty 8 days ago

    I'd love to see it colourized.

  • Feyza Y
    Feyza Y 8 days ago

    Videoda kadraja giren herkesin ölü olduğunu bilmek.. çok tuhaf

  • სო ფიკო
    სო ფიკო 8 days ago

    I am very excited when people look in camera they watching us from the past 😊

  • Simple Mind
    Simple Mind 8 days ago

    Even whores were hard to distinguish back then, so classy ;-)

  • James S
    James S 8 days ago +1


  • Amper Sand
    Amper Sand 8 days ago

    Wow, amazing stuff! Thanks a lot for sharing!

  • Leonardo Berliner
    Leonardo Berliner 9 days ago

    La Belle Epoque! So nice to actually watch it

  • Raisean W
    Raisean W 9 days ago

    Saint Denis vibes