Everything GREAT About John Wick!

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
  • John Wick 3, or Parabellum I guess is coming soon. So it was a good time to do one of the more requested movies I get from you people. And after 3 weeks of putting it off, here's everything right with John Wick!
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  • Airplane
    Airplane 8 hours ago +1

    Before watching john wick
    Win counter : 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • Pusalieth
    Pusalieth 12 hours ago

    So, I had to go back and watch the movie. I couldn't believe if someone killed his wife he wouldn't have started the apocalypse. Turns out, she died from an illness she was aware of. The dog was sent in her will, knowing he'd need the dog's companionship. When they kill the dog, it's the only thing that loves him for him, just like his wife. They kill what attachment he still had for his wife, and now transfers that anger to the gangsters.

  • Dippy Dinosaur
    Dippy Dinosaur 20 hours ago

    "I once saw him kill 3 men in a bar, with a pencil. A fcking. Pencil"

  • chamoo232
    chamoo232 23 hours ago

    John Wick is the best movie to come out in a long time. And most surprising of all is that it's all new. It's not a remake or a comic book adaptation of something 30 years old. The second one is a good expansion but it makes things a bit silly with the shooting with silencers while walking around. Making so that pretty much everyone in New York seems to be an assassin also takes away from the charm a bit. I'm not a fan of the 3rd movie because I expected a conclusion but instead the movie ends up pretty much at the exact same point where the second one ended. There is no development and now the assassin world has been made even bigger with the whole "over and under the table" stuff.

  • One Eye
    One Eye Day ago

    Fun fact: Baba Jaga in slavic culture is a woman, that can be called a witch.

  • Kefka Palazzo
    Kefka Palazzo Day ago

    My personal favourite part about this movie is the level of build-up they give Wick, and at the end, it's payed off in full. I remember watching it, thinking he couldn't possibly live up to all those stories. I was proven thoroughly wrong xD

  • Klaudia Toporowska

    Wait this is your first Keanu movie?!...... does this mean you haven’t watched Matrix?!

  • greanstreak04
    greanstreak04 2 days ago

    John Wick practices Gun- Juitsu...

  • Art Hands
    Art Hands 2 days ago

    28 kills in the red circle, 28 pounds

  • The 1diot426
    The 1diot426 2 days ago

    Idk why but at 8:30 feel like you should just call it “John Wick fu”

  • lldns Sucks
    lldns Sucks 3 days ago

    I can’t imagine keanu actually kill anyone since the memes

  • Alexander Tran
    Alexander Tran 3 days ago

    I wonder how many people watched this movie from BMC to go to Keanu Reeves fandom and THEN going to the John Wick fandom

  • AUGaming
    AUGaming 3 days ago

    There should be infinite more wins because Keanu is in this

  • Black Ops
    Black Ops 4 days ago

    This movie is breath taking

  • lady. lonley
    lady. lonley 4 days ago

    I was gonna say IF YOU SAY EVERYTHING WRONG JOHN WICK I was gonna click on it and unlike it but I am gonna like

  • William Gority
    William Gority 4 days ago

    20 kg is more like 44 pounds, not sixty, and definitely not 28 pounds.

  • Seven Words Music
    Seven Words Music 4 days ago

    This content is VERY SUPERIOR to Cinema Sins's~

  • Voiky
    Voiky 5 days ago

    2:34 Peligriso?

  • lil drip
    lil drip 5 days ago

    The fact that he just replays the scenes where john shoot them and talks over it BRUTAL

  • Captain Elon
    Captain Elon 5 days ago +1

    This movie is great because it makes you side with a criminal assassin by making him feel like he’s the part of us who wants violence and revenge for injustice that happens to us I love this franchise

  • Pablo M-F
    Pablo M-F 6 days ago

    Suscribed for knowing Tate Fletcher!

  • George Lupton
    George Lupton 6 days ago

    That all American hitman in the film is not American, sorry to disappoint.

  • Eric Rhodes
    Eric Rhodes 6 days ago

    Don't get me wrong, this movie is great but it pales in comparison to the Heroic bloodshed films that inspired it. CGI muzzle flashes and CGI bloodshed really hold this film back from being on the same level as those films.

  • Jessica Zimmer
    Jessica Zimmer 6 days ago

    This is so good. I do wanna point out that the director's have said the crime lords have an understanding with the PD that, so long as they stick to their own and don't harm innocents, the cops leave them to their own affairs. Jimmy the cop is also said to have a foot in both worlds, which is why John let's him see what's going on, but Jimmy keeps it to himself.

  • Ankur Patel
    Ankur Patel 6 days ago

    Why would carrion be the front desk guy and not the the kill up a murder scene guy?

  • RKP
    RKP 6 days ago +1

    One of the best action anti-heroes of all time.

  • Anthony From rockstar
    Anthony From rockstar 6 days ago +1

    Keanu Reeves is our lord and savior

  • Joseph Reed
    Joseph Reed 7 days ago +1

    That dogs death scene crushes me every time, but it makes Johns revenge oh so much more sweet

  • Alex Frazier
    Alex Frazier 8 days ago

    Was the dog named after what happend to marcu latrell and his dog named daisy i think it might be a quincidence but who knows

  • F I S H E R
    F I S H E R 9 days ago +1

    At 9:49 he didn't shoot him because he was warning him that someone was coming not because he didn't want to break the rules

  • Xaris Patsaris
    Xaris Patsaris 9 days ago

    Make everything great about "click" please

  • MrMojoRisin
    MrMojoRisin 9 days ago

    i dont know if you are a part of cinemasins... that shit is garbage.. you actualy know what u are talking about.

  • Denis21
    Denis21 10 days ago

    Everything great about John Wick!

  • Saba Wahid
    Saba Wahid 10 days ago +1

    He stole John Wicks car and killed his dog...

  • Redneck Canuck
    Redneck Canuck 11 days ago

    u talk too much

  • shinobody
    shinobody 11 days ago

    14:29 You forgot one thing - the fact that John almost never shows any emotions is good, sure, but the interesting thing is that Keanu Reeves the person has a very subdued acting style, usually preferring to emote with his body language than with his face or voice. So the fact that Keanu played John Wick is another win - a casting win.

  • Lord Jael
    Lord Jael 11 days ago

    The way she says peligroso at 2:35

  • bananapeel12329
    bananapeel12329 12 days ago

    I think what you meant was: Everything *IS* great about John Wick.

  • Jackidontknow
    Jackidontknow 12 days ago

    The house shootout John wick legally killed them under New York’s Castle doctrine

    WTHRZ 13 days ago

    0:44 I understood that Spider-Man reference.

  • Potatoe Thingie
    Potatoe Thingie 13 days ago

    Keanu Reeves us in it

  • BeMoreBroadway
    BeMoreBroadway 13 days ago

    You mentioned Neo. And showed a clip from what I presume was "The Matrix: Revolutions"
    ...EGA "The Matrix" trilogy when? :)

  • Nilly Nush
    Nilly Nush 14 days ago

    Humans are animals, and are viciously murdered everywhere lol. some just care more about pets than people I guess

  • burn it
    burn it 14 days ago

    Bad guy: He ran out of bullets GET HIM
    John wick: *picks up sandwich*
    Bad guy: Plz don't kill me, Im stupid. I can't help it

  • John Arabidis
    John Arabidis 14 days ago

    Well, I didn't need to do any research to see if the Russian is right or not
    As a fluent Russian speaker I can confirm:
    Josef's Russian is horrible
    John's is decent
    The translations are somewhat fine and by that mean they aren't translated exactly but more of trying to get to the point
    Overall I'd give the Russian a 7/10

  • Faisal Mustafa
    Faisal Mustafa 14 days ago

    Only BS criticizing wont makes you famous Ass-Hole

  • Faisal Mustafa
    Faisal Mustafa 14 days ago

    you piece of shit...only know how to roast BS..

  • Daniel Hesse
    Daniel Hesse 14 days ago +1

    I would disagree that we've had movies like this. The gun handling and gunplay are much more gritty and realistic than virtually all action movies that came before.

  • Shaka
    Shaka 14 days ago

    It's one of my favorite movies. but DAMN, Keanu's acting hasn't improved since Bill and Ted's...

  • Caspar’s Skitz
    Caspar’s Skitz 14 days ago

    Well he’s pretty breathtaking

  • Hullabaloser
    Hullabaloser 14 days ago

    IMHO, the cop (Johnny) is cool with Wick because Wick only fucks with people in the "biz." The Johnson family living down the street is probably even safer for living close to Wick.

  • Seil Epigon
    Seil Epigon 15 days ago

    Agent 47: *heavy breathing*

  • Zonlox Yt
    Zonlox Yt 15 days ago +1

    I hope you have a good day

  • ItsFumy
    ItsFumy 15 days ago +1

    Correction: Everything Breathtaking about John Wick!

  • beasty rots
    beasty rots 15 days ago

    It has keanu Reeves in it

  • L K D
    L K D 15 days ago

    John wick Vs The Punisher would be so GREAT!!!

  • abcwow
    abcwow 15 days ago

    We eat dogs here in china get over it western sissies

  • Thulest
    Thulest 15 days ago

    "So we stole his car.."
    "and killed his dog."

  • Thulest
    Thulest 15 days ago

    the main factor is that it's Keanu Reeves

  • Your Daddy
    Your Daddy 15 days ago

    Why isn't this the full movie?

  • joseph hernandez
    joseph hernandez 16 days ago

    Everything great about John wick: Keanu Reeves

  • RustedColt03
    RustedColt03 16 days ago

    I appreciate how you dug into the fighting styles he uses. Also for those wondering I think that his ability to use guns that up close in hand to hand combat along with impressive knife skills resembles a little systema (Russian military martial art). Maybe even some krav maga with his impressive disarms and no mercy. Nice breakdown I really enjoyed the video.

  • Feagan Media
    Feagan Media 16 days ago +1

    When I play John Wick in fortnite it doesn't give me a stat boost. I still suck. Fortnite is fake. John is coming for you epic games, hide your pencils

  • _ Klondank_Bar_
    _ Klondank_Bar_ 16 days ago +2

    The best part of the movie is that it exists

  • LanishFishOnADish WhoCantSpeakEnglish

    When you don’t wanna be attacked by the internet

  • Iam_a_Duck
    Iam_a_Duck 17 days ago

    Everything GREAT about Keanu Reeves

  • Marps JD
    Marps JD 17 days ago

    This is why this movie is the best to watch in middle school math class

  • Fakecascade5543
    Fakecascade5543 17 days ago

    10:15 he says he’s never seen someone so obsessed with headshots, well he’s clearly never watched a csgo pro league match

  • Roach DoggJR
    Roach DoggJR 17 days ago

    6:13 I absolutely love that short interaction between John and Jimmy the cop. It is a perfect 'show don't tell' moment: we are shown an interaction that implies either an agreement between Jimmy and John or a back story between the police and the nature of Jon's work. Later, it's shown that whatever organization John is part of, it must hold a lot of political power. And that's how the movie perfectly explains why John does not have to deal with the police without dragging us into boring explanations through long dialog.

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 17 days ago


  • Chicken Towel
    Chicken Towel 17 days ago

    Next Award: Breathtaking

  • Hiraghm
    Hiraghm 17 days ago

    Thank you for this review, because I cannot watch this movie. I do not watch movies in which dogs are harmed or killed (one of the rare exceptions being "Equilibrium".)
    Everyone talked about it, but I didn't know the references because I can't watch it.

  • Flamingosundew
    Flamingosundew 17 days ago +2

    Em why isn't this like a hour long?

  • random person
    random person 17 days ago

    Put a head shot counter

  • stormed data
    stormed data 18 days ago +2

    3:17 its russian standard gold, one of my personal favorite vodkas hard to get in us, easy in europe

  • Herman Reyna
    Herman Reyna 18 days ago

    Peli-Grozo not Peli-Greaso

  • Boris
    Boris 18 days ago +1


  • Sir Soongebob K. Squarepants

    *[Everyone liked that]*

  • Nutto Butto
    Nutto Butto 18 days ago


  • Doyle911
    Doyle911 18 days ago

    I have one question, what does don keefer do at 6:15?

  • Souls
    Souls 19 days ago

    If a movie has Keanu in it, then it is impossible to give the movie any sins to begin with.

  • Selli Kelly
    Selli Kelly 19 days ago +2

    Better question : *what **_isn't_** great about John wick?*

  • Megalasaurian Yeet
    Megalasaurian Yeet 19 days ago

    Everything in john wick is great gad dammit

  • Julian Lopez
    Julian Lopez 19 days ago

    The contractor

  • Nora Mero
    Nora Mero 20 days ago

    ha he is not American lol KR is Canadian.

  • Stinkyman04
    Stinkyman04 20 days ago

    Bro, he should've t-bagged the enemies and then proceed to,"Turn to his friend and unload a full clip into his friend's pelvis." But this was a great movie i saw at my friend's b-day party

  • Nadir Kaid
    Nadir Kaid 20 days ago

    You are talking good shot about someone in render distens

  • Franky Lee
    Franky Lee 20 days ago

    James Bond: I'm the coolest sexiest killer there is.
    John Wick: Hold my puppy

  • Brenna Brodbeck
    Brenna Brodbeck 21 day ago

    This is breathtaking

  • Tyler McGaugh
    Tyler McGaugh 21 day ago +1

    Moral of the Story: Don't... kill... John... Wick's... dog.

  • zero012345678910ten
    zero012345678910ten 21 day ago

    I know this video came out awhile ago, but I still wish this was called everything BREATHTAKING about John wick

  • Jockjammer
    Jockjammer 21 day ago

    knidfe is not "unproffeiomal"

  • Braden Sumers
    Braden Sumers 22 days ago

    Wait, what about The Accountant? He was always getting headshots, didn't matter what weapon or situation.

  • Poke Mon
    Poke Mon 22 days ago +1

    7:54 I bet the guy is saying in his mind "OMG ITS KEANU REEVES

  • Alexander Posey
    Alexander Posey 22 days ago

    I clicked on a video about John wick and got a add about John wick

  • Hacker 85422
    Hacker 85422 23 days ago

    Lol I thought the brutal count was gonna go like a million :0

  • BigMommaZiga
    BigMommaZiga 23 days ago

    Well just


  • Frost burn36
    Frost burn36 23 days ago

    Every win is now x100 because John Wick says so

  • Galaxalord
    Galaxalord 23 days ago

    The best thing about the movie is that guns actually HAVE TO BE RELOADED.

  • Karen Eastman
    Karen Eastman 24 days ago

    Is that the man who plays Mister Mayhem in the commercials?? Poor Mister Mayhem dude :-O:-O:-(:-( :-O:-O:-):-D Viggo killed a guy on The Continental grounds too.He should b e severely punished too and be Ex Communicado as well.:-O:-) I wish there was a real God of Blacksmithing.:-(:-(:-D