PIC16F88 ADC + LCD demo

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    EMMANUEL VIRATEL 4 months ago

    Hello, I'm Emmanuel, living in Toulouse (France) I'm kind of PIC applications Would you pleased send me the schematic and the code files of your bargraph with 16F88. My email is viratelemmanuel@yahoo.fr Thanks a lot best regards Emmanuel

  • Anderson de Paula
    Anderson de Paula 10 months ago

    Ok, code!

  • Bandar Muayda
    Bandar Muayda 4 years ago

    its really smalier to yours

  • Bandar Muayda
    Bandar Muayda 4 years ago

    i got this project
    You are required to design a project that creates a fully ‘black’ square customised LCD character - as the POTENTIOMETER is turned the top line of the LCD module starts to fill with these characters to form a bar-type display - fully advancing the POTENTIOMETER will fill the tope line with 8 such characters whilst fully reducing the POTENTIOMETER will result in no characters displayed

  • Bandar Muayda
    Bandar Muayda 4 years ago

    hi that is really nice, good work can you please send me the code

  • Fernando Vinícius G. Magro

    Hi yoyomin, can you share with us the averaging filter that you used. You have got stable readings.

  • todor dimitrov
    todor dimitrov 5 years ago

    My name is Todor and i am from Bulgaria...so that my english is very badd (excuse me for that) I learning for Engineer and i saw your project. It was awesome.. good for you.. Can i ask you and please you to send me a program code and schematic for this wonderful project.. I really wanna do it for my School Project this ear :).
    My email is : ototo147@abv.bg
    Skype is: hacker4eto1
    I really thank you ,and good for you...it is awasome..

  • yoyomin
    yoyomin  6 years ago

    As far as I remember there was an averaging filter which makes the reading stable.

  • Dan Frederiksen
    Dan Frederiksen 6 years ago

    how can there be that many decimals and that stable?
    what bit depth is the ADC?

  • Felipe III Adlawan
    Felipe III Adlawan 6 years ago

    Please send also at adlawan89@yahoo.com

  • Roland Fery
    Roland Fery 7 years ago

    Hello sir,
    thank you for your prompt response
    I am a beginner and would like to learn how peak
    here is my email address:
    good you to men.
    at the nex time

  • yoyomin
    yoyomin  7 years ago

    Salut! Yes I have the code. If you leave me your email I could send you the files. They are written in PICC. For the schematic please refer to HD44780 datasheet and the datasheet of your microcontroller.

  • Roland Fery
    Roland Fery 7 years ago

    good work, is it possible to have your schematic and your source

  • exnol
    exnol 7 years ago

    Good one man. You got a link?