Powers Of The Mind! (What we all can actually do!)

  • Published on Mar 16, 2014
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  • MarkGaming YT
    MarkGaming YT Day ago

    I can only do wind power thats shame

  • Carlos L Ray
    Carlos L Ray Day ago +1

    CLICK BAIT ... Let me tell you before you go any further.. They don't show you him levitating..

  • Carlos L Ray
    Carlos L Ray Day ago +1

    Did they collect all the Dragon balls.. Lol.. Thinking he Goku

  • Jimmy David
    Jimmy David 2 days ago

    Accunpuncture has been proven to do jack shit. So has mind over matter.

  • domo konichiwa ver.3

    He just fire bender...nothing specials~

  • Meli Otero
    Meli Otero 5 days ago

    If we can fire bend can we also earth bend water bend and bend air? Omg we ARE the avatar lol seriously ive alaways wanted to water bend coyld this be possible with chi if we can control fire?

  • Yijun 2525
    Yijun 2525 7 days ago

    i NEED HIM to teach me the power

  • John Doe
    John Doe 10 days ago

    This guy is legit, that power is not his but he earned the right to be allowed and able to use it.

  • Stephan Dube
    Stephan Dube 10 days ago

    What we can actually do... I can write a comment and not watch a silly video. The power of the mind is... ABSOLUTE!!

  • Chanell’s paige Zhanah

    What word were they chanting?

  • Larry Bryant
    Larry Bryant 12 days ago

    Sorry but I just don't believe it especially the levitation gig that would be considered unnatural

  • Robert Snyder
    Robert Snyder 14 days ago

    Did you know you can meet your spirit lover from your mind ? Its the truth you giving thoughts to them from the universe .

  • フラサラススティーブ

    Good job alright & thanks!

  • Wilde Parker
    Wilde Parker 15 days ago

    I'm a Chinese,I can move objects with my mind

    DJ SAVAGE 15 days ago

    I want to create a way out this is a sick game humanity is playing

  • Upeinder The life coach

    I have to meet him

  • James Holthoff
    James Holthoff 20 days ago

    Force from star wars= Energy in our world

  • Big Vro
    Big Vro 25 days ago

    That’s great man

  • Touré maman Cisse
    Touré maman Cisse 25 days ago +1

    Salam cheickou Cisse sokoro Paris

  • Peter Foenander
    Peter Foenander 25 days ago

    Pure deamonic shit

  • Lee Huff
    Lee Huff 26 days ago


  • Steve Beebe
    Steve Beebe 26 days ago

    What a bunch of crap

  • Nothing Free
    Nothing Free 27 days ago

    i didn't click to see the fake levitation , just want to comment that these videos are a waste of anybodies time.😀😀

  • Andy Evans
    Andy Evans 27 days ago

    So this is all sexual energy?? Chin and yang

  • Ram Kandel
    Ram Kandel 28 days ago

    you can do everything, just need to believe in you.

    JOSEPH THISTLE 28 days ago

    I think we all know this is b s

  • SxapzGamingTV
    SxapzGamingTV 29 days ago

    i hope after this video that i can fly..

  • jess mcisaac
    jess mcisaac 29 days ago

    F:)king shite x

  • Gomesz Jr
    Gomesz Jr Month ago

    best clickbait thumb

  • mahmod eid
    mahmod eid Month ago

    This was only less than 30% of there power maybe less or maybe a little more but no one can learn this technique I mean they didn't learn it for random people
    There is people more powerful than this put they didn't reveal in our world if your destiny to open your real power in you so it will it's how it works Some people looking for this power to use it in revenge or in bad things thinking him self as superman but with this special power becomes a great responsibility don't tired your self to get this power it's already in you and some times it reveal but you didn't see it or feel it too.....
    A little advice:don't looking for This power and this not the only power that humans shocked or surprised when they see it 🌋🛤

  • sharon anderson
    sharon anderson Month ago

    The reason pinky and the brain never succeeded in taking over the world is because he always said "try" to take over the world in stead of just take over the world. I love pinky and the brain tho. I do.

  • Celtic Jay
    Celtic Jay Month ago

    Pen and teller need to hook up with this guy

  • 4H 5Z
    4H 5Z Month ago +4

    Instructions not clear I ended up burning my house down

  • H B
    H B Month ago

    Reminds me of the monk who sold his Ferrari

  • Debika Mondal
    Debika Mondal Month ago

    I want to meet this man.i am from india

  • Xashed
    Xashed Month ago +10

    This chakra I've never seen such a thing😨

  • Irwan Syah
    Irwan Syah Month ago

    Wah orang indonesia rupanya

  • Bryan .M
    Bryan .M Month ago

    Just gotta focus ur chakra

  • Densel Bullard
    Densel Bullard Month ago

    Who is watching in 2029?

  • Cuarajhy Rojayju
    Cuarajhy Rojayju Month ago +2

    Every time I feel I’m getting sick I do an enema with coffee, lemon vinegar potassium compounds sea salt and I drink one table spoon on magnesium chloride and after 2 hrs I’m back to health

  • powerful Goku
    powerful Goku Month ago +1


  • Zac Potaka
    Zac Potaka Month ago

    I can heal peoples headachs and other pains in pwoples heads and bodys

  • Dandy Greenwood
    Dandy Greenwood Month ago

    He's from indonesian

  • Smart phone Gamer
    Smart phone Gamer Month ago

    Can you imagine how stupid some one wood be if they believed this 😅😅😂😂

    • Smart phone Gamer
      Smart phone Gamer Month ago

      +Gamercode 47 lol

    • Gamercode 47
      Gamercode 47 Month ago +1

      Smart phone Gamer wood🤣🤣 would first correct your english then try to understand these things

  • Kenneth Schultheis
    Kenneth Schultheis Month ago


  • Armando Sierra
    Armando Sierra Month ago


    JUST LIKE THAT Month ago

    This mf is fake

  • Secondous Sagoe
    Secondous Sagoe Month ago +1

    Whos watching in 2019 im in the future

  • Piataki Nai
    Piataki Nai Month ago +1

    Producing fire from yo own hands is physically impossible

  • DRAGON-5000v3
    DRAGON-5000v3 Month ago +1

    This stuff is real but it's to Dangerous to trust alot of ppl with this Ability

  • z6830
    z6830 Month ago +1

    Came here for the matrix comments

  • 24 SAV
    24 SAV Month ago +1

    I’m 24 I still believe I can turn into super sayin 3 one day !

  • 松本周
    松本周 Month ago


  • Joel Haokip
    Joel Haokip Month ago +1

    Instead of meditation, I'd rather play pubg

  • Dubai Dubai
    Dubai Dubai Month ago +7

    Who is watching this video in 2019?

  • Kaprise Edwards
    Kaprise Edwards Month ago

    ying yang release

  • Soul ;-;
    Soul ;-; Month ago

    all this is bullshit yaknow?

  • History Swaroop
    History Swaroop Month ago

    Your are Cristiano Jesus Christ LoL. Blady phonetic people fire up by hands????????

  • ray venom
    ray venom Month ago

    lol...Powers of the Ignorance...

  • Ashraf Khateeb
    Ashraf Khateeb Month ago +2

    2:22 ..


  • ruben reynara
    ruben reynara Month ago +6

    when you think this is china, it’s not. i tell you this is indonesia.

  • thota sampath
    thota sampath Month ago

    Really he is great

  • Therrmal
    Therrmal Month ago +1

    After watching Lucy i went up to my dog and tried to communicate with it.

    It didn't work

  • Jay Filet
    Jay Filet Month ago

    You got a bridge in Brooklyn you're trying to sell too. Get the fuck outta here!

  • Janet Leach
    Janet Leach Month ago +15

    Ṯḧệ ŀäẅ öḟ äẗẗŕäċẗïöń ïṩ äŀẅäÿṩ ḟäïŕ äńď ġïṿệṩ ṃệ ẅḧäẗ Ï ệṃöẗïöńäŀŀÿ ḟöċüṩ öń bit.ly/2SOYd0F?-U7y6Tgfr43E2a

  • digital subliminal messages

    S R B
    What's up oldman ??? ///

  • digital subliminal messages

    S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
    ....ironically positive thought is still hard for us as a species

  • Kahanu Morales
    Kahanu Morales Month ago

    "All they were feeling was the feeling of what it feels like"

  • Antok Winanta
    Antok Winanta Month ago

    this from indonesian

  • jaddy540
    jaddy540 Month ago

    The guy is sitting on the ground. THE 'SHADOW' IS AIRBRUSHED ON THE GROUND!

  • if the life give you jhon sena make wwe

    One word (boii if you dont have...)

  • Mortal gamer
    Mortal gamer Month ago

    Fucking videos

  • Crag B
    Crag B Month ago

    Oh fuck off

  • Arthuria Rossi II
    Arthuria Rossi II Month ago +1


  • poopbuutt
    poopbuutt Month ago +7

    This is the beginning of clickbait before Ali-A came about 🙄

  • Y1N G
    Y1N G Month ago

    Is this real 🤤

  • Ahmed Aan
    Ahmed Aan Month ago

    bruh what how did he put the newspaper on fire

  • adrinz
    adrinz Month ago

    I guess dragonball z is real..

  • Jorge Uchiha
    Jorge Uchiha Month ago

    He real name is krillin goku left and master roshi died he’s the only left

  • Powercoin31 Coin lolz
    Powercoin31 Coin lolz Month ago +1

    When the child started screaming I started laughing 😂🤣🤣🤣😂

  • NonstopLuckydog OFFICIAL

    I soo want to know that meditation

  • جِوِريِّهِ أّمَ خَدِوِدِ

    أّګوِ عٌربِ

  • DachiiXO
    DachiiXO Month ago +1

    Tbh if i had this i would totally misuse it lol... guess thats why i don't 😂

  • Big boy Liam
    Big boy Liam Month ago

    Naruto irl

  • NorthSaint
    NorthSaint Month ago +1

    But can he do the Kamehameha Wave?

  • ibrahim atlı
    ibrahim atlı Month ago +5

    7:00 iskender buyuk:))

  • Бек NUR
    Бек NUR Month ago

    Есть тут наши?😁

  • E C L i P S E
    E C L i P S E Month ago


  • Taher Badnawarwala
    Taher Badnawarwala Month ago +220

    Who is watching it 2019 use me as a like button 👇🏻

    • The Matrixxx
      The Matrixxx 25 days ago

      The prana energy is real

    • i12
      i12 29 days ago

      u r ass is watching

    • Jake Smith
      Jake Smith Month ago +1

      Why? We can use the videos like button as a like button, fuck off you dirty beg

    • Sean Coluccio
      Sean Coluccio Month ago +1

      Taher Badnawarwala thirsty slut

  • Sudhir Pacharne
    Sudhir Pacharne Month ago

    Nice video

  • Alexandre Rocha
    Alexandre Rocha Month ago

    "What we all can actually do!"

    do get old and die, as everyone

  • weed san
    weed san Month ago

    Biba struja does things similar

  • Eko Mangunjayabb
    Eko Mangunjayabb Month ago +1

    He is indonesian.

  • army lover yash Vishwakarma

    This is meditation power

  • Neeraj P
    Neeraj P Month ago


  • Harnareshwarjeet Singh

    For your kind information let me tell u this type of power need more than 40 years of deep meditation regularly. And it is possible only through the blessings of Guru. Inshort YOU HAVE TO DEATTACH YOURSELF FROM THIS MATERIAL WORLD..♥️hope this helps u😊..

  • Ṭhitañāṇo Bhikkhu
    Ṭhitañāṇo Bhikkhu 2 months ago +1

    Fire creation - this is a normal result when a person is practicing kasiṇa-bhāvanā, or tejo-kasiṇa.
    Sādhu! Sādhu! Sādhu!

  • Amro Jordan
    Amro Jordan 2 months ago

    2:30 fire started from the bottom not the top!

  • Richard Wyant
    Richard Wyant 2 months ago


    ZEESHAN KHATTAK 2 months ago

    wow that's Great