Film Theory: How NOT To Train Your Dragon! (How To Train Your Dragon)

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
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    Ever wonder what it would be like to have your own pet dragon? The How To Train Your Dragon movies have made us think it would be a fire-breathing good time! Except they never actually tell us HOW to train a dragon or if it would be a good idea in the first place. I mean, these are dangerous wild creatures! So today I'm out to give us a FINAL ANSWER! Should you try to train a dragon? Let's find out!
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    Writer: Stephanie Patrick
    Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and BanditRants
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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Comments • 7 960

  • diapason89
    diapason89 11 hours ago

    "You can't train a lizard to fire a gun."
    Hold my beer.

  • Macro Mondo
    Macro Mondo 11 hours ago

    *Me after watching this video*
    Steve Irwin respect FURTHER intensifies

  • ezequiel carranza
    ezequiel carranza 11 hours ago +1

    my child hood is ruined if your was too like this coment

  • Kaitlyn Stuart
    Kaitlyn Stuart 11 hours ago

    Firstly MatPat how dare you diss my childhood and favorite show to this day and secondly you missed a bunch of stuff theirs more movies such as;
    Riders of Berk (P1 and P2)
    Dragons Race To The Edge (Which has six seasons)
    And if Toothless really hted Hiccup why does he save him so many times? and why doesn't he attack Hiccup at the end of the last movie?

  • Knight of The Gilded Curvation

    I think you have to go about this as if they were birds. They have similar mating habits, have to devote mental capacity to flight (therefore much more active than terrestrial lizards), and like birds may have a slightly more developed cerebellum and midbrain. Though some could be argued as mimicry of their owners, birds also seem to learn emotions and when to use reactions in proper situation.
    I've often heard parrots being compared to children.

  • zelatoth
    zelatoth 11 hours ago

    I think comparing a mythological creature to a real world lizard is a bit of a stretch. Comparing the history of what dragons are from other cultures seems like a better theory then they look like lizards so compare them to lizards.

  • Porygon YT
    Porygon YT 11 hours ago

    Dragons are not the same as lizards.
    They look similar, but with that logic, dinosaurs would be alligators, and whales would be fishes.
    Almost in every representation of dragons, they are very smart and often are able to communicate verbally or telepathically.
    I don't this it's a good idea to treat reptiles and dragons as the same thing.

  • Mia Alvarez
    Mia Alvarez 11 hours ago

    Then why does my snake watch Stranger Things from her terrarium with me?

  • L . I . N . K
    L . I . N . K 11 hours ago

    "MatPat is a secret agent for PETA" confirmed.

  • pingas FLAME
    pingas FLAME 11 hours ago

    Yet again you have ruined something people love

  • Redstone Creator
    Redstone Creator 11 hours ago

    Hey MatPat why not make a Dumbo theory. I wonder if you can realy fly whit your ears

  • Langodan Dreemurr
    Langodan Dreemurr 11 hours ago +1

    The golden rule of dragon training is to....
    (the louder the better)
    Of course, learning Dragonese could make your process slightly easier, but do keep in mind that it's highly illegal.

  • beriigirl
    beriigirl 11 hours ago

    So glad I wasn’t the only one uncomfortable with the “taming” in this franchise

  • dman animation
    dman animation 11 hours ago +1


  • Cottontail Studios
    Cottontail Studios 11 hours ago

    Slight issue, what if dragons were more like birds than lizards. I mean they can fly, birds can fly, hell even bats can fly. If they've got all that up in their heads, I'm sure a dragon is far more comparable to a bird counterpart, like a crow.

  • Poh Wan You
    Poh Wan You 11 hours ago

    Childhood Ruined...

  • Gigy Hily
    Gigy Hily 11 hours ago

    Omggggg can you just make a Legend of Zelda botw theory already pleaseee😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏( also lots of love ❤️)

  • Tide Pod
    Tide Pod 11 hours ago

    Shut up and let me enjoy the happy pet-human relationship

  • Gaming With Mike12891
    Gaming With Mike12891 11 hours ago

    my child hood.....gone ._.

  • Insomn
    Insomn 11 hours ago

    These dragon brains are telepathic, and that telepathy seems to correlate with whatever entity is responsible for their nourishment or protection. So all you have to do to train a dragon is simultaneously feed, house, and love that dragon. In turn, the dragon's telepathic brain will align with yours.

  • L30n G
    L30n G 11 hours ago

    Sorry MatPat but i cant be on your side this Time. Not only do you ignore that HTTYD Dragons arent like your usual lizard on real Life but you even ignore that Hiccup has tried before the third movie to give Toothless a better prostethic.
    There is more i could add but my point is clear. Your wrong this Time around. Not even going into the slandering of a franchises themes.

  • TyrAnnicAl 2
    TyrAnnicAl 2 11 hours ago

    To everyone who is “proving this theory wrong,” just be happy that MatPat uploaded a video and enjoy it without thinking about the logistics of it. He spends hours researching and thinking up theories for YOU to enjoy.
    Just think about that and enjoy the video.

  • LazyDarvo
    LazyDarvo 11 hours ago

    did you just assume dragons are lizards? D:

  • Error_D2C.
    Error_D2C. 11 hours ago +1


  • Desmallwall DrW
    Desmallwall DrW 11 hours ago

    You said in the short, Gift of the Night Fury, that Hiccup still had things keeping him in control, however, Toothless just outright left him, toothless saw that he was back in control, and took off, but in the end, he came back to Hiccup and in the second movie, Hiccup expressed wanting to help Toothless fly on his own, and it was brought up in the beginning that Toothless was worried about Hiccup.
    One thing you missed entirely was in the tv series, Dragons Riders of Berk, where the domesticated animal made problems for Berk and they fixed it.
    I would consider a dragon it’s own creature, not a reptile, though it has scales, it is more of a mix between a cat and a dog, meaning it does have that type of brain power. I love game theory but please rethink this one and watch the TV series, there are three of them, Dragons Riders of Berk, Dragons Defenders of Berk, and Dragons Race to the edge (Netflix Original).

  • Red Raptor Writes
    Red Raptor Writes 11 hours ago

    I think the comments are being too harsh on Matpat. He's using a film series to teach us about reptiles because education is his main goal. Of course the dragons in the movies are fictional creatures who may very well have a limbic system and the ability to emotionally attach to humans, but the closest creatures we have in real life to dragons are reptiles who you can't possibly train in the same way, bringing Matpat to question the possibility of training dragons. It's a fun episode with a series I really like, and I learned something so I'm happy.

  • Casey Redden
    Casey Redden 11 hours ago

    I think dragons deserve more credit then you are giving to them, yes they are similar to reptiles but obviously they aren't the same. For instance they aren't cold blooded seeing as they can breathe fire and live in a colder climate, plus they have wings... I don't think it is impossible to say that they have a more developed brain like a cat or dog.

  • manleadertheater
    manleadertheater 11 hours ago

    As dragons are very real creatures we know they are the equivalent to modern day reptiles and lizards. We simply cannot acknowledge that the source material we are talking about shows them to be creatures with developed brains and emotions... did I get that right?
    I love these videos and even when I disagree with what matpat says I am still entertained, but this type of stuff really aggravates me. We cannot ignore what is shown to us in the source material just to contradict a recent movie for the views. If your entire theory revolves around comparing a dragon as shown in the movies to a real world lizard when they DO NOT act the same, then it is not a solid theory. Sorry Matpat, but I have to give this one a solid no.

  • The Daisy King
    The Daisy King 11 hours ago

    In gift if the night fury toothless rejects the new tail fin. Just sayin. 😑

  • Spicy Italian Mongoose
    Spicy Italian Mongoose 11 hours ago

    What if the dragons in How to Train Your Dragon are more complex than your average lizard. What if they do have a brain more similar to those of whom such as a human or dog.

  • Bobz Blue
    Bobz Blue 11 hours ago

    These dragons obviously have cat, dog or bird behavior when trained or domesticated.

  • Ahmed Essam
    Ahmed Essam 11 hours ago

    Can their brains change due to some certain enviromental changes or pressure.
    We didnt abuse these lizards as far as i know but will it change and adapt to improve and learn emotions.
    Because if so this theory is busted because hiccup put toothless in a really stressed life and death scenario inculding an injury in the process then he went into his enviroment where he lived in an another world where he gets free food stuck in it because toothless cant fly.
    So to all these dramatic changes that toothless couldnt fly on his own to the way that he used to, living in a total different life, went through lifetime injury, and hunting isnt his main source of food (even if he is eating the same food that he used to eat)
    They can change his brain making him learn about human emotions and his relationship to it.

  • Eecowarrior Fast guy
    Eecowarrior Fast guy 11 hours ago

    Night fury’s are smarter than your average dragon

  • oof oof
    oof oof 11 hours ago

    Amazing amazing ending you made me laugh so much

  • Aiden Start
    Aiden Start 11 hours ago

    MatPat don't say this is animal abuse because all you do in ark is going around and punching animals and knocking them out to tame them, and in some cases you beat the dinosaur to keep it sleeping, THAT is animal abuse

  • teh BadArtist49
    teh BadArtist49 11 hours ago


    i liked the books better ;-;

  • EineKartoffel
    EineKartoffel 11 hours ago

    But in the world of the movie they are - like you said - glorified cats.

  • Heather Renee Lafromboise

    in fosters home for imaginary friends madam foster and franky wear the same clothes (pretty much) what if madam foster thought of frankie and she's her imaginary friend (as well as the rabbit guy or whatever)

  • Ada SweetBeach
    Ada SweetBeach 11 hours ago

    I think you misunderstood the movie and Toothless emotions, I think this is the first time I have disliked a film theory video.

  • Giovanni Paraizo
    Giovanni Paraizo 11 hours ago

    Do you know any real reptile that can draw a face on sand? (without any training and for no apparent reason,just for fun)
    They're smart enough to understand hand gestures, comprehend the situation, symbols,having and showing, very clearly, emotions...not to mention how dragon society works,they live in hives...having a leader is something normal to them...

  • Gayme Over
    Gayme Over 11 hours ago

    What if the dragons don't have lizzard brains? Are they even all that lizzard like to begin with?

  • OceanBagel
    OceanBagel 11 hours ago +1


  • justin isp
    justin isp 11 hours ago

    not to nit-pick-even if that's what this is-but dragon are not reptiles. they're reptilian sure, but not reptiles.

  • Vincent Phillips
    Vincent Phillips 11 hours ago

    Can you figure out where they are geographically as a mini theory

  • Mao Frost
    Mao Frost 11 hours ago

    Buuuut no... You missed A LOOOT of points that disproves this

  • Hope PinkBunny
    Hope PinkBunny 11 hours ago

    You should do a film theory and coralline. I’m dying to see you d that movie. Plsssss 🥺🙏

  • RazorBlade
    RazorBlade 11 hours ago

    Do dragons have rabves?like it’s a raccoon??also can’t you just take a dragon by stealing a egg

  • Francis Vergara
    Francis Vergara 11 hours ago

    may be she is moana

  • Sandstorm
    Sandstorm 11 hours ago

    U mm, I hate to be critical here, but you are grasping at straws for a theory. You labeled dragons in the series as untrainable cause they are lizards and they are but they are fictional characters with different biology then normal lizards

  • Old Account
    Old Account 11 hours ago

    Man, 4 minutes of introduction.
    You need to fix that

  • James Brooks
    James Brooks 11 hours ago

    See my only problem with this theory is that i do not think the dragon is a reptile, they show no traits other then scales and egg laying that would suggest they are a reptile. They are not cold blooded and throughout the movies show a wide range of emotions food for thought.

  • DragonJane 642
    DragonJane 642 11 hours ago

    Dragons and other lizards are very different....and pls don't ruin the movie series......😥

  • gbubs
    gbubs 11 hours ago

    The dragons in how to train your dragon are way smarter than normal lizards. Some of them, like toothless are even about as smart as humans.

  • Juvenile Aetosaur
    Juvenile Aetosaur 11 hours ago

    The new MIB is NOT A REBOOT, its a SEQUEL.

  • Peng Wing
    Peng Wing 11 hours ago

    I wonder where the Hidden World is located

  • Toto Cat
    Toto Cat 11 hours ago

    Mat pat there different animals

  • Ginanjar Putu Wijaya
    Ginanjar Putu Wijaya 11 hours ago

    I'm sad that you're turning yourself into some corporation that hungers for algorhythm only.

  • Landon Howe
    Landon Howe 11 hours ago

    Well from a quick google search reptiles can’t fly

  • Phantom Darkus
    Phantom Darkus 11 hours ago +1

    the thing is you can not compare the dragons of httyd to our lizards because they act differently. Throughout the 3 movies, we see that dragons can have emotional attachments. A better theory would be how to better train your dragon or how to actually train your dragon?

  • Erykthebat
    Erykthebat 11 hours ago

    Since they fly wouldnt they have more advanced brains that lizards perhaps even as advanced as dinosaurs and birds, btw you and definatly train birds. Some birds recognize themselves in mirrors and have tool use.

  • FonyBrit
    FonyBrit 11 hours ago

    A 15 minute video literally dedicated to saying that lizards are dumb. 10/10 glad I support this content by watching it all the way through.

  • Megapixel
    Megapixel 11 hours ago

    You make me angry.

  • Sirgeshko
    Sirgeshko 11 hours ago

    MatPat, you're comparing real life reptiles to Dragons. We don't even know if the HtTYD dragons are reptiles! They seem some kind of middle class between Reptiles and Birds, as they're not coldblooded, but they don't have feathers. It *is* possible to train birds, and we see even the stupidest dragons in the film acting with emotion and preferences beyond survival, suggesting much more advanced brains.

  • z.
    z. 11 hours ago

    this ain't it, mat

  • TallFry2
    TallFry2 11 hours ago

    That's assuming that they're pure reptile in every regard. Dragons in a fictional regard are based on a combination of cats, lizards, and bats. Two of those three are mammals that actually have the brain capacity required for relationships and training. If you follow that logic, it's entirely possible for dragons to be trainable. Unless they're actually smarter than you are. But that's a whole other story.

  • Alex Griggs
    Alex Griggs 11 hours ago +1

    It's called train because it's named after the book where everyone has a domesticated pet dragon and you do train them

  • ionicbullets 1
    ionicbullets 1 11 hours ago

    Well their heads are pretty big so maybe

  • A G
    A G 11 hours ago

    The black big eyed dog my dad breed

  • Robert Alexander
    Robert Alexander 11 hours ago

    But Toothless does show emotions. More so than a dog. Not only showing emotions but also understanding.

  • Bailey Kupisiewicz
    Bailey Kupisiewicz 11 hours ago

    I was expecting him to continue the theory from the perspective of dragons being lizards that DO have a limbic system, but apparently he missed the opportunity.

  • Error_D2C.
    Error_D2C. 11 hours ago +1

    ..Birthdays on *March 25th* btw.

    -lol. Nah but, Good vid Matpat ^-^

  • Shubham Kumar
    Shubham Kumar 11 hours ago

    Great theory

  • Shane Tremain
    Shane Tremain 11 hours ago

    I don't have the heart to thumbs down this video...but I definitely can't give it a thumbs up. I was waiting for you to say if they acted like a mammal, but you didn't. This theory was poorly done.

  • RumbaChuck
    RumbaChuck 11 hours ago +1

    You only gonna make uninteresting videos for children now?

  • StolenJokes StolenChannel

    Haven’t watched this yet but don’t you fucking ruin my favorite movie you piece of shit human

  • Scrollreader
    Scrollreader 11 hours ago

    Think I gotta disagree with that last bit there. You're comparing one of the most powerful mythical creatures to real life reptiles, which I think just doesn't work. Dragons are almost universally accepted as being sentient on at least some level, and many of the dragons in literature are driven by motivations found in humans, typically, it would seem, greed. Although they can't talk, the dragons of How to Train Your Dragon do actually seem to exhibit some capacity for emotion, so I think their brains aren't quite as reptilian as you're assuming.

  • Alexia's Shado
    Alexia's Shado 11 hours ago

    0:50 Most on this list belong to Disney. This means Disney is dying despite flooding the market. THEY HAVE NO ORIGINALITY. I mean, they never did in the first place if you want to get technical about it, but they're so desperate they're simply regurgitating themselves over and over again.
    Here's an original idea: MAKE ANIMATED MOVIES.
    Worried that they're making too many characters for the public/children to follow? Then stop, because that's never, ever been a problem until Game of Thrones.

  • lollipop illustration
    lollipop illustration 11 hours ago

    MatPat... Toothless REJECTED the tail that Hiccup made him in the Gift of the Night Fury, meaning that he DIDN'T want to fly unless it was with Hiccup. The dragons have far more in depth emotions that you've assumed. Unimpressed with this lazy theory.

  • Hart Poole
    Hart Poole 11 hours ago

    To compare a lizard or crocodile to the dragons in the movies, ignores that there are 2 very different survival methods at play.
    The lizards and crocodiles, they are wholly following the low energy path to survival.
    The dragons of the movies show they adapt to and exploit the resources of their environment . This is not a low energy method and requires high intelligence.

    The different paths help explain the differences in the brains between horses and crocodiles mentioned in the video.
    Horses are warm-blooded and MUST eat and drink often or they die.
    Crocodiles can go months without food but when food is found (or finds them) they devour it.
    Brains use large amounts of energy for their size, so intelligence has a high energy cost for an animal.
    That energy ends up as heat.

    This is why horses that are warm-blooded, can have bigger brains, because that energy used by the brain would have been needed to warm their bodies anyway. Having the higher intelligence needed to find extra food and water is a bonus.
    For a crocodile, Conserving energy is the name of the game and, again this is in the video, if they don't have to move they won't. A large complex brain is a complete waste to a cold-blooded reptile, this is why they don't have them.

    Most behaviours of dragons in the movies, indicate that they are warm-blooded.
    They are very active at any hour.
    They are always looking for food.
    They are large. (larger animals tend to warm-blooded)

    Also that they are highly intelligent.
    They are attacking or hunting in groups.
    They are stealing from other species.
    They are forcing competing animals from their territory using basic war-like methods, actively isolating small groups to kill, not for food but to destroy them.
    They appear to have different cultures, look at the dragons living under different alphas or humans.

    It would be more likely you could train dragons using their eusocial instincts to help train them, as will as their intelligence.

    Side notes.
    Dragons biologically would not be close to reptiles, they have 6 limbs when all known vertebrates have 4 limbs. They would belong to a super-class or sub-phylum of their own.

    Mammals like koalas, anteaters or sloths that follow a low energy path to survival tend to have reduced brains and behave similarly to reptiles.
    For example koalas do not see leaves as food unless they are hanging from a stick.

  • Blaze5152004
    Blaze5152004 11 hours ago

    D&D 5e dragons are able to communicate with humans

  • crazy Canadian guy
    crazy Canadian guy 11 hours ago

    matpat, you didn't even get into the nitty gritty of the 3rd movie, and only did this theory because it's popular and still trending, you have hurt me emotionally by doing such a shitty video on an entire series that helped me through childhood, i saw the video ad thought to give it a try but you just killed it for me, thanks a lot.........;-;

  • TheSteveCraftersPE
    TheSteveCraftersPE 11 hours ago

    MatPat has to realize, dragons’ heads are much much larger than humans’. This means they probably have larger skulls than average reptiles. Plus, the dragons in the movies and books of HTTYD are usually much bigger. Even with Toothless from the book, who is smaller than a full grown cat or dog, he can actually speak! If dragons from the books have the brain size to speak to each other and even very skilled humans, the same can be said for the ones in the movies. I feel it’s wrong to judge a certain animal because they’re of the same genus as another animal. Hiccup and Toothless have one of the best animal/human relationship in the history of books and screens. MatPat is a very smart guy and comes up with theories renowned scientists probably couldn’t (then again scientists don’t make theories about games and movies/TV shows, but sometimes he just doesn’t get his facts right.

  • Solid Steak
    Solid Steak 11 hours ago

    MatPat: “you cannot train your lizard to shot a gun”
    Me: “oh yeah then explain how me and my Komodo dragon can breach and clear a room full of hostiles in mere seconds?”

  • Evan Huntley
    Evan Huntley 11 hours ago

    You compare the dragons in the film to regular reptiles even tho u point out several places in the film that the dragons exhibit behaviors similar to that of cats (basically more complex behaviors than reptilian brains are capable of)...all this means that the dragons, at least biologically, are as capable of being trained as a domesticated cat...for proof look to the clear signs of affection and excitement (complex emotions) toothless exhibits towards Hiccup...please address this in a follow up video

    • Evan Huntley
      Evan Huntley 11 hours ago

      Because dragons don’t actually exist we can’t compare them to reptiles simply based on the idea that they are reptiles and therefore would be basically the same as any other reptiles...instead, we need to examine their behaviors and tendencies to fully understand how they could (or couldn’t) be trained

  • Kimberly Martiez
    Kimberly Martiez 11 hours ago

    But matpat you didn’t factor in what the ability to fly would’ve done to its reptilian brain

  • Bob Forgot
    Bob Forgot 11 hours ago

    I thought you just SHOUT AT IT... LOUDLY

  • Ian Fuchsloch
    Ian Fuchsloch 11 hours ago

    The movie should be renamed “how to cruelly capture and control a reptile that would never love you anyway”
    Maybe it wouldn’t do as well...

  • Purple Purple
    Purple Purple 11 hours ago

    What about Shazam

  • LordGarth6
    LordGarth6 11 hours ago

    Yea... Go watch all the netflix stuff for how to train your dragon. You will soon see that they are much more intelligent than the average lizard. You will also see hiccup make toothless a new fin that pets him be independently of hiccup and soon rejects it. Iirc Hiccup said he had to dig up the plans in the 3rd movie

  • Ugh Exercise
    Ugh Exercise 11 hours ago

    This is for comedy right?

  • Carson Richardson
    Carson Richardson 11 hours ago

    I usually love your videos MatPat but I feel like you are stretching and I don’t think it’s a huge stretch to say that dragons in the movies have different brain structures than lizards and I think it’s fair to say they aren’t written in a way to suggest that they don’t have the ability to process emotions
    I just feel it seems like to say that they have lizard brains and that they can’t process complex emotion is ignoring canonical evidence

  • the space station with ben and friend's

    This is the worst theory you have ever made god dam your dum

  • Harshavardhan Reddy
    Harshavardhan Reddy 11 hours ago

    ~Grew up in a different habitat than a reptile.
    ~Have a different evolutionary line than reptiles or lizards.
    ~The uncertainty of them even being reptile.(Hiccup's little throwaway line in the first movie wasn't a full proof that a dragon is reptile.)
    ~They might have developed scales and fire proof skin due to evolutionary causes.
    ~Hey Matpat you're just assuming that it is a reptile. Do you know that assuming a creature as something just through its looks is called the artificial method of classification and it isn't accurate at all.
    ~For all we know it might even be mammal related to a platypus or an anteater.
    ~If it can be controlled by the Alpha or queen so can they develop a relationship with humans and can take orders from them.
    Matpat: It still is a stupid and dangerous lizard which don't have personalities and cannot be trained.
    Note : Matpat talks like Drago bloodfist.

  • Phantom9252
    Phantom9252 11 hours ago

    2:50 Says Dragons are like cats
    5:35 what are you suggesting? Hiccup should let go and fall to his death? And yeah, Hiccup designed a prosthetic that needed him to operate it first because despite being a smart he's still limited by the technology of his time, he does design an autonomous tail mechanism later but that takes years to design and Toothless willingly rejects it until later.
    What? Flying a bird around like a model airplane??? Hiccup maimed Toothless because of circumstance, he was raised to be afraid and to attack dragons based on a false belief, when Toothless proved the error of his ways he created the best prosthetic he could at the time to make amends. I don't know if I should even try to finish this episode because this is one of the worst Theories yet, you're willfully ignoring all the other data and projecting malicious intent on acts that clearly aren't.
    He says "Yes I did it" not because he's so happy he has control of this animal but because the thing he designed can make amends for the harm he did.
    He forces the saddle on Toothless because Toothless still doesn't understand it's to help him fly again.
    Again, Toothless willingly rejects the autonomous tail.
    Skipped to the end to see if he brings up all the contradicting evidence to his initial theory like he sometimes does and it doesn't seem he does. Instead doubling down with a bit about how Toothless is lizard-like and thus can't have an emotional bond with Hiccup despite the fact he said Dragons are cat-like at the start.
    This seems like a classic case of "Matpat wants to talk about some science thing, in this case reptile training, so he looked for something similar in pop culture as a baseline to start from and generate interest, but despite outward appearances the pop culture thing is actually very different from the science thing, but to make the episode work anyway, Matpat just ignores all the contradictory evidence."

  • dont Subcribe
    dont Subcribe 11 hours ago

    dont like this comment

  • chrisvolpemerf gaming
    chrisvolpemerf gaming 11 hours ago

    If hiccup didn't help toothless get this would die starvation cuz he would not be able to get around properly so helping toothless was the right thing to do and realizing he still can't survive without his help hiccup decides to stay with toothless doesn't really want to control toothless he never uses toothless for monetary gain like causing fear Among The Village to gain power something so your option is let the animal die painfully and no you're the one that caused it or help the wounded animal and Hope you did the right thing

  • Wesley Brewer
    Wesley Brewer 11 hours ago

    I would say Matpat did do a good enough job of researching the series, and I do love Game Theory, but I think that MatPat and the Theory Team may have skipped over some details in this theory. He and Steph are taking care of a kid so we should give him some slack.
    But that still means we should try to find out the answer to the question "Can you tame your dragon"? I believe the answer is yes. My approach to this theory, and indeed the approach I hope I take for all theories that I write, is to try to explain what I see, to find out if it is indeed possible. The main problem I see with this theory is that he doesn't establish/dig deep into what a dragon is biologically. On the surface it appears that they are reptiles, as MatPat presumes them to be. If indeed they are purely reptiles as MatPat says they are then he is quite definitely correct with his conclusion that you cannot domesticate a dragon. Now I may be skipping over some details here (feel free to take apart my entire argument in a reply or two, I probably missed something), and my next part is mainly based upon speculation and how they act in the series, but here is what I think dragons in these movies could be.
    Throughout the series, the dragons are shown to be both intelligent and emotional. Take for instance, that the dragons in the series are capable of recognizing both verbal language and body cues, such as when Toothless realizes when Snotlout is sad in the Dragon's: Race to The Edge episode Total Nightmare and sympathizes with him (I will be using Toothless mainly for my examples, as he is the one we see the most throughout the series. He does seem more intelligent and emotional than several other dragons, but more on that later). They are capable of many other skills, such as mimicry, understanding someone else's point of view, problem solving, deduction, induction, understanding abstract concepts, the list goes on. These examples of abilities displayed by the dragons show they are more intelligent and emotionally capable than typical reptiles. But if they are reptiles they would very likely have no or limited ability to do these things. Because they would not have a limbic system. All of the traits displayed here, however, implies that they do.
    So what are dragons? They have scales, lay eggs, fly, breathe fire (Except for Toothless; I have absolutely no idea what comes out of his mouth), and likely have limbic systems. As some of the comments I have read on this video already point out, there are alternatives to them being reptiles. Some point out that dragons are, in all probability, more likely related to birds than reptiles in a similar fashion to pterosaurs. Others say they are mammals and point out that platypi and echidnas are both mammals that lay eggs, bats are mammals with wings, and the pangolin is a mammal with scales (I wish I could find the people who wrote these to cite them properly, sorry if it was you.). I say, why not both?
    The following is mainly speculation, but my theory is that the dragons here are the result of convergent evolution. "In evolutionary biology, convergent evolution is the process whereby organisms not closely related (not monophyletic), independently evolve similar traits as a result of having to adapt to similar environments or ecological niches (". This would explain why they have similar abilities, although the likelihood of this happening all of the abilities is very low. Some species, probably the ones with four legs such as Night Furies and Gronckles, are kinds of mammals. Others, the ones with two legs such as Deadly Nadders and maybe Monstrous Nightmares, are descended from birds. I don't know what a Hideous Zippleback could have come from. The main problem with them is that they need both both heads for they're breath weapon to function properly.
    Well, that is my theory, thank you for reading it. Feel free to poke all the holes in it you can, but please reply because only through discussion can we further knowledge. (Also if I made a grievous error I want to know where I went wrong in my thinking.)

  • ScorpZero Tuburan
    ScorpZero Tuburan 11 hours ago

    Dragons have emotions in httyd

  • Marina Costa
    Marina Costa 11 hours ago

    I have to disagree with this theory, not only because the dragons in the HTTYD series clearly show emotions and inteligence, but because I woudn't consider them reptiles at all. They are obviously a different order of animals that probably branched off from reptiles a very long time ago (long enough to evolve things like flight, fire breathing, higher inteligence and complex social behavior), you know, like what happened to both mammals and birds. So the comparison is just innacurate.

  • Myth Alpha
    Myth Alpha 11 hours ago +2

    Finally!! I have love all the movies and series and its my childhood 😊 but i think you just didnt watch the series ,the series 'race to the edge' have alot of information on toothless and other dragons.toothless actually wants to be with hiccup ,they have a unbreakable bond even if dragons live in the hidden world.