311 - Don't Stay Home

  • Published on Oct 25, 2009
  • Music video by 311 performing Don't Stay Home. (C) 1995 Volcano Entertainment III, L.L.C.
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  • Shirley West
    Shirley West 2 months ago

    I saw them with snoop dog back in like 08'. I'm still high from that night

  • Ilton Gomes
    Ilton Gomes 2 months ago

    Whos listen in 2k19 like!

  • Greg Beard
    Greg Beard 3 months ago

    KROQ '96

  • Joshua Gibb
    Joshua Gibb 3 months ago

    Lynn Moore talked about indecent people

  • Torballs
    Torballs 4 months ago

    Ha. Never knew there was a video for this song till tonight. This has always been one of my favorites.

  • Gisela Stapf
    Gisela Stapf 4 months ago

    Seattle will burn down.

  • cory leblanc
    cory leblanc 5 months ago +1

    311 was an inside job

  • Heidi aka Pineapple L. F.

    It was 3/11 the other day & I thought of them. So I had to listen to my fave song on this album! Jebus I was like 14/15 when this came out. SO cute! #311 #March11

  • Michael Kiptoo Mwaniki
    Michael Kiptoo Mwaniki 6 months ago +1

    youtube makes me realize my favourite 90s artists had music videos i didn't know about

  • J Clevenger
    J Clevenger 7 months ago +1

    Chad Sexton Reppin' OCDP! I sure do miss those drums, they were killer!

    • tamaplayer100
      tamaplayer100 15 days ago

      The snare drum sounds especially during those era's! Even tho it's all in Chad's technique, produced some awesome tones!

  • D D
    D D 7 months ago

    This album back then got me through of some darkest times of my life

  • e30m31989
    e30m31989 8 months ago

    Is that Flea slaying the long bone??

  • Dick Fitswell
    Dick Fitswell 8 months ago

    My favorite 311 song ever

  • Dylan Pacis
    Dylan Pacis 8 months ago

    The rock song that makes me smile, guaranteed....I don't know why up to this date.

  • Dylan Pacis
    Dylan Pacis 8 months ago

    The rock song that makes me smile, guaranteed....I don't know why up to this date.

  • Wesley Mitchell
    Wesley Mitchell 9 months ago

    listen to dont tread on me until you explode

  • Jerry Phillips
    Jerry Phillips 11 months ago +1

    These guys made me love music again! When this album came out I completely changed my drumming style... THANKS CHAD!!!

  • Ryan Bob
    Ryan Bob Year ago

    Cocktails were successful

  • PedalToTheFloor
    PedalToTheFloor Year ago

    This sounds great live.

  • Zachery Toone
    Zachery Toone Year ago

    311 tonight LETS GO!!

  • Lance Lloyd Erickson

    Shirts off boys! 😂

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez Year ago +1

    How the 311 did I forget this song???!?!??!!!

  • Jose Toledo
    Jose Toledo Year ago +7

    Man I have known this band for a while. Like I would listen to them on the radio, but I never knew it was them cause I was just a kid. I'm just now finding them out again but I'm loving every song I'm listening. I'm a new fan for sure. Sorry I learned about them so late...


    funny i was thinking the same thing

  • twholst
    twholst Year ago

    The 90's in all its glory.

  • Mr. Creepy Fox Entertainment

    Heard of this band back in 2010 so long ago

  • Sharon Hebert
    Sharon Hebert Year ago

    OMG these to were born to sing together !

    GROUNDSTATE Year ago +5

    VHS is a bygone format but you gotta love the warmness in the color that it gave to videos like this.

  • jump da
    jump da Year ago

    шикарная песня и группа, часто возвращаюсь к ним

  • Pablo Gavia
    Pablo Gavia Year ago

    i went to cancun years ago..n yes i had 311 in my psp

  • AXEKILLER _311
    AXEKILLER _311 Year ago


  • hukerocks1
    hukerocks1 Year ago


  • Mikey Millions
    Mikey Millions Year ago +1

    On my way to a rave, even though it's snowing. This tune is the first thing that came to mind.

  • Hero.hiphop
    Hero.hiphop Year ago

    Remember BMG music club? This was one of the first 11 albums I ever owned.

  • james corvett
    james corvett Year ago

    "Don't Stay Home"
    Life could slip away in absent minded numbness
    I'm only sayin this 'cuz I wish for the best
    When you always stay in self-incarceration I think it's such a shame
    Don't stay home this time now don't stay home
    If he don't have to he don't want to
    Don't stay home this time no don't say no
    Oh how I'd like to diffuse your time bomb anger
    It's screaming danger danger this kind of world
    Don't care if you're home so you better get some
    Don't stay home this time now don't stay home
    If he don't have to he don't want to go
    Don't stay home this timeno don't say no
    Everything I'm sayin' you can dismiss
    Because I sat alone on this past Christmas I deserved to be alone
    But I guess I should have gone home
    Hey don't break the mold kid just eat around it
    Yeah that's what I did I'll be runnin around the block
    For no apparent reason
    Somethin' you'll catch me doin'in any given season
    Gotta break a sweat man gotta go bust out Buddy bye bye byebye
    Good-bye to the drought - yea
    Don't stay home this time now don't stay home
    If he don't have to he don't want to go
    Don't stay home this time no don't say no
    Don't stay home this time now don't stay home
    If he don't have to he don't want to go
    Don't stay home this time no don't stay home

  • Esper the Bard
    Esper the Bard Year ago

    dear lord the nostalgia that just hit me

  • Nah
    Nah Year ago +1


  • gonzaa marques,el limón místico

    the blue album is pure gold

  • Pink Pickle and the Peaches

    The most underrated band ever!!!!!

  • Flower Child
    Flower Child 2 years ago

    Did anyone else catch the lost in space references in the vid?

  • dylan robles
    dylan robles 2 years ago

    this music video makes me geek lol, "isn't that random!!!"'

  • Mario Garcia
    Mario Garcia 2 years ago

    311 i heard this song in 1995 and i hear this song today in 2017, i fucking love this band.

  • Rhythm
    Rhythm 2 years ago

    !!!! Awwww yeah

  • superfisher28
    superfisher28 2 years ago

    I have big white high tops and Capri Adidas pants. Still cool now.

  • Poot
    Poot 2 years ago

    My locker number is 311

  • Chesapeakej4
    Chesapeakej4 2 years ago

    positive vibe merchants

  • Treyworld
    Treyworld 2 years ago

    Contrary to popular belief, this was the first single to the Blue album. Lots of people thought it was Down for some reason.

  • WheresTristin
    WheresTristin 2 years ago

    For real, they lost their edge. Nick doesn't have that 'bite' anymore that they had in the 90's. Their new music seems cheesy.

  • I.l.V m
    I.l.V m 2 years ago

    Guau mono alta banda !cuando para Argentina monster!!!!!÷

  • Lamprey Milt
    Lamprey Milt 2 years ago +4

    Most underrated 311 song

  • Justin Likewise
    Justin Likewise 2 years ago

    Best band ever!!!!!

  • kallie02301
    kallie02301 2 years ago

    My fav band!!! Positivity flowing wayyyy before we needed it like we do now.

  • Mateusz Czapliński
    Mateusz Czapliński 2 years ago

    That's really good one!

  • Juan Pablo Alzate Aponte

    el mejor album del mundo... cuando vienen????

  • Blake Schulz
    Blake Schulz 2 years ago +12

    This is one of my songs I can listen to way more than once. A lot of 311 songs have that "hook" that makes you want to listen to it over and over. Especially in summer lol funny they are from Nebraska they are the best beach music ever in my opinion

  • Rupank Pahuja
    Rupank Pahuja 2 years ago

    Just found them. Can't stop listening.

  • Brian Carney
    Brian Carney 2 years ago

    awesome message..spoke strongly to my mind..still..

  • dandanthetaximan
    dandanthetaximan 2 years ago

    Why does this sound all flat and muffled? I have this CD, and it sounds crisp and fresh.

  • Austin Aagard
    Austin Aagard 2 years ago +22

    these boys taught me to stay positive and love life when I was young and needed a sence of direction. Glad I got to meet them. coolest guys ever.

    • Arthur
      Arthur Year ago


    • Blake Schulz
      Blake Schulz 2 years ago

      So many awesome memories when this came out. love this band

  • Ahooper11
    Ahooper11 2 years ago

    311 2017