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  • Nico Sy
    Nico Sy 18 hours ago

    speaking of losers...

  • Zachary Hatch
    Zachary Hatch 22 hours ago +1

    Not what I thought u meant when you said you were a big fan of the juul

  • Ghost
    Ghost 2 days ago

    Plastic + hot water = ☹️

  • mjanovec
    mjanovec 2 days ago

    The "Pro Tip" presented at 5:10 is completely wrong. Time does not impact doneness once the meat has stabilized at the desired temperature. That the whole point about sous vide cooking. It removes the uncertainty about achieving the proper doneness. More time will increase the tenderness, as connective tissue breaks down. But in order to increase doneness, you have to increase the temperature.
    Secondly, the advice to rest the steak after searing is unnecessary. You rest the steak in other situations, like grilling, in order to let the steak stabilize it's temperature after cooking. With sous video, the steak is already at the proper temperature throughout. The sear just adds to the flavor and the visual appearance to the steak.

  • mimi lune
    mimi lune 5 days ago

    Bon appetitty

  • Navi Gator
    Navi Gator 7 days ago

    Protein: will this work with tofu?

  • marcus koko
    marcus koko 8 days ago

    I actually gasped when i got to see the inside of it

  • Excludos
    Excludos 9 days ago

    5:11 No. That's the whole bonus with Sous vide: Temperature controls how well done it is, not time. You can cook it medium rare for 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours or 4 hours. Any more than that and it will still be medium rare, but the meat will start going a bit mushy.

  • Andrew Peck
    Andrew Peck 10 days ago

    My mouth got hard from the dank musk of the dirty moist pink beefy meat

  • Aboli
    Aboli 10 days ago

    Oh no wait the Joule followed me here from the Chefsteps channel?

  • Mikhail Alhazred
    Mikhail Alhazred 11 days ago

    Sous vide doesn’t cook something more if you let it go for longer, as the temperature stays the same. The only thing that changes with time are the chemical reactions happening within, which can soften the meat for example.
    Also, I’ve heard that you can cut straight into the steak after you sear it, as the juices in the meat when sous vide’d are already distributed and not prone to bleeding, which sounds logical.

  • Eddie Xiang
    Eddie Xiang 14 days ago

    How long can steaks or fish last in sous vide bags? For example, if I do a batch of steaks and fish in advance. Can I use them like in 3hrs? They would be just as good? Or as soon as meats are cooked in sous vide, I have to use it right away?

    • Eddie Xiang
      Eddie Xiang 2 days ago

      mjanovec thank you master!

    • mjanovec
      mjanovec 2 days ago +1

      The beauty of sous vide is that you have some flexibility on when you pull them out of the water. Once the meat comes up to temperature, it can sit in the water for a while because it will not get any hotter (and therefore will not get any more done, despite what the "pro tip" in this video claims). There are limits, though, especially with fish. Increased time does result in increased tenderness, but it's easy with fish to do too long and have a mushy result. For fish, one hour is about as long as you want to go. With steak, you can easily go 2-4 hours and not have a huge change. (The sweet spot seems to be about 3 hours.)

  • Jump Crouch
    Jump Crouch 14 days ago

    Love this channel, but serious motion judder in these BA videos. 24p in a 30p timeline?

  • James Dooling
    James Dooling 15 days ago

    Even if you're not a sous-vider, reverse searing is the way to go in the home-kitchen. Far less beef-fat-smoke-stink later...

  • gabyitzel
    gabyitzel 16 days ago

    Bon Apetitty

  • Jamie Afkhami
    Jamie Afkhami 16 days ago


  • Sammy Ingle
    Sammy Ingle 16 days ago

    Dang...Andrew Knowlten ;-)

  • Desi J Richert
    Desi J Richert 16 days ago

    Brad are those zip loc bags ok for sous vide? Not gunna leach out the plastic compounds?

  • wantapgt
    wantapgt 18 days ago

    You don’t have to rest sous vide cooked meat.

  • NAUTHIX 27
    NAUTHIX 27 20 days ago

    Today we learnt that brad loves salt

  • Gerald Cruz
    Gerald Cruz 20 days ago

    Where's all the "wourder" edits in this video? :c

  • Ryan Hernandez
    Ryan Hernandez 21 day ago

    Thoroughly enjoyed having to rewind to read each information popup because they each lasted approximately .0235 seconds on screen. 🙄 Editing could use better timing in that regard.

  • Paras Phoenix
    Paras Phoenix 21 day ago

    Sous vide dry aged wagyu a5

  • j.c man
    j.c man 23 days ago

    😃 brad isn't dead good to see that Claire and Andy haven't eliminated Brad yet

  • Mladen Pejic
    Mladen Pejic 24 days ago

    way too much rosemary

  • jordan pastry
    jordan pastry 25 days ago

    I'd let him plow me

  • A Dude
    A Dude 27 days ago

    First time in my life I encounter this name, not that it matters... What matters is the fact that an animal died for nothing... Spoiled meat; to bad!

  • Cynthia G
    Cynthia G 28 days ago

    what is Knowlton drinking?????? at 5:56 ? It looks prettyyyyy ggoooddddd :D

  • 48956l
    48956l 28 days ago

    It's such a compliment to myself that I came to all of the same conclusions of how to work a vacuum sealer that Brad did. I double seal, I know juices near the top of the bag can get in the way of sealing, I always leave extra room, I don't cut them with a knife though so that was interesting.

  • Sutanu Banerji
    Sutanu Banerji Month ago

    Time isn't going to affect how well done your meat is cooked.

  • Peter Heegaard
    Peter Heegaard Month ago

    God I love this guy - dont think you need to be resting a steak when you have cooked it sous vide fwiw

  • Harry Kong
    Harry Kong Month ago

    “Pro tip change time based on how well you want it done? Isn’t that the purpose of sous vide? Based on your water setting it should never be over done or under cooked regardless of time? To certain extent of course.

  • cowboy6591
    cowboy6591 Month ago

    I get a straw and suck the air out, The bag sealer/vacuum machines have out priced themselves far away from what I'm willing to pay.

    • Olivia Hren
      Olivia Hren 29 days ago

      Don't do that with raw meat lmao

  • doro626
    doro626 Month ago

    careful with those lasers. I was driving and some a hole in a house, caught me in the eye.

  • Nightshade Kelly
    Nightshade Kelly Month ago

    Lol noone in mt city has money for steaks like that. So they dont even sell them around here

  • Torren Peters
    Torren Peters Month ago

    “Hey guys I’m Brad Leone from Bone App-a-tittie”

  • Justin Bassett
    Justin Bassett Month ago

    @5:15 don’t adjust the time for how well done you want steaks, adjust temperature. The whole point is that you pick a temp and give enough time that the whole steak gets to that temp exactly

  • Vin Kohl
    Vin Kohl Month ago

    This video inspired me to buy a Sous Vide setup, it was $85 from Amazon...WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! This makes cooking steaks fool proof, they turn out better than a fancy steakhouse!

  • SmashPortal
    SmashPortal Month ago

    I feel like he always goes out of his way to say the word water.

  • Will Reicher
    Will Reicher Month ago

    Very useful and educational, thank you

  • Daniel Villagran
    Daniel Villagran Month ago +15

    maybe don't aim the laser to people's eyes, Brad

    • Dozo G
      Dozo G 2 days ago +1

      I don't think Brad scores high on the empathy scale.

  • Reiner D'souza
    Reiner D'souza Month ago

    Is it just me or does Brad look a lot like Josh Karsinsky?

  • smiless0999
    smiless0999 Month ago

    Who’s editing this??? Where’s Vinny?

  • Ramsey Hildebrand
    Ramsey Hildebrand Month ago

    Jesus, rip off French Guy Alex much? This is literally his video reformatted.

  • 2010stoof
    2010stoof Month ago +7

    One change. When he says these have been in for 2.5 hours the bubble that popped up said change time to change doneness.
    Time only changes tenderness and how much the connective tissue breaks down. You want it more done, change temperature of water.

  • 2010stoof
    2010stoof Month ago

    Love my sous vide machine!!!
    Been getting some heat because "it'll kill you" or "you'll poison yourself"...140 deg.... Blah blah.

  • Justaname
    Justaname Month ago

    Sous vide always looks gross like boiled semi raw meat.

  • Lynellf
    Lynellf Month ago

    Brad lives a good life y'all.

  • H2THEP33
    H2THEP33 Month ago

    What brand of the apron?

  • Jirekianu
    Jirekianu Month ago

    Just came back to say that this video is one of the big reasons why I later bought a sous vide machine. I didn't get the joule, but I just want to say that sous vide steak spoils you.

  • Mark Kobey
    Mark Kobey Month ago

    I’ve gone back and forth between cooking a strip steak sous vide vs cooking it on a carbon steel pan
    Traditional dry cooking results in a better texture and better flavor of the rendered fat. Not the biggest sous vide fan.

    • Elliott Atwell
      Elliott Atwell 24 days ago

      You can still sear in a carbon steel pan, and you can completely control texture sous vide based on cook time. If you're not getting proper Maillard you're not searing hot enough, and if the fat isn't rendered properly just extend your sous vide cooking time. That being said, I don't think sous vide is preferably for prime cuts, but it is absolute magic for things like short rib. I'd go so far as to say that short rib at 135 for 72 hours is as good flavor wise as rib cap, but more tender.

  • smileytuna
    smileytuna Month ago

    If you're poor you can get the same effect with a terrarium thermostat and a cheap crockpot

  • Rombout Versluijs
    Rombout Versluijs Month ago

    Wait 130 degreess throughout the steak, isnt that like superhot already? Thats 52 Celcius inside???

  • Rombout Versluijs
    Rombout Versluijs Month ago

    One thing i could stop thinking about is when doing a tight air sealing. All the herbs will stay in one place right or will the hot water make the small amount of possible air inside expand it a bit?

  • Rombout Versluijs
    Rombout Versluijs Month ago

    hahah FunFact... and than uses cheapass ZipLoc bags. These melt fast and are to thin i guess

  • Rombout Versluijs
    Rombout Versluijs Month ago

    Hahahahah Booone appetiete..... Man Americans really have bad lingual skills... sorry its just true. It truly fucks up the sexy French spelling. BUT the video was really useful and good education

  • The Mister Octopus
    The Mister Octopus Month ago

    "Ow, you hit my eye!"
    *chewbacca noises*

  • Frankie S
    Frankie S Month ago

    Its very strange to see him not acting a fool like he does in his newer videos.

  • ___
    ___ Month ago

    cooking in plastic bag and setting yourself up for cancer?! not sure how I feel about that.

  • R Jackson
    R Jackson Month ago

    He said “garlic” and didn’t mention Alicin that’s a first

  • Gaby Cook
    Gaby Cook Month ago

    "We do hate people that aren't Brad" -the internet

  • Andy Chen
    Andy Chen Month ago

    Have you watch the channel Sous Vide Everything?

  • Carolyn Alida
    Carolyn Alida Month ago +1

    Haaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaaa. Oh yeh, thanks for the meat thing too!

  • Maison David
    Maison David Month ago

    Has anyone tried the Anova and Joule cookers? Which one is best?

  • Cale Toews
    Cale Toews Month ago

    That's more like a 2 inch steak damn. Unless he has baby hands..? Most guys would over estimate cuz, you know, seems BIGGER that way lol

  • Jon Burg
    Jon Burg Month ago

    Not to be "that guy" but...
    Timing has nothing to do with how well done it is. It keeps it at the same temp the entire time.
    Also, you don't need to rest a sous vide steak, because the temp never got that high.

  • Born In Shithole Country

    Why is this guy wearing a murder bib?

  • Petra Meyer
    Petra Meyer Month ago

    Does this fool know that lasers are dangerous for the eyes?

  • Savannah Romaine
    Savannah Romaine Month ago

    7:19 that reminds me of my sunburn blisters 😂

  • Kayak Bandits
    Kayak Bandits Month ago

    At 5:11 you say it was cooking for x amount of time and a window popped up saying “change time based on how well done you want it”? I thought the purpose of cooking this way was so you can’t over cook it?

  • Lufferov
    Lufferov Month ago

    At 5:12 the "Pro Tip" says to change the time based on how well done you want them. This is so utterly wrong, part of the whole point of Sous Vide is you can leave them in for as long as you like... it's the temperature that determines how well done they are.

  • Rachel  M
    Rachel M Month ago

    Yeah, I have a vacuum-sealer, couldn't live without it. You do have to be super-careful if you have liquid in the bag, but if you can do it, then the marinade really penetrates the open pores of your meat and you get wa-ay better flavor! Just don't use too much, or too 'watery' liquid 🙂

  • Nicolas Valenzuela
    Nicolas Valenzuela Month ago

    It does not look juicy

  • staticbb
    staticbb Month ago

    7:58 T H I C C

  • K M
    K M Month ago

    I wonder if the heat makes the plastic release anything

  • Covfefe
    Covfefe Month ago

    Your vacuum sealer has it's own sliding cutter. No need to cut plastic on your cutting board man

  • good boi
    good boi Month ago

    Did i hear JUUL

  • Brian Westfield
    Brian Westfield 2 months ago

    Lasers are no joke and should NOT be pointed at people’s eyes 👎

  • Sup Bern
    Sup Bern 2 months ago

    Brad, you’re probably never gonna read this, but I just want to say that this video has been stuck in my head for months now and finally I got a sous vide device a few weeks ago. I made the most beautiful NY strip steak using your technique. Next step for me is to buy a vacuum sealer because zip lock bags sometimes leak. Lol

  • Matt Dughi
    Matt Dughi 2 months ago

    I'm confused. Did Vin jump in halfway? This episode....

  • James Heart
    James Heart 2 months ago

    He over cooked it

  • Dante Cain
    Dante Cain 2 months ago

    I used to work for taco bell when I was a teenager and I guess they were ahead of their time by "boiling"/ sous vide-ing their meats. lol

  • Caleb Ingram
    Caleb Ingram 2 months ago

    That sounds a bit like over handling there squirrely Dan

  • mr smith
    mr smith 2 months ago

    Die off AIDS

    • oh no
      oh no Month ago

      You're right, it would be nice for aids to die off. Thank you for this inspirational message

  • cameron cox
    cameron cox 2 months ago

    My husband and I like to take a shot every time he says warter

  • Diego Diaz
    Diego Diaz 2 months ago

    Season the steak before putting it in the bag it’s way easier lmao

  • Dank Williams Jr
    Dank Williams Jr 2 months ago

    bone apple tea

  • Gatorsrok
    Gatorsrok 2 months ago

    Try under $100 for sous vide! Amazon! Super affordable

  • mike rahm
    mike rahm 2 months ago

    Way to professional bruh !! Be u much more funnier ...can I come hang with u n Vinnie...guys are hilarious!!! ..good work

  • TheLastProzacNation
    TheLastProzacNation 2 months ago

    How haven’t people noticed that the editor is Vinny? Also, Brad is great by himself, but with Vin it’s just ... kaboom.

  • Dory Coli
    Dory Coli 2 months ago

    Ohhhh my,
    Even vegans are drooling

  • Rostol
    Rostol 2 months ago

    "pro tip:change the time depending on how well done you want them" pro tip: next time check how sous vide actually works before pointing out wrong tips

  • Parahumanguy
    Parahumanguy 2 months ago

    Sows viday

  • mike force
    mike force 2 months ago

    3 hrs to cook a steak? you are an idiot. correctly cooking a great steak takes 1/10 the time.

  • The Keto Chef
    The Keto Chef 2 months ago

    That Bob Kramer Knife 😍

  • Andy Peterson
    Andy Peterson 2 months ago

    tech tip: if sous vide over a long period of time say like 8 hour bacon mmmm bacon.... put saran wrap over the pot to keep water from evaporating out

  • Matt Snobl
    Matt Snobl 2 months ago

    why do i watch these when im hungry

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 2 months ago

    "i had a incident once" regarding the vacuum seal lol

  • J Gillego
    J Gillego 2 months ago

    What a pretentious way to cook steak.

  • NormDesignIRE
    NormDesignIRE 2 months ago

    Love Brad but Nicolle is right..... just not the same without Vinny