Top 10 Darkest Rick And Morty Season 4 Fan Theories

  • Published on May 23, 2019
  • Season 4 of Rick and Morty has a premiere date and we couldn't be more excited! In the excitement of it all, we decided to rank the darkest fan theories for what we can expect to see in Season 4 of this cult cartoon. We're looking at possible answers for Beth's clone situation, Evil Morty's plan, and other unanswered questions. Do you believe these fan theories? Tell us why or why not in the comments!
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Comments • 795

  • Mjh1500011
    Mjh1500011 18 hours ago

    "To think maybe Rick would roll those dice." A ... RICK ROLL *cue the music*

  • brando
    brando 2 days ago

    rick is a god who cares>....

  • brando
    brando 2 days ago

    best show ever made?

  • Lunala Moon
    Lunala Moon 2 days ago

    I'm pretty sure that Justin and Dan jossed the megatree seed theory. But admittedly the sonic movie joke was actually pretty funny.

  • Rico de Geus
    Rico de Geus 4 days ago

    Fckng dumbasses...

  • Rico de Geus
    Rico de Geus 4 days ago

    I'm Rick A538 and yes I'm at C137... isn't that obvious you dumbasses... And yes its my Third morty.. didn't you see the trailer? I get mortys with a card. Stop being an asshole... ait is what it is.... stupid...!

  • Daemon's Legion
    Daemon's Legion 4 days ago

    On destroy all humans remake i realized crypto the alien you play as is a clone 137 but his name starts with a c so would that make him C-137???

  • John Stowell
    John Stowell 5 days ago

    The seed one is out. The effects would've worn off when he was in prison between 2 and 3 and in the first episode of 3 he's still smart enough to manipulate the brainalizer.

  • Joseph Graham
    Joseph Graham 6 days ago +1

    Evil morty is C1-37

  • Angela Gonzalez
    Angela Gonzalez 7 days ago

    The helmet is supposed to be a reference to back to the future

  • Electron Gaming
    Electron Gaming 7 days ago +2

    Rick would never find a way to get his hands on megatrees or whatever if he wasn't a genius.

    • Nitefal
      Nitefal 5 days ago

      lol true. these guys totally forgot, megatrees don't exist on earth lol

  • N X
    N X 8 days ago

    What if Rick is from a reality where everybody is as intelligent as himself? So if evil Morty would be his original Morty, he would came from the same reality and has access to all the stuff Rick has access to. That would also give a great battle between both of them

  • not_mustafa
    not_mustafa 8 days ago +1

    what episode did they almost kill them self’s in?

  • Tatiana Hewett
    Tatiana Hewett 8 days ago

    Wow... 11 minutes of speculations based on previouse releases... what a waist of my time!

  • Havanna Bunnyfluff
    Havanna Bunnyfluff 9 days ago +1

    Why the hell are you guys not giving credit to the theorists that created these?! Dude, that’s just plain old wrong.

  • dai Edmunds
    dai Edmunds 9 days ago

    Gota b said Rick n morty r gr8 2 watch

  • lionbeast04
    lionbeast04 10 days ago

    And some have a really high chance they are true, like ALL the evil morty theories are true. They have to be

  • lionbeast04
    lionbeast04 10 days ago

    If rick is smart, he needed thise seeds for hus laundry in the rick and morty vr game

  • Titnibler 210
    Titnibler 210 10 days ago

    Number 6.. Rick is already smart but then he discovered the mega tree and made himself smarter then he already is.. that's my guess. Wouldnt make sense if he wasn't smart but discovered them anyway eeeyup

  • Albert Dahl
    Albert Dahl 11 days ago

    I like the evil morty one

  • luckyson13
    luckyson13 11 days ago

    im unsubbing until you get a male to be on this channel

  • Marty 501011
    Marty 501011 11 days ago

    Bro df all these stuff from session 3 smd

  • Gregory Williams
    Gregory Williams 11 days ago

    What if Rick is just morty from the future

  • Miss Dark Knight
    Miss Dark Knight 11 days ago

    Rick and Morty is a TV series that any theory is possible beacause its infinite! That's what they based it of as Rick and Morty traveling to many Alternate realities! That's why I love the series beacause anything is possible! Whatever individual fans theorizes its possible! They keep you guessing! That's what's fun about the TV show! Your Theories is your own world in what you think!

  • bruh_ Twentyone21
    bruh_ Twentyone21 11 days ago

    AHA I love what you did at 9:42

  • Draco5807
    Draco5807 12 days ago

    8 is wrong someone disproved it due to timing and heavy analysis

  • Domeen0 Gt
    Domeen0 Gt 12 days ago

    Beth IS a clone, in an episode when rick is in his brain with an agent we can see how abomb falls and kills rick's wife and his daughter, ppft....obvious

    • Domeen0 Gt
      Domeen0 Gt 10 days ago

      @William Lindell oh.....Or maybe he just made up the code And the memory itself is real

    • William Lindell
      William Lindell 10 days ago

      Domeen0 Gt that was a fake memory that rick made up smh

  • Crystalbluejedi 82521
    Crystalbluejedi 82521 12 days ago +1

    If the Rick isn’t actually smart theory were to be true, then how would have Rick originally got the megafruit?

  • jodu656481
    jodu656481 12 days ago +2

    Except that rick would still have to have invented a portal gun before having the smart nut shoved up his arse so he was already a genius

    • Jack Fables
      Jack Fables 11 days ago

      Unless it was another Rick who visited his dimension and taught him how to do it. A bit like the very first Sliders episode, where an alternate version of Quinn Mallory helps the main Quinn to develop his portal.

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin 12 days ago

    Y’all are too uncultured to watch such fine art as Rickard and Mortimer

  • billy bob
    billy bob 12 days ago

    These aren’t theories, you are just telling what happens in the actual show.

  • Willie Harris
    Willie Harris 12 days ago +5

    Your theory is moot because none of them are Rick's original family. Remember that Rick cronenberged the entire world. the other issue is that we never know which Rick we're dealing with. Maybe every episode is a different Rick from a different reality.

  • George Jensen
    George Jensen 12 days ago +3

    Rick doesn't use megafuits for his intelligence. That is confirmed.

    • Sophie Cooper
      Sophie Cooper 7 days ago

      It's for his car (spaceship)
      The game virtual rick-ality confirms that

  • IamI3rian
    IamI3rian 13 days ago +3

    These are just old theories, none of this has anything to do with season 4.

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 13 days ago

    I don't think Beth is a clone and here's why. If Rick was to clone her why would he keep her memorie of there possibly being a clone? We see him erase Morty's mind countless times over smaller situations. I believe she is real and had a mental breakdown because she didnt know who she really was. Thats my theory would love to heard feed back from other fans

  • Cathair 929
    Cathair 929 13 days ago

    Beth isn’t a clone did you even watch the season finale?

  • Noluh Oetry
    Noluh Oetry 13 days ago

    Rick is smart cos the seeds he discovers were in a another dimension you'd have to invent a portal gun first to get to them in the first place and be smart to know about them , ... so clearly the seeds made him a God but Rick Sanchez is already super smart

  • DillPickle
    DillPickle 13 days ago +9

    None of these are theories, they are things that they actually mentioned / showed in the show

  • Noumadic
    Noumadic 13 days ago

    I remember reading somewhere that the beam that was suppose to hit Rick before he laid his head down was supposed to be a synchronized suicide. It would kill all Ricks in every reality.

  • Travis Latner
    Travis Latner 13 days ago

    What if you were from a reality to which it was impossible to hear unwanted spoilers alerts about unwanted spoiler alerts. I heard everything! My Flerbflobin friend translated for me. You ruined Rick & Morty for me! Haha jk jk if you didnt pick up on the joke by now. Hope you got it.

  • DragonlordWarlock
    DragonlordWarlock 14 days ago +1

    watchmojo stealing from Emergency Awesome

  • ada katircioglu
    ada katircioglu 14 days ago

    Rick is actually smart if he was not smart hıw would he create a portal gun and reach the seeds?

  • Charmboy
    Charmboy 14 days ago

    Jerry is an idiot so he’d probably won’t notice any changes

  • _-Nexus-_
    _-Nexus-_ 15 days ago

    #6 I have answer to for you that theory is not true because if it was that would mean all other Rick's would need those fruit/seeds so in term all of them would be extinct so Rick would run out which has not been done yet so it is un true that flask is just filled with alcohol cause his Beth and Wife died and he is always severely depressed and so he is always drunk!!!!

  • drunk meeseeks
    drunk meeseeks 15 days ago

    If only season 4 was out now

  • Joshua Campagna
    Joshua Campagna 15 days ago

    Theory 11 pilot episode Rick and Morty are dead. The bomb actually does go off and we're now following a different Rick and Morty.

  • silentz
    silentz 15 days ago +1

    number 6 i think that he is really smart beauase we have seen him before he had a portal gun so when he got one he proally found the tree so he is very smart it just enhances his iq by just a little and he doesnt go dumb beacuse he turns it into juice so he really is smart i just enhances his scenses

  • Dank meme 43
    Dank meme 43 15 days ago


  • F. T. Morehouse
    F. T. Morehouse 15 days ago

    Did you insinuate that Morty Will go full mad queen?

  • Dro
    Dro 16 days ago

    Do sociopaths care about anyone? I know Rick cares for Morty.

  • Tony2Truuu TV
    Tony2Truuu TV 16 days ago +1

    That part. In the intro she said do to multiverse all of these are canon. We are watching a number of different universes at any given time. Meaning nothing we watch matters and when the series ends it would just start over. The first episode of Rick and morty could be the last episode.

  • Snowy
    Snowy 16 days ago

    9:39 hahaha

  • poko king
    poko king 16 days ago

    Beth being a clone has been disproven multiple times

  • Roman Byrd
    Roman Byrd 16 days ago +1

    All the theories are true cuz they have infinite universes

  • PrO GaMeR
    PrO GaMeR 16 days ago


  • Hamish Hughes
    Hamish Hughes 16 days ago

    Pretty devo that you gave a spoiler to Game of Thrones

  • Jonathan Larsen
    Jonathan Larsen 16 days ago

    Beth is not a clone!!!

  • ThaFuck !?!?
    ThaFuck !?!? 16 days ago

    I didn. t see that episode !!?!? 🤔🤔 0:48

  • Loxrock 123
    Loxrock 123 16 days ago

    These theories aren’t rly theories

  • FaZeBOB 77
    FaZeBOB 77 16 days ago

    Is season 4 out already?

  • Michael Sears
    Michael Sears 16 days ago

    Being smart isnt a gift

  • Sam Salim
    Sam Salim 17 days ago

    Beth is not a clone

  • Shortygamerj
    Shortygamerj 17 days ago

    The narrator for this episode sounds like Beth

  • MR. panich
    MR. panich 17 days ago

    C137 Morty is evil Morty

  • I Want Die
    I Want Die 17 days ago


  • stuckinmycloset cny
    stuckinmycloset cny 17 days ago

    i watched a bunch of these and they all assume the evil morty controlling the rick in episode whatever is the same morty who takes over the citadel did i miss something

    • ReeryRed Love
      ReeryRed Love 16 days ago

      stuckinmycloset cny In the episode ‘Ricklantis Mixup’, the former campaign manager for the Morty that wins the election is given a file of “secrets” about said Morty but he is killed before he is able to tell anyone what is discovered. However at the end of the episode when it pans out showing all the dead Ricks and Mortys floating in space, the file of secrets is seen floating too with a picture of evil Morty on it implying that the “morty who takes over the citadel” and evil Morty are the same person. Hopefully that makes sense!! If you watch the episode it’ll make more sense :)

  • Loan Bassi
    Loan Bassi 17 days ago

    Rick and evil morty CAN'T BE from the same reality! You need to remember that Rick's Beth and wife died from an another rick who murdered them (season 3 episode 1) however, evil morty can be the morty from the reality where rick went after his wife and Beth died (so he can avenge them)
    This is my theory I'm sorry I'm very bad in English I try my best to explain ;)

    • rachelle
      rachelle 15 days ago

      Loan Bassi yeah but the memory of beth and diane being killed was fake ,

  • Kamo Hd
    Kamo Hd 17 days ago +3

    Number 10: It is much more likely that this morthy was a robot and rick just build it because the real morthy wouldn't be so brutal.
    Ps: Rick did not use anything to make Morthy "unconscious", he just tapped behind his head and morthy fell over like a robot who was deactivatet. So he had the deactivation button behind his head.

  • Destin Shin
    Destin Shin 17 days ago

    I feel like oh mama morty is a robot

  • Do u now de Way
    Do u now de Way 17 days ago

    Rick say this in season 4’HOLY SHIT THATS MY OG MORTY HOLY SHIT’

  • how ur mom tahan you
    how ur mom tahan you 17 days ago

    Beth is not a clone,there is no time for rick for her to be a clone

  • Zac Hirsch Films
    Zac Hirsch Films 17 days ago

    I’m pretty sure the helmet is supposed to be the same helmet that doc brown wears in back to the future

  • Colt3945
    Colt3945 17 days ago

    Number six was already debunked by the producers. Besides the seeds were used for the perfect laundry detergent.

  • Pancake Face
    Pancake Face 17 days ago

    2:48 matpat went over this no Beth is not a clone

  • Lord Noah & Princess Jasmine Cisneros

    I do believe the evil Morty is Rick's real Morty

  • raghu mahi
    raghu mahi 18 days ago +1

    No 4 looks promising

  • Spencer7445 _
    Spencer7445 _ 18 days ago

    These “theories” are trash and a lot of these are already implied

    SNOZE THE PRO 18 days ago

    Our Rick is Stephen hawkings

  • ree lree
    ree lree 18 days ago

    "Whose stupid now bitch" best line in the show

  • Jasmine Lopez
    Jasmine Lopez 18 days ago

    I think Beth still clone lol

  • Thinker 05
    Thinker 05 18 days ago

    Ummm in the news paper that president mortise campaign manager had a newspaper that had a wire looking thing that hung out of his eye so I say the president is evil morty

  • LoFi ASMR
    LoFi ASMR 18 days ago

    Apparently, Beth isn't a clone. Mattpat debunked it

  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson 18 days ago

    none of these are season 4 theories. and most of them have proved that they make no sense.

  • Angel’s Channel of Random Shenanigans

    These aren’t theories, they just happened.

  • Edward Young
    Edward Young 18 days ago

    A lot of these are not fan theories just actual storylines in show

    • Edward Young
      Edward Young 14 days ago

      @Icingfox I mean, who's watching this crappy video to the end, they lost me at the third "fan" theory

    • Icingfox
      Icingfox 16 days ago +1

      But some of them havent been confirmed yet

  • aleectohasfingers
    aleectohasfingers 18 days ago

    700th comment two videos in a row. I feel... tired...

  • lights&lasers
    lights&lasers 18 days ago +1

    4:11 duh

  • Orlando Noe
    Orlando Noe 18 days ago

    This is amazing.

  • Kodiak gamer
    Kodiak gamer 18 days ago

    Beth is not the clone because the clone takes about 7 hours to complete and as the time says it was 7pm and when they Order pizza it’s 8pm and it’s still sunny outside

  • xXGamerKingXx
    xXGamerKingXx 19 days ago

    Alien hominid ost remix?

  • mark
    mark 19 days ago +3

    The theory that suggests that Rick isn't actually smart is so bad, because Rick would have to already be a genius to get those fruits. Dumbasses.

  • TMVowns
    TMVowns 19 days ago

    I love how you get your info from reddit

  • Cartoonfan Nikola
    Cartoonfan Nikola 19 days ago

    Morty wont kill rick because there will be season 5

  • KT what it is
    KT what it is 19 days ago +1


  • manoj yadav
    manoj yadav 19 days ago

    9:41 that was smooth transition dude

  • manoj yadav
    manoj yadav 19 days ago

    4:19 that was just morty's mind blowers

  • Shaun
    Shaun 19 days ago

    Theory number 6 is shit

  • Cold Safe
    Cold Safe 19 days ago

    These fans are nerds most theories ruin the show

  • aatish thakkar
    aatish thakkar 19 days ago

    One theory also says that morty is only rick! Best show ever

  • Night Wolf Killer
    Night Wolf Killer 20 days ago

    Rick reminds me of the engineer from tf2