• Published on Feb 24, 2017
  • TESLA Model S Battery Module j35.us/Evwest-ModelS-Module
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    Glass - j35.us/100w-100-solar
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    5) What motor does your VW bus use? j35.us/HPEVS-AC51-Motor
    6) How do you charge your batteries? j35.us/Elcon-5Kw-Charger

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Comments • 261

  • Andreas Hopf
    Andreas Hopf 4 days ago +1

    How many poor little toothbrushes had to die for that battery?

  • Evergreen
    Evergreen 8 days ago +1

    I came here from motherboard

  • njfulwider5
    njfulwider5 11 days ago

    If only I could get my hands on 1 Tesla cell, for free that is... Anyone reading this, feel free to donate 1 Tesla cells to me, I will not complain one bit!((((---Dreaming---)))) The stuff I could do with just one cell would be awesome!!!

  • dood4656
    dood4656 14 days ago

    How much would u charge To trancform à jeep wranglur yj 1989 please dm me

  • Petr Hána
    Petr Hána 19 days ago

    Isn't it ilegal ?

    • jehugarcia
      jehugarcia  18 days ago

      Everything is illegal in the land of the free

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 24 days ago

    How would one go about putting one in a 3 gen prius plug in model it seems the telsa battery is way lighter smaller and alot more punch they put out thanks for any feedback

  • mason
    mason Month ago

    wait, so if the battery is 400 v and guessing htis is from a p65, that would mean this puts out 160+ amps... Yeah I would be a little cautious too.

  • Zane Hitchcox
    Zane Hitchcox Month ago

    The nominal voltage is 22.8V, not 24V. If you try charging that with an 24V MPPT controller, it's going to explode. Probably better change that in the video.

  • Vimal Studios
    Vimal Studios 2 months ago

    My samsung phone is dying and could use some of these batteries please!

  • iMeMySelf
    iMeMySelf 2 months ago

    My Zerotech Dobby could circle the Earth for years on that battery pack o_O

  • wgholson
    wgholson 2 months ago

    Just saw your interview on motherboard. . .you now have a lifetime subscriber!
    Keep building.

  • Charles Skeen
    Charles Skeen 2 months ago

    Love what your doing! I wanna do this as a career, please hire me

  • Christopher Mendonca
    Christopher Mendonca 2 months ago

    i wish i had just two of those modules i would make my firt ebike

  • Sadanand J
    Sadanand J 3 months ago

    What is the total Dc volt& output of Tesla battery pack.what shoud be the battery charger volt& capacity.

  • Gary Vander Giessen
    Gary Vander Giessen 3 months ago

    I hope you know you voided the warranty.. lol

  • GitSpot
    GitSpot 3 months ago

    Great video, where do i find the individual module connection configuration.

  • Benjamin Rodrigues
    Benjamin Rodrigues 3 months ago

    How much did that battery cost?

  • Benjamin Rodrigues
    Benjamin Rodrigues 3 months ago

    How many of this are equivalent to a tesla power wall? I'm looking for an alternative for my battery bank. And not break the bank with 3 power walls. Was hoping I could maybe salvage a Prius or tesla s

  • Dee Gee
    Dee Gee 3 months ago

    Bolts not screws... :)

  • Anton Lymanets
    Anton Lymanets 4 months ago

    what is the purpose of that blue liquid that has been pumped out of the battery?

    • Huzaifa Rashid
      Huzaifa Rashid 27 days ago

      Anton Lymanets Coolant. Keeps the batteries cool because Tesla puts around 400kw peak load on these calls. Gotta keep em cool

  • Electric Vehicle World Tour

    I'm wondering if the batteries I bought from EVWEST are from this pack ? it's pretty cool to see where they are from, thank Jehu for sharing this.

  • DudemeisterPoochieD
    DudemeisterPoochieD 5 months ago

    So nobody of you guys ever watched Avatar: The Last Airbender? :D

    Andrew JOSEPH-LOKEL 5 months ago

    I've got two questions : Where and how much did you buy the Tesla Model S battery pack.

  • Ian Bruce
    Ian Bruce 5 months ago +1

    I'd found your website, and wondered how you came to be selling these packs. Awesome... you guys are just south of Vista. We'll be in touch. Cheers.

  • Mucteba Biskinler
    Mucteba Biskinler 6 months ago

    Hey Jehugarcia, any idea how did tesla engineers spot welded individual fuse to each cell, those wire are so small, which material and method did they use?

  • Rafael Ortiz
    Rafael Ortiz 6 months ago

    I wonder how much they paid for the pack

  • Brian Carcaterra
    Brian Carcaterra 6 months ago

    +jehugarcia Where did you originally find the entire tesla battery pack? Did you happen to find it on ebay, or did you get it somewhere else? I work at an aerospace company and we are looking to do something similar and re-purpose the modules if we can get ahold of a full pack. Thanks

  • Fluzz
    Fluzz 6 months ago

    No, im asking why do they have hammer turned on the drills if they are undoing screws

  • homdiddlyoh
    homdiddlyoh 6 months ago

    Curious if you've seen the cylindrical lithium iron batteries on ebay? Any reviews or thoughts on those.

  • Trini Things
    Trini Things 6 months ago

    dude I have been watching your videos for some time now and I wonder if I can build a battery for car audio what u think

  • Diy in the Ghetto
    Diy in the Ghetto 6 months ago

    Has anyone tested a Cell to see what it is putting out in Milli amp hours?

  • Dragonfly
    Dragonfly 6 months ago +1

    The Modules are too expensive!

  • William Hermans
    William Hermans 7 months ago

    So guys, I commend you on you ingenuity, and recycling abilities. However, I'm curious how you can charge more for used material, than one can buy new. Just one of those power packs is over $1300, and only 232aH. Someone would have to be a moron to fall for those prices. Especially for reclaimed battery packs . . .

    • jehugarcia
      jehugarcia  7 months ago

      William Hermans where can you buy them new? People are willing to pay a lot for this kind of energy density packaged in a liquid cooled module. Please provide us a link so we can all get some new ones

  • King Bensley
    King Bensley 7 months ago

    This is really not how it's done. This pack is a 1.5 model and you should always, always test the isolation resistance once the fuse is removed. This should be above 3500kΩ. Opening the top cover wrong without proper protection. What was the state of charge of this pack? I'm not trying yo be a wiseguy here but you show this on TVclip. Others could get serious hurt if they do it like this.

    • jehugarcia
      jehugarcia  7 months ago

      Go for it, you are free to do whatever you feel necessary to lower the risk of injury

  • Ристевски Петар

    if I have so many cells I will use them for my off grid solar system😂

  • vfxguru001
    vfxguru001 8 months ago

    Awesome sauce

  • Liam M
    Liam M 8 months ago +1

    +jehugarcia how difficult would it be to carry out your own conversion? I see that your at EV West who do phenomenal work, but I see myself going the more diy route if possible. Thoughts?

    • jehugarcia
      jehugarcia  8 months ago +2

      +Liam M I did it in my garage with no special skills or tools

  • Raynor Mallory
    Raynor Mallory 8 months ago

    Could you theoretically bolt an entire (intact) battery pack underneath a samba (like on the frame) and use the built in bms wiring? Anyone have any idea what the specs are for a pack like this?

  • bedowiiu
    bedowiiu 8 months ago

    it's called 9/11? xD

  • Led Rezistor
    Led Rezistor 8 months ago

    подарите мне такую!@

  • Matt Helfer
    Matt Helfer 8 months ago

    Hey I have a twin motor 520hp total sea-doo boat. My question is, can it be converted to electric and how much would it cost?

    • Matt Helfer
      Matt Helfer 8 months ago

      Well it's 500 combined so what about a 250hp motor?

    • jehugarcia
      jehugarcia  8 months ago

      +Matt Helfer 500hp motors are still $30k

  • Chad Meyer
    Chad Meyer 8 months ago

    Wouldn't it be much cheaper and easier to just buy the individual Panasonic rechargeable cells that make up a "Tesla battery" Those "modules" are just full of little rechargeable batteries by the hundreds. Thousands in the entire "battery" itself. Another dirty little secret that destroys the "high-tech" mythology of Tesla.

  • Coding with the lads
    Coding with the lads 8 months ago


  • Giggidygiggidy12
    Giggidygiggidy12 8 months ago

    Would love to put a couple of these cells into my X5 and have it run as a mild hybrid

  • Stephane Cnockaert
    Stephane Cnockaert 9 months ago

    schematic please?
    86p * 6s * 16 racks in series = a total of 8,256 Panasonic 18650 Li-Ion cells (384 volt)
    why welding each 18650 cell using a fusible wire?
    -> implementing auto-balancing thanks to the suicide of any deviant cell
    -> a suicide is barely impacting the overall energy (loss is only 1/86 = 1.2 %)
    internally protected or unprotected Panasonic 18650 cells?
    -> protected cells provide a protection against internal over-pressure
    voltage monitoring?
    each of the 16 racks embeds a 6-stage voltage monitoring (zerovoltwire + 6 wires)
    -> all 86p groups are individually voltage-monitoring
    -> this enables locating the faulty rack
    -> this enables locating the 86p group that's faulty within a rack
    -> repairing gets easy (replace the whole 86p group, extract the cells, dump the bad cells, recycle the good cells)

    charge balance?
    discharge balance?
    actually, there is no balancing device
    diverting some charging current would develop heat, that would require liquid cooling
    up to you to consider what a Tesla battery is, and what Tesla is, as company:
    - spark of genius simplicity
    - or bloated lo-tech stuff presented as
    - pseudo hi-tech, purposedly incinerating huge amounts of cash
    - the producer of the 18650 cells is Panasonic
    - the chemical research is done by Panasonic
    - Tesla only provides a solid working environment that's relying on low cost energy (solar panels, wind turbines)
    - Tesla may establish as a leading battery pack assembling company
    as a footnote:
    - assembling Li-Ion battery packs for more than one car maker brand requires a lot of customization (size, shape)
    - any Tesla competitor can do the same overnight:
    - using LG 18650 Li-Ion cells,
    - in a 100% robotized hall (almost no wages cost),
    - located near waterfalls (hydro electricity).
    - most battery packs will be 10 kWh to 20 kWh battery packs for plugin rechargeable hybrid cars
    each time Li-Ion chemistry makes a progress:
    - the cell generates less heat
    - the cell develops less internal pressure
    - the cell stores more energy per kilo, more energy per liter, more energy per dollar
    - one will produce 21700 cells providing at least the energy of two 18650 cell, exhibiting the same safety as a 18650 cell
    -> a 100 kWh battery will consist of 32p * 6s * 16 racks in series = a total of 3072 Li-Ion cells (384 volt, max 1000 amp)
    -> a 17 kWh battery will consist of 16p * 6s * 6 racks in series = a total of 576 Li-Ion cells (144 volt, max 500 amp)
    An simple and inexpensive plugin rechargeable hybrid car can be made using:
    - a 100 kW thermal engine, followed by
    - an isolation clutch, followed by
    - a 70 kW electric motor (acting also as electric generator), followed by
    - a hydraulic converter (having a lock-up clutch)
    - Panasonic or LG 21700 cells
    - two 16p * 6s battery racks under the front seats
    - two 16p * 6s battery racks under the rear seats
    - two 16p * 6s battery racks under the trunk
    - total battery energy : 17 kWh
    - total car power : 170 kW
    Please note, on the 17 kWh battery, the suicide of a 21700 cell will cause a 1/16 = 6.3 % loss of energy.
    It is thus advised to test and measure each individual 21700 cell, before assembling it for building the 16p group.
    Up to you to find a suitable donor car.
    After removing the transmission (gearbox), plenty of space should be available for mounting the isolation clutch, the 70 kW electric machine, and the hydraulic converter (having a lock-up clutch).
    A front-drive car would be advantageous, as it will allow regenerative braking on the front wheels.

    POLO MARCO 9 months ago

    watching the ratchet scene made me think why not use a Nylon socket with a met insert. to really cut off the connection. Nylon is tuff stuff. idk just a nut thinking loud

  • Brian McConkey
    Brian McConkey 9 months ago

    $13,000 for a battery with a life of approx. 3 years. The electric car market has a long ways to go before it can compete with gas.

    • JRP3
      JRP3 9 months ago

      Brian McConkey Idiot

  • zagadka 314
    zagadka 314 9 months ago +1

    Those cool bolts made me want to play Ratchet & Clank

  • mark Cropper
    mark Cropper 9 months ago

    i cant believe a high tech car like tesla is using a shed load of 18650 cells

  • Gray
    Gray 10 months ago

    please refer to EVTV @ jack rickard. he reverse engieered the BMS . just go buy his "box" and you can use these batteries safely.

    • Gray
      Gray 8 months ago

      Raynor, Yeah Jack can be slow with this kinda stuff. I'd just keep calling him til he makes you one lol.

    • Raynor Mallory
      Raynor Mallory 8 months ago +1

      It looks like the boxes aren't for sale yet. They have designed them, but they are not yet in production/ for sale.

    • Gray
      Gray 8 months ago

      and if you don't want to buy stuff from him just go to his video on this he explains exactly how he made the "box" anyway.

    • Gray
      Gray 8 months ago

      idk why Jehugarcia don't like em. I watch both u guys tho.

    • Raynor Mallory
      Raynor Mallory 8 months ago

      Do you have a link to the box?

  • z guyee man
    z guyee man 10 months ago +1

    was that a gas smart car being converted to electric, lol who would do that when a used electric smart is like 7000 bucks.

  • karzygijose
    karzygijose 10 months ago

    Wonder how much a tesla battery costs or even the modules

    • jehugarcia
      jehugarcia  10 months ago

      Modules j35.us/Module-ModelS-eSearch

    • karzygijose
      karzygijose 10 months ago

      jehugarcia jeez that could power up a whole bunch of stuff

    • jehugarcia
      jehugarcia  10 months ago

      full battery j35.us/2mjJtuL

  • Jake Stephens
    Jake Stephens 10 months ago

    18650 cells from a torn down model s module

  • jehugarcia
    jehugarcia  10 months ago +3

    A 75kWh battery pack just popped up on ebay j35.us/2mjJtuL

    • Sarch Lalaith
      Sarch Lalaith 2 months ago

      Henrik fk me no one can afford that. I'll have to stick with saving for my own DIY pos.

    • Henrik
      Henrik 2 months ago +1

      Sold for 13k usd

    • Sarch Lalaith
      Sarch Lalaith 3 months ago

      How much to these modules?

  • Youtune99
    Youtune99 10 months ago

    next time just use some piano wire or glas removal wire to get the glue unstuck. your hands will thank me later..(and it will save a ton of time and frustration) good luck 👍🏻

  • Matthew Ray
    Matthew Ray 10 months ago +1

    Any chance of putting one of those cells in your IMAX discharger to get the capacity? What's the max discharge rate for these Tesla cells? I've heard 20A for short periods.

    • jehugarcia
      jehugarcia  10 months ago

      +Matthew Ray I did but it had to ship out before it could finish, I think ludicrous + is 1500A divided by however how many paralleled cells on a P100D module

  • R M
    R M 10 months ago +1

    can you put these cells on an electric scooter?

    • R M
      R M 10 months ago

      link please

  • WlLKO
    WlLKO 10 months ago

    How do you buy this!?

  • Ron Black
    Ron Black 10 months ago

    I have a 2013 Leaf. Love the car! I have been interested in buying an extended range battery trailer like the one you did for your bus. Do you know anyplace that does that?

  • Максим Булгадаев

    А где покупали аккумуляторною батарею )?

  • Chris N
    Chris N 10 months ago

    You don't have security torx bits? Cheap sets of every security bit know to man are readily available. Check iFitIt for one.

    • jehugarcia
      jehugarcia  10 months ago

      we broke all of ours taking those off, apparently you shouldnt buy the cheap torx

  • Matt Gohata
    Matt Gohata 10 months ago

    Update on the Bendypod video????

  • Steven Stammler
    Steven Stammler 10 months ago

    Oh my, that 356! Ugly color but who cares.

  • Gary Marshall
    Gary Marshall 10 months ago +1

    to bad you pretty much gotta be a rich man to enjoy this type of thing....1375 bucks!! and one is really not gonna do to much.....oh well i can watch videos i guess......and yes i do work...doing what i like to do....i just dont rip peoples arms off with my prices like everyone else does......guess im just humble with what i got.....

    • Dragonfly
      Dragonfly 6 months ago +1

      Or you can buy a 19.2kwh 48 volt with BMS lithium battery from China for less than $2188.00 dollars. They make battery packs that work very well and are brand new. You would have to buy 4 Tesla modules to make 21.2kwh at a price of $5,499.00 dollars and I am not counting all the work you would have to do to make this work. In my opinion, the Tesla batteries are overpriced.

  • Truth-Seeker
    Truth-Seeker 10 months ago

    Yo that Beat is sick from 0:17 sec. Keep up the great work, I'm inspired my friend.

  • Gunnar Stahl
    Gunnar Stahl 10 months ago

    Lol you have all that's safety crap on yet your standing on about 5 inches of concrete

    • Gunnar Stahl
      Gunnar Stahl 10 months ago

      O and fuck you for destroying a Porsche

  • Dogphlap
    Dogphlap 10 months ago

    Tesla 18650 cells are unlike other 18650 cells in as much as all the protective circuitry is missing, that is provided externally to the cells by Tesla's battery management. Just using those cells without protection is asking for a fire, a situation exacerbated by the lack of thermal management.

    • Dogphlap
      Dogphlap 10 months ago

      That is an interesting point. I don't really know whether the device is an over pressure switch or a thermistor, short of opening a cell and checking for myself I may never know but what I do know is that such a thermistors never has zero resistance (no matter how cold it is) and will have a non trivial resistance at anything like a high current making such a cell useless for high current applications or ones where a terminal voltage is required to stay moderately stable under varying loads.
      Anyway your point does not in anyway change my point which was that a typical 18650 cell has safety devices within it while those found in Tesla battery packs do not (not to imply the cells are dangerous just so long as the external to the cells precautions that Tesla provides are not abandoned).

    • anton zaytsev
      anton zaytsev 10 months ago

      PTC stands for Positive Thermal Coefficient
      don't use shitty sources

    • jehugarcia
      jehugarcia  10 months ago

      +Dogphlap I would not call this things "circuitry" but rather mechanical safety features. I am aware of the claim that they are missing on tesla cells but like everything, having not seen it with my own eyes I don't fully believe it. Perhaps I will open up one of the few loose TESLA 18650 cells I have in a future video

    • Dogphlap
      Dogphlap 10 months ago +1

      "What kind of battery does TESLA use?
      Tesla uses 18650 batteries but has modified them. They have taken out
      the PTC and CID protection circuitry and made them truly bare-bones."
      PTC stands for Pressure Temperature Current switch.
      CID stands for Current Interrupt Device.

    • jehugarcia
      jehugarcia  10 months ago

      Dogphlap describe circuitry? There are NO KNOWN 18650 cells with any internal safety circuitry to me. I have cells from every one of the 5 mayor manufacturers and I never seen any internal circuit who told you there is such a thing?

  • VICSTOR101
    VICSTOR101 10 months ago

    Lowkey wish that was my phones battery

  • dogsbd
    dogsbd 10 months ago

    I would suggest wearing gloves while pulling off the top cover before someone ends up with a huge bloody gash, I've seen it happen.

  • Habib Farooq
    Habib Farooq 10 months ago +1

    Can you make another video detailing the cooling system used for the batteries?

    • Huzaifa Rashid
      Huzaifa Rashid 27 days ago

      Habib Farooq Coolant flows around the batteries in its dedicated ducts. Cools off at a radiator in front of the car. Motor and controller and cooled the same way as well

  • TGerald_
    TGerald_ 10 months ago

    is there a way to just use keep it together and install it in a home? i mean i'm sure that's way overkill, but it already looks so nice and put together

    S3RENITY 10 months ago

    I was curious. But I'm also upset to see a Tesla like that.

  • Tesla Channel
    Tesla Channel 10 months ago +1

    Beautiful video please say music name

  • Tesla Channel
    Tesla Channel 10 months ago +2

    Music please

  • prowarslamable
    prowarslamable 10 months ago

    how much would it cost to get the battery?

  • Kartyman550
    Kartyman550 10 months ago

    just so you know: those torque checks are actually callled hash marks

  • newchannelization
    newchannelization 10 months ago +2

    Wow, I just had a soft sigh of pleasure seeing this happening.., thanks dude for the awesome videos

  • socrates112
    socrates112 10 months ago +2

    Brilliant! Many thanks. Those things look really well made.

  • natr0n
    natr0n 10 months ago +1

    A hardcore teardown for some insane batteries.

  • Bartosz Boruta
    Bartosz Boruta 10 months ago

    If you find battery with 2170 cells, I beg beg beg I want 8 cells !!! ;)

  • Timothy Suhr
    Timothy Suhr 10 months ago

    Would be interesting to use one or two of those modules in a A123 Systems Hymotion Kit Battery Replacement.

    • Timothy Suhr
      Timothy Suhr 10 months ago

      jehugarcia it actually tandem to the small PRIUS battery. So I would think simular voltage.

    • jehugarcia
      jehugarcia  10 months ago +1

      +Timothy Suhr 24v x 1000A would be my guess

  • Nax FM
    Nax FM 10 months ago +1

    But now there`s no way to charge the packs, how will you deal with that?

    • jehugarcia
      jehugarcia  10 months ago

      correct, its just a battery

    • zagadka 314
      zagadka 314 10 months ago +1

      Why? It is just physics. The reason you can't use just any charger for the car is because of the computer that controls the circuitry. They removed all that by just using the actual battery pack (or cells).

    • Nax FM
      Nax FM 10 months ago

      Thanks, i thought you couldn't charge the packs with any charger, but only with specific ones

    • jehugarcia
      jehugarcia  10 months ago +2

      +Nax FM 24v or 48v charger/ charge controller

  • felixrising
    felixrising 10 months ago +1

    Ah Jehu! You and the EV West boys are getting famous! Posted on Gizmodo.com now :)

    • jehugarcia
      jehugarcia  10 months ago

      well what do you know.... it is

  • George Murray
    George Murray 10 months ago

    what if one cell goes bad one hell of a diagnostic weekend

    • jehugarcia
      jehugarcia  10 months ago

      if one cell goes bad you have another 73 to pick up the pace, pretty redundant design

  • zodiacfml
    zodiacfml 10 months ago

    I used to follow your vids a few years ago. Congrats on this purchase. How heavy is that?

    • jehugarcia
      jehugarcia  10 months ago

      +zodiacfml 1200 lbs total 900 lbs of battery

  • Joe G
    Joe G 10 months ago +1

    That 914 makes me tingle.

  • dbishop38
    dbishop38 10 months ago

    Made hackaday too.... hackaday.com/2017/02/28/tesla-model-s-battery-pack-teardown/

  • ERIC & CINDY Crowder
    ERIC & CINDY Crowder 10 months ago +25

    those are NOT the correct kind of rubber gloves for high voltage EV work. You need to be using class 00 rubber inner glove with a leather outer glove. Gloves should be checked for holes and punctures EVERY time they are worn. The voltages are deadly and care needs to be taken.

    • Frederik
      Frederik 10 months ago +5

      ERIC & CINDY Crowder And what is the point of the rubber shoes when you are sitting on a chair that has probably a lower resistance than shoes, and also not using the right tools... It's correct what they are saying it's dangerous, but this just looks really amateur.

    • Spencer
      Spencer 10 months ago +2

      True, however keep in mind that the main contactors are no longer powered, splitting the pack voltage in half once already down to around 200VDC. Additionally its important to maintain dexterity with your hands so you don't drop your tools/bolts, and thick rubber gloves make that very difficult.

  • JeffDM
    JeffDM 10 months ago

    Why take a grinder to security torx screws? Or was that some kind of inside joke?

  • Bret Berger
    Bret Berger 10 months ago

    I'm guessing being in a rented building with instructions to not penetrate the roof membrane is the reason you have the lie flat mounts. Any worries about the wind catching these and popping them off the roof?

  • Christopher Brookes
    Christopher Brookes 10 months ago

    So, what do you do for the modules in terms of cooling for those other applications. Do you need cooling for most other applications?

    • jehugarcia
      jehugarcia  10 months ago +1

      +Christopher Brookes our loads of 80kW or 160kW are so low that those modules never heat up, Now if we were talking about 500+kW cooling would be needed

  • toyotaprius79
    toyotaprius79 10 months ago +1

    Just btw Jehu, Jalopnik has you on their radar now.

    • toyotaprius79
      toyotaprius79 10 months ago +1

      here so :D jalopnik.com/this-teardown-of-a-tesla-model-s-battery-pack-is-pretty-1792825178

    • jehugarcia
      jehugarcia  10 months ago +1

      how so?

  • Zsolt Pinter
    Zsolt Pinter 10 months ago +1

    Big thanks for the video! Found you on Hackaday, subscribed!

  • Mark Yormark
    Mark Yormark 10 months ago +1

    Be careful. The model S cells are a hotter chemistry then what came from the TESLA Smart cells that you have been using. Best if you can use the TESLA BMS as part of the assembly.

  • Ando Tovmas
    Ando Tovmas 10 months ago

    Do you know where we can buy the batteries from the recycler?

    • Ando Tovmas
      Ando Tovmas 10 months ago

      Ok, cool. Thanks for reply.

    • jehugarcia
      jehugarcia  10 months ago

      No i don't know any particular recyclers, every once in a while a whole pack pops up on eBay j35.us/Module-ModelS-eSearch

  • Mihail Kondov
    Mihail Kondov 11 months ago +3

    2:07 it's when they say things like 5/16 inch that you start to feel sorry for the plebs using retard-units

  • Accidentes en la Carretera

    Jehu, just here commenting a big THANK YOU to you hermano, I am building a battery/solar system with a chevy volt battery and your videos help me understand more about all this, again thanks

  • Zai Fuchigami
    Zai Fuchigami 11 months ago

    I have 2 questions about the tesla battery modules:
    1: Is balance charging required? and If so, how?
    2: If one were to use it as a diy solar powerwall what kind of charge controller would you need?