Fung Bros and Sean Evans Review International Instant Noodles | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Apr 24, 2018
  • Instant ramen is one of the world's most ubiquitous cheap eats. But which international noodle brand reigns supreme? To help Sean Evans unpack the increasingly intricate world of mass-market noodle bowls, he's enlisted the help of Andrew and David Fung, the stars of the wildly popular TVclip channel Fung Bros. While taste-testing noodles from across East Asia, Sean, Andrew, and David slurp up instant soba from Japan before sampling Samyang's hot chicken flavor ramen-a dish made famous by last year's viral "Korean Fire Noodle Challenge." Finally, the guys taste-test Ichiran's ultra-luxe ramen kit before stepping into the Japanese chain's legendary solo dining booths. Does complete isolation really enhance the noodle-slurping experience? Is it ever worth dropping $39 on a three-pack of instant ramen? Is the Fire Noodle Challenge really all it's cracked up to be? Find out the answers to these important questions-and more!-on an all new episode of Sean in the Wild.
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  • Rohnny Joyer
    Rohnny Joyer 22 days ago

    1. Unif: Roasted beef
    2. Hikari Miso: Japanese Tempura "Soba"
    3. Samyang: Hot Chicken
    4. Ichiran: Tonkotsu Ramen

  • Michael Fung
    Michael Fung Month ago

    No scientific evidence that MSG is bad. Its also a naturally occurring like salt.

    • Anom Iwom
      Anom Iwom 28 days ago

      Well, everything in excess is bad, so i would say msg is not bad in reasonable amounts.

  • ChrisKazuYamamoto
    ChrisKazuYamamoto Month ago

    What bomber jacket is David wearing?

    • Jeremy Tan
      Jeremy Tan 28 days ago

      ChrisKazuYamamoto it's a bomber jacket

  • kara bella
    kara bella Month ago

    They should go on Hot Ones.

  • Bryan Wu
    Bryan Wu Month ago

    I loved the ending Xd

  • steph-x
    steph-x 2 months ago +1

    love the fung bros

  • KiarOdyssey
    KiarOdyssey 2 months ago

    Alright finally some people who know what they are talking about, no more Jay Park.

  • FlowerofDissolution
    FlowerofDissolution 2 months ago

    Not to crush their dreams, but instant noodles is NOT a thing all over the world. You can't buy Cup Ramen, everywhere. And even if you can, it's still not a thing normal people buy. It's still in the subculture sphere I guess. Personally, I like it, but where I live we don't have instant noodles of the kind these guys talk about.

  • Etrigan
    Etrigan 3 months ago

    In case you don't know it's considered good manners to slurp in Asian countries because it lets them know you enjoyed it also never completely empty your bowl that's basically like disrespect because the chef will think he didn't provide you with enough food it makes him sad

  • MDestron2282
    MDestron2282 3 months ago

    Anyone else go make some food half way through this video?... Just me? Maybe my dad?

  • Gabriel White
    Gabriel White 3 months ago

    Siamin for me

  • Barbara Danley
    Barbara Danley 3 months ago

    I feel really old-I was in high school when asian noodles got to my medium size Midwest home town.

  • sang p
    sang p 3 months ago

    "front spice and back spice" that's exactly the way to describe it!

  • Andre
    Andre 3 months ago

    why does the one fung bro talk like a black dude? -_-

  • Jessie Ortiz
    Jessie Ortiz 3 months ago

    Tomita ramen is better . if you know you know

  • N0va123
    N0va123 3 months ago

    Wow, Psy's diät worked very well !

  • Radar gl Perez
    Radar gl Perez 3 months ago

    He said Italian restaurant

  • dechen lhamo
    dechen lhamo 3 months ago

    Love the bros

  • Adam Cheklat
    Adam Cheklat 3 months ago

    Even the most mundane of dishes can be made to please even the most sophisticated palates.

  • Dkdjd Ckdjd
    Dkdjd Ckdjd 3 months ago

    Where is FilthyFrank(Gorgi)??

  • DreamsRemorse
    DreamsRemorse 4 months ago

    I actually agree with what the Fung brothers said. I do think Ramen is, at this point, an American staple and perhaps even a global staple food. It's something that most people have had and everyone knows...whether it's the cheap ramen or the better ones. Ramen is a big thing in America. I know I love ramen and I do pick up several when I go to the asian super markets in order to try other brands and types.

  • D2theZ DeeZee
    D2theZ DeeZee 4 months ago

    Sad fact but be careful of Chinese noodles. Just like their rice, it’s known to be made from partial plastic.
    I always go for Korean or Japanese.

  • i2ee Nei2
    i2ee Nei2 4 months ago

    Sean and Fung Bros please do another collaboration!

  • mehh
    mehh 4 months ago

    shout out to never date an asian but love their food!

  • Kat Chen
    Kat Chen 4 months ago

    "if youre not eating instant noodles everyday" ... okay guess ill die

  • sherry kao
    sherry kao 4 months ago

    Love the way they talk lol

  • sapphirexwind
    sapphirexwind 5 months ago

    I've been to Ichiran in Japan, you really get into the Otaku mindset ordering from a machine, eating by yourself and being served by invisible people.

  • nkooutsider
    nkooutsider 5 months ago +1


  • Mikey T
    Mikey T 6 months ago

    Thank you for finding Asian people to review Asian food.

    KWANGJIN CHAI 6 months ago

    I'm Korean and I am not good at eating hot food. I've never tried that Samyang ramen because I'm afraid.

  • Erik Kantor
    Erik Kantor 6 months ago

    The Sam Yang noodles are goooood tho.

  • Jung Hoseok’s Sprite
    Jung Hoseok’s Sprite 6 months ago +1

    “You’re not gonna eat instant noodles every day” well, you won’t...that’s true......unless your me...

  • Aiden Amaya
    Aiden Amaya 6 months ago

    If you play Desiigner Panda over this video it kind of goes together.

  • Crimson7
    Crimson7 6 months ago

    Does anyone know where to get that blue olympic/us jacket? Thanks

  • PowderxAsphalt SJ
    PowderxAsphalt SJ 7 months ago

    I didn’t even realize how psychotic Mike Chen goes on on spice until I saw this video lmao

  • dj billbill#badDJ
    dj billbill#badDJ 7 months ago

    Hmm I could possibly open a store

  • Kathleen McCauley
    Kathleen McCauley 7 months ago

    these dudes are fine as hale

  • Christopher Blair
    Christopher Blair 7 months ago

    The Samyang fire noodles are my favorite instant noodle by far.

  • keptcmack
    keptcmack 7 months ago

    goes to ichiran eats top ramen

  • King Alex
    King Alex 7 months ago

    zorgo diffuse 2:04

  • Gerard Parker Music
    Gerard Parker Music 7 months ago

    does anyone else find sean painfully unfunny

  • Nadea Fikrah Rasuli
    Nadea Fikrah Rasuli 8 months ago

    Please try indomie with Rich Brian and Niki😍

  • Gavin Lowery
    Gavin Lowery 8 months ago

    I’m expecting basketball to be talked about

    SHANER 8 months ago

    $40 for a 3 pack of instant ramen. sure it was good, but i'm sure that restaurant ramen was about $12 per bowl and a bigger serving. bottom line, why bother!? if you want that premium shit go to the source. otherwise just make regular instant ramen. the good stuff of course, just not that $10+/packet shit. also i bet it's cheaper to make proper homemade ramen then that "premium instant ramen"

  • Corgany Lothar
    Corgany Lothar 8 months ago

    they should had the dude for Afterprisonshow on here

  • 徐唯翔
    徐唯翔 8 months ago

    did you buy a Taiwanese noodle from Thailand 🤔😂

    HOWARD CHANG 8 months ago

    Ichiran is overpriced and bullshit

  • Dean  Carruthers
    Dean Carruthers 8 months ago

    Did he say FUCK wheat

  • Bradley Marger
    Bradley Marger 8 months ago

    Cup noodles vs top ramen vs maruchan GO!!

  • Joshua Lyn
    Joshua Lyn 9 months ago

    This made me go out. And it’s raining btw, so, thank you

  • Helen Winston
    Helen Winston 9 months ago

    The Samyang Pink ramen is amazing. It's spicy, and the cheese flavor is crazy good.

  • shadowtheimpure
    shadowtheimpure 9 months ago

    I love to see the 'No Tipping Establishment' signs in restaurants. I am a proponent of eliminating the tipping culture.

  • danielle angelovich
    danielle angelovich 9 months ago

    Is there going to be another season of Sean in the Wild???!!!???

  • Christian Boivin
    Christian Boivin 9 months ago

    Ichiran is amazing. 10/10

  • Joseph Park
    Joseph Park 9 months ago

    Why r they using forks

  • AhnSeoulo
    AhnSeoulo 9 months ago

    Eating your instant ramen with forks?! Everyone knows chopsticks makes instant Ramen taste better.

  • Alex Arevalo
    Alex Arevalo 9 months ago

    Pause at 5:33. Looks like Beavis. 😂

  • michael phelps
    michael phelps 9 months ago

    Man everytime i plan on eating noodles i watch this video first its nuts love it i eat nogshin noodles

  • SteveClass1c
    SteveClass1c 10 months ago

    I'm like 1:23 in and these guys are fuckin dope.

  • Lynn P
    Lynn P 10 months ago


  • asianbubbleteapilotboiiiBOEING777-8X

    americans ALWAYS top ramen, cup noodles, and maruchan. i would strongly suggest trying nongshim the very asian-american one or MAMA ramen.

  • daveslow84
    daveslow84 10 months ago

    ebola beef noodle soup!?

  • cubix626
    cubix626 10 months ago

    Man the soba isn't supposed to be some premium shit, can't believe it's 5 bucks, you can snag that shit for a dollar in japan

  • Flanky
    Flanky 10 months ago

    Ichiran is great, I loved it when I was in Japan. Never knew we had one in the States!

  • Olly Davidson
    Olly Davidson 10 months ago


  • S I N N E R
    S I N N E R 11 months ago

    Well My Asian Life in a Nutshell 😂😂😂

  • EDWARD G.y
    EDWARD G.y 11 months ago

    LOL the Samyang was 0.097c at my super market , i bought 5 xD

  • Dr. Phil's creampie lounge

    Sean always talks like a rapper. like it's a spoken word. sounds kinda retarded. just relax, bro.

  • Ben Schatz
    Ben Schatz 11 months ago

    Best thing I've seen in a while

  • MeePAX
    MeePAX 11 months ago

    Thanks for great works in reviewing the best instant noodles for world viewers!. Well done.

  • Andres Zepeda
    Andres Zepeda 11 months ago

    This was amazing content, you guys are rocking

  • Sr Ve
    Sr Ve 11 months ago +1

    wheres the maggi noodles u goons. No love for India???

  • Asian nub
    Asian nub 11 months ago

    damn nearly 40 bucks for a kit to make ramen at home 11:10 ;-;

  • non sibi
    non sibi 11 months ago

    Shout out to Peggie Neo.

  • Tyler B
    Tyler B 11 months ago

    Watching this in Jordan while I be eatin' my 24 cent packet of Indomie Mi Goreng mixed in with some chopped peppers, onions, scallions, and garlic as well as a few eggs and some hoisin sauce. Holding me over till I can grab me some Ichiran hah.

  • xdrive 2
    xdrive 2 Year ago

    No maggi smh

  • RoxYgen Maxim
    RoxYgen Maxim Year ago

    I love instant noodles! Shin Ramyun for me, but what an eye opening episode! Thank you for sharing!

  • unaanguila
    unaanguila Year ago

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Vaja
    Vaja Year ago +1

    check out this Slurp! xD

  • Dafa Syofaz
    Dafa Syofaz Year ago


  • jfatsnorlax
    jfatsnorlax Year ago +1

    C'mon the first three only require hot water. The last one requires a pot. That's not even a fair comparison.

  • Kearsten McCrea
    Kearsten McCrea Year ago

    Fung brossssss love y’all fine asses. Especially David 🙃

  • Copuloxi Ranbooi
    Copuloxi Ranbooi Year ago +2

    This was great. I love the Fung Bros guys' solid energy. Awesome stuff guys.

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee Year ago

    oh and btw, if you haven't experienced it before, you don't have credibility to comment on shit like this lol

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee Year ago

    pro tip from a Taiwanese:

  • ro pro
    ro pro Year ago

    No self-respecting Asian would eat noodles with a plastic fork! :D

  • Camaron
    Camaron Year ago

    Did Sean say "Italian restaurant" at 10:33 ?

  • maddwitch
    maddwitch Year ago

    Is it weird that David Fung is giving me Channing Tatum vibes?

  • Jean-François UNG

    Instant noodles are stupidly full of chemicals. Don't wanna be a ninja turtle!

  • VeG *
    VeG * Year ago

    Mama Ramen Noodles FTW!!!

  • DreadPathZone
    DreadPathZone Year ago

    So cool! Now I’m super hungry though

  • min min
    min min Year ago

    "Red Curry Ramen" supervised by cocoichi curry is also delicious.It's pretty spicy, though.

  • jalen McCarty
    jalen McCarty Year ago

    What jacket does the one Fung brother have, with the american flag patch? It's super cool. I want it.

  • Just Jordan
    Just Jordan Year ago

    30 $ ramen ha :) Sounds like worst then order the real deal.

  • Mexy Whatever
    Mexy Whatever Year ago

    whats the place called

  • sandro silagadze
    sandro silagadze Year ago

    2 dollars? Cmonbruh instat noodles cost 25 cents in my country

  • Hunter Forsberg
    Hunter Forsberg Year ago

    Have you tried maurchan tonkotsu ramens(not to be confused with the anime(which is also great)) it is the best ramen(Instant)

  • Elvinci Jaychen
    Elvinci Jaychen Year ago

    indomie is the best

  • Claymore007
    Claymore007 Year ago

    Just came from the Fung Bros channel.

  • panotcheese
    panotcheese Year ago

    Oh David's hair is going thin