First Pokémon Switch Gameplay ALLEGEDLY Leaked... Tread With Caution.


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  • fedtheblob
    fedtheblob 7 months ago

    It’s real. Now that it’s been announced

  • Somebody
    Somebody 7 months ago

    And now we know it's real

  • Steven Brown
    Steven Brown 7 months ago


  • DaddyAmpharos
    DaddyAmpharos 8 months ago

    Oh God oh fuck

  • Reece
    Reece 8 months ago

    Let's Go Eevee!!

  • Caleb Durham
    Caleb Durham 8 months ago


  • waddle dee yeah
    waddle dee yeah 8 months ago


  • Jordy Mares
    Jordy Mares 8 months ago

    Its the garados tail on lower right. Of the screenshot.(Sorry couldn't think of how to spell it at the moment. But its the evolution of magikarp.)

  • James Hollan
    James Hollan 8 months ago

    I think it's going to be open world like BotW. It might even be an MMO if it releases around the same time as Nintendo's online service.

  • Jay Lowenberg
    Jay Lowenberg 8 months ago


  • Robert van aanholt
    Robert van aanholt 8 months ago

    plzzz! dont real only make pokemon games for ds!

  • Jasp3a
    Jasp3a 9 months ago


  • Lilith Anastasia Patterson

    It better be fake. I want random encounters line all other games before it. I do not want overworld roaming pokemon like Final Fantasy 12 onward had. Keep it the same and make it bigger. It isn't beyond. Don't fix it.

  • __Muyo__
    __Muyo__ 9 months ago

    This is X and Y without the lines mod, shut up

  • sneesnop
    sneesnop 9 months ago

    #TeamFake looks like BEANS. Need me a big beautiful lookin' pokémon game. Not pokémon XY 5.0

  • Acriz Caazi
    Acriz Caazi 9 months ago

    I want to walk with my Pokémon again!

  • Edward Jaime
    Edward Jaime 9 months ago

    #teamreal and what if eevee is a starter choice 😬

  • André Pol
    André Pol 9 months ago

    Nice graphics... Fake

  • Lost in Aokigahara
    Lost in Aokigahara 9 months ago

    Game Freak is hauling a** to get this game finished within the promised 2018 deadline. Remember how many delays Breath of the Wild had? That’s because they kept improving the design and game mechanics. However, with Pokemon Switch, they started designing this game in 2018, and it will be finished in 2018. The quality is going to look similar to the 3DS mediocre graphics, because the game design was RUSHED. T_T

  • Shiro
    Shiro 9 months ago

    Nintendo could also April fooled its fan base
    Revenge of the leaks disinformation

  • Alex Surry
    Alex Surry 9 months ago


  • Xebb
    Xebb 9 months ago

    #teamfake looks like a gd sun/moon romhack

  • christian caddell
    christian caddell 9 months ago

    E3 needs to hurry up 🙄🙄🙄 I want all the regions combined type game

  • Shameer Khan
    Shameer Khan 9 months ago

    I wasn't expecting some massive mmo style game and was even expecting something like this so I won't be surprised if this is real

  • Matthew mattthew
    Matthew mattthew 9 months ago

    #team gamer #game ing

  • yhx
    yhx 9 months ago

    #TeamFake or #TeamReal for next splatfest

  • StormFront WolfTrap
    StormFront WolfTrap 9 months ago

    Team fake af

  • Josh Campbell
    Josh Campbell 9 months ago

    Fuckin fake

  • Avo J
    Avo J 9 months ago

    #TeamFake its a very poor quality image for no reason

  • SurvivingNSanity
    SurvivingNSanity 9 months ago


  • Alex Castro
    Alex Castro 9 months ago


  • Joe blow
    Joe blow 9 months ago

    Ign says their source confirmed it to be REAL.

  • Cylepsy CC
    Cylepsy CC 9 months ago

    to me it looks like a 3ds emulator rendering with higher resolution cus the 2d graphic layers look still blur as they can't be rendered in different resolutions. Also if the game is moving to Switch, at least they should have redesigned the UI to make it more swith-friendly. Remember there's only one screen in switch so the command window and battle window are gonna use the same screen again, not like this tho.

  • I dont give my name
    I dont give my name 9 months ago

    A day early pal...

  • Dabi
    Dabi 9 months ago

    It's obviously fucking fake.

  • master o
    master o 9 months ago

    Team fake

  • RowRow :D
    RowRow :D 9 months ago

    But I just want Kanto on switch

  • Miguel Rodas
    Miguel Rodas 9 months ago

    #Teamfake . The graphics are poor and to see pokemon in the water like that would mean we would encounter pokemon in the wild by visualizing them first. Oh criakie. There is a magickarp I'm a catch it. It dose not work like that

  • 1234567890
    1234567890 9 months ago

    #TeamFake this looks like a screenshot from a Gen 6 game, not even a Gen 7 one. The Switch is so powerful, no chance would the real game look like this

  • Andrea asdf
    Andrea asdf 9 months ago

    Totally fake #teamfake

  • Mike Clalverl
    Mike Clalverl 9 months ago +1

    I just want the fire bunny to be in it man.

  • Jacob Arrowood
    Jacob Arrowood 9 months ago

    The best possible option for this game would be a game with all 7 regions available. With an 8th as your “new” starting location. The ability to use fly (or surf/boats) to travel like in Sun/Moon and even gold/silver. But I would absolutely be okay with a remodeled and remastered version of the Kanto region

  • M misko27
    M misko27 9 months ago

    #teamfake the quality sucks

    DTBRTS 9 months ago

    Looks like pokepark

  • MEhtab Official
    MEhtab Official 9 months ago +1

    it's simply fake!!!!

  • j 1
    j 1 9 months ago

    this is stupid its ovbiously a fake. the fin in the corner is prolly a watermark just like you have your emblem in the same corner. it look like route 15 in alola with things reskinned. check out pokemon star romhack. it'd be easy for some one who does that sort thing to make something like this

  • Ralph Van Dinther
    Ralph Van Dinther 9 months ago

    Dear gamefreak. Of i can have a moment of you time and tell you what I would like to see for pokemon switch. You know about the game minecraft? Ofcourse you do. And do you know the mod pixelmon? Yes you probably trying to get the money for it. That is the game you have to make. A 3D World were I can walk true in every direction, have a 3th person camera vieu on my custom character, and throw pokemon on the pokemon I can see walk around in the wild. And than in HD ofcourse. Make it happen gamefreak because it is not a 3ds it's the switch make it awesome!

  • Majo Erazo
    Majo Erazo 9 months ago

    #teamfake because i really hope the real looks better than the 3ds games

  • Arthur P.
    Arthur P. 9 months ago

    Looks like image from sun and moon

  • Star Gazer
    Star Gazer 9 months ago


  • Modderman20
    Modderman20 9 months ago

    #TeamFake horribly photoshopped

  • bontakun
    bontakun 9 months ago

    Let's face it. Even if it looks like crap, it will still be selling like hot cake.

  • Steel Wing
    Steel Wing 9 months ago

    No Kanto remake please, we just had RBY on virtual console

  • TechnicalSniper
    TechnicalSniper 9 months ago

    It don't look that convincing to me. #teamfake

  • Jarred Mayer
    Jarred Mayer 9 months ago


  • 187fizzle1
    187fizzle1 9 months ago

    Will they ever upgrade the way they attack?? Why they won't let Pokemon fight for real like the show? If someone gets kicked i wanna see them physically get kicked. Just my opinion though.

  • Evan Allgeier
    Evan Allgeier 9 months ago

    The only rumors I've heard regarding the Pokemon Switch game is that it's supposed to boast the Nintendo Switches power and memory processing. APPARENTLY, from what I've heard is the first pokemon game for it is supposed to include up to 3 regions with an open world layout to explore as you see fit in any way you see fit. Meaning that you won't have to go linear in gym battles to unlock the next area, however it'll be more challenging for you.

  • SilverZero02
    SilverZero02 9 months ago

    Until proven otherwise

  • xGhostGaming
    xGhostGaming 9 months ago

    Seems like you just made this video for views. Anyone with an IQ higher than 0 can tell that it's fake.

  • DoomDesire666
    DoomDesire666 9 months ago

    It had better be fake. I don't want neither a Gen 1 remake nor 3DS graphics on the Switch. There is no need to downgrade your shit, Nintendo.

  • Jaemyn Cole
    Jaemyn Cole 9 months ago


  • Manuel Koegler
    Manuel Koegler 9 months ago

    #Teamfake while I don’t have astronomically high expectations, I do expect it to look better than upscaled 3DS graphics.
    Was thinking more along the lines of pokemon colosseum HD (in terms of graphics), no more overworld models, pokemon and trainers looking the same both in and outside of battles.
    Pokemon is part of the Holy trinity of nintendo, and with both mario & Zelda straying from their conventions (or going back to it depending on how you look at it), it’d be a real waste and a damn shame if pokemon’s first main line game plays it that safe.

  • Pixel Imperfect
    Pixel Imperfect 9 months ago

    I want it to be fake as 1. I don't want to go back to Kanto..... friggin genwunners. And 2 I would love an open world sort of game that's more free roaming. And 3 we need gen 4 remakes

  • Sora Tsubasa
    Sora Tsubasa 9 months ago

    Too many kanto remakes give me my sinnoh remakes!

  • Samuel
    Samuel 9 months ago


  • Anthony Ljucovic
    Anthony Ljucovic 9 months ago

    So let's speculate a bit, the 3 people that are saying that they've been told via word of mouth that what was described to them resembles this picture... Okay sure... But who's to say this picture is actually the real picture, I can draw a 2d picture that would capture what the 3 people heard and say this is a leak. What you heard about the game night be true but what you see here might be a fan made picture piecing together what people heard using 3d modeling that is way too similar to ultra sun and Moon so in team fake

  • Derick Smith
    Derick Smith 9 months ago

    #TeamFake!!! I ain't buying a damn 3ds game for my switch😈 its not worth it damn it.

  • Chimpchamp88 I game
    Chimpchamp88 I game 9 months ago


  • Omar Ben
    Omar Ben 9 months ago

    Fake!!!!!!!! Nintendo clearly would've had a big commotion about this.

  • Cee Soulz
    Cee Soulz 9 months ago


  • Simon Vermaat
    Simon Vermaat 9 months ago


  • Tobias Schwede
    Tobias Schwede 9 months ago


  • NoemoRetro
    NoemoRetro 9 months ago

    What an incredible disappointment if ts real. honestly, I wouldn't buy it. Haven't bought a game since Omega Ruby. Don't have a switch yet either. Won't buy a switch or this game if this is real. very discouraging imo

  • Ahwoofe
    Ahwoofe 9 months ago

    if you think this is real you are a fucking idiot

  • Goomy Woomy
    Goomy Woomy 9 months ago +1

    I quite like Or/as, Xy, and sun and moon but they said they were trying to make things new and that looks too close to other games except no more random encounters. I personally do not want this because of what they promised it would be. The hype needs to lead up to a game such as botw a really great game. I would be fine with this as Pokémon switch but do not really want it. The hype needs to lead up to something great. This looks like any ordinary Pokémon game so I kinda hope it is fake.

  • ِ
    ِ 9 months ago

    fake lmao

  • Philip Sancho
    Philip Sancho 9 months ago

    no one will leak no one wants to be jailed..

  • Caffeinegod
    Caffeinegod 9 months ago

    Also #teamreal... well somewhat as my other sources for the info I got that does not include my searches even they were not sure if they were fooled or not.
    I will just have to do research on this in my spare time

  • Caffeinegod
    Caffeinegod 9 months ago

    One video I saw on this mentioned the games being called Pokémon past & Pokémon future, 2 different enemy teams depending on which game you buy, and that these supposed games were 100 years apart (something to do with the supposed storyline no doubt I bet).
    I did a search on these games are very very few web links came up in this search engine. I am not saying that means it’s all fake and it could be that simply very few people out there know about the leaks still maybe. One site (I forget it’s exact site name) mentioned something I thought would take ages to happen. It mentioned a possible new Pokémon type called the “Time” type. I find a new type very unlikely to happen but being the next new Pokémon gen and one that’s gonna be on the switch when it happens I’m not gonna say this type is not possible to happen cause for all I know it very well could. The site did also mention that the 2 type legendaries 4 both of these supposed games would have this supposed new “Time” type along with 1 other type with it.
    If that turns out to be true then 4 all I know that could mean we have a prayer of a chance for a new eevee-lution... just maybe.
    I’m not saying any of this is impossible
    I’m just saying that I do not know what to believe right now.

  • Delta
    Delta 9 months ago

    Fake, men. Congratulations for the partner

  • Alex Kane
    Alex Kane 9 months ago

    #team puta!

  • shoopoopie1
    shoopoopie1 9 months ago

    how the heck did I get a notification for your video if I’m not subscribed

  • Pepe
    Pepe 9 months ago


  • Eduardo Jimenez
    Eduardo Jimenez 9 months ago

    #TeamFake didn't Nintendo say they were gonna make this new game completely different from past games? This would go against that

  • MewStor
    MewStor 9 months ago

    If they don't use 3D character models then I won't buy a Switch

  • Andrew Eckerberg
    Andrew Eckerberg 9 months ago

    the "fin" in the bottom corner is obv a Gyarados tail

  • Will Kincaid
    Will Kincaid 9 months ago

    #TeamNeutral don't care much if it's real or fake, maybe this means that they'll actually start putting out official info. Been playing Pokemon since September of 98' nearly 20 years, I buy these games even when they suck. I just want it now, I want it yesterday.

  • Samuel Culver
    Samuel Culver 9 months ago


  • Kev San
    Kev San 9 months ago

    Please god let it be fake, my heart won't be able to take it :/