Gwyneth Paltrow on Moving in with Husband, Spider-Man, The Politician & Strange GOOP Products

  • Published on Oct 3, 2019
  • Gwyneth talks about her one year anniversary to Brad Falchuk, finally moving in together last month, not realizing she was in Spider-Man: Homecoming, her new Netflix show “The Politician,” and she goes through a bunch of interesting GOOP products with Jimmy.
    For Trump, Things That Are True Are False

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    Gwyneth Paltrow on Moving in with Husband, Spider-Man, The Politician & GOOP Products
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Comments • 891

  • Minnikboy
    Minnikboy 2 days ago +1

    The only good thing about gwyneth is that she is pretty hot

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer 7 days ago

    How TF does she get to have goop when nobody knows her but Carson can't and he more famous 😡😡😡

  • Giuseppe Perrotta
    Giuseppe Perrotta 9 days ago

    sorry Gwyneth but to do advert for Dubai a country that treats women and workers as they do it surprised me . As per usual money talks "SAD"

  • lordwadekai
    lordwadekai 10 days ago +1

    Shes really beautiful.

  • I am love
    I am love 10 days ago

    She looks old

  • yellowllama
    yellowllama 14 days ago +1

    Think Jimmy faked drinking it.. at least the 2nd time.

  • yellowllama
    yellowllama 14 days ago +1

    Wow, she did no research into her own products and you can't see her passion for them at all. Surely she expected interviewers to discuss them beforehand...?

  • Bikemn
    Bikemn 26 days ago +3

    I don't like her. Since she broke up with Chris Martin. she did very badly

  • Hiindxx
    Hiindxx 29 days ago +1

    This is the opposite of Miranda Kerr endorsing Kora her product line

  • Sandro OnMars
    Sandro OnMars Month ago +1

    Gwyneth looks great here! and I loved The Politician!

  • Christian Camacho
    Christian Camacho Month ago

    are you the mother of Satan? Im the father. , he's hasn't been born yet.

  • Leona Tomečková
    Leona Tomečková Month ago

    I love her so much but I am surprised that she doesn't know what she is selling!

  • Magda Ty
    Magda Ty Month ago

    those moments she wonders of the best answer instead of the truth...

  • Stefan van Loon
    Stefan van Loon Month ago

    Chris Martin is so much better off without her...

  • Fox Heart
    Fox Heart Month ago

    Currently watching Bounce and noticing how much she's changed over the years. The biggest difference is her hair. Why oh why would anyone go blonde over auburn? People are crazy I guess. Blonde is such a step down. It ages her badly too.

  • K Maher
    K Maher Month ago +1

    She is just another capitalist hocking her crap to make even more money and pretending to be a conscientious consumer. The hypocrisy between this fake image and encouraging americans to buy even more crap is just offensive. While does our society feed into this feed into this narcissism?

  • L. R.
    L. R. Month ago

    I love the Politican

  • Dixie For-Mindfulness

    Like her honesty tho!

  • Gilbert Gil
    Gilbert Gil Month ago

    Dont forget your vampire repellent. This company is so stupid lmao

  • Hailey Rafferty
    Hailey Rafferty Month ago

    That politician scene made me belly laugh

  • Rob Taylor
    Rob Taylor Month ago

    wtf... how does she look like that? how can a 47 year old look that good....

  • proszę bardzo
    proszę bardzo Month ago +2

    Wtf? They gave her the best advertisement possibility and she blew the heck out of it!

  • Mars
    Mars Month ago

    She allowed him to keep his clothes and chairs! Wow!

  • Ty 0Boi
    Ty 0Boi Month ago +1

    This women is hollow inside. 😂🤣
    She isn't invested into Anything not even the marriage.

  • GogoQ1
    GogoQ1 Month ago

    i like Gwyneth i think she's pretty but she always look pale and tired, i don't get or see the healthy vibes from her !

  • Armelle Perez-Cortes Villalobos

    She clearly doesn’t know her products!

  • Metalbass10000
    Metalbass10000 Month ago +5

    Imagine that, people thinking about their children, putting considerations of their children above their own wants, especially celebrities, who tend to be more self-absorbed. That's actually refreshing. I don't believe in catering to wants and indulging children, making them feel entitled and distorting their sense of their place in the world, but I absolutely believe that parents need to consider the effects of their decisions, their priorities, and their lifestyles, on their children and on their childrens' development.
    Just my opinion, though.

  • 코어잼스톤
    코어잼스톤 Month ago +1

    WHat? What has she been doing? Why?

  • Judith Bisson
    Judith Bisson Month ago

    Shouldn’t she of known what her products taste like?

  • mattjbrundage
    mattjbrundage Month ago

    goop lol

  • Elisa Mastromarino
    Elisa Mastromarino Month ago

    I love her. Her mum is beautiful, she's beautiful and her daughter's beautiful. Some people have it all. 🌹🌹🌹

  • onelove1968
    onelove1968 Month ago

    Jimmy's gonna work on her "tightness".

  • kazoosc
    kazoosc Month ago

    she was in a short scene talking to Happy and Tony for maybe 30 seconds .. no involvement with Spiderman, not even a mention .. while everything else she's done in connection with Marvel over the past 10 years is Iron Man / Avengers oriented.
    why should she remember that one scene was in Spiderman?

  • Logan Ali
    Logan Ali Month ago

    JonTron make video about Goop, it was fricking hilarious 😂

  • Ana Amazing
    Ana Amazing Month ago +24

    She obviously doesn't know anything about her brand. Horrible.

  • Malcolm Wain
    Malcolm Wain Month ago

    Beautiful and Fun at the same time. She's awesome!

  • Ritik Bhola
    Ritik Bhola Month ago

    She's 50+

  • TheRManProds
    TheRManProds Month ago +1


  • Ollision
    Ollision Month ago +9

    Altzheimer's sucks, I hope this is not the case here.

  • Abhijeet Ryder
    Abhijeet Ryder Month ago +1

    Brad Pitt hit this first lol Nah just joking she's so laid back and chill. It's weird seeing her doing mother roles thou. She has been a leading actress for most of her life.

  • strictly sativa
    strictly sativa Month ago

    How you not gonna address john tron

  • X Z
    X Z Month ago +4

    She’s different from other Hollywood stars, perhaps that’s why people don’t get it.

  • lushnja75
    lushnja75 Month ago +3

    She’s lost! I love her but... bad promoter she doesn’t wanna do movies anymore but she’s also bad on her products why? 🤔

  • TheRManProds
    TheRManProds Month ago +2

    LOL She Knows Nothing!

  • TheRManProds
    TheRManProds Month ago +1

    LOL GOOP!!!!

  • Adiba K
    Adiba K Month ago

    Doesn't deserve to be in the mcu if she doesn't even watch the movies.

  • Eylmao
    Eylmao Month ago +1

    Lol so what does she know?

  • Jimmy G
    Jimmy G Month ago

    JonTron has entered the chat

  • I give up
    I give up Month ago +9

    ya'll she suffers from memory loss, that is why she doesnt remember homecoming etc.

  • Zi Solo
    Zi Solo Month ago

    Youre the boss of your company and you dont know half of your products? ffs, cant u at least study the products youre about to promote before the show? smh..

  • shveta sharma
    shveta sharma Month ago +14

    Why does she know nothing about her own products? Hasn’t even tried them.

    • Eric Ryan
      Eric Ryan Month ago

      She isn't running a mom and pop. You think Mark Zukerberg knows anything about the day to day on Facebook? Bless your heart.

  • Blessings Nyekanyeka

    she doesnt know anything lol

  • Jo Nyu
    Jo Nyu Month ago +2

    The comments section: wld never buy these overpriced products
    Also the comments section: buys $5 coffee from starbucks every day

  • Jo Nyu
    Jo Nyu Month ago +1

    Love her she dgaf 😂

    CHRIS ALESSANDRO Month ago +1

    I’ve noticed everyone shitting on Gwyneth Paltrow for not knowing a lot about the products that was showcased in this video. What everyone failed to realize is that Goop sells TONS of other brand items as well not just Goop products. 1/4 products were only from Goop in this video, which is why Gwyneth knew more about the first product than any other products that were shown. Not only that, i’m sure there are tons of other people who approve the items being sold on Goop, which is why Gwyneth would only know a few stuff about what is being sold. And for everyone about to say “she should know about other products being sold”, Gwyneth is too busy to go through every product or approve every product which is why there’s usually a whole team to approve products. Also, Goop is more of a company that includes products to live a certain lifestyle such as a healthy lifestyle rather than a company that sells ONLY their products.

  • HappySlayer81
    HappySlayer81 Month ago

    Actually the water bottle is really cool. I would buy it.

  • tweetyericsson
    tweetyericsson Month ago

    No frequency healing stickers? Disappointed.

  • John Dickel
    John Dickel Month ago +4

    crystals in your water bottle, extremely bad for you.

  • Dr. Sebi Inspired - Mucusless Diet Center

    Apparently she knows nothing about her products. Sad.

  • Abhishek Toshniwal
    Abhishek Toshniwal Month ago +1

    Why are people so surprised at her stupidity?
    Wasn't it pretty evident? I mean the woman left that gem of a guy from Coldplay.