Kevin Hart On "What The Fit" & Sumo Wrestling With Conan - CONAN on TBS

  • Published on Mar 6, 2018
  • For Kevin, the funniest part of his new TVclip series is when Conan takes his shirt off to reveal his insanely white chest.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 1 455

  • grape
    grape Month ago

    Imagine conan telling kevin "it was so black" 😆

  • omar garcia
    omar garcia Month ago

    that sumo wrestler that goes up against kevin is an actual champ in japan. i think i saw him in a episode of vice

  • Michael S
    Michael S 3 months ago

    They need to be in the back with the lighting crew cracking jokes at the real host.

  • naveen katoch
    naveen katoch 7 months ago +1

    what if conan says " its so black its so black" ..will it be considered racist?

  • Quix Guto
    Quix Guto 7 months ago

    Ik I'm not the only one dying at Kevin Hart's laugh

  • astroboirap
    astroboirap 7 months ago +1

    *kevin hart is so black, he looks like horseshit*

  • Brent Delong
    Brent Delong 7 months ago

    Damn, I knew KH was short, but he looks like a grade school kid next to the ginger beam pole.

  • Ras Chege
    Ras Chege 7 months ago

    Mr Hart is a Batty man.

  • Jackup460
    Jackup460 7 months ago

    Kevin Hart isn't funny. Just like DK Khaled good at performing Stick to producing...

  • SNB
    SNB 7 months ago +1

    I wonder why if a white man said: to a black guy it’s so black look at your belly. It’s racist in that form. But why though. Could somebody explain me this?

  • Андрей Илья Робертович Блейков

    Conan should just respond to Kevin laughing at Conan’s body should just say, “yeah well you’re the size of my left leg”

  • TalkingToTheHand
    TalkingToTheHand 7 months ago +1

    so the joke here is that Conan's white? wow I really didn't think that could carry a 5 minute video. and well, it didn't.

  • Ufo Passenger
    Ufo Passenger 7 months ago


  • Mark Waffensmith
    Mark Waffensmith 7 months ago

    Lmao, the size difference is hilarious.

  • Dua Balihoo
    Dua Balihoo 7 months ago

    Does that kids parents know he's being tossed around by sumo wrestlers? And why isn't he in school!

  • Der Diskutator
    Der Diskutator 7 months ago +1

    Imagine someone saying about a very black dude "You are soo black, you are soo black!" - I ask myself right now how many people would laugh. :)

  • Zed Master
    Zed Master 7 months ago

    hahaha conan looks like wide boi in cover photo haha

  • Shogun Kaoz
    Shogun Kaoz 7 months ago

    Kevin Hart is just so black. OMG hahahahaha just look at how dark he is! I mean I've seen black. but he is just burnt it's sooooooo funnnnyy. hahahahahahahahaha

  • whoispedrocosta
    whoispedrocosta 7 months ago

    Now, reverse the roles and see how it would be if a white guy would say: "I have seen black, but my g... take off your shirt and show them" :-O

  • john john
    john john 7 months ago

    When I seen Kevin Hart on TV or online even if just a few minutes, I always feel more happy after

  • vincentanno1997
    vincentanno1997 7 months ago

    If someone said "Kevin is so black! Look how black he is!"... Racism just seems to work in one direction for most :D
    Hilarious tho :P

  • A B
    A B 7 months ago

    So black

  • DaEineMutter...
    DaEineMutter... 7 months ago

    everyone should be allowed to laugh about skin color^^

  • Olive Adora
    Olive Adora 9 months ago


  • Zarah Dumilon
    Zarah Dumilon 9 months ago


  • Martin
    Martin 10 months ago

    Kevin Hart is racist, he is not funny, and I don’t even think that his inner intention is to be funny.

  • Martin
    Martin 10 months ago

    Kevin Hart is being racist against white people.
    He is mocking Conan for the colour of his skin.
    If any comment would have been made against the black skin, the entire show would have been censured.
    But because is a black person doing it against a white person, then it becomes acceptable by everyone.

  • yoyo tito
    yoyo tito 10 months ago

    what if conan laughed how kevin is so black , what could go wrong?

  • Fetti Da Don
    Fetti Da Don 11 months ago

    Conan is hilarious 🤣 🤣🤣

  • PLAY100
    PLAY100 11 months ago +1

    that white skin was a curse god gave white people its called the mark of cain

    • PLAY100
      PLAY100 11 months ago

      thats why they get tans and tattoos cause the know there skin is not human

  • Sam
    Sam 11 months ago

    Skip to 3:51

  • Amin Limbu
    Amin Limbu 11 months ago


  • Sher L
    Sher L Year ago

    Look at all the butt hurt white people who's upset that Kevin said Conan was so pale

  • rmkw4291
    rmkw4291 Year ago

    About two-thirds of this video is Kevin Hart laughing and joking about how pale Conan is.

  • Estefanía Fariñas

    cheeks hurt just from watching Kevin laughing at Conan 😂

  • #kanepoe !
    #kanepoe ! Year ago

    Lil kev still got his wedding band on?

  • semih oguzcan
    semih oguzcan Year ago

    Learn Resource Based Economy.

  • T.
    T. Year ago

    hilarious comedy bit from notorious comedian Kevin Hart where the color of someone's skin is the punch line.

  • T.
    T. Year ago

    how about the reverse situation where the white guy makes the black guy show his skin and shouts he's so black he's so black and laughs with the crowd.

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas Year ago

    Now if he used the palm of his hand, it wouldn't look that bad

  • Diana Sarg
    Diana Sarg Year ago

    Conan O'Brien so stinkin hot that I can't even. Mmmmhmnnn

  • bannana girl
    bannana girl Year ago

    Omg conan is so withe just like a paper

  • Kathi
    Kathi Year ago

    Oh, it’s Lil’ Cheat

  • Alexander Garcia
    Alexander Garcia Year ago


  • shilo storm
    shilo storm Year ago

    Next movie duo right there

  • Filip Mockovciak
    Filip Mockovciak Year ago

    And now try to say he is so black ... :D Aw ...

  • God is my fortress VerHalen

    Wow a video not lying and insulting our amazing President

  • RoG
    RoG Year ago

    now reverse the roles

  • Jacob Wine
    Jacob Wine Year ago

    It's good to see that the hallway walls from my high school have been so successful

  • jootai
    jootai Year ago

    conan so white he's like one of those see trough fishes.

  • loganbdh
    loganbdh Year ago

    Conan on Ben Swolo status.

  • Sidd harth
    Sidd harth Year ago

    Why is it that when black people make racist comments, it's not racist?

  • Ivan Andreev
    Ivan Andreev Year ago


  • Igor Gamzukoff
    Igor Gamzukoff Year ago +1

    really cool

  • DBZ master
    DBZ master Year ago

    Conan looks like a pluked flamingo :)

  • Ninja Briefs the Saiyan

    Conan is cosplaying as Ben Swolo

  • iTz Drop
    iTz Drop Year ago

    Man I needed sun glasses when I was looking at Conan’s stomach

  • LLific Y
    LLific Y Year ago

    So they do "fitness show" with sumo wrestler...
    ... They do know there are a large number of sumo wrestlerzs die early due to over weight right?

  • markers in a container


  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren Year ago

    I wonder if it would be funny if Conan laughed at how dark Kevin is. Or would that be considered racist?

  • joeljack1
    joeljack1 Year ago

    That's a ginger for you.

  • SirDavidPaladin
    SirDavidPaladin Year ago

    Holy Crap Conan! Coco Ren right there. Luke's Skywalker's OTHER nephew twice removed.

  • drakke125Channel
    drakke125Channel Year ago

    did this guy voice one of the boys in Capt underpants movie?
    lol he make it so funny

  • Soviet Boi
    Soviet Boi Year ago

    Wide boi

  • i amissangel mua
    i amissangel mua Year ago +1

    His white skin look good👅

  • Chazzwazz
    Chazzwazz Year ago +2

    What would happen if we laugh because somebody is so dark?

  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool Year ago +1

    I saw Kevin Hart at Hood to Coast! What a stud!

  • Sean-Patrick Smith

    Richard Spencer is pacing back and forth in his basement.

  • Misskwame76
    Misskwame76 Year ago

    White tears 😭 🍵 😂

  • Mr. Badass
    Mr. Badass Year ago

    Its ya boi ben swolo

  • S Kalam
    S Kalam Year ago

    *He's so white, he's so white, he's so white 😂😂😂*

  • Julius Wagner
    Julius Wagner Year ago

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  • Black shuck
    Black shuck Year ago

    Kevin Hart's not funny Conan f****** O'Brien's funnier than Kevin Hart

  • USMC GRUNT 0311
    USMC GRUNT 0311 Year ago

    I've always wanted to see what Conan looked like shirtless... I regret my curiosity

  • Matt Kitch
    Matt Kitch Year ago

    I thought it was kinda funny but then had me thinking, hang on, what if Conan was sat there on stage/tv laughing at how dark Kevin’s skin color is and didn’t think that would be funny so why should it be funny the other way around? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤔
    I think they’re both great though always make me laugh

  • NG Issac
    NG Issac Year ago

    too white to see.....

  • Nicholas Brooks
    Nicholas Brooks Year ago

    Stuff see deputy neither value contest born off attack someone funding.

  • Abdirisak Awes
    Abdirisak Awes Year ago +1

    Kevin Hart gets me all the time 😂

    AZUSAAZTEC Year ago

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  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez Year ago

    He might be so white but u so damn black charcoal black lol

  • James Woodruff
    James Woodruff Year ago

    Your both short dumb ass men lol

  • The Real Uzumaki
    The Real Uzumaki Year ago

    Did Conan Have a C-section Lol

  • Alan Ruelas
    Alan Ruelas Year ago

    I was a fan on of team Coco.
    Then I discovered both Jimmy’s and never returned:(

  • Ashton
    Ashton Year ago

  • Ray Jenkins
    Ray Jenkins Year ago


  • sRm
    sRm Year ago

    2:27 -- It's sooo white It's sooo white ah-hahahahaha *What is Conan had said, ... You sooo black, ... soooo black, hahahaha!!?* There would be riots, protests, assaulting and lawsuits galore!! *These worthless, good for nothing racist blacks disgust me!*

  • henk molenaar
    henk molenaar Year ago

    Insist begin sodium dealer dimension intensity switch flood.

  • Mr Mike Hilliard
    Mr Mike Hilliard Year ago

    Separately they are funny but together they are HILARIOUS!!!

  • Tara
    Tara Year ago

    gotten too weird

  • Hurtig brills Lil boi

    White kylo ren

  • Im Right U’re Wrong

    Conan is the best person on tv period

  • Anna E
    Anna E Year ago

    I son ser ah ah would happen if was the other way around " hahaha Kevin you are so black"

  • kl33tus
    kl33tus Year ago

    Conan looks like a cereal box with his shirt off

  • cebastianasf!
    cebastianasf! Year ago

    Conan built like a box of honey combs

  • Robbe Jacobs
    Robbe Jacobs Year ago

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  • justin crawford
    justin crawford Year ago

    I can barely see Kevin

  • hello, germany!
    hello, germany! Year ago

    why are they weaing pants under the traditional sumo dress? chicken?

  • Below Celcuis
    Below Celcuis Year ago

    Kevin was trying to hard to be funny

  • Dorrett P
    Dorrett P Year ago

    Conan is white cause kevin is black

  • soundcloud rapper
    soundcloud rapper Year ago +1

    Kylo ren looking ass.