10 Maps That Will Change The Way You See The World


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  • Rossana Alvarado
    Rossana Alvarado 10 months ago +6704

    It was going great until you made fun of redheads.... THUMBS DOWN

    • AgentPumpkin
      AgentPumpkin Day ago

      You don’t have a soul.

    • Bas Radala
      Bas Radala 2 days ago

      You have lost the right to make a joke about anyone on anything. If you can't take a joke about your own kind you shouldn't throw stones from your glass house.

    • EdinMike
      EdinMike 3 days ago

      Technically I’m a redhead sooo....

    • ThePowersLife
      ThePowersLife 14 days ago


    • C X
      C X Month ago

      Rossana Alvarado - everyone saying gingers don’t have soles and shit, that was a South Park joke get over it jeex

  • Nolan Layton
    Nolan Layton 15 hours ago

    I find it hard to believe that Ukraine sees the US as a greater threat than Russia when Russia annexes Crimea and backs Russian secessionist

  • Huskie
    Huskie 19 hours ago +1

    are you fuckin thick mate

  • Taylah Hurst
    Taylah Hurst 22 hours ago +1

    Australia's #1 sport is AFL?

  • Anjith Hari
    Anjith Hari Day ago

    So unfunny 😏

  • Dale Clay
    Dale Clay 2 days ago

    Did 26 thousand red heads vote down this video?

  • Delaney Williams
    Delaney Williams 2 days ago

    God dang. Indiana is Austria which I like (my 4th favourite country), but the Netherlands is Illinois (my favourite country). Guess I will just have to go live in Illinois.

  • AkshayTEM
    AkshayTEM 2 days ago

    Why American states have square or rectangular shape??

  • E. B
    E. B 2 days ago

    2:29 SA you stupid

  • Blocky '
    Blocky ' 2 days ago

    Well Macau is technically a country

  • 247jinjaninja
    247jinjaninja 3 days ago

    Vell vat was very interwesting now I see vu wowld vewy differwently !

  • Dean Vowles
    Dean Vowles 3 days ago

    Is this VO AI?

  • EdinMike
    EdinMike 3 days ago

    Stop the fucking boat... who are these people who thought Nokia were Japanese ?! Can I guess the continent....

  • Jeremy Raffetto
    Jeremy Raffetto 3 days ago

    China has trade with North Korea to answer your question.

  • Josh Thiele
    Josh Thiele 4 days ago

    So AFL is not the most popular sport? pretty sure we like AFL in Australia more than cricket.

  • DaBouncyBoi
    DaBouncyBoi 4 days ago +4

    0:23 Colombia: oh yeah You know, we have that thing called... Rain.

  • B Valera
    B Valera 5 days ago

    Korea had Samsung? I thought it was Sweden XD

  • lilia avalos
    lilia avalos 5 days ago

    0:23 are you kidding me mexico mexico has barely any lightning how about making the worlds best TACOS americans hate mexico trump worst president

  • kyle bolender
    kyle bolender 5 days ago

    Europe should show they lead the world in Socialism and communism ideology.. and no innovation...

  • Flamingo Shorts
    Flamingo Shorts 5 days ago

    Sweden has ive hockey ss most popular aswell

  • sai prasad
    sai prasad 6 days ago

    India map is wrong shown in picture

  • Greg L.
    Greg L. 7 days ago

    Never saw so much bullshit in my life. You really think Pakistan and Iraq will get a state. go ahead and try it. You will see how the locals will raise and make war on all Muslims in America at that point. I really wish a country like Iran, China or Pakistan would try and invade us. Just so they see how quickly the country will unite and make war on any invader.

  • Katuš
    Katuš 7 days ago

    ??? I don't know how about y'all, but this is the first time for me hearing that Britain invaded Czechia and Slovakia or other countries in the East Europe. And that sport part? No comment on that.

  • galata 1980
    galata 1980 7 days ago

    Fuck vs

  • LizardPlays DaXbox
    LizardPlays DaXbox 7 days ago

    The reason people find America scary is because of our idiotic recent presidents such as Obama and Clinton

  • чо а
    чо а 8 days ago +1

    Ты ахуел черт?

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 8 days ago

    Nobody in Germany says that America brings peace to the world this video is trash

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 8 days ago

    This changed nothing

  • הודיה בר יוסף

    @3:08@ since when Israel is 52 country of the USA? 🤣🤣🤣
    guys, we love you, we really do, but let's take things more slowly...

  • Bilii Koc
    Bilii Koc 9 days ago

    fuck you

  • joe carroll
    joe carroll 9 days ago

    Also Perth to London is 9008 miles which I think is the updated longest flight

  • joe carroll
    joe carroll 9 days ago

    Australian football is Australia’s number 1 sport not cricket.

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin 9 days ago

    The only reason Canada named Iran is because America is like our less mature brother, we gotta take care of him

  • Err Pee
    Err Pee 9 days ago

    no. we blame you for being the stupidest nation in western europe. have fun where you're going. and don't forget - in two years you will apply for eu-membership. :D dumb fucking english

  • Arth P.
    Arth P. 10 days ago

    First map's name, "Political Resentment"

  • MrVandekay
    MrVandekay 10 days ago

    The last one..brilliant!

  • sagar Yenchilwar
    sagar Yenchilwar 10 days ago

    From thumbnail
    It seems that you guy or guys are/is an America lover/lovers

  • G 8
    G 8 10 days ago

    we Japanese regard China as the greatest threat to japan and also world.

  • ThatAsianBroom
    ThatAsianBroom 10 days ago

    This video is the most bs I’ve ever seen

  • Jesse
    Jesse 10 days ago

    You have such a negative view about the world. Just call 1-800-273-8255 if you need help mate.

  • U L
    U L 10 days ago

    I enjoyed it

  • the illegal seagull
    the illegal seagull 11 days ago

    Ping pong? Unfun? Dang im sad

  • Jeffrey Wilson
    Jeffrey Wilson 11 days ago

    Belarus leads the world in textile

  • Zonex
    Zonex 11 days ago

    How is finland dark blue no one plays American fotball in finland

    • Zonex
      Zonex 8 days ago

      +Rakettivuori Shit im stupid

    • Rakettivuori
      Rakettivuori 8 days ago

      It was light blue for Ice Hockey

  • Scouse Rainbow
    Scouse Rainbow 11 days ago

    The UK leads the world in space technology or something like that

  • Joe Jasat
    Joe Jasat 11 days ago

    3:30 don’t forget, Macau is fucking rich and is a country (sort of)

  • Kirill Filatov
    Kirill Filatov 11 days ago

    This guy is just racist only caring about "The UK:

  • subhash yadav
    subhash yadav 12 days ago

    Fake video

  • Francis McPeake
    Francis McPeake 12 days ago

    What the on earth are you talking about wee lad Ireland the best country ever

  • surendra challa
    surendra challa 12 days ago

    K pagilidi

  • Royal Mole
    Royal Mole 12 days ago


  • 24 Guage
    24 Guage 12 days ago

    Jesus fuck the world hates us

  • Yash Nandoskar
    Yash Nandoskar 13 days ago

    I think the channel owner should once visit mental hospital for checkup

  • David Caudill
    David Caudill 13 days ago

    I find that last one to be quite funny I'm a redhead so I guess I can go there having worries 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • KeTurDetect
    KeTurDetect 14 days ago

    Fuck you fils de puteee

  • Kolekcjoner KAPów
    Kolekcjoner KAPów 15 days ago


  • Guybrush Threepwood
    Guybrush Threepwood 15 days ago

    Libya Leads the World in Heat. What Does That Even Mean. How Can You Lead The World in Heat.

  • Nicholas Alexander Frederik Strate

    Someone who can't tell a joke effectively, while trying to be funny, is making racist comments... This deserves more dislikes honestly.

  • Gamer X
    Gamer X 15 days ago

    Nepal also wasnt colonized !!! Do some more research

  • Leon Constantino
    Leon Constantino 16 days ago

    I guess the UK and France is not a great threat, it can be wiped out in just a minute cause its just a small country, but the US is, I don't know, its one big country so, man, why I'm I talkin bout this.!!!!

  • yaboi
    yaboi 16 days ago

    Norway was never under the rule of the British empire

  • Pedro J Padrón Swanson

    Wait if I go to Scotland I'll be ginger

  • jakiiboi8
    jakiiboi8 16 days ago

    I do not know a single British person that considers Iran a threat. LOL

  • Addison Ceritelli
    Addison Ceritelli 17 days ago


  • luka kotlaja
    luka kotlaja 18 days ago

    You are fucking retarded

  • CookerReunion
    CookerReunion 18 days ago

    Ping pong Is fun as fuck soccer is lame as shit

  • Elder :[
    Elder :[ 18 days ago

    3:30 🤦♂ How is American football most played sport in Finland? It's obviously Hockey. I think Canada is most Hockey too, because the first hockey game was played in Canada, and they love hockey very much. But idk, I'm not Canadian.

  • Killer 725
    Killer 725 19 days ago

    Why US is a threat for Australia?
    Why isn’t a threat for Venezuela?

  • Felicia Pattinson
    Felicia Pattinson 19 days ago

    Wow the fucking thumbnail

  • InTeReStInG
    InTeReStInG 19 days ago

    5:59 it's Moscow.

  • Sakshi Sharma
    Sakshi Sharma 19 days ago

    what the fuck you done with indian map

  • Rico-Ninja 123
    Rico-Ninja 123 20 days ago

    Poland HATES Russia

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 20 days ago +1

    That first map has to be a joke.
    There is no way a country in Eastern Europe is leading the world in download speed.

  • Dylan Chapman
    Dylan Chapman 20 days ago

    Complete shitty prick. Boring asf

  • Шохин Муродов

    Tajikistan great

  • Jordy Talvella
    Jordy Talvella 21 day ago

    Kanker flikker

  • G3E007
    G3E007 21 day ago

    suecia fue invadida por dinamarca
    bileorrusia fue invadida por los nazis
    tanto en africa como america del sur formaban parte de colonias europeas (los unicos territorios no colonizados fueron el sur de america del sur y el norte de canada)
    los paises del norte de oriente medio formaban parte tanto del imperio persa como del tirimuda
    mongolia fue invadida por manchuria y japon
    vaya mapa mas erroneo...
    no existe territorio en la tierra que no haya tenido mas de un dueño, ya sea que no este habitado como la antartida claro... aunque ya tiene dueños o al menos eso reclaman algunos paises.

  • France
    France 22 days ago

    If you think America is the Greatest threat to world peace then you're pretty fucking dumb. Only Vietnam and Japan were right about the Actual greatest threat to world peace

  • Aaron Marquees
    Aaron Marquees 22 days ago

    Portugal was never invaded, that’s utterly rubbish amongst others

    • Aaron Marquees
      Aaron Marquees 9 days ago

      Callum Shillito wrong the republicans overthrown the Spaniards from Portugal I have a masters in history from Coimbra University.
      Actually Australia and Netherlands invaded Portugal East Timor during the Second World War putting in jeopardy the neutrality of Portugal as Spain could allied with France. Portugal then sent men from Portuguese India and Africa to East Timor so that Macao was not invaded. You better check your history...

    • Callum Shillito
      Callum Shillito 9 days ago

      Aaron Marquees Actually after Spain took Portugal Britain invaded it so they could be self-governing again

  • jv v
    jv v 22 days ago

    We dont see the USA as an enemy, but we just thini they are stupid enough and arrogant enough to start a war over (for example) money.

  • abhishek Singh
    abhishek Singh 23 days ago

    Abhe novel ki bhi bana dekar

  • Aine Morrissey
    Aine Morrissey 23 days ago

    Ireland has gaa

  • brendan makes videos
    brendan makes videos 23 days ago

    I can't tell if this is a spoof

  • Rachel Tatem
    Rachel Tatem 24 days ago

    5:45 hehe

  • Ashok Aryal
    Ashok Aryal 25 days ago

    all the bullshits information. Not kill ur tym seeing this vdo. Thumbs down....

  • Pandora99
    Pandora99 25 days ago

    With number 5, as the most popular sport in Australia, it's not cricket, yes it's one of the popular sports Aussie love to play but not the top. It's actually Australian Football League (AFL) is the most popular sport in Australia considering that's where it originated from.
    For nearly a decade the grand final has been sold out which the most attended being a crowd of 121,696 spectators for Collingwood vs Carlton in 1970 at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds (MCG). In 2017 and 2018, the attended reached just over 100 000 people.

    • Bob Hawke
      Bob Hawke 24 days ago

      Actually. Afl is the most popular winter sport in some states and some states don’t give a toss about AFL and have little interest compared to rugby league.
      However. Cricket by far has the best Television ratings and is equally popular in all states and territories.
      Cricket is Australia’s ‘national sport’.
      Just like AFL was created by Englishmen (Australia wasn’t even a country when it began) so was cricket.
      The first AFL game was located in Australia, but so was the first match in all 3 forms of International cricket.
      Australia hosted the first Test Match. The first One day International, and the first T20 international.
      To prove my point. The AFL grand final is staged at the Home of Australian Rules Football:
      The MCG. Or more formally known as, The Melbourne Cricket Ground.

  • Sara BS
    Sara BS 25 days ago

    UK never invaded Poland!!!!

  • RedsKanto Wyatt
    RedsKanto Wyatt 25 days ago

    Getting killed by lawnmowers is a stereotype!
    Only in Murica

  • Daniel Nalin
    Daniel Nalin 25 days ago

    Ok, I'm Brazilian, and we don't consider the US our enemies

  • Lanna Jane
    Lanna Jane 25 days ago

    Lol Australia and the U.S are allies...

  • shopping shark
    shopping shark 25 days ago

    This was funny

  • Himal Dhakal
    Himal Dhakal 26 days ago

    How come Nepal is under ping pong sports. Nepalese favourite sports 1. Football then 2. Cricket.

    • Paul Kennedy
      Paul Kennedy 22 days ago

      It's not. It's colored red, for cricket.

  • Varun Thakur
    Varun Thakur 26 days ago

    Wo made india as pakistan it is really a shame

  • Mr Soup
    Mr Soup 26 days ago

    That was the worst attempt at humour ever oh yeah yeah

  • Feanissil Twillena
    Feanissil Twillena 27 days ago

    I am brazilian and i consider the intervention of united states in our politics, a dangerous menace for our democracy. The greatest example of this is the military putch of 1964 and the intervention of american "think thanks" associated with the GOP and Steve Bannon in our last elections for impose a proto-faccist president who is envolved with militias, mafias and death squads. I like progressives in USA because i think that the best solution for democracy in Brazil and in Latin America is the respect for our democracies, and the progressives seems respect this.
    Becausw of this, brazilians consider US a menace, not only for us, but also for the world, because the american intervetion in middle east only create endless hordes of terrorists.

  • Tudor Pepi
    Tudor Pepi 27 days ago +1

    I am from Romania and I never saw anyone consider Iran a threat to world peace.

  • Nitro Gary1
    Nitro Gary1 28 days ago

    But.... the UK does not own BP

    • Paul Kennedy
      Paul Kennedy 22 days ago

      What are you talking about? It was founded in the UK. It has its headquarters in London. It is traded on the London Stock Exchange.

  • mateusz molenda
    mateusz molenda 28 days ago

    Was that racist?

  • gameP gaming
    gameP gaming 28 days ago

    I love ping pong

  • SlimeySeal
    SlimeySeal 29 days ago

    This whole video gets a Woooosh