10 Maps That Will Change The Way You See The World

  • Published on Apr 15, 2018
  • There are many different types of map, each showing us something different. Some simply show the world how it appears, while others highlight the world how it is below the surface. The maps in this video might just change the way you see the world, or at least reveal some interesting facts to you.
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  • Rossana Alvarado
    Rossana Alvarado Year ago +7019

    It was going great until you made fun of redheads.... THUMBS DOWN

    • Kevin Luo
      Kevin Luo 7 days ago

      The Volga region has more gingers per capita than anywhere else in the world, bar Ireland. The Udmurt people of the region have been described as “the most redheaded men in the world”, while their ancient relatives, the Budini people, were noted for their fiery hair by the Greek historian, Herodotus.

    • 0121_ steve
      0121_ steve 19 days ago

      That was a joke btw so chill

    • 0121_ steve
      0121_ steve 19 days ago

      Chill ur ginger tits

    • t 1 01
      t 1 01 25 days ago

      Triggered big time!!!

    • Arena Rat
      Arena Rat 27 days ago

      he did what? yeah we have a problem

  • george
    george 9 hours ago

    What a load of wank

  • Ludovico Nonino
    Ludovico Nonino Day ago

    Green is football
    Me: Ok..

  • Moses jr Nkandu
    Moses jr Nkandu 2 days ago

    Oh no I’ve become a redhead too😅

  • TSKViper
    TSKViper 2 days ago

    false dude

  • Viper Games
    Viper Games 3 days ago +2

    The biggest México company is Telmex
    Pemex is an insect

  • invasion of memes
    invasion of memes 3 days ago

    Eskify: Former British Colonies has Left-Driving roads.
    Canada: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?

  • Nemo Lol
    Nemo Lol 3 days ago

    You sound so uneducated

  • The Ewoking Dread
    The Ewoking Dread 4 days ago


  • Miroslav Herzán
    Miroslav Herzán 5 days ago

    Why Slovaki has making cars in the first map?

  • Gary Geiser
    Gary Geiser 5 days ago +1

    I moved to Florida and “caught” grey hair!

  • Sirui Li
    Sirui Li 6 days ago

    Ukrain think the US treat the wourld peace?Imposible

  • Kevin Luo
    Kevin Luo 7 days ago

    The Volga region has more gingers per capita than anywhere else in the world, bar Ireland. The Udmurt people of the region have been described as “the most redheaded men in the world”, while their ancient relatives, the Budini people, were noted for their fiery hair by the Greek historian, Herodotus.

  • Kevin Luo
    Kevin Luo 7 days ago +3

    Ping pong is the least fun sport.
    Forest Gump has entered the chat.

  • Evžen Vargaa
    Evžen Vargaa 7 days ago

    3:35 this is soo wrong , Czechs and Russians like Hockey MUCH more than football.

  • Mosly Jeb
    Mosly Jeb 8 days ago +1

    Vietname doesn’t even see China as human . Your results seems nonsence

  • Emmanuel Spurlock
    Emmanuel Spurlock 8 days ago

    5:40 yea United states is a big bully ig the Iranians r right America is big satan

  • Emmanuel Spurlock
    Emmanuel Spurlock 8 days ago

    Great Britain r the worst terrorists

  • MrMethadrine
    MrMethadrine 8 days ago

    some countries are totally pointless

  • Music Tube
    Music Tube 10 days ago

    Some things isn't real

  • Classical Cross The Halo Bringer

    when did Britain invade Russia no one invades Russia

  • Marcus Lam
    Marcus Lam 12 days ago

    It was fun until you insulted Ping Pong (table tennis btw)

  • Connor
    Connor 12 days ago +1

    Nobody in america actually sees iran as a big threat, either china or russia would win there, easy

  • Samuel Berg
    Samuel Berg 13 days ago

    Did anybody notise germany in NR 2 (sorry for mijn bad englise. Im dutch btw)

  • Zihan Wang
    Zihan Wang 13 days ago

    The maps are fine but the way he speaks really sucks

  • Ruby Devi
    Ruby Devi 14 days ago +1

    No way Pakistan can never cover India India is more powerful than Pakistan and I'm from India and this map is fake and how the hell do you know future Of The map it's just a fake theroy

    • Ruby Devi
      Ruby Devi 13 days ago +1

      @Tryhard -_- what poor yeah but every country has something bad if usa is powerful country in The world that doest mean USA is The great country every country is best but don't say any country poor or rich

    • Tryhard -_-
      Tryhard -_- 13 days ago

      @Ruby Devi india is taught to be a poor country and the statue doesn't prove anything we have the biggest economy that doesn't mean we are the greatest country

    • Ruby Devi
      Ruby Devi 13 days ago

      @Tryhard -_- it is India is after Russia we are slowly developing we made world biggest statue in The world which is complete in 2019 and we are going to show this to world in 2020 and it's bigger than statue of liberty which is in New York City and we have more big projects

    • Tryhard -_-
      Tryhard -_- 13 days ago

      @Ruby Devi no its

    • Ruby Devi
      Ruby Devi 13 days ago

      @Tryhard -_- wait you forget India India is also in top 5 most powerful country

  • TheAxetion!
    TheAxetion! 14 days ago +1

    I live In nokia

  • Jodio Brandostar
    Jodio Brandostar 15 days ago

    Muh fascism bad

  • Cute Krishna
    Cute Krishna 15 days ago

    I freaked out when I saw Pakistan Map on India
    But you rightly said about our enemies but Australia sees US as enemy
    Do you know about PRISM dude?

  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell 15 days ago

    I really TVclip would recommending this stupid video in my suggestion list. It's getting really annoying.

  • Red Brix Animations
    Red Brix Animations 15 days ago +2

    1:38 I was expecting T Series, but ok

  • Neil Willis
    Neil Willis 16 days ago

    I'm ginge

  • Hasnain Iftikhar
    Hasnain Iftikhar 16 days ago

    One day the whole india and afghanistan will become a Large Pakistan. INSHAALLAH

  • tom field
    tom field 16 days ago

    This guy is an idiot. Ping Pong is one of the funnest sports and Japan had baseball for decades before the end of WWII

  • MickMack
    MickMack 16 days ago

    Australians hate America???

  • The bear Guy
    The bear Guy 16 days ago

    I’m from Scotland, not THAT many people have red hair

  • Ferguszon Macskuszon
    Ferguszon Macskuszon 17 days ago +3

    Serbia waterpollo? I'm Hungaryan and I'm triggered 🤬

    • Ferguszon Macskuszon
      Ferguszon Macskuszon 16 days ago

      @Andrei Tanasov thx 😃

    • Andrei Tanasov
      Andrei Tanasov 16 days ago +1

      even a romanian can confirm the Hungary it's WAAAY better than Serbia at waterpollo

  • Jamshaid khan
    Jamshaid khan 17 days ago

    TumbnailTumbnail was beautiful 😚😚😚

  • Маша Яхина
    Маша Яхина 17 days ago +1

    1:28 Сбербанк- Спёрбанк
    Спёрли всё!

  • Vu1q
    Vu1q 17 days ago +16

    2:00 Welp, I guess New Zealand just didn't want to be in the family photo...

  • masih Sadeghi
    masih Sadeghi 17 days ago

    *afghanistan has lost his land and picked italy's land LOL*

  • Deaf GB
    Deaf GB 18 days ago

    when he went to India I thought it was t series

  • Lithunoisan Hussars
    Lithunoisan Hussars 18 days ago

    Wait people think Nokia is Japanese?

  • Shahooda 2583
    Shahooda 2583 18 days ago

    No uae is football(soccer)
    If you don't know my half country then shut up
    Will my other half is uk

  • Nguyễn Bảo
    Nguyễn Bảo 19 days ago

    OMG Việt Nam

  • Flabitition Efal
    Flabitition Efal 19 days ago

    Why do people say Americans get killed by lawn mowers? I mean, people kill people with them, but are never killed by accident.

  • Ali Khodadadi
    Ali Khodadadi 19 days ago +2

    بچا! آمریکارو گرفتیم! خخخخخخخ
    We conquered usa !

  • Flabitition Efal
    Flabitition Efal 19 days ago

    None of these are true

  • cool faces
    cool faces 20 days ago

    I understand why everyone thinks america is the greatest threat to world peace. They invaded iraq afghanistan and vietnam for very pointless reasons, they are a great country but mabie they should stop trying to take over the world.

  • cool faces
    cool faces 20 days ago +4

    facist momements xD out of everything me and other british peoples do we are most known for fascist movements LOL?

  • Crazybob
    Crazybob 21 day ago +1

    Indonesia was a Dutch colony and they drive left.

  • Zakir Husain
    Zakir Husain 21 day ago

    0:50 Sudan has most Pyramids.

  • a p
    a p 21 day ago

    America worlds leading mass murderer producer

  • Learn MorePplayz
    Learn MorePplayz 21 day ago

    Wait brazil in ph they stick toghether

  • Andrew Bresnan
    Andrew Bresnan 21 day ago +1

    The people who say America and Israel are the greatest threats to world peace are stupid, or being forced to say so by their dictator.

    • joehoe222
      joehoe222 21 day ago

      @Andrew Bresnan didn't read lol!

    • Andrew Bresnan
      Andrew Bresnan 21 day ago

      @joehoe222 The last time the US "meddled" in a war (meddle = get involved in a war when you have no personal stake in it or involvement could've been easily avoided) would probably be the Banana Wars, if not, then the Second Samoan Civil War or the Nez Perce War. Most of the time, America has gotten involved in conflicts to protect and assist allies, if America itself wasn't threatened. And if America is such a threat to world peace, then why does the US lead all international efforts of nuclear disarmament? We only have nukes because of the Second World War and Cold War. If the Soviet Union hadn't been so violently expansionist and constantly at odds with the US while developing it's own nuclear arsenal, we wouldn't have had to make so many more nukes. And also, it is simple Big Stick Diplomacy: If there is a dictatorial, unstable nation that has nukes, the US can say "why don't you disarm all your nukes?", and if they don't cooperate, then the US can respond with "okay, until you decide to cooperate for the sake of humanity, just remember, we have nukes too". If America was such a meddler in war, the US could've conquered more of the world than the British Empire did. But, ironically enough, many of the countries that don't like America owe their entire existence to America. Europe would be a communist hell-hole because the USSR would have stood uncontested, Latin America would be a mess of civil wars and revolutions, the Middle-East would have even more dictators and state-sponsored terrorism than it has now, there would be a lot less democracies and republics and a lot more dictatorships and anarchies in the world, and there would likely be a lot of chaos in colonies and ex-colonies of European empires since the American revolution inspired so many other countries to rebel and form their own governments. Saying America is the biggest threat to world peace is equivalent to saying that the Armenian Genocide never happened (over a million people mysteriously dead and half of Armenia's territory magically transferred to Turkey). America is the primary enforcer of world peace today.

    • joehoe222
      joehoe222 21 day ago

      Dude, the US has the largest pile of nukes in the world, haven't been at war for only 30 years in the whole history of the country, always meddling everywhere without overseeing the consequenses. The US is indeed a rightful answer to the question. Israel isn't, but there are some points to say it isn't that great...

  • Ryan Madaris
    Ryan Madaris 22 days ago

    If Australia really thinks the U.S. is the greatest threat to world peace, I'll eat my hat.

    • cool faces
      cool faces 20 days ago

      australia is correct to think that. But me in england would rarther be under american controll than anywhere else

  • L IGHT
    L IGHT 22 days ago

    The map on the thumbnail dont make anysense

  • Racer Pros
    Racer Pros 22 days ago

    Where is kosovo

  • Lion PL0X
    Lion PL0X 22 days ago

    Thumbnail is just...

  • Lord Morgue
    Lord Morgue 22 days ago

    I hate people that can't say "that" and "the" and "thing". It's not vat and vuh and fing. Learn to speak . Are you a child?

  • Noam Noam
    Noam Noam 23 days ago

    Israel drive on the right too.. british mandat

  • kokot sity
    kokot sity 23 days ago

    Okay, but whacha got against red hairs? Do you want to getcoppercab pissed off again? Theyve got soul ya no? And also, I find redhead chicks prettey. Actually, nicer than the rest hairs including grey.

  • syed hamza ali
    syed hamza ali 24 days ago +35

    there is oil in middle east
    America: we are here to help you

  • funny thrush
    funny thrush 24 days ago


  • Linkacide
    Linkacide 24 days ago +1

    Why is Iran a "enemy", of Canada?

  • Ruben Dahle
    Ruben Dahle 24 days ago +1

    2:56 it was because we where so poor

  • Morten Rasmussen
    Morten Rasmussen 25 days ago

    Denmark Never fought with napoleon they were neutral, but England didn't accept that, so they attacked.... but that's not the same as saying, Denmark fought with... so wrong facts.

  • Shivanand Sharma
    Shivanand Sharma 25 days ago +1

    Pakistan : terrorism, daood and illiteracy

  • Joseph Healey
    Joseph Healey 25 days ago

    It's true, I'm English but now live in Scotland and now my hair has gone ginger, shocking.

  • Amir Hagit Einav
    Amir Hagit Einav 25 days ago

    U get a dislike for saying ping pong is boring

  • SchnitzelBerry 13
    SchnitzelBerry 13 26 days ago +4

    Woahhhhh wth did USA and Israel ever do to you guys..?! And also WE DON'T GET KILLED BY LAWNMOWERS....
    Just toilets that's all! 😇🇺🇸

    • SchnitzelBerry 13
      SchnitzelBerry 13 17 days ago

      @Vu1q Like personally, I support Trump. He did a lot of good things for my people (the Jews) but this stuff about deporting Muslims, building a wall, discrimination isn't exactly something I'm routing for.

    • Vu1q
      Vu1q 17 days ago

      @SchnitzelBerry 13 I also agree you're quite a great country, it's just that it could be a little better right now.

    • Vu1q
      Vu1q 17 days ago

      Lol. I agree that Australia helped America but it was mainly the UK. Remember, if Donald trump starts a war, come over here and I'll cook some kangaroo for you, k?

    • SchnitzelBerry 13
      SchnitzelBerry 13 17 days ago

      @Nabeel Though how is Israel a "cancer" to the world?!

    • SchnitzelBerry 13
      SchnitzelBerry 13 17 days ago

      @Vu1q Ok tbh America isn't exactly in the best of conditions right now but I think we're a good country. If America never happened, countries like Australia wouldn't exist and you'd probably be in jail in the desert with the ostriches. While King George is putting ridiculous taxes on our tea!

  • Snir TOmi
    Snir TOmi 26 days ago

    Israel:Am I a JoKe To YoU

    • SchnitzelBerry 13
      SchnitzelBerry 13 25 days ago

      @私の名前は関係ありません Just so soooo ignorant. We are literally the only Democracy in the whole region. Why am I even responding to you..

    • 私の名前は関係ありません
      私の名前は関係ありません 25 days ago

      SchnitzelBerry 13 Israel is a dictatorship

    • SchnitzelBerry 13
      SchnitzelBerry 13 26 days ago


      Also message to Rahouni: 😛🇮🇱

  • Traxes 93
    Traxes 93 28 days ago

    In from romania and i never heard anyone mentioning iran as the greatest threat to world peace lol....actually they are quite nice persons

    • SchnitzelBerry 13
      SchnitzelBerry 13 26 days ago

      Yeah the people are cool but the government are well how do I say this...


  • Peeping Sid
    Peeping Sid 28 days ago

    As a ginger, I would say I’m FUCKED! 😉

  • Kulveer Rajpurohit
    Kulveer Rajpurohit 29 days ago

    India have reliance

  • Me Nice
    Me Nice 29 days ago


  • Jivan Scarano
    Jivan Scarano 29 days ago

    Some maps don't lead us anywhere, vey just show us fings. Interesting fings.
    Here are some maps va might change ve way you see ve world.

  • Nineblessednineadoredninedestined Soshi

    The real number one threat to world peace is the redheads.

  • Niusha Sabahi
    Niusha Sabahi 29 days ago

    The threat map was interesting and I’m glad it was mentioned that it says a lot about America, Canada, England and others who voted Iran as Iran is framed as dangerous when in reality it’s a country that had had many others like England and America use and it. If anything England and America are the big bullies and are scary

  • SomethingTabz AJ
    SomethingTabz AJ Month ago

    This video has alot of incorrect information in it and is extreamly rude at times.
    And before you all go "it's just a joke!!" Just know that joke or not, there is a limit to what is okay.
    If it's a joke, i have a suggestion for you: Know your audeince!
    The people veiwing your content might not enjoy the jokes you make, and might even find them hurtful and offencive. Think about what people might think about your jokes before making them, to avoid situations like this again.
    Thank you

    • SomethingTabz AJ
      SomethingTabz AJ 28 days ago

      @David Dirré-Moire you have your points, but just remember, not everyone shares your opinon

    • David Dirré-Moire
      David Dirré-Moire 28 days ago

      I beg to differ. I view his content and find it funny, entertaining and clever. I'm glad Mr Eskify thinks about me when he writes his content. He writes jokes that I like, jokes that make me laugh. That makes Mr. Eskify a very nice and kind person. As far as incorrect information is concerned, truth has been the first casualty of the Internet since at least 1899.

  • Pete Tran
    Pete Tran Month ago +1

    i love redheads....

  • 9 b
    9 b Month ago

    alt right maggot living in his own shitty world

  • jeetu xx
    jeetu xx Month ago

    wtf is wrong with you

  • 예쁨예쁨
    예쁨예쁨 Month ago +21

    ✔ Baseball ⚾
    🇺🇸 (US)
    🇯🇵 (Japan)
    🇰🇷 (South Korea)
    🇹🇼 (Taiwan)

  • 杨伯森
    杨伯森 Month ago +2

    Stop humiliating Chinese sports!Have you even seen ping pong?

  • LeanFortnite
    LeanFortnite Month ago

    Bahrain was so small on the first map it didn’t even show up

  • Jesse Parker
    Jesse Parker Month ago

    I HIGHLY doubt that we’d give up the birth land of the U.S for other countries especially the surrounding ones

  • Regina Solaris
    Regina Solaris Month ago

    you error head..Nepal was never invaded by your Britian!! Are you British??

    • David Dirré-Moire
      David Dirré-Moire 26 days ago

      @Regina Solaris now you've changed the subject and have moved on to obfuscation. That means I win. Good day.

    • Regina Solaris
      Regina Solaris 27 days ago

      @David Dirré-Moire If British invaded Nepal..when did Nepal got the independence? ask any Nepalese whether they have any Independence day or not? Also go and ask your country former politician and historians about this..and also why your country, British needs Gurkha to win any sort of war?

    • David Dirré-Moire
      David Dirré-Moire 27 days ago

      Regina Solaris Your ignorance is appalling. How do you think that territory was acquired by India? It was former Nepalese territory that was ceded to the British by Nepal after the British completed a successful albeit very costly invasion of Nepal. The evidence is staring you right in the face and you still can’t recognize it. Incidentally, you must know that the territory taken by the British in this war had been recently taken by the incipient Nepalese state. This territory had been part of India at the time the British East India Company acquired dominion over India. This validates my initial point. So, anyway you choose to look at it, Nepal was invaded by the British. Again, I repeat, your ignorance is appalling.; Especially for someone who claims to be studying Asian history. Be thankful it was I who your shortcomings in this regard, and not your thesis advisor.

    • Regina Solaris
      Regina Solaris 27 days ago

      @David Dirré-Moire I am doing my research in Asian History....I lived in Nepal for more than 15 years...visited almost all parts of India and Nepal...if you don't have the true facts to prove, do not post these types of false videos. if you go through the Nepalese History...you'll see Nepal was never invaded...but in fact one size of Nepal now is in India invaded by British..Darjeeling, more than half of Sikkim, Shimla, half of Himanchal...those were Nepalese territory before bloody British came to India. Do not post what you think....Don't show you British Attitude!!

    • David Dirré-Moire
      David Dirré-Moire 27 days ago

      @Regina Solaris If you want to quibble about whether or not Nepal was part of India, fine. But the fact remains there was an Anglo-Nepali war. Look it up.

  • Kiviaeg 132
    Kiviaeg 132 Month ago

    Idiot estonia has skiing! (please dont take my comment seriusly)

  • Mr. G
    Mr. G Month ago

    I will ban this video

  • Mr. G
    Mr. G Month ago


  • Mr. G
    Mr. G Month ago

    Russia is better than this fucking country united states

  • M M
    M M Month ago

    İslamic Republic of Iran 💪💪💪💪

  • Christoffer Måske
    Christoffer Måske Month ago

    But the only reason denmark joined napolion was because Britain bombed cph

  • It's Austin
    It's Austin Month ago

    Why does Turkey say that America is the biggest threat when they are allies?

  • jo Mendes de abreu
    jo Mendes de abreu Month ago +1

    Oi você é muito falado Estados Unidos dominar o Brasil aqui é Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil aqui é Brasil não é nada Estados Unidos melhor mesmo que o Leandro me now teus países

  • Syed Zaidi
    Syed Zaidi Month ago

    When u click on vid all Pakistani s are like oooooooh

  • [DnG] sajmoun
    [DnG] sajmoun Month ago

    Czech republic is Hockey country

  • Jesta
    Jesta Month ago

    Why dont you include kosovo with serbia fucking hell

    ROMAN BOUDIER Month ago +4

    America is a continent not a country...
    Vamo mostrar presses gringos quem são os verdadeiros americanos

    • Arena Rat
      Arena Rat 8 days ago

      @felipe WhiTe if youre from america then why are you speaking portuguese? its sounding like we have an illegal over here. oh wait no, youre just stupid and think youre american when youre not LMAO and no, everyone does not say AMERICA is a continent, youre just uneducated. and yes, people from the US are the ONLY americans. they are two different continents (north america, south america), you are just uneducated, like i have repeatedly stated. this is first grade knowledge. no matter how bad people from countries in south america want to be called american, they are not, its just a fact, so fucking deal with it. its sad your geography teachers are so ignorant and uneducated. they clearly shouldnt have their positions.

    • felipe WhiTe
      felipe WhiTe 8 days ago

      @Arena Rat Cara, eu sou da América, conheço muitos professores de geografia, e TODOS dizem que a América é um continente, um continente que se estende da Groenlândia ao Chile, os moradores dos Estados Unidos podem ser chamados de americanos, o que não pode ser disse que só eles são americanos. Ah, e lembre-se que a América é uma só, os termos Sul, Central e Norte são apenas regiões do gigantesco continente

    • Arena Rat
      Arena Rat 9 days ago

      @felipe WhiTe im still waiting for you guys to show us :)

    • Arena Rat
      Arena Rat 9 days ago

      ​@ROMAN BOUDIER youre dumb as fuck lol America literally is not a continent, youre just ignorant. north america and south america are two separate continents. central america is part of north america (as a continent), however they are defined as different because of regional differences. even in that context, central americans are not American lol people from brazil are not americans either lol they are south americans if anything but noone defines those people like that because its inaccurate. only people from the United States (america) are referred to as Americans.

    • Arena Rat
      Arena Rat 9 days ago

      @felipe WhiTe lol dude, dont be salty youre not from MERICA. north america is its own continent. south america is a separate. dont come around talking shit when you sound dumb as fuck. noone refers to south america as america. when people refer to America, they are talking about north america, the usa. but obviously you know very little. if you are from the US, that is sad. if you are not and you are from central/south america, this is a great example of why we dont want south/central americans here lol they arent educated