Kitchen Nightmares - Season 4 Episode 11 - Revisited No. 2 Full Episode

  • Published on Jul 31, 2018
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    Hell's Kitchen - Season 17 Episode 5 - Josh Josh Josh Full Episode
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  • Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen

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    • Robyn Sparkes
      Robyn Sparkes 14 days ago +1

      The *only* issue I had with the robot voice, was the very first episode I watched, the mother had a tracheostomy. I thought that was sort of in poor taste, but I'll admit, I did laugh a bit.

    • lllllllllllll
      lllllllllllll 22 days ago

      Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen i would if it wasnt about fortnite :/

    • Internet Entity
      Internet Entity Month ago +3

      Unsubscribe and hate for more robot voice.

    • grape juice.
      grape juice. 2 months ago

      +Ashley Christie subscribe and like, you want more Gordon Ramsay don't you?

    • Ashley Christie
      Ashley Christie 2 months ago

      What do i have to do for more gotten Ramsey ?

  • TacoGod
    TacoGod 5 hours ago

    Best pun of 2019 15:47

  • Cacti Lover
    Cacti Lover 5 hours ago +1

    Rats, cockroaches, mice, what next?
    “Oh yeah, that’s just Phil. Dr Phil. He’s our pigeon.”

  • Ishmael Basurto
    Ishmael Basurto 6 hours ago

    7:34 those titties tho

  • KaKaoNovack
    KaKaoNovack 21 hour ago

    Hell yeah.. Gordon fucking great.. " The only thing that fresh in here is that pigeon over there" xD

  • 6969 subs with no videos

    I'm so happy The Capri is still open and doing well! Much love to both Jim and Jeff.

  • bizybeinbeastly
    bizybeinbeastly Day ago

    The Dr. Totally poisoned or cursed Ramsay with that evil laugh

  • okuplok
    okuplok Day ago +1


  • The Man Becky Lynch Straight fire

    Valvena like the old wrestler Val venis lol

  • Unofficial Osu Gameplay

    Haha I love the part when Gordon says" subscribe and like for more gordon Ramsay" that shit got me laughing so hard

  • CyphaBorg
    CyphaBorg 2 days ago


  • ladyfootZ
    ladyfootZ 3 days ago


  • Cartmanplayz
    Cartmanplayz 3 days ago

    20:26 Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn

  • PhesMyDSP YT
    PhesMyDSP YT 3 days ago

    I respect the Thiel Twins (Capri Restaurant), I hope they are still successful today. 👍

  • I am Human
    I am Human 3 days ago

    36:21 Those are genuine, heart felt and happy tears for Ramsey. So happy for the Capri twins.

  • Badulescu Aly
    Badulescu Aly 3 days ago

    those twins reminds me of eggs :))

  • NaughtyNinja
    NaughtyNinja 4 days ago

    7:32 delicious;D

  • Green SShirt
    Green SShirt 4 days ago

    this guy asked for likes and subscribes so many times I'm starting to think he's using subliminal messages XD

  • millec60
    millec60 4 days ago +1

    The twins took his advice and ran with it, and their business is still opening and thriving. Imagine that!

  • Padraig Wind
    Padraig Wind 4 days ago


  • Robert Freeman
    Robert Freeman 4 days ago

    Big wet noodle that's a classic

  • Kallinx
    Kallinx 5 days ago

    “More plastic here, than in Beverly Hills” 😂😂

  • Brian Nesbitt
    Brian Nesbitt 6 days ago


  • お化け
    お化け 7 days ago +2

    I have to say that those twins were not very stubborn, honestly. You can tell they have things that trigger them emotionally but they were fully willing to make a change in their attitude and their routine. As far as I recall, every time Gordon said something they didn't try as much to make excuses but instead to acknowledge what he said and to try and make a change. In fact they did so so readily in the show that I quickly grew to admire them. To me, Gordon focused so much on their personalities during that episode and chewed them out for things they probably had been bullied for in school that having such an emotional response was nothing more than predictable.

    Their reviews on trip advisor and yelp are overwhelmingly positive, both holding 4/5 star averages (some of the highest in kitchen nightmare history). Given this information, sure they might be socially awkward as some reviewers put it, but they did a great job turning things around and in my mind that makes them much more mature than the majority of the people you see on this show. Also, I find it great to see people who are so strange yet so unapologetically themselves. To me that's admirable, and it goes to prove that being their awkward selves isn't much to be ashamed of since they've grown popular and successful. And just because they have a child-like demeanor and personality doesn't mean they're children. They've proven themselves beyond a doubt to be competent, responsible adults and I'm sure many of us are happy for them.

  • Lawton Bradley
    Lawton Bradley 7 days ago

    thank you

    XDXSHORTS GAMER 7 days ago

    Can you please shut your mouth
    why in the hell you keep on saying subcribe and like for more Gordon Ramsey
    it is so stupid of youman

  • Cody Miller
    Cody Miller 7 days ago

    The twins at Capri don't look or act 47 lol. For all the restaurants that don't survive with both of them being as they say lazy I'm surprised they are still going strong! They also look a little thinner from the first episode!

  • polygamous1 Sozou
    polygamous1 Sozou 8 days ago

    The more i watch kitchen nightmares the more respect i have for Gordon he is honest direct to the point but most important of all he genuinely want to help restaurant owners in troubles n he does this admirably mate you are a genuinely dissent bloke

  • Thijs Bruls
    Thijs Bruls 8 days ago

    Poor Jib en jef the dindt desurft that

  • Hector Guerra
    Hector Guerra 9 days ago

    wow I live in new jersey

  • DarkLight052
    DarkLight052 10 days ago +1


  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 10 days ago

    25:17 He calls him a big wet noodle 😹😹

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 10 days ago

    7:05 *MICHEAL SUPPORT* 😹😹😹

  • no !!
    no !! 10 days ago

    Yall know that gordan has twins himself yeah?

    SOSA GREENBEAN 11 days ago


  • CJ Holden
    CJ Holden 11 days ago


  • Taiyo. amvs
    Taiyo. amvs 11 days ago

    anyone else peep she was trying to hit on him

  • Pedros Henriquez
    Pedros Henriquez 11 days ago

    The doctor was jamaican me crazy 😂

  • Ashley H
    Ashley H 12 days ago +1

    I adore the twins so much lmao

  • Colton The Not Popular

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    l i k e
    f o r
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    CHECK MY GONGS 12 days ago

    Nice tits 7:33

  • Stephen Fox
    Stephen Fox 12 days ago

    Holy shit. That brother that kept flipping out is now working in a managerial programme? So the world still isn't safe from him. I weep.

  • Ako Nojang
    Ako Nojang 12 days ago

    I'm guessing I subscribed, liked and then subscribed and liked thrice. Or I might be mistaken???

  • Dot Dot Dotty Dotty Dot Dot Matrix

    Looks wise, the twins remind me of Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

  • Jorn Navarre
    Jorn Navarre 13 days ago

    Dr Morris is a SOCIOPATH !

  • micheal garand
    micheal garand 13 days ago

    the crapi bros do not reproduce the gene pool

  • rob coffman
    rob coffman 14 days ago +1

    To Gordon Ramsey: Let me tell you..
    Me: Seriously? This dude has 16+ Michelin stars you ain't telling him shit when you can't get even one rofl

  • angryman132
    angryman132 14 days ago

    Jim and Jeff some real ones, but literally are from a cartoon that became real life

  • Charlene Neilon
    Charlene Neilon 14 days ago

    Stop telling me to like and subscribe. I do what I want!

  • Scorpion
    Scorpion 14 days ago +1

    Me: bruh

  • Erik Toro
    Erik Toro 14 days ago

    I'm so happy for the twins. Life has been kind of hard for them. They deserve all the success.

  • Christian cruz
    Christian cruz 14 days ago

    34:32 ... Huh?

  • Christian cruz
    Christian cruz 15 days ago

    7:33 titty alert 🚨

  • Christian cruz
    Christian cruz 15 days ago

    Here's hoping to a "I'm telling you about the snowcrabs " line where snowcrabs are replaced with " NINO!"

  • Olivia Sturgeon
    Olivia Sturgeon 15 days ago +1

    Those twins were reallllyyyy creepy!

  • Monty Wormald
    Monty Wormald 15 days ago

    Some restaurants that Gordon Ramsay sorts out r closed I wonder why

    • Monty Wormald
      Monty Wormald 15 days ago

      Cause he is a Scottish BASTARD and he should mind his own business in the USA get with the wrong ppl he will be knacked and his team

  • Richard Martinez
    Richard Martinez 15 days ago

    I love the twins😭😭😭😭

  • LuffiAce
    LuffiAce 16 days ago


  • Cedric Henry
    Cedric Henry 16 days ago

    Wooohooo!! Go twins !!!

  • darko nikolic
    darko nikolic 17 days ago

    i am so glad for those crazy brothers

  • Azn_Pride 940
    Azn_Pride 940 17 days ago

    “Big wet noodle” hahaha

  • I Do Monologues
    I Do Monologues 17 days ago +1

    Nine times out of ten the issue is the owner's ego or attitude. And that takes YEARS to sort out.

  • .
    . 17 days ago

    Tweed Dee & Tweed dum are so funny! Glad they figured it out.

  • eyalroit
    eyalroit 18 days ago

    is gordon hooked up on caffeine ?

  • Sam
    Sam 19 days ago

    He slapped the skin off her hand lmaooooooo 38:21

  • Nicholas Barraza
    Nicholas Barraza 20 days ago


  • Dave Hodges
    Dave Hodges 20 days ago

    My favorite part is at 7m:33s.

  • Biggest Chungoo
    Biggest Chungoo 20 days ago


  • Captain Buggy
    Captain Buggy 21 day ago

    26:25 "You're not a failure, we all make mistakes in life" lmao idk why but his face and the way he said it seemed so funny.

  • King Dedede
    King Dedede 21 day ago

    Bruh i gotta admit i cried during the twins story

  • DeafStVr
    DeafStVr 22 days ago

    Bruh I legit want to visit Capri

  • Joanna Mallory
    Joanna Mallory 22 days ago +4

    Oh NOW Dr Moore THINKS Ramsay knows his stuff....because he liked the food. Huh.

  • Samantha
    Samantha 23 days ago +1

    7:33 Chill cameraman

  • Anupam Arakkal
    Anupam Arakkal 23 days ago

    The twins are so cute

  • deden420
    deden420 23 days ago +2

    Sooo glad that the Capri changed completely!

  • FreedomFighter 2017
    FreedomFighter 2017 24 days ago +1

    A restaurant near where I live was shut down after less than a year in business .. India themed restaurants do not stay open very long in that building . .. the building sits empty again .. .. Why ??? .. because we know nothing about India cuisine , and we don't want to spend good money on food that we may not like .. .. perhaps giving out free samples , open door tasting etc would have really helped .. If another India restaurant opens there again , it's doomed for failure

  • Matthew Schatkowski
    Matthew Schatkowski 24 days ago

    I wonder if Fiesta Sunrise changed in any way...

  • Ian Howe
    Ian Howe 24 days ago

    LOL did you know the the spelling of PAVILLION is Obsolete, probably like the food

  • ScottyFox
    ScottyFox 24 days ago

    That pidgeon looked kinda tasty..

  • tunaXonXtoast
    tunaXonXtoast 25 days ago +2

    I hear that the twins restaurant is still doing great, really nice guys too.

  • G
    G 25 days ago

    I’m gae

  • K M
    K M 25 days ago

    Michael’s elevator does not ever go to the top floor

  • Margrette M. Wilson
    Margrette M. Wilson 25 days ago

    Michael's a ASS HOLE !!!

  • 3 00
    3 00 25 days ago

    My lyric system translated fresh meatball into fresh people , was that by accident or....

    HERBIE THE DERP 26 days ago +2

    HOMEMADE MEAT BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trig
    Trig 27 days ago +1

    The random robot voice telling me to subscribe and like made me dislike the video.

    • Trig
      Trig 26 days ago

      +NogoldenFleece hah, original 😂

    • NogoldenFleece
      NogoldenFleece 26 days ago +1

      your name checks out

    DLC ENERGY 27 days ago

    UNSUBSCRIBE and DISLIKE for NO more SUBSCRIBE and LIKE for MORE Gordon RAM, see...

  • Derick
    Derick 27 days ago

    Homemade meatballs!!!!

  • RiRi Mars
    RiRi Mars 27 days ago +4

    H O M E M A D E M E A T B A L L S

  • 1000sofusernames
    1000sofusernames 27 days ago

    These are so cringeworthy compared to the UK ones. They look totally setup.

  • OofMaster GG
    OofMaster GG 29 days ago

    Hey no no

  • Adam L
    Adam L 29 days ago

    Are you missing Michael
    "Naaaa- I don't miss michael"

  • Mr Gamer FC
    Mr Gamer FC 29 days ago +1

    Jim & Jeff were class,👍👍

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 29 days ago


  • Angry Grandma619
    Angry Grandma619 Month ago +1

    What's wrong with everyone.! The twins have issues. For Gordon to act like that towards them is unexcusable. I hate the way mentally handicap people are treated. Lost alot of respect for Chef Ramsey over this episode

  • Seemsayin
    Seemsayin Month ago +3

    How can you sneak up on someone when you're camera man is standing 10 feet away from the person you're surprising?

  • hurdy gurdy
    hurdy gurdy Month ago +1

    black lady is creepy as fuck.

  • VIZN_Eleven
    VIZN_Eleven Month ago

    I wish my brother was like Michael's brother....

  • Mehmet Yilmaz
    Mehmet Yilmaz Month ago

    God damn when your food dies on duty 😂🦞

  • Mehmet Yilmaz
    Mehmet Yilmaz Month ago +1

    Can somebody give the lobster 🦞 CPR mouth to mouth 😂