Freezing Acetone in Liquid Nitrogen


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  • Bob Billy
    Bob Billy 10 months ago +1513

    They should get a 3d printer and make some cool stuff

    • Drossy _
      Drossy _ 9 months ago +1

      Lol have u seen bob Billy’s profile pic

    • Raul Sanchez
      Raul Sanchez 9 months ago

      I'm I late

    • Frazzle Gaming
      Frazzle Gaming 9 months ago +1

      The king of random logo then hang it up in the work shop

    • Magical Fatsos
      Magical Fatsos 9 months ago

      You should make a "KING OF RANDOM MAIN THINGY" like dude perfect has 5 guys with a panda! And BRIGHT SIDE has a sun and be amazed has a guys gasping and wengie is unicorn things and yours is a crown in a triangle! So make that please!👑👑👑

  • blue 42
    blue 42 15 hours ago

    Like an egg

  • Malachi Thomson
    Malachi Thomson Month ago

    This was posted on my birthday. Please do a Bleach episode!

  • Prince Afnan
    Prince Afnan Month ago

    can you freeze glycerine?

  • Becky Murphy
    Becky Murphy Month ago

    Geeking out over the giant Mockingjay behind Nate while he's setting his hand on fire.

  • Andreas h'3AA
    Andreas h'3AA Month ago

    you should move your "experiments" away from the drain.

  • Zombie Man
    Zombie Man 2 months ago

    Are you able to freeze Oxygen

  • Datlaoguy Jc
    Datlaoguy Jc 2 months ago

    What would happen if you lit the acetone dry ice bath

  • Orchid Reaper
    Orchid Reaper 2 months ago

    Freezing Listerine in liquid nitrogen?

  • Demose Aries
    Demose Aries 2 months ago

    Rule of thumb with flamibles... They have vapor points... Like reguar gas is at 114 degrees Fahrenheit.. if warmed up to near that point it becomes easy to combust with even a spark.. cool it off though to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can usualy toss lit matches into it..

  • Ricky.z.
    Ricky.z. 2 months ago

    where i can buy the acetone?

  • Free Smith
    Free Smith 2 months ago

    Next try to stick your hand in liquid nitrogen.

  • Holly T
    Holly T 2 months ago

    New egg recipe?

  • Doctor Grugon
    Doctor Grugon 2 months ago

    Will frozen sulfuric acid still dissolve metals?

  • MR. MAN
    MR. MAN 3 months ago

    his look at the end

  • Kesha Valdes
    Kesha Valdes 3 months ago

    "No, that's not fun at all, don't try that at home." Big smile.

  • Thomas Lewis
    Thomas Lewis 4 months ago

    Can you put a block of metal in Liquid Nitrogen then Smash it with a hammer to see if the metal breaks due to it being brittle? Just curious.

  • Starlin Vander
    Starlin Vander 4 months ago

    does Acetone plus other Liquid weigh more in a solid form then in a Liquid form ??

  • Mz.Squiggles13
    Mz.Squiggles13 4 months ago

    DIY reusable heat pack

  • J Fox Khajiit
    J Fox Khajiit 4 months ago

    can make lava in ur crucible

  • Crystal Doge
    Crystal Doge 5 months ago

    Acetone painting what about that

  • Youko Ricky
    Youko Ricky 5 months ago


  • Coldfire Ssj
    Coldfire Ssj 5 months ago

    what about dry ice in liquid nitrogen in acetone

  • Bray Wade
    Bray Wade 7 months ago

    Can you make ice cream in liquid nitrogen

  • Good channel
    Good channel 7 months ago

    What will happen if you fire liquid nitrogen

  • Mr Man
    Mr Man 7 months ago

    You can’t set a solid on fire

  • Scooba Doo
    Scooba Doo 8 months ago

    muriatic acid in liquid nitrogen and maybe you can pour it in dry ice

  • RobBoyBlunder
    RobBoyBlunder 8 months ago

    LOL that last bit, "no it's not fun at all don't play with fire!" -camera zooms in on his obvious 'you know it is though' expression-

  • JodaiJester
    JodaiJester 9 months ago

    what happens when you put Liquid oxygen in a balloon then put that balloon in liquid nitrogen?

  • 簡宥名
    簡宥名 9 months ago

    where's tom

  • MrMegaPussyPlayer
    MrMegaPussyPlayer 9 months ago

    use liquid oxygen instead ... then it'll burn

  • Elliott Baker
    Elliott Baker 9 months ago

    What would happen if you put a go pro into liquid nitrogen?

  • Doug Williams
    Doug Williams 9 months ago

    mix acetone with gas then light

  • Pan Bulka
    Pan Bulka 9 months ago

    what happens when you put a watermelon into the vacuum chamber??

  • Spykidc Gaming
    Spykidc Gaming 9 months ago +1

    Love the music

  • Spykidc Gaming
    Spykidc Gaming 9 months ago +1

    Sometimes just the music can change the whole video

  • N Starks
    N Starks 9 months ago

    You can pill it like a egg

  • sie licht mein balls und schäft

    Petition to rename the king of random to "The workshop"

  • The Faceless Gamer
    The Faceless Gamer 9 months ago

    look's like your peeling a egg

  • DJoy
    DJoy 9 months ago

    U can’t replace him

  • Nathan Getz
    Nathan Getz 9 months ago

    Put aerogel into liquid nitrogen.

  • Lionheart
    Lionheart 9 months ago

    Heat is part of the fire triangle

  • Inspired by R&R
    Inspired by R&R 9 months ago

    Dope video man! Loved it!! 👍🏾

  • OneSingleCheezIt
    OneSingleCheezIt 9 months ago

    Sure, just dump that acetone right down the drain outside just for a TVclip video :/

  • TexasTongan
    TexasTongan 9 months ago

    Am I the only one waiting for the ambulance surprise ending?

  • _. bloopo ._
    _. bloopo ._ 9 months ago

    Do a follow up where you drop the frozen acetone ball onto styrofoam. Does it still melt through?

  • Washer
    Washer 9 months ago

    Also soiled acetone

  • Washer
    Washer 9 months ago

    What happens when you combine acetone with liquid nitrogen, dry ice, and water?

  • J. Taylor
    J. Taylor 9 months ago

    music too loud

  • Rico Loco
    Rico Loco 9 months ago

    Respect, with so much acetone floating around you must have been high as a kight, and have an afterwords headache for a week

  • Ryan Perkins
    Ryan Perkins 9 months ago

    Dump liquid nitrogen on molten metal

  • anacq93
    anacq93 9 months ago

    so annoying the background music

  • Android Tutorials
    Android Tutorials 9 months ago

    pour water straight into liquid nitrogen to see if it makes instant ice structures

  • Chris Richards
    Chris Richards 9 months ago

    I’ve watched a couple of yours with frozen fuels... just so you know only vapour burned.. as fuel is heated it turns to vapour and that burns... frozen (or even liquid) fuel will not burn, all you are doing is heating the surface until the solid melts and the vaporises... then that burns. 😉

  • Faizun Nafiz
    Faizun Nafiz 9 months ago

    What happen if you boil liquid nitrogen?? Will the temperature going up or still remain??...

  • david timmer
    david timmer 9 months ago

    I would like to know what happens when you put lube in liquid nitrogen

  • Harley Fletcher Fraser
    Harley Fletcher Fraser 9 months ago

    Hey can you post more videos thank Ken randoms

  • Raul Sanchez
    Raul Sanchez 9 months ago

    Was it the balloon because I got a condom ad

  • Lawrence The Main
    Lawrence The Main 9 months ago

    make a home made DIY BB Gun

  • Riane Pineda
    Riane Pineda 9 months ago

    Try vaporizing acetone with the "cloud in a bottle" trick and then try to light it up?

  • Sebastian savic
    Sebastian savic 9 months ago

    Worse to use gloves when handling liquid nitrogen! :)

  • Sparkle Cat
    Sparkle Cat 9 months ago

    I guess only gaseous acetone is able to burn. Little amounts of liquid acetone vaporize immediately but as a solid it would have to sublimate which it can't under the pressure of the atmosphere

  • Samael1410
    Samael1410 9 months ago

    You don't know how balloon will react with acetone, you don't know the difference between the density of acetone and liquid nitrogen... Do you know something? Are you really prepared to make this video?

  • Chad Wood
    Chad Wood 9 months ago

    that was like peeling the weirdest egg ever.

  • Luke Hanson
    Luke Hanson 9 months ago

    Is nitrogen denser than air?

  • Christian Walker
    Christian Walker 9 months ago

    He looks so high.

  • Excalibur !
    Excalibur ! 9 months ago +1

    Make guns and bullets from 3D it possible??

  • Da muffin maaaan!
    Da muffin maaaan! 9 months ago

    N"ice" to meat you. This is a very "cool" video.

  • Fredplays
    Fredplays 9 months ago

    Try placing liquid nitrogen into the vacuum chamber to see what happens

  • It's Ironic
    It's Ironic 9 months ago

    Thanks for dumping acetone into the drain on the ground so we can now consume it with a nice high dose of flouride..... Thanks MERICA

  • TekosGT
    TekosGT 9 months ago

    Awesome, make sure to check out mtbpax too :)

  • Humanboulder x
    Humanboulder x 9 months ago

    it probs cant light cuz ya know it got nitrogen flumes radiating off of it duuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Arye Guetta
    Arye Guetta 9 months ago

    Maybe it did not ignite because it was covered with Liquid Nitro fumes that prevent fire to set on to it... That could add to the equation no?

  • Im_Phantom09
    Im_Phantom09 9 months ago

    What happens when you put fire in a vacuum chamber

  • Cameron Cowan
    Cameron Cowan 9 months ago

    **Does experiment** does no actual science to prepare...

  • GRBTutorials
    GRBTutorials 9 months ago

    The colourant dissolves in water because it's water-based, so it's polar. Acetone is also polar, but less than water, hence the partial dissolution. Oil is apolar, so it doesn't dissolve it.

  • Morning Coffee
    Morning Coffee 9 months ago

    what would happen when you freeze and then boil a battery??

  • Josh Oren
    Josh Oren 9 months ago

    what happens to dry ice in liquid nitrogen

    KATELYN KELLER 9 months ago

    Where are you buying liquid nitrogen?

  • Peter Jame
    Peter Jame 9 months ago

    Put gasoline in liquid nitrogen and see if it is still flammable

  • Phantom_Freak13
    Phantom_Freak13 9 months ago

    can you spray wd40 in liquid nitrogen?

  • B Punk
    B Punk 9 months ago


  • Demolition Hacks
    Demolition Hacks 9 months ago +1

    The King of Random should freeze a bullet in liquid Nitrogen and try to shoot it :) That would be an experiment!

  • How SamSam plays his games kim

    Please use vinegar with acidtone.

  • Taylor Hobbs
    Taylor Hobbs 9 months ago

    what song is this

  • Bankmoneyjr23
    Bankmoneyjr23 9 months ago

    Are you The King of Random

  • Duke Makedo
    Duke Makedo 9 months ago

    Isn't that behavior because it's the vapor that burns. The volatile liquid doesn't burn, it's the vapors that come off it that burn?

  • Hoowyy Fan
    Hoowyy Fan 9 months ago

    Poor random liquids into liquid nitrogen and mix them

  • myjoxer
    myjoxer 9 months ago

    This vid is #25 trending wow

  • Brett Estes
    Brett Estes 9 months ago

    Nice job with no self protection and pouring an ignited liquid down a drain 🧐

  • Charly de Avila
    Charly de Avila 9 months ago

    And methanol of 99.9% ?

  • Kaitlin Melnik
    Kaitlin Melnik 9 months ago +1

    What happened to the original King if Random????? But I love this guys videos to there so cool

  • Henry Timme
    Henry Timme 9 months ago +1

    Exploding liquid nitrogen

  • Spooder man
    Spooder man 9 months ago

    They should get a 3d printer and make some cool stuff

  • Digit
    Digit 9 months ago

    Quest to dip EVERYTHING into liquid nitrogen... did a diamond into liquid nitrogen

  • Daniel Vance
    Daniel Vance 9 months ago

    Please wear eye protection properly when conducting chemical experiments.

  • Captain Picard
    Captain Picard 9 months ago

    You look like an accident waiting to happen.

  • JC Vlogs
    JC Vlogs 9 months ago

    You should melt sand

  • Dro
    Dro 9 months ago

    I've always wondered if the original guy let this dude barrow his TVclip channel or did he die?!?

  • mark auditor
    mark auditor 9 months ago

    can liquid nitrogen freeze nuclear uranium?