Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Tease: Dragonstone (HBO)


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  • Jim Pemberton
    Jim Pemberton 23 hours ago

    Why are they showing me Minnesota at night? And where's the trailer?

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    I think fire and snow will make a wall that white walkers had destroyed and it will be more stronger than ever.

  • Jeffrey Williams
    Jeffrey Williams Day ago +1

    A Song of Ice and Fire

  • ismail kaya
    ismail kaya Day ago

    1-Night King will kill Starks. (0:09)
    2-Daenerys Targaryen will kill Lannisters (0:21)
    3-Daenerys Targaryen and Aegon Targaryen(John Snow) will Fight the Night King. (0:25)
    4-Fire and Ice will fight. (0:26)
    5-A new wall will be born. (0:28)
    6-You will press the like button. (0:55)

  • Jay Lucien
    Jay Lucien Day ago


  • Opper Bonobo
    Opper Bonobo 2 days ago

    A new wall?!

  • Ps Cello
    Ps Cello 3 days ago

    É fã de game of thrones? Então clica no link e sinta a emoção ❤️

  • Wes Cyster
    Wes Cyster 3 days ago

    when fire and ice meet we get water and they meet in the middle where the Riverlands(water) and the gods eye are located..

  • YoyTube
    YoyTube 3 days ago

    Winter is here...

  • Madhu Sarda
    Madhu Sarda 4 days ago

    Whoever is asking for trailer, it can be described in 3 words : Winter is Coming...

  • Stifmeister1
    Stifmeister1 4 days ago

    Targaryans comes and clashes with the white walkers?

  • Jeetu Punjabi
    Jeetu Punjabi 4 days ago

    The comments section is more interesting than the trailer. lol

    DJMITT 4 days ago


  • Fra Tre
    Fra Tre 4 days ago

    A diffuser TRES IMPORTANT
    le 14 avril est déclarée le début de la grève générale illimittée...
    les marcheurs de macron doivent être vaincus pour la dernière saison, Spring is coming

  • Trooper
    Trooper 5 days ago

    Jaime lannister is azor ahai and will fight the knightking not jon

  • MrPikachu YT
    MrPikachu YT 5 days ago

    A man saw nothing.

  • Ron Rockz
    Ron Rockz 5 days ago

    WTF is this bullshit ?? Give me an actual scene

  • Alan Archer
    Alan Archer 5 days ago

    A lot of good thoughts, but a lot that miss the mark. Jaime wants to redeem himself, in the eyes of the people that matters, Tyrion, Brianne and to the Starks, as a whole, because he knows he wronged them. Again, the Hound is seeking, and will be granted redemption as well, most likely upon his death, although he will take it well.
    Keep in mind the sword of Azor Ahai, let's hope it does not come to that!
    But, the Night King will fall to another!
    The winter should, by all rights, last YEARS!! it's the LONG NIGHT, come again. So, the war should take a while.
    But the directors went off script a while back, so it's all up in the air!

  • levi saldarriaga
    levi saldarriaga 5 days ago

    porfabor!! no terminen la seria aquí es la mejor serie no la terminen porfavor porque después que aremos si se acaba u na histori pasada no sigan sean mas que historia SINO FUTURO Y QUE ESPEREMOS mas de ustedes porfa continúen

  • Александр Давлетов

    a new trailer will be 20(24) february

  • New Denis
    New Denis 6 days ago

    there gonna be a another wall,probably.

  • Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish 6 days ago

    A man sees nothing

  • Sagar Kumar
    Sagar Kumar 7 days ago

    ✋ the 🚪?? If u don't get it you r not truly got fan.😛

  • Yakubu George
    Yakubu George 7 days ago

    I blame Trump for HBO not starting the show earlier

  • Maciek Like
    Maciek Like 7 days ago

    I wonder if someone has noticed at the very ending scene, there is an fiery lion fight vs icy kings, but between them just on a battlefield whele two confront, we can see a “dragon-glass made wall”. Thats interesting! (Scene around 00:27) :)

  • entertainment study
    entertainment study 8 days ago

    a song of ice nd fire. ..

  • damayanti safitri mujahidah

    I thought there's meaning of the tease.. first direwolf (winterfall) has been invaded then dragons for targaryen the last lion for lannister.. and maybe before the white walkers invade the lannister there's a big war and the dragonglass formed

  • Tyson Sisco
    Tyson Sisco 8 days ago

    The wolf and the dragon were frozen while the lions raged with fire🤔

  • Aaron Ross
    Aaron Ross 8 days ago

    Game of thrones has always been Jon's story. A Song of Ice and Fire... Ice= Night King, Fire= Targarayn (Jon)

  • T3H11 3LL1S
    T3H11 3LL1S 9 days ago

    Myself, I am looking forward to this final series perhaps more so than the others. It promises to reveal many of the missing pieces for this epic saga. The gauntlet will be cast down to whom so ever a scribe that seeks to conjure up another legend to usurp G.O.T's influence on many millions of enthralled followers.

  • Seth Hogan
    Seth Hogan 9 days ago

    This is very telling. Ice and Fire meet at, The Neck. The Neck is where the Cannogmen (aka the Reed’s) are from. This is where children and the first men signed their pact. The last place in Westeros where magic still lives.

  • jsisidore
    jsisidore 9 days ago

    Winter's over.

  • Muhammed Türk
    Muhammed Türk 10 days ago

    İce vs Fire

  • Daniella Franco
    Daniella Franco 10 days ago

    A woman read the books and wonders if the ending will be the same as the final season...

  • Sfred X
    Sfred X 10 days ago

    Release the trailer, you fooockin basterds

  • Deepak Thakur
    Deepak Thakur 11 days ago

    Dragonstone is the wall now and will decide everyone fate. It was an excellent hint not understood by everyone.

  • nasa akbar
    nasa akbar 11 days ago

    WHAT DOES THIS MEAN ? somebody get a hold of that motherfudging JA RULE.. to make sense of all this.

  • hamood life
    hamood life 11 days ago

    the war of lanster

  • Matt Grimzy
    Matt Grimzy 11 days ago

    King Walker takes Winter Fell, takes Dragonstone, the fight is in Kings Landing, for those who didn't figure it out by now.

  • Jazz-E Jazz
    Jazz-E Jazz 12 days ago


  • cartman1675
    cartman1675 12 days ago

    I'm begging for Cersei to die in the final season. If she refuses to fight the night king because of her own arrogance then she deserves to die.

  • Jalisa Wright
    Jalisa Wright 12 days ago

    These teasers are actually torture 😩. I still don't know *anything* 😕. Can we just f.fwd to April please & thanks???

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  • Top&Amaz
    Top&Amaz 14 days ago

    NEW PHOTOS FROM SEASON 8 Game of thrones ( after 20sec) ( spoiler)

  • Canzeal YT
    Canzeal YT 14 days ago

    10. March will come season 8 trailer❄
    #WinterIsHere #Tiredofwaiting

  • Emily Whelly
    Emily Whelly 16 days ago

    Kinda looks like a new wall is about to be built when fire and ice clash together.

  • Global Spotlight
    Global Spotlight 16 days ago

    Join for more fun stuff about GOT -

  • Tanvir Ahmed
    Tanvir Ahmed 16 days ago

    Direwolf represent the starks. Dragon of deanerys and stark both will fight against the lannisters.hah?

  • Webbers Home Personal
    Webbers Home Personal 16 days ago

    So we know that the dragon has turned and it appears one of the "wolves" has turned- not sure if that means the animal or the person. This shows they will clash somewhere between KingsLanding & Dragon

  • WaitingConfused
    WaitingConfused 17 days ago

    Obvi, the freezing wolf; winter is finally here for Jon and he’s going to fight the white walkers and the ice king guys. The burning lion; Cersei Lannister taken over by Daeny. the dragon freezing; Viserion. The whole board, song of ice and fire. Fight with the army of dead and defeating them with fire and dragons

  • Felipe Ferreira Campos

    I looking forward , I don't see time let it come soon

  • yeah NO
    yeah NO 17 days ago

    do not be saddened my fellow cunts !!!!! They will make a dance of dragons prequel and everything else . We are far too loyal not to load those money buckets

  • Sandeep Rai
    Sandeep Rai 17 days ago

    I think all are cover by night king but the king's landing is safe by building the wall between them

  • Prince Gab
    Prince Gab 17 days ago +1

    Wow amazing performance I can't wait to see Season 8 and I can't wait to see after the war that Ceresi and Lansicter die😂😂👍😏 I hope the living wins the war or Ceresi fucked. Darynes is the true queen of the 7 kindoms and Snow isn't a bastard.

  • Shreyash Deshmukh
    Shreyash Deshmukh 18 days ago

    MY THEORY or is it ;*,
    Jon Snow will get turned into white walker by night king when trying to make peace with him with the help of "Brandon Stark".
    Dany learns about this and betrayal of Cersei at the same time.She also know about Jon true parentage.
    Jaime has joined the Dany in fight but only to betray her and killing her for Cersei.
    Before Dany is killed she gives birth to baby.
    This baby will be the future the queen after the fight.
    Jaime is killed by Arya Stark inspite Tyrion begging his life.
    Tyrion is furious for this and blames Cersei.
    Riding on dragon and fucking kings landing with dragon and killing Cersie.
    All now is left is the last battle with Night walkers.
    Which is won by the remaining livings.

  • Kawai Goddo
    Kawai Goddo 18 days ago

    a man wants some ice cream.

  • Green Space
    Green Space 18 days ago

    Me everytime before I turn on the car AC : WINTERS COMING

  • aline oliveira silva
    aline oliveira silva 19 days ago

    this trailer is WAY more revealling that the other

  • TheDeadlyMortal Zainab

    Is that dragon glass in the middle?

  • Otto Marcks
    Otto Marcks 19 days ago

    a new wall?

  • Bran Stark
    Bran Stark 19 days ago

    If they kill Arya in season 8 a man will lose his mind!!

  • Cody Reed
    Cody Reed 19 days ago

    For this trailer is dark and full of nothing...

    (ominous music plays) (ice crackles)

  • Daniela Badino
    Daniela Badino 19 days ago

    The most interesting thing about this preview is that revaels how dragon glass is made whan dragon fire clash with ice from the White Walkers. Am I the only one who saw this?

  • Mariana Moreira
    Mariana Moreira 19 days ago +1

    A girl cannot wait any longer.

  • Rucoy Eniigma
    Rucoy Eniigma 19 days ago +1


  • Daenerys Targaryen
    Daenerys Targaryen 20 days ago +1

    I hope just 30 seconds for a teaser/trailer in the superbowl.
    But...bend the knee before that.

  • Kristel Fae Peralta
    Kristel Fae Peralta 21 day ago

    I'm currently watching GOT ad im still on S401 uwu. goin to catch up before season 8 comes

  • JP Dexter
    JP Dexter 21 day ago

    there will be no King at the end. Just a bunch of smashed empires, band together, after losing against the climatechange.
    Or Aokiji vs Sabo...not sure...
    but thats what I see

  • polski użytkownik YT
    polski użytkownik YT 22 days ago +1

    Easy analysis
    Cersei beaten by Daenerys
    And Dany beaten by WW

  • Masindi
    Masindi 22 days ago

    Well, I can certainly provide the entertainment whilst we wait for the coming season.
    Please feast your eyes on the following poem: #drumroll
    A bear taking a dump asked a rabbit,
    Does shit stick to your fur like a habit?
    No, said the rabbit, that is quite rare,
    So the bear wiped it's arse with the rabbit.
    The End.
    Thanks everyone, enjoy your day!

  • PF_Pino
    PF_Pino 22 days ago

    I think Ed Sheeran will kill the night king, or maybe he is the night king...

  • skater334
    skater334 22 days ago

    Kill Cersei!!!

  • Bogdan Tulin
    Bogdan Tulin 23 days ago

    It's confirmed. Last battle is Jon vs Daenarys.

  • Kassandra Dimopoulou
    Kassandra Dimopoulou 24 days ago

    I wonder if the final season will be as good as your nasty marketing of making people wait for 2 years. I bet it won't but thanks for the marketing lessons.

  • Kassandra Dimopoulou
    Kassandra Dimopoulou 24 days ago

    Not good enough, sorry.

  • Zen jeong rebelle
    Zen jeong rebelle 25 days ago

    Id k if you all get this or if you just watch the show but this is exactly what ashai is cities and walls of black stone in the books fire meeting ice but this time in westeros

  • Lisa Picanso
    Lisa Picanso 25 days ago

    The wolf freezes. Will Jon become the new night king or a white walker or the starks be defeated?. The lion burns. Does that mean the Lanisters will die by dragon fire and be defeated by Danerys? When the cold reaches the dragon I don't see it covering it like it did the wolf. Does this mean Danerys is the one who ends up on the iron thrown and the victor?

    ANUDEEP g 25 days ago

    Uncle benjen turned into a dragon sided with the walkers now.tyrion joined up with daenerys.all play second most important roles in the show 😁

  • FortyOne
    FortyOne 25 days ago

    Informant: "Sir, the white walkers have destroyed the wall!"
    Trump: "If there is a god, he’ll have to beg for my forgiveness."

    ALAN BROWN 26 days ago

    By the look of this I would say the Whitewalkers are going to win and kill everyone? Oops...Spoiler!

  • Horrormaster13
    Horrormaster13 26 days ago

    THE HYPE IS OVER 9000!

  • tweety al
    tweety al 26 days ago

    fuck you hbo lol

  • Barbar 23
    Barbar 23 26 days ago

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF iam happy becasue i wait and check it today to season 7 part 7 and i must wait only 3 months :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • noname
    noname 27 days ago

    The North is taken by the Wight Walkers, the Starks and Danaerys turn into Wight Walkers, but the Lannisters build a wall made of Dragonglass (the wall at 0:29 looks like Dragonglass)? No, that makes no sense. A man needs more!

  • Subterranean Homesick Alien

    This is too short for a girl ...

  • Gakomi Urago
    Gakomi Urago 27 days ago

    So the nord falls, Deny loses another dragon, Cersei burns down King's Landing and a new wall will be built way farther south !

  • Cuddle Beast
    Cuddle Beast 27 days ago

    HBO is like: here is the teaser and YOU KNOW NUUTHIN

  • CallMe EJ
    CallMe EJ 27 days ago

    goddamn i just finished season 7 and I'm dying for the finale. I can't even imagine what you all feel like, I've only just finished and I can't stand the anticipation!!!!

  • crit momma
    crit momma 28 days ago

    R.I.pieces war table :'(

    ORIGINS X 28 days ago

    Fuck you game of thrones whyyyy the last season

  • allornothing432
    allornothing432 29 days ago

    Let there be Rhollor!

  • randomdumps
    randomdumps Month ago

    A man need spoilers

  • b_whiteman
    b_whiteman Month ago

    I'm trying to find another show to watch while I wait but they all suck compared to this

  • Sreehari C
    Sreehari C Month ago +1

    for those who not watched GOT yet... *WATCH IT..... U HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT WHAT UR MISSING*

  • MultiVerse CHANNEL
    MultiVerse CHANNEL Month ago

    I'm sad because I post Rick and Morty scenes and got no views or subscribers

  • A Mouse Utopia Experiment

    Ohh my God that i so telling though

  • Nutrition Oasis
    Nutrition Oasis Month ago

    If you people think this series has a happy ending; you haven't been paying attention!!!

  • Vinayak Saurabh
    Vinayak Saurabh Month ago

    A man can’t wait till April.

  • Uğurcan Keleş
    Uğurcan Keleş Month ago

    türk görmek istiyorum