The OnePlus 8 has a HOLE?!

  • Published on Oct 3, 2019
  • The OnePlus 8 looks like it will be VERY different from the OnePlus 7T and Pro. Do you like it? Would you want a curved hole-punch OLED screen?
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Comments • 2 622

  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  2 months ago +865

    If this is legit, would you want this phone? Does a hole punched curved screen make you want this phone? or nah

    • gadhar anda duru beta
      gadhar anda duru beta 5 days ago

      @Dyounus 531 hey im from the 2 months later future bloke so the thing is even if s and note lineups are better they are more and very much pricier than oneplus phones and those changes are not THAT worth it and now the s11 looks so baaadd its not motorized when you cone to the future you would know about that👈

    • mendrik
      mendrik 18 days ago

      I was hoping they would add wireless charging and improve the camera in the next model. but with the punch hole design it's a hard-nope from me.

    • Tomáš Pavlík
      Tomáš Pavlík 20 days ago

      Im dissapointed with curved screen... I hoped for 7 pro with better internals with flat screen. This is a bummer for me but ill probably buy it anyway as OP is the best Android phone for me

    • Philip MacLean
      Philip MacLean 22 days ago

      samsung did it and people bught the phone, but I feel like punchholes are the same as notches.

    • Raptor Swire
      Raptor Swire 23 days ago

      Curved screen is big disappointment to me

  • Creative Mustard Seed

    I loved curved screens. It's the reason I got the one plus 7 pro

  • mike m
    mike m 2 days ago

    OnePlus Samsung

  • RedDread
    RedDread 3 days ago

    If this leak is accurate im not interested in the oneplus 8. I have a 6t and ive always planned my next upgrade to be the 9t or the 10 but if this is the direction oneplus is going i might consider other brands.

  • usachatnow
    usachatnow 5 days ago

    One plus is ruining the phone by adding the hole punch, please one plus add dual camera pop up


    Looks like every other phone out there

  • J D
    J D 7 days ago

    1+ looks like samsung ? sorry... ?? maybe i tell u that bmw looks looks like mercedez cuz it has 4 wheels, a hood, a roof and an engine ? wtf u talking about....

  • J D
    J D 7 days ago

    bullshit. curved screen is such a good thing actually.

  • Rufus Mullhaupt
    Rufus Mullhaupt 8 days ago

    Comfortable with OnePlus taking a Samsung-esque cue on their design? Sure. Do I like that design? Not really. Not a huge fan of Samsung's design language, and if OnePlus goes that direction I won't be a huge fan of theirs either.

  • a9udn9u
    a9udn9u 11 days ago

    F the hole

  • B. Wolf
    B. Wolf 17 days ago

    7t would've been perfect except the notch and only 1080p screen. Don't like curved screen and I liked the circle camera layout

  • James Charbonneau
    James Charbonneau 18 days ago

    OnePlus 7 Pro on sale $549
    All Screen.
    I honestly thought I would like the curved screen. I don't. No point

  • 熱血改善
    熱血改善 19 days ago

    I prefer the motorized camera by leaps and bounds...

  • Ahmed Khan
    Ahmed Khan 20 days ago

    nahh this is great dude, The hole punch is such a good idea. As a samsung user I think this is great. Just make the best product and dont worry about if people think ur copying

  • Ryan Xu
    Ryan Xu 22 days ago

    Oh no

  • Blandinus _
    Blandinus _ 22 days ago

    Why tf hasnt oneplus brought back the headphone jack yet?

    STORCK 22 days ago

    I think like NO ONE EVER liked curved screens and yet everyone tries to force this shitty flex on us

  • number 1
    number 1 22 days ago

    Dear god please kill the curved screen trend, i don't understand why they make those stupid screens where we lose like 5% of the viewing area

  • Raptor Swire
    Raptor Swire 23 days ago

    Hole punch? Curved screen? Step backwards if you ask me :(

  • יונתן אייזיק

    EVERYBODY likes curved screen!!!

  • King Lif
    King Lif 24 days ago

    curve? No.

  • Tamar Ziri
    Tamar Ziri 25 days ago

    New to your channel.
    As a graphic designer I have to tell you, I love your branding.
    The way you designed your whole channel, thumbnails and aesthetic in videos is on point.
    Came here for the OnePlus videos, so thanks for making those [:

  • Himanshu Gautam
    Himanshu Gautam 25 days ago

    Oneplus is a fuckin ass(hole) on the screen 😒

  • Mrme myselfandi
    Mrme myselfandi 26 days ago

    They all look alike once you get down to the all glass display and no notch. What else is there? It's all display at that point!

  • Vito Pagnato
    Vito Pagnato 26 days ago

    the metal is the only difference i can tell

  • amar nanwani
    amar nanwani 27 days ago

    This is perfect for me

  • amar nanwani
    amar nanwani 27 days ago

    I am happy with one plus 8 curved screen and i will buy this 😘 😘 😘

    FAHIM SHAHRIAR 28 days ago

    I won't like punch hole display in any pro line OnePlus

  • M S
    M S 28 days ago

    Curve screen is trash. I don’t buy oneplus any longer bcz it is too big and curve screen.

  • Dark GT
    Dark GT 28 days ago

    Those edges will limit the grip of the users hands, that camera hole is ugly unsymmetrical misunderstanding of the modern design trends.

  • Strictly Underground Funk

    preferable to a fucking tear drop

  • ML Gamingz!!!
    ML Gamingz!!! Month ago

    No it is Dr.strage not oneplus strage, not samsung strage, its Dr.starge.

  • ML Gamingz!!!
    ML Gamingz!!! Month ago

    You look pale😕

  • ranaprashant
    ranaprashant Month ago

    OnePlus was always about what consumer want, now they are shoving products what their marketing team is telling them to.

  • YAFYO aka Brent Alputan

    HOLEy moly!

  • Joel Fernandes
    Joel Fernandes Month ago

    In 2020 i think a top phone would have 4 cameras. Ultra wide, regular, 2x and 5x.

  • Felix Phạm
    Felix Phạm Month ago

    Don't you guys get it? It would likely arrive with a Pro variant, and the mechanical popup camera would be a thing on the more premium version. Get your heads straight jesus.

  • SupahFly
    SupahFly Month ago

    op7pro had such a nice solution for the screen so i think its sad to see a hole

  • Da.shArk87
    Da.shArk87 Month ago

    Nah, it's getting too expensive

  • bero solo
    bero solo Month ago

    The office❤️

  • GunMasterG9 YT
    GunMasterG9 YT Month ago +1

    You are the best

  • BenkaiDebussy
    BenkaiDebussy Month ago

    Curved phone screens are actually the only "gimmick" in recent years that I've genuinely liked. I didn't expect to like them, but I find that I actually frequently use the "pull out a tab of recently used apps by swiping the side of the phone" feature.

  • nu
    nu Month ago

    It looks like the note 10 if you moved the back cameras to the center and the whole punch to the left.

  • Meven CS
    Meven CS Month ago

    I really like curved screens.
    I like my s9+
    Idk why ppl dislike it

  • Fapster FFs
    Fapster FFs Month ago

    It looks good. Fuck the notch

  • Ten Chytrej
    Ten Chytrej Month ago

    Definetely my next phone

  • H Far
    H Far Month ago

    3:14 THE PRICE

  • Daniel Eriksson
    Daniel Eriksson Month ago

    Maybe they are moving towards an ip-certification with that hole punch camera.

  • Jake Ifraimov
    Jake Ifraimov Month ago

    Will not buy if it is.

  • Leo Oliva
    Leo Oliva Month ago

    My personal opinion I have the OnePlus 7 pro and very happy with it performance and the curved edge I'm just saying

  • Jeff Doe
    Jeff Doe Month ago

    I need that selfie camera so badly

  • AlvinRey83
    AlvinRey83 Month ago

    I dont see why they would put a hole on the screen. The pop up selfie cam is an awesome idea they should keep redesigning. It's also what made the one plus 7pro stand out. Placing a hole on the screen would be a step back in my opinion.

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh Month ago +1

    Should I go with OnePlus 7t or wait for 8

  • kuriakose jim
    kuriakose jim Month ago

    I personally hate curved displays

  • Stefano Bianchi
    Stefano Bianchi Month ago

    And it's gonna cost 300€ less than the flaghships, just 800€!! .. there's something wrong with the market (yes, € still exist).

  • Deejay JeanP
    Deejay JeanP Month ago +1

    OnePlus uses Amoled screens by Samsung lol. Hole punch ain't that special.

  • insrtclevrnamehere
    insrtclevrnamehere Month ago

    no headphone jack, no buy

  • Richard Yumang
    Richard Yumang Month ago

    Dave can i buy a cellphone that your not using thanks

  • leee eeey
    leee eeey Month ago

    One plus 7(T) pro already is at 700+€, one plus 8 (pro) will be at what? 1.2k? One plus always was good for me, bc it was high quality with a low price, but if it will cost more then 800€, I just go for cheaper phones with a bit worse hardware.

    MOTO RIZ Month ago

    I wish OnePlus made smaller phones. I don't wanna carry a tote bag just to carry these big as tablet phones around. Pixel 4 dissapointed, so I guess I'll wait for the Pixel 5???