Power Rangers - Movie Review

  • Published on Mar 22, 2017
  • The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers saga gets a fresh new take for the big screen. Here's my review of Power Rangers!
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  • SansAziza
    SansAziza 7 days ago

    I know this comment is super late, but I just wanna mention that you never see the MMPR home life in the show. I always assumed they were orphans or something.

  • Dannycsn
    Dannycsn 18 days ago +1

    Coming from a hardcore power ranger fan when I was young! This movie brought tears to my eyes! BRAVO!

  • Filmreview Universe
    Filmreview Universe 20 days ago +2

    Decided to revisit the video after picking up the bluray. Always loved this movie. Honestly, to me, Power Rangers has always been Lightspeed Rescue. Really just cause that's the iteration I grew up on.

  • Andre Person
    Andre Person 20 days ago +1

    Bruh this movie sucked. It was a hour teen drama and a 30 min power rangers episode put together

  • Shundrick Taylor
    Shundrick Taylor Month ago +1

    You are powerful dude i come to you before the movie comes out ha true tho!👀

  • Christofer Kaltsas
    Christofer Kaltsas Month ago +1

    I really liked mystic Force and samurai power rangers

  • Jose Legaspi
    Jose Legaspi 3 months ago

    Sorry Jeremy but these actors were not good, except Billy, his chsracter was ok.

  • Jordan Benn
    Jordan Benn 3 months ago

    I didn't like this movie. I did not like the teens at all. I watch the mighty morphan powerangers when I was a kid. I give the movie a 5/10

  • Eddie Uvié
    Eddie Uvié 4 months ago

    What you said about Billy in the beginning is literally what I was thinking the entire time watching the movie! I literally came to TVclip to look at reviews just to hear someone say it out loud lol thank you!!!!

  • Jacob Molyneux
    Jacob Molyneux 4 months ago +1

    Just watched it again as it just came to Netflix australia. And I still enjoyed the hell out of it. I still want my sequel.

  • Jedislayer
    Jedislayer 4 months ago

    Tell me do you bleed?

  • mimmo Esposito
    mimmo Esposito 6 months ago

    Mighty morphin power rangers movie 10/10
    turbo power rangers movie 9/10
    power rangers 2017 8/10

    RAGINGGIRAFF3 6 months ago

    Loves this movie!!

  • 420gaiden
    420gaiden 6 months ago

    The power rangers move sucked. I’m sorry. It was dumb. I would of liked a serious more gritty rated R power rangers. Make it even more thriller make the threat scary and serious. Make one of the ranger actually die in it. Something else because this was just like it always was. And I wanted something new.

  • Raul Medina
    Raul Medina 6 months ago

    Power Rangers was shit

  • Primax Blade
    Primax Blade 7 months ago

    Too bad... The robot assemble scene is lazy n boring

  • Heroine Reychelle Moya 537

    I saw that movie it was alright

  • Masterchief
    Masterchief 10 months ago +3

    i actually prefer this over avengers 1+2.

  • Kyle Campbell
    Kyle Campbell 10 months ago

    The cheasiest part. Probably the cringiest part
    Was the victory dance with Megazord

  • Chronic Wizdom
    Chronic Wizdom 11 months ago

    I’m surprised he liked this I didn’t really think it was that great and I didn’t think the acting was good either especially from Dacre (The red ranger)

  • IamADog WholivesWithMYLovingOWners

    Hashbro just announced they were planning on a sequel/ a soft reboot

    DERRICK NGUYEN 11 months ago

    Power Rangers SPD is my favorite

  • Michael Plitt
    Michael Plitt 11 months ago

    Watched the first 30 minutes. One of the heroes was some guy who crashed his car running from the police. Yeah, that's real hero material.

  • Ashara Dayne
    Ashara Dayne Year ago

    Ninja Storm

  • johnetan pitaluga

    Golddar sucked. The putties sucked. The ranger uniforms were awesome

  • johnetan pitaluga

    The graphics we're good. But the story line not so much.

  • Caleb Belyeu
    Caleb Belyeu Year ago

    I got to watch it earlier today and even though I have some complaints, I actually enjoyed it and will definitely watch it again.

  • scottieman2
    scottieman2 Year ago

    The movie wasn't that bad was alright.

  • Jesse Golo
    Jesse Golo Year ago

    Of the ones I watched : SPD, Samurai, Time Force, Dino Thunder, Lost Galaxy and one or two episodes of: Mighty Morphin' (Pumpkin), Wild Force, Ninja Storm and Megaforce, my favourites were Time Force and Dino Thunder. Of the one episode ones: Wild Force.

  • Adam Wilson
    Adam Wilson Year ago

    alcohol required

  • Brock Billings
    Brock Billings Year ago

    Anyone else originally think alpha was a female in the show?

  • Christopher Martinez

    woah he referenced kingpin

  • Sacramento Cheese Hog

    Wow surprises this movie was fucking trash man.... pointless slow burn

    • IamADog WholivesWithMYLovingOWners
      IamADog WholivesWithMYLovingOWners 11 months ago

      Alexander Riquelme I actually found it much better than most / some superhero movies today (spiderman homecoming,thor 1 and 2, and BvS for example)

  • w_R Andrs
    w_R Andrs Year ago

    I wanna see a sequel for sure!
    I wasn't too big about Power Rangers or Mighty Morphin power Rangers back then, but now i do wanna explore that franchise :D
    You wanna know why i want to stick with this entry rather than the original one?
    Because i'm glad to see the first ever gay superhero character being open (ish).
    And mainly i like the darker tone so there's that...
    In short: I feel this iteration of Power Rangers, connect with teenagers and youngsters/young adults.

    • IamADog WholivesWithMYLovingOWners
      IamADog WholivesWithMYLovingOWners 11 months ago

      w_R Andrs Hashbro just announced they were planning for a sequel/or a soft reboot to fix the story problems
      I think they learned their mistakes and they still have hope for this series

  • pj199512
    pj199512 Year ago +2

    I’m really curious about what part you thought was extremely cheesy that you emphasized. The part where they played the theme song, or when rida gets the shit slapped out of her.

  • wst _smiley
    wst _smiley Year ago

    As soon as you said they were good actors i disliked.

  • NinjaWalrus
    NinjaWalrus Year ago

    Tbh thought the robot was played by Patton Oswalt

  • vocaloidx13dream
    vocaloidx13dream Year ago

    This movie... awful.

  • jtmoney229
    jtmoney229 Year ago

    Just watched it finally, afterwards looked up the leader who looks like zac efron, found out he's billy from stranger things.....the phuckkkkk

  • Nathaniel Burks
    Nathaniel Burks Year ago

    The only thing from a different power rangers sage that picked up on was ninja storm when the faces on the helmets disappeared. What were the others

  • Julian Smith
    Julian Smith Year ago

    I love watching the old to lightspeed on Netflix my favorite villian is astronema

  • AJA Ryan1994
    AJA Ryan1994 Year ago

    The scene where ‘go go power rangers’ plays and they’re racing towards the town was the coolest moment in the movie.

  • scottieman2
    scottieman2 Year ago

    I think they should have morphed a few times fighting random robbers and then fight the big bad.

  • scottieman2
    scottieman2 Year ago

    Wasn't bad. But could have been a lot better. Just me.

  • Riki Kage
    Riki Kage Year ago

    Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed and Timeforce
    Disney Era Dino Thunder, SPD, Jungle Fury

  • Kristopher  Robinson

    Time force was my favourite

  • GG Channel
    GG Channel Year ago +2

    I loved this movie

  • Unboxing Deutschland

    Cooles Video gefällt uns, echt gut geworden 💪 Schau doch auch mal bei uns vorbei wäre klasse. Like hast du aufjedenfall 😎

  • Ebun321
    Ebun321 Year ago

    This movie was awesome

  • Richard Klammer
    Richard Klammer Year ago

    Good review, 100% agree

  • RnBCutz
    RnBCutz Year ago

    Spoiler Alert: I loved how they slapped Rita out of Earth in the End lol, I couldn't stop laughing because I was so chessy but really worked.

  • YourFriendlyNeighborHoodSpidey

    Just to let you know brain Cranston voiced a few monsters in Mighty morphin power Rangers series

  • 7Write4This9Heart7

    Bummer. Was hoping you were gonna say it sucks. X'D

  • SilverLineGaming
    SilverLineGaming Year ago

    I know this is a real late reply but for someone like me who grew up with power rangers starting with mighty morphine the only thing i hated was how they did Goldar like you said just a golden blob he was my fav bad guy of rita's special when he was fighting tommy and jason one on one but ah enjoyed the movie all the same

  • unoder
    unoder Year ago

    Really liked it, I've seen it 3 times now. I hope there's a sequel green lit sometime in the next year or two.

  • D M
    D M Year ago +3

    I tried to get into this movie it just wasn't good

  • Chad Rico
    Chad Rico Year ago +2

    I found this movie boring

    • IamADog WholivesWithMYLovingOWners
      IamADog WholivesWithMYLovingOWners 11 months ago

      Chad Rico I found this movie fun not focusing too much on action but rather character interaction like how batman begins did it. Itbhad story/dialogue problems and it could have been a lot better but for what it was it was a good movie ( better than other superhero movies today from AAA studios like Spiderman, JL, BvS and Thor)

  • Gaming Arch
    Gaming Arch Year ago

    I really loved this movie it's one of my favourite movies of the year

  • Detective Comics Nerd

    Thank you Jeremy for giving this movie a good review. It has been the popular thing for critics to hate on this movie.

    • IamADog WholivesWithMYLovingOWners
      IamADog WholivesWithMYLovingOWners 11 months ago

      AdeptDamage Ot wasnt really that bad though could have been better but a little better than some superhero movies like Spiderman homecoming JL ,BvS and Thor.

    • AdeptDamage
      AdeptDamage Year ago

      Entertainment Buddy Well it was mediocre.

  • RuttedRumble3
    RuttedRumble3 Year ago

    Power Rangers SPD still holds up

  • Playtime Sid
    Playtime Sid Year ago +2

    I personally enjoyed the shit out of this movie.

  • OutFreak28
    OutFreak28 Year ago

    Time Force BITCHES!

  • Max Madmax
    Max Madmax Year ago

    I thought it was a lot better than the rating you gave.
    It was great, and they put the "Go, Go, Power Rangers" theme in the movie, which was an awesome surprise ! :)

  • Sebastian Goicoechea


  • omega comics
    omega comics Year ago


  • william mason
    william mason Year ago

    For me I believe I liked Space best then MMPR, Lightspeed, Ninja Storm, Hated Zeo.

  • Montana Bown
    Montana Bown Year ago

    Dino Thunder was what I grew up watching so that was my personal favorite era of power rangers. That and as a kid my the major obssessions as a kid were Dinasours, Power Rangers and Star Wars. With Dino Thunder i got my Dino's, and Power Rangers. So ultimately as a kid I got the best of both worlds in Dino Thunder.

  • Destroyer of worlds

    The blue ranger was so retarded and annoying

  • ChaoticEnigma
    ChaoticEnigma Year ago +4

    This movie was god awful. Not even comparing to MMPR this was just a REALLY BAD MOVIE. the first "joke" was a guy jacking off a bull. What do I even need to say beyond that?

    • IamADog WholivesWithMYLovingOWners
      IamADog WholivesWithMYLovingOWners 11 months ago

      ChaoticEnigma IT had story problems but theain focus of this movie was character over action and I think that is why I liked the movie more than other superhero movies like Thor, spiderman homecoming, justice league and BvS.

  • ReloadPsi
    ReloadPsi Year ago

    Best depiction of autism I've ever seen in any work of fiction.

  • gio
    gio Year ago

    I feel that the movie couldn't balance the cheesy with the serious tone, it just flipped back and forth, I obviously didn't want a serious take on power rangers (although if it were done it should be made and it could work, like an anime) and I also didn't want a cheesy take since I'm not 6 anymore, I expected something like the tone of iron Man o thor but the movie really wanted to be serious and gritty which was nullified by the cheesy parts. But overall the movie was okay, I would like to see another one, I think this movie was a bit of an experiment to see what did people like a what they didn't, but if they can hit that Ironman tone for the sequel I can expect it to be a great movie

    • IamADog WholivesWithMYLovingOWners
      IamADog WholivesWithMYLovingOWners 11 months ago

      gio The movie could have been a lot better if it had a better story but still I liked how it focused more on character than action. I enjoyed the movie more than Thor 1 and 2, spiderman homecoming BvS and JL. Hashbro just announced they were making a sequel/soft reboot of the series to maybe fix the story problems of this movie.

  • xboxgamerJ16
    xboxgamerJ16 Year ago

    i call this version the Krispy Kreamin' Power Rangers

  • Yamell Jimenez
    Yamell Jimenez Year ago

    Nothing about the Crispy Kreme thing?? The biggest product placement in the history of product placement

  • safy907
    safy907 Year ago +2

    Boring movie, bad pacing, cheesie dialogue, wrong score.

  • Habib Adeniyi
    Habib Adeniyi Year ago

    Movie was complete trash

  • Andrewik
    Andrewik Year ago

    I'd say Rita wasm "cheesy" because she was deranged. Sitting for 65 million years at the bottom of the sea being sort-of-dead, hell bent on destroying her former colleagues. Worked for me.

  • MagicianFlip69
    MagicianFlip69 Year ago

    alpha five was so adorable

  • Jeff Niño
    Jeff Niño Year ago

    The movie was surprisingly unimpressive. Forgot it in one day.

  • Luqky
    Luqky Year ago +2

    Watched this with my friend 9/10 for me, it was amazing. My opinion

  • Ripthetides 7579
    Ripthetides 7579 Year ago +1

    I liked Dino thunder it was lit

  • Ladygothii12
    Ladygothii12 Year ago +2

    I'm so for a female green ranger. And I know a couple of girls named Tommy or spelled 'Tomi'. Although I am not attached to the original series so maybe major fans can tell me why it's integral for the character to stay male.

    And if they make her Native that would an added bonus.

  • georgilito
    georgilito Year ago

    movie was terrible

  • EverythingIsRandom
    EverythingIsRandom 2 years ago

    I honestly think they put to much tech in there i like the older versions better..

  • mjtubeme
    mjtubeme 2 years ago

    My Power Rangers Era: Ninja Storm - Jungle Fury

  • Knock /Da Deathstroke
    Knock /Da Deathstroke 2 years ago +2

    I loved the movie

  • It Was Better In The Trailer

    I really disliked this movie. It was really bad.

  • Jaden Pinero
    Jaden Pinero 2 years ago +1

    Lmk why the yellow ranger is bad af ?🔥

  • Super Serg
    Super Serg 2 years ago +1

    I enjoy it

  • InTheEnd75
    InTheEnd75 2 years ago

    I'm so surprised there wasn't a spoiler video for this

  • MiQuel Quiles
    MiQuel Quiles 2 years ago +2

    Zack is the Man don't mess with him he's crazy LOL the Black Ranger is definitely my favorite Ranger 💯 I can't help but to laugh my ass off every time he mentions he's crazy LoLoLoLoL 😂 LoLoLoLoL

  • KenTerminatedbyGoogle
    KenTerminatedbyGoogle 2 years ago

    Am I the only one who contradicts Jeremy's opinion???? I didn't like the movie at all.
    The movie dragged too long in the beginning and the morphing feels weak!!!!!

    • IamADog WholivesWithMYLovingOWners
      IamADog WholivesWithMYLovingOWners 11 months ago

      kenterminatedbygoogle This movie was an origins story. Plot wise it was bad but character, this move was really good at developing it. Focusing more on character rather than action was ok I guess although some people didnt like it. I found it a little better than some superhero movies (thor 1,2 spiderman hc, BvS JL for example)

  • GnarbySZN🐍
    GnarbySZN🐍 2 years ago

    Red ranger is bad actor.

  • Jeremy Ray
    Jeremy Ray 2 years ago

    Did you catch the original Power Ranger cameos? Jason David Frank. Rockin the old school ponytail and the lovely graceful Amy Jo Johnson The the original Pink Ranger. Tommy went from Green to White to Red and Black... He was a lot of rangers. Holds Green and White as most popular.

  • Shantanu Dey
    Shantanu Dey 2 years ago +2

    It was so boring. I slept in the whole movie. My best series was Mystic and SPD... Dino was equally cool. But it is nowhere around that.

    • IamADog WholivesWithMYLovingOWners
      IamADog WholivesWithMYLovingOWners 11 months ago

      Shantanu Dey They focused more on the character development rather than action like all the people want. I really enjoyed the interaction between the rangers and how they made themselves better as a ranger and also as a person. But tbh this move could have been a lot better

  • Alexander Olinger
    Alexander Olinger 2 years ago

    I'm might morphin.

    PHILL SHIVELY 2 years ago +3

    I enjoyed it got the Bluray hope for a Sequel

  • Joseph tee
    Joseph tee 2 years ago

    operation overdrive

  • Nitpick Critic
    Nitpick Critic 2 years ago

    The top of your hair looks like you have anime ears lol

  • LunaticReason
    LunaticReason 2 years ago

    A good story with a decent cast of unknown actors let down by the bad cgi and character designs. Not a total loss if you can look past it's flaws. I would say either a B- or C+ between those. I would definitely watch a sequel if they could fix those things.

    • IamADog WholivesWithMYLovingOWners
      IamADog WholivesWithMYLovingOWners 11 months ago

      LunaticReason Hasbro just announced like 6/8 days ago that they were planning for a sequel/ soft reboot to fix the flaws of this movie but for me I actually enjoyed it. This was there origins story so they focused more on character development rather than action AND I think they did great on that but on the plot it was.... So so, but i found it a little better than some superhero movies (thor, spiderman homecoming JL and BvS)