Game Theory: Bendy's Tragic Ending EXPLAINED (Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 5)

  • Published on Nov 4, 2018
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    Bendy and the Ink Machine has come to an end and it left us with even MORE questions. What does it all mean? What happened to Joey Drew? Today Theorists, we reveal the sad truth hidden in the final chapter of Bendy.
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  • Purple Bandanna Studios
    Purple Bandanna Studios 9 months ago +11625

    Tell me another theory uncle matpat

  • Void Creature from another tumeline and universe

    I know,you guys think it's a girl saying to Joey to tell her a story but it's a boy's voice. No need to believe me but it is.

  • BGamer jackson
    BGamer jackson 2 days ago

    I love this theory, but there’s an aspect that May didn’t cover that I love, check treescicle for more details but I like to think that the events of the game, the ones you play, is actually one last movie that Joey is doing, just to make it

  • Cjzzz
    Cjzzz 2 days ago

    I loved this one I agree!

  • Starplayz games
    Starplayz games 2 days ago

    Grammer fail lol

  • Simple Retro
    Simple Retro 2 days ago

    I know it’s been a while but I have a small theory. What if we are already ink? When you get hit your blood is black ink, and like you said in a previous video, when some of the ink monsters die, they can be brought back to life, and come out of the ink machine. When we die, we go through a long ink tunnel towards the light, eventually getting back to right where we left off. And the good Alice Angel says “What are you?” I know that is t a very good piece of evidence but it’s still evidence nonetheless. I don’t have much evidence, but it’s cool to think about.

  • Lewis the fallout master Challenges

    High five 🖐 to you matpat

  • crystal webb
    crystal webb 3 days ago


  • NooblyHunter 203
    NooblyHunter 203 4 days ago

    *Damn it, Onion Ninjas...*

  • Dagvadorj Battulga
    Dagvadorj Battulga 4 days ago

    Damn this whole thing take some much time i am so proud of you

  • Gerald Bouldin
    Gerald Bouldin 5 days ago

    Did anyone else see that wheel chair in Joey's house

  • Starlight !
    Starlight ! 6 days ago +1

    It's almost like if Disney failed and not the giant company we know today.

  • Purple Dude 64
    Purple Dude 64 6 days ago


  • FifiComicLover
    FifiComicLover 7 days ago

    I have never played the game, so I thought that Bendy went insane because he missed Henry so much, but, I was wrong, it is so much deeper than what I thought, it's pain, regret, sadness, lost dreams, history, moving on, reliving the past, so many other things that go too over my head to fit it all in and think and put it all together. Bendy, Boris, and Alice Angel, all dead, gone, but, I love deep stories like this because it makes me think so hard about life and how some people can't forget or move on. I can't tell people how weird it makes me feel, because I just can't explain it. To strangers on the internet, this makes me sound insane, but I am sure you have had the same feeling, anyone? Like, how it makes you think so hard you can't explain it because you don't know how to put it together and tell people what you are feeling, because we have all felt at least one emotion we can't explain, or are confused about. Sorry if clicking read more was a waste of your time but I felt I had to share.

  • FifiComicLover
    FifiComicLover 7 days ago

    I thought FNAF had a twisting sad back story.

  • Max Willard
    Max Willard 7 days ago


  • DoodlePlayz
    DoodlePlayz 8 days ago

    Your haven’t ruined my childhood your progressively ruining it.

  • Lif3-standards :b
    Lif3-standards :b 8 days ago ink-describable heheh (even after hearing this I still can’t describe what I just heard...)

  • The Real, and BIGGEST, Lucariofangirl

    Any TVclip's out there, help me out by sending this 👆video to youtubers called: *The Zielo Cave* if you know how to. I don't, do plz help!
    Please and thank u. 💙

  • The Real, and BIGGEST, Lucariofangirl

    Your theory makes every amount of sense👍

  • Katu Irizarry
    Katu Irizarry 11 days ago

    The theory that “Joey finally has a family” is so heartwarming and I found it so sweet :(

  • Minoru Mineta
    Minoru Mineta 13 days ago

    11:05 there was the wheel chair Mat

  • Prince Cortes
    Prince Cortes 13 days ago

    In the place that you're locked in if you have the mirror you could see Henry's bed there is a coffin.

  • Clyde VanBuren
    Clyde VanBuren 14 days ago

    He brings over his daughter? Don't you mean Niece MatPat. "Tell me another story Uncle JOEY

  • Emily M.
    Emily M. 15 days ago

    Aw..finally something that didn't ruin my childhood! Matpat you are widening your horizons...

  • Daveon Flannelly
    Daveon Flannelly 15 days ago


  • Gacha - Con
    Gacha - Con 16 days ago

    I heard meatly say it's not the end of bendy and the ink machine

  • Dave Le
    Dave Le 17 days ago

    Some people move on but not us.

  • I if were pink
    I if were pink 17 days ago


  • Bendy Ink Demon
    Bendy Ink Demon 18 days ago

    HAH-AH >:)

  • Tulle Navn
    Tulle Navn 19 days ago +1

    Did u not realize that the weelchair is on the ending in the kitchen

  • Neave MCGEEHAN
    Neave MCGEEHAN 20 days ago

    These are actually some very wise words

  • Trey Michael
    Trey Michael 20 days ago +3

    Joey= stuck with bendy
    Afton=stuck with freddy, chica, foxy, bonnie, golden freddy, toy freddy, ect.??????????

    • Goddess Ray
      Goddess Ray 15 days ago

      oof welcome to the comments section again and that comment hit me in the feels cuz I feel bad for those two characters living in a never ending hell

  • curlyheaded _TT
    curlyheaded _TT 21 day ago +2

    I think bendy and the black and white Mickey is the same how can u compare those???

  • loki harris
    loki harris 21 day ago

    Soooooo sad

  • Joy Cloud
    Joy Cloud 23 days ago

    Hell of a story to tell a kid

    • Wyatt B
      Wyatt B 19 days ago

      Joy Cloud, I know right.

  • GalaxyTurtlePickel
    GalaxyTurtlePickel 23 days ago

    Alison and Thomas are married or get married in the real world an then get transformed into ink creatures

  • Ferreto vanila
    Ferreto vanila 24 days ago +1

    Love the theme song lmfao

  • Mørisd Tefûënn
    Mørisd Tefûënn 26 days ago

    *V E N O M*

  • The Marionette
    The Marionette 26 days ago +4

    Matpat:And this is end of Bendy and the ink machine..

    *Suddenly Bendy the dark revival*

  • Co Hu
    Co Hu 26 days ago

    When I saw the end of chapter five, I was pretty surprised. Because when you go through the door in joey’s house, it leads to the place where you first spawn in chapter 1. So after you finish the game is it just a infinite loop?

  • Ohhh
    Ohhh 26 days ago

    U kinda right

  • Winter Castle
    Winter Castle 26 days ago

    Maybe henry's daughter is the girl in batdr trailer!

  • Space Pup
    Space Pup 27 days ago

    mat pat liston the workshop is a living cartoon see joey made the ink machine to bring the charecters to life and to do that you need to sacrifice real charecters beacuse they want the bendy land to be alive and joey used the ink machine but acidently created a cartoon universe and henry is dead because if you use the speical glass on your bed you can see a coffin so ya but thats not a theory its a me theory

  • Russian Bias
    Russian Bias 27 days ago +1

    The little girl says “tell me another one UNCLE Joey” uncle is a term for a brother, so does that mean Joey and Henry both brothers? 🤔

  • asianman159
    asianman159 28 days ago

    Beside the letter written by Allison Conner there's a note that says "Phil 2:03", which is a bible verse. "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility, value others above yourself." Sound's like Joey was trying to remind himself not to let greed or fame get to him, and to instead think of others (his employees)

  • Douglas Genaske
    Douglas Genaske 29 days ago

    That intro was horrifying

  • Kaden Greenhill
    Kaden Greenhill Month ago

    Hey matpat 🤚

  • Jacob Ramirez
    Jacob Ramirez Month ago

    There is a lot of proof that bendy is not Joey

  • Xander Smith Gamer
    Xander Smith Gamer Month ago

    I can't believe that super horror bro lied

  • Nicola K
    Nicola K Month ago

    There's the wheelchair

  • Carbide 293
    Carbide 293 Month ago

    Thank you. I think I needed this

  • SuperClick 103
    SuperClick 103 Month ago

    I think it shouldn't be "Joey Drew Studios". It should be "Henry Stein Studios"

  • SuperClick 103
    SuperClick 103 Month ago

    I think that the six pieces to start the machine represent Bendy's creation.
    The plushie represents the form to take.
    The record gives it's name.
    The ink bottle shows what Bendy to be made of.
    The cog wheel represents the ink machine.
    The wrench shows what starts the machine.
    And the book gives it it's personality.

  • i am a fucking god
    i am a fucking god Month ago


    DIAMOND SôS Month ago

    what? a happy ending? is this still game theory?

  • Frank Grover
    Frank Grover Month ago

    The next time you do is intro for Old Time video I will stop giving thumbs up to these videos I hate that interest so much like it needs color and that's coming from a black kid no need to be racist I am not racist

  • Tina LaBelle
    Tina LaBelle Month ago

    Wait. What if the want-need thing wasn't a mistake and is actually a clue?

  • Anabelle V
    Anabelle V Month ago

    Wait why is everyone talking crap about Scott Cawthon

  • Kevin Newbry
    Kevin Newbry Month ago

    if you noticed the wheelchair in the kitchen

  • RoboAinsley
    RoboAinsley Month ago

    You were originally right about the wheelchair being Joey’s. Idk if anyone pointed this out to you but you were right. I just was re-watching Bendy theories and noticed the wheelchair when you enter the kitchen to talk to Joey. Joey also has the limp you pointed out and the wheelchair was facing in a way so that Joey would be able to get in and out of the chair to make the few steps he needed to in the kitchen
    Edit: just re-watched the next Bendy theory after this and you pointed it out 😂 keep up the good theories

  • Fantasticbeasts04 04

    I use honey and it's really awesome.

  • BolanderBooks
    BolanderBooks Month ago

    TheMeatly: "But hey, that's just a metaphor...A DUMB METAPHOR! Thanks for your money!"

  • Fatima Tabion
    Fatima Tabion Month ago

    Ome more te

  • Annabeths Thoughts
    Annabeths Thoughts Month ago

    Why would a daughter call her father Joey and not just dad or something?

  • Michael Henry
    Michael Henry Month ago

    Has anyone else noticed that Cuboris took the arm off of the bendy animatronic?

  • Kaleb Playz Stuff
    Kaleb Playz Stuff Month ago

    Oh by the way theres a weelchair in the kitchen! :)

  • SEbastian Gonzalez
    SEbastian Gonzalez Month ago

    This thing is Henry calls him a pal and an uncle is your fathers brother but it never says that Henry is joeys brother but that’s just a theory a game theory

  • kitti_ tiara_4
    kitti_ tiara_4 Month ago

    This gave me chills😨😨😱

  • Drizzled Cake
    Drizzled Cake Month ago

    this theory made me cray is that normal

  • Liam Quinlan
    Liam Quinlan Month ago

    Ending in a Nutshell

    *Bendy I’ve come to Bargain*

  • Riley Fat boy
    Riley Fat boy Month ago +1

    Why haven’t you watch Bendy and the dark revival gameplay trailer

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff Month ago

    I’m excited to see if game theory makes theory’s on bendy and the dark revival!

  • Eregtor
    Eregtor Month ago

    busted my ear with that intromusic lol

  • Cloud’s Production

    This game is so freakin epic and creative ;-;