Tinashe's Performance - Dancing with the Stars

  • Published on Nov 20, 2018
  • Tinashe performs "Fever" on Dancing with the Stars' Season 27!
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  • Charm Alvarez
    Charm Alvarez 2 months ago

    man why the fuk did they kick her out tho?

  • Jess Bess
    Jess Bess 7 months ago

    What type of dance is this?

  • SabrinaChang628
    SabrinaChang628 9 months ago +1

    Damn I always consider myself as a straight woman but…

  • star strxck
    star strxck 9 months ago

    I absolutely love Tinashe but this just wasn’t it. She seemed like she was really trying to hit those low notes but it was just pressuring her range too much, resulting in her being breathy after. This performance would’ve been so much better if they gave her a song she was vocally capable of, since she’s a lot better at singing in higher tones. Her songs are written like that for a reason.

  • Lil Meme
    Lil Meme 9 months ago

    Trashy slut

  • Jiwon Kim
    Jiwon Kim 9 months ago


  • Marcus Evans
    Marcus Evans 9 months ago

    Yall sleep

  • Brian Caulfield
    Brian Caulfield 9 months ago +1

    Why's the whole world sleep on this girl she's fucking amazing 😍😍😍😍

  • Nickole
    Nickole 10 months ago

    Horrible lol

  • Kendomcum IG
    Kendomcum IG 10 months ago

    She doesn’t sound good here, but she looks good.

  • JLew
    JLew 10 months ago

    Tinashe would’ve been more successful if she actually decent singing live .

  • Kade' Ellis
    Kade' Ellis 10 months ago

    She's got a lil girl body with huge breast....she should just do Disney channel...it might work better

  • Christian Lamar
    Christian Lamar 10 months ago

    And y’all eliminated her? Home girl came back to show y’all what you missed out on 😂 I hope they’re mad af

  • Christian Lamar
    Christian Lamar 10 months ago

    And y’all eliminated her? Home girl came back to show y’all what you missed out on 😂 I hope they’re mad af

  • showguyusa
    showguyusa 10 months ago +2

    Glad to see a nicely executed, live performance. Its a shame they didn't put it in a better key for her.

  • Nina-Jade Sandoval
    Nina-Jade Sandoval 10 months ago

    It was shaky at 1st then she saved the performance 💃

  • Lala_ t
    Lala_ t 10 months ago +1

    When she danced with Brandon for like 5 sec I cried😭

  • Derrick Boudreaux
    Derrick Boudreaux 10 months ago +1

    Tinashe is always my winner on Dancing with the Stars

  • David Hill
    David Hill 10 months ago +1

    DWTS season 27 has been a popularity contest. If it were a true talent contest, Tinashe would’ve won.

  • Renee George
    Renee George 10 months ago +1

    Fantastic!! should have come down to her and Juan in the end. At least we got two stellar finale performances.

  • Sythe jaguar
    Sythe jaguar 10 months ago +1

    This show is rigged, how the did she not make it to the finals?! Unbelievable!

  • QuietStormX
    QuietStormX 10 months ago

    I wished She and they had made it longer in the show to see how they would get?

  • Tommy Smith
    Tommy Smith 10 months ago +1

    Y'all did her wrong! Clear winner right here

  • Nabeel
    Nabeel 10 months ago


  • Stocking Anarchy
    Stocking Anarchy 10 months ago

    Sexy and wonderful job miss Tinashe 💚💜😘😍

  • Art
    Art 10 months ago

    Iove u T 🔥

  • Chips
    Chips 10 months ago

    Anyone know when this song comes out??

  • L’ Aviatrice
    L’ Aviatrice 10 months ago +1

    Please upload the guys only routine!!!!

  • samantha diaz
    samantha diaz 10 months ago

    Only critique is, she should have been a Little bit more theatrical. The walk out should be been a bit more forced. But she did that otherwise.

  • Emily Aguilar-Espinosa
    Emily Aguilar-Espinosa 10 months ago

    Finals should have alexis milo tinashe and juan pablo

  • Ophelia's Fall
    Ophelia's Fall 10 months ago

    When are you posting John Schneider's performance?

  • TinaKii LuEll
    TinaKii LuEll 10 months ago

    WOW... my gurl always bring it 💯

  • DatGidiGirl S
    DatGidiGirl S 10 months ago +55

    Normani was cheated but they knew they would be an outcry so they let her made the finals. But I guess they didn't give a F about Tinashe because they kicked her out too early. Zendaya should've won too. This show is a fraud!.

    • Mike Luke
      Mike Luke 10 months ago +2

      DatGidiGirl S but Normani got there cuz she was a great dancer but I do agree with you Tinashe was robbed!! They cheated her and I agree too that both Normani and Zendaya should have probably won their seasons .. I think DWTS doesn’t want to make it seem like dancers win every year so they rig certain seasons because they are inferior to good dancers.

    • anynextdon
      anynextdon 10 months ago +2

      gurl we all know the tea 🐸🍵

  • Tiki80
    Tiki80 10 months ago

    Ppl seem to forget that she n evanna were in jeopardy either one of them would loose n it was her..

  • Jessica Viviana Yepes Cuevas
    Jessica Viviana Yepes Cuevas 10 months ago +22

    It gives me so much bad temper and anger that an artist as talented as Tinashe is not recognized worldwide. WHAT HAPPENS TO THE WORLD? Something is wrong.
    Postscript: I really mean it..

  • Lalisa Manoban
    Lalisa Manoban 10 months ago +5

    *Idk how she got eliminated of every day she would be in the top 3 stars with great votes but dancing with the stars sucks and they can’t accept the fact that if she stayed she would sweep the floor with everyone there 💪🏼*

  • Kate
    Kate 10 months ago +1

    I kind of wish she could have sung one of her own instead of a cover.

  • Sapphire Plantana
    Sapphire Plantana 10 months ago +11

    She was highkey robbed!

  • Free Lander
    Free Lander 10 months ago +2

    a new supreme has risen

  • Sophia
    Sophia 10 months ago +68

    What the finale should of looked like: Milo, Tinashe, Evanna, and JP

    • super shook
      super shook 10 months ago +4

      Yes! I love Alexis, but both Jp and Tinashe were better

  • Marisa Tamayo
    Marisa Tamayo 10 months ago +2


    ΕΛ ΚΟΝΤΟΠ 10 months ago +22

    The top 4 dancers of this season:

    • Mike Luke
      Mike Luke 10 months ago

      ΕΛ ΚΟΝΤΟΠ wow it seems like everyone is in agreeing to that .. all the comments say the exact same

    • Sofia Palacios
      Sofia Palacios 10 months ago

      For real

  • Carolina Carrión Ottomano

    I thought John was also performing. Where's the video?

  • Edward Victor Muñoz
    Edward Victor Muñoz 10 months ago +1


  • Edward Victor Muñoz
    Edward Victor Muñoz 10 months ago +2


  • Edward Victor Muñoz
    Edward Victor Muñoz 10 months ago +1


  • Edward Victor Muñoz
    Edward Victor Muñoz 10 months ago +1


  • Valerie Williams
    Valerie Williams 10 months ago +6

    Can we talk about Brandon and TInashe for min tho,

  • Free Lander
    Free Lander 10 months ago +50

    IDC if she didnt win this was great exposure for her as a dancer AND as a singer.
    Put some respeck on Tinashe name! None these basic hoes have breath control whilst singing AND dancing!

  • Aliyah Janelle
    Aliyah Janelle 10 months ago +18

    this performance was incredible. everyone that decided not to vote for her knows damn well she had a high probability of winning. smh.

  • Ginger Nolasco
    Ginger Nolasco 10 months ago +68

    Petition to have Tinashe as a contestant at the All-Stars season ?

    • tariq omar
      tariq omar 10 months ago

      Ginger Nolasco yes with normani or zendaya as her partner.

    • Chips
      Chips 10 months ago

      @Tiki80 Yea I like that better

    • Tiki80
      Tiki80 10 months ago +1

      @Chips basically on SYTYCD ppl vote then bottom 3 dancers do a dance for their life solo.. n then the judges keep 2 out of the three.. on strictly.. I heard.. the bottom 2 couples from voting results do a dance off.. then the judges eliminate one of the two

    • Chips
      Chips 10 months ago

      Tiki80 How do those shoes do it?

    • Tiki80
      Tiki80 10 months ago +2

      @Chips yeah well they better make new rules while they will be off so long n do changes w voting system.. they better do the way sytycd does or the way strictly come dancing does

  • Catrina [Thicc Sister]
    Catrina [Thicc Sister] 10 months ago +17

    I would've said no to performing on here after being an amazing dancer then getting kicked off

    • Amanda A
      Amanda A 10 months ago

      Free Lander
      Don’t doubt it because there’s no way she left cleanly. 😒

    • Catrina [Thicc Sister]
      Catrina [Thicc Sister] 10 months ago

      @Free Lander are you mentally retarded?

    • Free Lander
      Free Lander 10 months ago +1

      @Catrina [Thicc Sister] are you home schooled?

    • Catrina [Thicc Sister]
      Catrina [Thicc Sister] 10 months ago

      @Free Lander schedule has nothing to do with anything

    • Free Lander
      Free Lander 10 months ago

      @Catrina [Thicc Sister] I payed attention to her schedule since she got on DWTS & it's obvious she was just there for exposure. She was doing music festivals & is going to do a live TV musical.

  • Jeriel Mason
    Jeriel Mason 10 months ago +10


  • KW11 xox
    KW11 xox 10 months ago +7

    Why did they make her sing that ugly song? She still killed it though

    • KW11 xox
      KW11 xox 10 months ago

      @Lana's Daydream who hurt you? you need to heal and here is not the place. i suggest reading the Bible.

    • Antwan Pena
      Antwan Pena 10 months ago

      Lana's Daydream first off I said hip hop because that's what she's best at so stfu she's a hip hop dancer and has been for years

    • Lana's Daydream
      Lana's Daydream 10 months ago +3

      It’s not an ugly song, she just can’t sing it! And to the idiot that said Hip Hop, no we have other genres in the black community besides ignorant trap

    • Antwan Pena
      Antwan Pena 10 months ago

      KW11 xox should've Hip Hip routine

  • New York New York
    New York New York 10 months ago +3

    Beautiful sexy voice

  • Putra Ariana
    Putra Ariana 10 months ago

    Love tinashe performance ❤❤❤

  • Haley Centeno
    Haley Centeno 10 months ago +5


  • LovedBy You
    LovedBy You 10 months ago +198

    I bet she’s glad she left this joke of a season early!!!!!

    • Tiki80
      Tiki80 10 months ago +4

      Right!? Bet when bobby got announced.. she was like "Oh hell no! Glad I left early"

    • LovedBy You
      LovedBy You 10 months ago +4

      roter13 hahaha you already know babe!! 😂😂😂😂

    • roter13
      roter13 10 months ago +4

      lol. I was looking specially for your comment

  • RealestGuyInTheRoom
    RealestGuyInTheRoom 10 months ago +8

    Can't wait for the new album in 2019!!!

  • JordanHoskins15
    JordanHoskins15 10 months ago +146

    Wow can y’all believe this Queen was robbed of the finale cause this show is trash but anyways I was wanting her and Brandon to do a little Argentine tango section but I was still living

    • Mary Jane Sajecki
      Mary Jane Sajecki 10 months ago +4

      The fact the finale was only one night, they had to cut out a lot. I wish it was two nights so past contestants could do a dance, like Tinashe.