[MV] PENTAGON(펜타곤) _ Shine(빛나리)

  • Published on Apr 2, 2018
  • [MV] PENTAGON(펜타곤) _ Shine(빛나리)

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Comments • 107 089

  • sselem lamadrid
    sselem lamadrid 40 minutes ago

    I love the lyrics

    Crush:Nobody likes me
    Me:and me what?

    I'm serious, is so nice, the dance, outfit.... Every thing

  • Jayden Garcia
    Jayden Garcia 6 hours ago +1


  • Army Yes
    Army Yes 6 hours ago

    Amo Pentagon es uno de mis grupos preferidos del kpop

  • ほっとみるくてぃー


  • Samadi Wongso
    Samadi Wongso 8 hours ago


  • center lee know
    center lee know 8 hours ago

    im addicted to this song.. OH NO HELP!!!! KAKSKSKSKS

  • Raquel Oyindamola
    Raquel Oyindamola 9 hours ago +1

    2019 please

  • konpeitoStarlight
    konpeitoStarlight 9 hours ago

    The piano sounds so familiar and I can't place it.

  • vladimir dragunov
    vladimir dragunov 10 hours ago

    Because of IZ*ONE's Chaewon and Yuri, I started to like the song

  • João Lucas
    João Lucas 10 hours ago


  • Emilly Maria
    Emilly Maria 12 hours ago


  • Julia Phillips
    Julia Phillips 14 hours ago

    I got into Pentagon after hearing them at a dance club in Sinchon while studying abroad in Korea in December last year lmao. Jinho and Hongseok are my FAVS I LOVE THEM.

    Also I haven't gotten into a group in yEARS. I've been so busy with school. ㅠㅠ The more research I did on Pentagon the more I was like screw it. My time is valuable and I should study and work more, but the joy they bring me and their music makes it worth it. I was so out of the kpop scene I didnt even hear about Edawn and Hyuna until late November ;( It made my heart sad that I was out of the loop (how stupid does that sound lol) but also like.... oh well. Sad I couldn't cheer them on as 10, but I support Pentagon and edawn now haha. also if anyone read all this wow lov u glad to be here, glad to support these boiz, look forward to seeing them live one day


    Dijeron como q todo el mundo ponganse pantalon y no le digan a wooseok

  • Juanito Madroga
    Juanito Madroga 15 hours ago +1

    E dawn the bestt

  • sahra sahra
    sahra sahra 16 hours ago +1

    this song is a hit and wow e dawn was kicked out when they just got their popularity. Cube was strict for nothing. Their company isn’t even that prestigious so I dnt understsnd they unnecessary action

  • Kayla
    Kayla 16 hours ago

    Its been forever since ive been here.. im balling.. i miss them all... i hate what has happened to the members lost. ughhhh

  • Tatiana
    Tatiana 17 hours ago


  • Dora luz Félix flores
    Dora luz Félix flores 18 hours ago


  • BLINK fandom
    BLINK fandom 20 hours ago +4

    •game over• // you failed to ignore edawn at 0:02. you also failed to ignore the fact that their other songs need recognition // replay?
    { ⏪ ▶️ ⏩ }

  • caleb navarro
    caleb navarro 23 hours ago

    Raios >: tiene good sound

    KANAKA PRICER 23 hours ago


  • Rio Heldreth
    Rio Heldreth Day ago +1

    Has anyone realised that the english captions says "Nobody likes you" instead if "nobody's like you" lol

  • kristen kpop
    kristen kpop Day ago

    Love you love you love you
    Like you like you like you

  • kristen kpop
    kristen kpop Day ago

    Love youuuuuuuuu

  • 붓X
    붓X Day ago +2

    이게 벌써 1년됬다고?

  • JOSH M
    JOSH M Day ago +1


  • Chicken Sunday
    Chicken Sunday Day ago +12

    I thought liking more than one kpop group ment that you didn't like the one that knew before anymore but now I know that's not true so I started liking a bunch more like this one

  • Eliana Gaitán
    Eliana Gaitán Day ago

    who is yuto here?

  • Javier Bustos
    Javier Bustos Day ago


  • ヲタク ただの


    H.T ARMYCR Day ago +1

    Me encanta esta cancion!!😍❤❤

  • Manu MD
    Manu MD Day ago


  • Wilmary Polanco Ramirez

    0:51 Fornite is EVERYWHERE!!! . literally.

  • Juliet Jiang
    Juliet Jiang Day ago +1

    don’t get me wrong I support edawn and hyuna with all my heart but I can’t help feeling so sorry for the rest of the boys who now have to face the consequences too, with almost no fault

  • Romina Surcosoft
    Romina Surcosoft Day ago +1

    :3 SO CUTE

  • 장석원
    장석원 Day ago


  • Yazzline Hawkins
    Yazzline Hawkins Day ago +94

    What I think my crush says:
    " Nobody's like you"
    What they actually said:
    " Nobody likes you"

    If you don't get it turn on captions.

  • patty Hollyh
    patty Hollyh Day ago

    No se, pero me enamore de ellos y la canción xdd

  • brainless idiot
    brainless idiot Day ago +1

    Please don't get offended but edawn kinda reminded me of gdragon with the aura and all. I feel like in this Pentagon group edawn was somehow gdragon( in terms of voice/and aura. I know gd write songs) and if you were to remove gd to the bigbang i feel like part the uniqueness and personality got thrown out and that's how i feel when edawn was removed. But the song is still catchy and all I'm sure a lot of people will love it

  • brainless idiot
    brainless idiot Day ago

    I just discovered this group today and i did some research and I'm effin sad because edawn and yanan is not in the group anymore. I thought edawn and yanan put a lot of personality in this song and without their voice singingt their part makes the sing feel like it's not complete.

    • Daniela Lopez
      Daniela Lopez Day ago

      brainless idiot yanan is still in the group! He was on hiatus for a few months but he already came back

  • Rubiu 5
    Rubiu 5 Day ago +2

    1:00 esa voz

  • Raymundo Flores Cruz


  • Taekookie Mi Mundo

    We Miss You E'Dawn :(

  • andrea nava
    andrea nava Day ago

    i miss hyojong:((

  • Juana Palacios
    Juana Palacios Day ago

    Miss you Edwan🌻

  • катя прокушева

    Это ооочеень красиво ,круто и мило , а ещё очень приятно слушать😍😍😍

    • Oh Seunghee
      Oh Seunghee 50 minutes ago

      катя прокушева песня очень солнечная и радостная 🌞

  • Cal S.
    Cal S. Day ago

    i'm wondering, did they got win with this song ?, i love this song so much
    PS. Im not pentagon fan, that's why i have to ask

    • Cal S.
      Cal S. 4 hours ago

      +Daniela Lopez thx for the answer

    • Daniela Lopez
      Daniela Lopez 21 hour ago

      Eliana Gaitán no,pentagon have never gotten a win :(

    • Eliana Gaitán
      Eliana Gaitán Day ago

      +Daniela Lopez you mean that the never get a first win? sorry for my english

    • Daniela Lopez
      Daniela Lopez Day ago

      Just G i don’t really know,they still haven’t gotten their first win in the 2 comebacks that they’ve had since shine,I read somewhere that it’s bc people choose popularity over talent which is true,ptg was promoting while other bigger groups were so maybe that’s why

    • Cal S.
      Cal S. Day ago

      +Daniela Lopez can i ask, why ?, it's such a good song and choreography 😣

  • Rajmyr Prakeshi
    Rajmyr Prakeshi Day ago

    Tininiw... Tininiw 🎵

  • Milia Idrisova
    Milia Idrisova Day ago +12

    I'm crying! Our E'dawn we love you!💔

  • Pablo Lane
    Pablo Lane Day ago

    Música boa

    iiDXRK21 GAMING Day ago


  • Mika Almazan
    Mika Almazan Day ago +1

    this song will never get old :(

  • えりんぎ
    えりんぎ 2 days ago


  • Aliyyah Campañero
    Aliyyah Campañero 2 days ago +5

    It's been a year. I'm still addicted to this. I miss my 10 dorks.

  • Amarah Rehman
    Amarah Rehman 2 days ago


  • Sói Kio
    Sói Kio 2 days ago


  • Javiera Jazmin Montecinos Velasquez

    la joyita que se perdió cube por andar de mamones con la relación con hyuna

  • Shark Mate
    Shark Mate 2 days ago

    DI DI DI DI DI DI *does hype*

  • Piero Silva Hernandez

    Son hermosos

  • Nicole Rae
    Nicole Rae 2 days ago

    3:08 💕

  • London king
    London king 2 days ago

    3:02 1:12

  • Ajay Pamulakalakun
    Ajay Pamulakalakun 2 days ago

    #shine forever 📀

  • Ayanna Vaughn
    Ayanna Vaughn 2 days ago


  • Lilian Campos
    Lilian Campos 2 days ago +16

    Que lindos eles são!!! Eles são tão fofos!!!! Eu amo tanto essa musica, que eu até sei a coreografia de cor!!!!!!SARANGHAE PENTAGON♥♥♥♥

  • Rubiu 5
    Rubiu 5 2 days ago +1

    Es la única canción que me gusta de esta pinche banda de

  • Rubiu 5
    Rubiu 5 2 days ago

    Es la única canción que me gusta de esta pinche banda de

  • Rubi Flores
    Rubi Flores 2 days ago

    Hola pentago

  • Park_jimin_mochi_ Chim chim

    I just now heard this song and I really liked E’Dawn but then I saw that he was kicked out 😢

  • Rosse RM
    Rosse RM 2 days ago

    Alguien 👀?

  • Graz R.J.x23
    Graz R.J.x23 2 days ago +1

    Ptg x Universe~
    Go watch SHA LA LA~♡

  • Angie Castro
    Angie Castro 2 days ago

    My favorites are E'Dawn, Wooseok

  • Anna Clara
    Anna Clara 2 days ago

    O my gosh ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Dayana montoya
    Dayana montoya 2 days ago +1

    I love and yu E'daw

  • Kpop_Dutches 95
    Kpop_Dutches 95 2 days ago


  • Luna Moonjisu
    Luna Moonjisu 2 days ago

    Tell me, who is this attractive piece of human 2:22

    • Sara Ge
      Sara Ge 2 days ago +1

      Luna Moonjisu Yuto😍❤️

  • Jjuuvvee Vazquezz
    Jjuuvvee Vazquezz 2 days ago

    Que guapos están ...
    Me encantan 😍😍

  • Hana Kim
    Hana Kim 2 days ago +3

    i was looking for this song but i searched for Digital kpop and this came up.😜

  • Ohmyuwu!
    Ohmyuwu! 2 days ago

    quién pensaría que este fuera el último mv dónde e'dawn estuviera con Pentagon. 😞✊🏻

    • Daniela Lopez
      Daniela Lopez Day ago

      Ohmyuwu! En realidad no fue el último,también está la versión japonesa de shine , el sale ahí

  • Toon Phone
    Toon Phone 2 days ago


  • Katie
    Katie 2 days ago

    I can’t believe it’s been a whole year- I miss this song a lot

  • Yara Brito Kookie
    Yara Brito Kookie 2 days ago

    Mano esses caras são foda

  • jin the banana
    jin the banana 2 days ago +1

    No ones talking about how cute 3:09 is?

  • nicole rae de los reyes

    3:08 is the cutest thing eveeeer

  • bangtan forever
    bangtan forever 2 days ago

    This song is good👍👍👍👍💙

  • Ashleyplayzgacha gacha

    E'dawn was a big part of this group......😭😭

  • leeasar w
    leeasar w 3 days ago

    stream this fucking song and let it conquer 1.000.000 views, you little bitches

  • Silviane Pereira
    Silviane Pereira 3 days ago


  • GN BlacKumon
    GN BlacKumon 3 days ago

    still here 2019??? Who with me???

  • Raphael
    Raphael 3 days ago

    This video has one of the lowest dislike ratios 👏✨💛👏

  • Raphael
    Raphael 3 days ago

    It's April again so I come back to this song. It's still as fresh as a year ago. I can't believe it's been a year.

  • Graz R.J.x23
    Graz R.J.x23 3 days ago

    Ptg x Universe~♡♡

  • Kpop Hooman
    Kpop Hooman 3 days ago +69

    When E'Dawn said
    "I am a loser who loves you"
    I felt that.

  • gabriel vichiato
    gabriel vichiato 3 days ago


  • Sayde Aguirre Álvarez


  • Mariela Llacua yaranga

    Por que E'dawn ya no esta en el grypo de pentagon

  • army bts love
    army bts love 3 days ago +1


  • ๑Like vkook๑
    ๑Like vkook๑ 3 days ago +1

    ? 😍😘

  • Anonimouse Lie Blue
    Anonimouse Lie Blue 3 days ago

    Ay me encanta ese baile♥