The Wrong Child Full Length With Vivica A Fox

  • Published on Jul 21, 2016

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  • Merissa Russo
    Merissa Russo 2 months ago +1

    The movie was great,the acting was kinda fake,I watched cuz i Love Vivica❤️ The chemistry wasn’t there,all in all it was a great movie😁

  • Christy Pargas
    Christy Pargas 2 months ago +2

    The Wrong Child Lifetime Movie

  • Phyllis Priester
    Phyllis Priester 10 months ago

    Suck Ass movie

  • Benance george
    Benance george 11 months ago +1

    Good movie

  • Aero Splinter
    Aero Splinter 11 months ago +1

    Did he die?

  • Elf Owl
    Elf Owl 11 months ago +2

    1.25 the way to go.

  • Maryam SL
    Maryam SL 11 months ago +2

    Thx for letting me know.
    Have no nerve for it at all.

  • Dagmar Heinz
    Dagmar Heinz 11 months ago +1

    was the ending not kinda strange ?

  • barney rubbles
    barney rubbles 11 months ago +1


  • N Nicky
    N Nicky 11 months ago +2

    am sorry but what a stupid wife.... she tells her husband to let the boy stay at their place!, tells husband to spend time with him, straight away instead of taking DNA test straight away sometimes good to take more then one cause issues like these
    I understand she didn't trust him but her movements where sooo wrong

  • Kelley Smith
    Kelley Smith Year ago +1

    The boy looks like a young Matt Damon

  • Kelley Smith
    Kelley Smith Year ago

    The boy

  • Joyce Ridgeway terrett

    great movie

  • Natural Kinky Curly―Marie

    The Chemistry was just NOT there between the Actor. The movie is not so great, the acting wasn't great. Still, love Vivica A. Fox.

  • christopher desimone

    The ending left with no conclusion as to what happened to the mom and her child. Were they broke?, were they homeless?. Very bad ending.

  • Jenna Smith
    Jenna Smith Year ago +5

    Didn't that mom look too old to be his wife???...

  • Letava Green
    Letava Green Year ago +3

    1:22 y u gone run n the woods asking for help tho smh lol

    • Janice Brown
      Janice Brown 5 months ago

      Poor acting Ms. Fox always get terrible roles sad but TRUE

    • Janice Brown
      Janice Brown 5 months ago

      Stupid Movie

  • Letava Green
    Letava Green Year ago +3

    Now I love vivica fox bt this movie she make me sick smh rushing things n not listening to her husband n friend ugh

    • nunya buisness
      nunya buisness Year ago +2

      Correct. She played her role much more like Tyler Perry's Madea in a slap stick comedy because she over acted her role to oblivion! She also had zero chemistry with her daughter that made it impossible for me to pretend and follow the script as if they're related in any way.

  • Annette Harrison
    Annette Harrison Year ago +3

    I like Vivica that's why I watched but I didn't care for this movie. Acting was not that great. I don't recommend.

  • Maroonmonkey_5
    Maroonmonkey_5 Year ago +2

    😡😡😤😤Hate when movies end like that omg 😒

  • Grace Mukemba
    Grace Mukemba Year ago

    this man is e fraekin jerk

  • Alex Ortiz
    Alex Ortiz Year ago +5

    Vivica A Fox still looks good

  • David J. Ridgway
    David J. Ridgway Year ago +3

    Movie is ass... Don't waste your time...

  • mr 347 dale
    mr 347 dale Year ago +12

    Put the speed up to 1.25. Thank me later.

    • Елена Острава
      Елена Острава 3 months ago

      I did . Thank you !
      But th movie is not that interesting .. can feel they're acting..

    • Елена Острава
      Елена Острава 3 months ago

      +Jutta Pitz you see thos three dots on the screen? Touch them n go to speed n change it

    • Jutta Pitz
      Jutta Pitz Year ago

      mr 347 dale thanks for the tip but how can I do this?

  • Deborah Clark
    Deborah Clark Year ago +2

    Thank you for one of the commenter for explaining that in doing research I was able to find closure to the ending. 1:49:21

  • j Inrilyn
    j Inrilyn Year ago +3

    Uff the mom is so annoying

  • lynda renaud
    lynda renaud Year ago +2

    Terrible! Why would Gary Michaels even lower himself to this level??

  • Rajadah Maragh
    Rajadah Maragh Year ago +1

    I watch this when no one is around or with my friends

  • Sulaiman I. Askar
    Sulaiman I. Askar Year ago +3

    Nice Movie

  • sadat s
    sadat s 2 years ago +7

    rubbish film, very poor acting

    • veronica clayton
      veronica clayton 11 months ago

      slow @ boring

    • nunya buisness
      nunya buisness Year ago +1

      Atrocious acting! The casting was so horrible I never could buy in to the idea that mother and daughter are related in any way! The first scene of mom, dad, daughter was forced so badly. Moms acting reminds me of Tyler Perry's Madea character because she over acted like a slap stick comedy meant for an ignorant and easily entertained audience.

  • GivenS Kumlo
    GivenS Kumlo 2 years ago +7

    This boy is so evil OMD huh

  • Kali and Madonna Owczarki Niemieckie

    That kid is strange

  • Jhana Lovett
    Jhana Lovett 2 years ago +6

    that boy is crazy