18 Cultural Differences Between the USA and EUROPE

  • Published on Dec 12, 2017
  • WHAT?! You have to pay to use public toilets, and to drink water in Europe?! And cigarettes are fashionable?
    It's about time someone addresses the cultural differences between the USA and Europe!
    I just finished a 6 week Eurotrip -- which means I've now spent more than 1 year of my life in Europe, and visited every single country on the continent (yes, all 45 countries!)
    While many things are similar about American and European culture, there are plenty of little (and BIG) differences that I'd like to bring to your attention in this video!
    It took me 6 weeks of compiling this footage, writing this script, and editing this video... so I hope you like it! And if you enjoy, please share with your friends :)
    Music: Kevin MacLeod
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  • The Kirin
    The Kirin 22 minutes ago

    Američani jsou kokoti!

  • Aulona Hoxhaj
    Aulona Hoxhaj 23 minutes ago

    It's football.

  • Luna Mravak
    Luna Mravak Hour ago

    Im from Croatia which is in Europe and i speak Croatian of course,English and im learning Spanish and i picked up some German from my brother and dad and im only 8

  • Naty Benešová
    Naty Benešová 2 hours ago

    "to pivo je výborný!" 😂I am from Czech republic ❣️

  • Mr Shrimp
    Mr Shrimp 4 hours ago

    That is only in germany and france

  • ewewew
    ewewew 6 hours ago

    Dude in Portugal, and I think in all Europe, It's illegal to refuse water to someone... you can go to the balcon and ask for a cup of water without paying, when you are eating on the table and ask for water they think you wanna a water bottle and they paid for this bottle you need also to pay it :3

  • Al Tay
    Al Tay 6 hours ago

    It won't be long before Europe is in ruins the only smart countries over there are Poland Italy and Hungary the rest of you morons open your arms to illegal immigration and let these immigrants screw your women because you don't know how to

  • Star Atom Jinjo Tweety

    EU forever!!

  • Mr Istrate
    Mr Istrate 8 hours ago

    It is usual in the UK to spend more than £100 and Romania to spend more than 200 romanian leu

  • Bac si Gà bé
    Bac si Gà bé 9 hours ago

    That's irony... An American compares 50 countries to one after having just 1 year to explore them all...

  • Mo Javee
    Mo Javee 10 hours ago

    Smoking isn't that cool we just don't get fussy about that

  • khey fashion
    khey fashion 14 hours ago

    is he gay ?

  • A Pelchat
    A Pelchat 15 hours ago

    The United States is a country located in the North American continent, Europe is a continent and not a country. Why would you compare a country with a continent, totally absurd.

  • WhizKid
    WhizKid 16 hours ago

    Hell no , you have to pay to use the restroom? you mights aswell pee on the wall or in the woods

  • that random spanner that likes cheese

    little disclaimer: most of this doesnt apply to england were much more similar to you

  • j pb
    j pb 22 hours ago

    What do I think? I think you did a great job. Why on earth would anybody want to move to America for anything other than financial/materialistic gain. Fewer rights, fewer holidays, reliance on cars, people are less open minded and can only converse in one language, racism, guns, commercials every five minutes, obesity. I could do this all day.

  • Warner Joustra
    Warner Joustra Day ago

    You can get money from bottles in almost every country not only in Germany

  • Whatsername
    Whatsername Day ago

    Does this man know that France and Germany aren't the only countries in Europe?

  • Whatsername
    Whatsername Day ago

    No free refills

  • Tony Parker
    Tony Parker Day ago

    American ignorance is at its peak

  • Alex Uturgaidze
    Alex Uturgaidze Day ago

    Does America have culture?

  • Nisala Gamage
    Nisala Gamage Day ago

    The first two things are SOOO FAKE!

  • Akaya Logemann
    Akaya Logemann Day ago

    Education,healthcare and basically the whole system is better in most European country’s compared to the USA.

  • Juan R. Silva Pérez

    Why do americans compare the USA with Europe? There are more than 45 countries in Europe... For instance, Spain is completely different to Belgium...

  • Jacob Hines
    Jacob Hines Day ago

    The US is a country, Europe is a continent not to be confused with the EU (which is falling apart).

  • Dan
    Dan Day ago

    Just go to the middle east, it's the same.

  • Ptasiek Szatan
    Ptasiek Szatan Day ago

    In Europe People haven’t guns, in America soo much people is fat or very fat.

  • Potato Salad
    Potato Salad Day ago

    0:21 Barcelona :)

  • Keith Clunk
    Keith Clunk Day ago +7

    Talks about castles .. shows images of cathedrals. What a plank!

  • Vineet Rawat
    Vineet Rawat Day ago +1

    I love the types of video you have made, less taking, good Editing but shared a lot.

  • Vineet Rawat
    Vineet Rawat Day ago

    Well deserved No. 1 Paid Toilets

  • Sebastian Gruber-Kersting

    Similar in population? Europe has about 740 million people, the US only about 320 million.
    I am not sure if that counts as similar...

  • Skaletsskaya
    Skaletsskaya Day ago

    Europe is a continent. There ara a lot of contrasts. Like if you have all these things in the Western Europe, in Eastern countries everything is not like that. Some Eastern countries look like in Soviet Union, because the government doesn't have finances to renovate old building and to improve the system.

  • Kaitlyn
    Kaitlyn Day ago

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  • FiskerGuten
    FiskerGuten Day ago

    they said europe where is Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

  • gazza Playz
    gazza Playz Day ago

    In UK you don’t pay to pee

  • gazza Playz
    gazza Playz Day ago

    In the UK waters free

  • Kristijan Crojcar

    Can somebody count how much countries he didnt set in eu

  • Annick Fabri
    Annick Fabri 2 days ago +1

    You dont life in europe sow .....

  • Annick Fabri
    Annick Fabri 2 days ago +1

    Its really bad

  • Annick Fabri
    Annick Fabri 2 days ago

    I life in belgium and not everting is trought

  • Erzsébet Terjékné Nagy

    Lol they left out east eu completely

  • Tom Nf
    Tom Nf 2 days ago

    European culture? There is no European culture. There are so many differences between all the countries in Europe and yet in those countries alone. This vid doesn't makes any sense.

  • Antonio Casares
    Antonio Casares 2 days ago

    Waaaaayyy too many stereotypes!!!! Nothing to do Finland compared to Germany, Spain, Greece or Poland!!!

  • Kuhtalainen Kullinlutkuttaja

    Finland facts:
    Finland has free public toilets.
    Ice hockey is a BIG sport in Finland.
    Water is free.
    We drive a lot because the public transport system sucks.
    Standard coke is 330ml and ketchup is free.
    Electric car loading spots barely exist.
    Dinner is not an all-night activity.

  • Elena V
    Elena V 2 days ago +1

    EUROPE 🇪🇺🇪🇸❤️

  • THA13
    THA13 2 days ago

    The things you talked about were only for Western Europe

  • Ariel XYZ
    Ariel XYZ 2 days ago

    Here are some differances you have missed
    Europe isn't a country
    British people aren't culturally connected to the rest of Europe

    • Reio64
      Reio64 2 days ago

      you could say the same for eastern europeans or southern europeans you brexit boy

  • asalvats asalvats
    asalvats asalvats 2 days ago +1

    En Europa puedes pedir una jarra de agua, gratis, justamene por que es más ecológico que una botella. Saludos.

  • flexzzone
    flexzzone 2 days ago

    great video! i agree with all. another thing you can do in most countries in Europe is drink alcohol in the streets, malls and in public. With moderation, i find that to be fantastic.

  • Jorge Juan
    Jorge Juan 2 days ago


    • Avena Neumann
      Avena Neumann Day ago

      Obviously. There is also no place like France, Morroco, Singapore, Egypt, Estonia etc etc. What did you mean by your comment?

  • Ginger Biscuit
    Ginger Biscuit 2 days ago +1

    Most things are wrong

  • insanity Is luke
    insanity Is luke 2 days ago

    I'm just questioning the holidays because France only have 6 weeks for summer don't americans have much more?

  • Reece Grubb
    Reece Grubb 2 days ago

    You are comparing Europe to the USA like what’s wrong with you The USA is nothing compared to Europe there are 100 of different cultures within Europe it’s impossible to
    Compare 😂😂😂😂

  • dino volla
    dino volla 3 days ago +2

    In Ireland the water is public and free, in Italy the sinks are large everywhere and you can use the toilet in cafes and restaurants for free, and generally in Europe we know our geography....

  • saemikneu
    saemikneu 3 days ago

    Plus: We don't use checks anymore. Wire transfer or electric debit cards.

  • Jeff Morse
    Jeff Morse 3 days ago

    Thankfully cigarettes aren't fashionable here. Anyone who smokes is basically giving away 10-20 years of their life for a bad habit.

  • Jeff Morse
    Jeff Morse 3 days ago

    There are quite a few electric cars in California (Tesla's here after all) and charging stations are everywhere. My next car will probably be electric even though I don't live in a large city.

  • Tony Slug
    Tony Slug 3 days ago

    Western Europe is more expensive than the US. Pain at the pump you say ? How about EIGHT or NINE bucks a gallon. We have (WAY) more and (MUCH) higher taxes than Americans, with income taxes starting at 37 % for lower incomes, and up from there. Sales tax are typically around 21 - 25 %. Utilities like electricity , natural gas for heating and cooking are about 4 times more expensive in Western Europe mostly because roughly half of these fees are comprised of (storage, delivery, green, environmental etc.) taxes, with aformentioned 21 % sales tax slapped on top of the total as a special bonus. On the other hand, medical insurance, which is mandatory, MUCH cheaper than in the US, and partly covered by your employer. If you are unable to afford medical insurance or don't have a job, the government will pay most of your monthly fee. Even illegal aliens will receive medical care in Europe. Firearm possession is a felony. Loss prevention officers and security personnel with GUNS ? Not happening in Europe. Even large commercial merchants ships are not allowed to be armed when sailing through pirate infested waters. We also do not have limitless free speech or a First Amendment. Judges are appointed for life, not elected, and there is no jury system or jury duty. If you thought that old lady paying for her groceries at Safeways with a cheque was annoying, FORGET about paying with a cheque or cashing one in Europe. It is an impossibility. Not gonna work. Americans are obsessed with having vast amounts of frozen H20 in cubic form added to their softdrinks, which are often imbibed from styrofoam cups in sizes that will baffle Europeans. Europe : maybe 2 ice cubes but you might have to ask specifically. Supermarkets in Europe : you have to bag your own groceries, and the bags are not complimentary, you have to pay for them. Since last year there's a special "bag tax" making it illegal for store owners to hand you your purchases with a plastic bag without charging you for it. Generally, Americans seemmuch more distristful of the government, while Europeans think the government should solve their problems, etc. Etc.

  • Superman
    Superman 3 days ago

    No guns
    No agressive cops
    No rednecks
    Not that much patriotic\militaristic propaganda
    Not that much feminist\LGBT agenda
    Not so high prices for renting(especially comparing to NY\SF)
    People prefer restaurants over fastfood

  • Guru Sandirasegaram
    Guru Sandirasegaram 3 days ago

    You are absolutely correct. You must pay for toilet. When I was living in Germany 🇩🇪 would like drink beer? I said no if you wants be a one us you should drink beer. Ask them why ? You can have big belly. Then I said I am ok with my body

  • Darius47 Darius47
    Darius47 Darius47 3 days ago

    To me both are awesome 👏

  • Agustín Serra
    Agustín Serra 3 days ago

    Fucking idiot

  • Mani Maram
    Mani Maram 3 days ago

    Better healthcare

  • Umberto Malerba
    Umberto Malerba 3 days ago

    So the US is a shit

  • LWToodleypips
    LWToodleypips 4 days ago +2

    I live in Europe and I can't believe in some country's u have to pay to go bathroom!

  • john mullens
    john mullens 4 days ago

    you got a couple things wrong pal. But oh well.

  • BurgerBarBoy1
    BurgerBarBoy1 4 days ago

    Drew, you one of the most uninformed, uneducated people i´ve ever come across.
    Each country in Europe have its own etnic people, language , culture, history etc., i actually feel sorry for you that you are so uninformed, im sorry

  • MrKarlozz
    MrKarlozz 4 days ago

    5 or 6 languages? Give me a fucking break. Sure, some of us can conversate on a rather basic level in multiple languages, but that doesn't mean we are fluent by any means. I speak English and Spanish fluently apart from my mother tongue Danish. In addition, I can conversate decently well in Norwegian, Swedish and French.

  • L Berndtsen
    L Berndtsen 4 days ago

    Nobody use the smal thing on toilette

  • L Berndtsen
    L Berndtsen 4 days ago

    First difference.
    USA is a country
    Europe isn't.

  • Vince
    Vince 4 days ago

    There are no school shootings in Europe

  • Knut-Hinrichq Walter

    Der größte Unterschied der Kulturen ist, daß wir in Europa mehrere haben, die US-Amerikaner lediglich eine uns nicht immer gefallende Lebensart !

    • Avena Neumann
      Avena Neumann Day ago

      Und wie gefaellt Ihnen die muslime Kultur? Wahrscheinlich gut, weill sie die Muslime immer noch importieren und ihre Kriminalitaet tolerieren.

  • なるとうずまき

    On thumbnail it's european Union not whole Europe

  • Patrick Carroll
    Patrick Carroll 4 days ago

    Europe is barely the size of the American mid-west. Colorado, for example, will accommodate Switzerland four times over. A high-speed European-style train would take over 20 hours to get from New York to San Francisco - the US is *that* big. Take a train from Paris to Smolensk and let me know how that felt. Europe tried to commit suicide twice in the last century, and we saved it both times, so Europeans speak multiple languages because they don't know which country will be invading next. Europe doesn't suck, quite, but it's no panacea either.
    Basically, you're young and ignorant, and good for you. I hope travel helps you grow up.

  • Patrick Carroll
    Patrick Carroll 4 days ago

    Eau de robinet?

  • Yesnoyeswait
    Yesnoyeswait 4 days ago

    Hate to break your bubbles US people, but we are more civilized in most of the EU countrys. Paying for school?? My god. Paying so freaking much for healthcare?? My god. No money, or atleast not much money (depends from state?) for unemployed?? My fucking god. Its funny how US people think that their country is superior in so many levels, when in reality things are much better in Europe. Actually best in Europe. Also there are few more countrys, that are a lot like UK, and they are very well civilized too.
    No offense to anyone, you cant decide where you born, and i hail to US for Hollywood! In entertainment you are defenetly best. Make your politicians watch how we study and how we take care of everyone, rich or poor, black or white.. Its not fair that rich make so much money that they cant even spend everything, when so many are homeless and unemployed.

  • trovey02
    trovey02 4 days ago

    Smoking not cool in Europe, no idea where you got that from.

  • Pandoras Kiste
    Pandoras Kiste 4 days ago

    I have never paid for Ketchup at a restaurant?!

  • OldskoolnoobNL Lauwke

    We play football ( play the ball with your feet). The form of rugby you play with helmets and pads, with basic linguistic logic, should actually be called "hand egg".

  • Johanny
    Johanny 5 days ago

    Im from uk and you got a few things wrong : smoking is not cool, toilets only cost money in big shopping complexes and cities and water is free you just have to ask for tap water

  • Aavash Ex
    Aavash Ex 5 days ago


  • Lara Rebac
    Lara Rebac 5 days ago

    In my country going to bathroom is free and water is free..

  • hornborg land
    hornborg land 5 days ago

    Well Scandinavian people are not like this. And well USA is in historie just dust compared to Europe, nothing but dust...

    • Avena Neumann
      Avena Neumann Day ago

      Well Scandinavians turned pretty dumb by allowing muslims to invade and destroy their beautiful countries.

  • Hossain Monzul
    Hossain Monzul 5 days ago

    I am from Belgium

  • Tony Soza
    Tony Soza 5 days ago

    Europe is 750 milion america is 325

  • Lucas SCHNEE
    Lucas SCHNEE 5 days ago

    50% true 50% not true

  • CRTF Brebu
    CRTF Brebu 5 days ago

    IT'S CALLED FOOTBALLIN EUROPE btw i'm in the poorer eastern europe

  • mohammad zaffar
    mohammad zaffar 5 days ago

    1:07 true you don't have much to talk about histor before 1701 because that would most include native americans. And you white piggies don't want that. You don't want to know world and your people about the brutality injustice massacres u did to native american.
    Before u meaning europeans coming to america. There were 100 million native americans more than whole europe at that time. Now they are minorities in USA. Reason u killed them.
    You white piggies are just European who speak with different shitty accent.
    Fuck u
    This is not your land
    Go back to where you come from.

  • 최에스더
    최에스더 5 days ago +4

    Way to generalize a whole continent... dude, literally every country is different in Europe! I know you're trying to be helpful but you just come across as ignorant. Sinks are tiny in Europe? Sheesh... usually there are two sinks, because in general toilet and bathroom are separated and they both have sinks, obviously the smaller space for the toilet comes with a tinier sink to save space. They do this in public places, like cafes but it doesn't it's the same for houses/flats!

  • Speedy2479 wa
    Speedy2479 wa 5 days ago

    I know he said he would generalize some stuff because of how culturally different the countries are but I think he generalized to much. I feel like it would be better if he didn't cram so much into 4 minutes and insteadaybe give himself more time to explain new points or talk more about existing points.

  • Wally Kaspars
    Wally Kaspars 5 days ago +1

    Interesting video. One huge cultural difference...In Europe religion is not in politics. Religion is not an important factor for any political office. Religious wackos are few in Europe, no mega-churches, or evangelical preachers who live in 10 million dollar mansions and fly in their own private jets. Employees who are atheists will not get fired from their jobs for lack of religion.
    Other differences: in Europe nudity on TV and in movies will not get angry complaints from prude viewers.

  • Papin Jean-pierre
    Papin Jean-pierre 5 days ago

    Europe is not a country

  • Suchti
    Suchti 6 days ago

    So many things wrong in this video :/

  • CheckMySix
    CheckMySix 6 days ago +4

    What about the Health Care, All the major European countries have a form of national health service payed for in taxes where as the U.S is a health insurance system, or single-payer system where you claim back from the Health insurer and hope you don't have a minor pre existing condition you forgot to declare and not have to declare yourself Bankrupt to pay for any major health condition.Wake up America and get National Health and perhaps on average 40.000 of your fellow countrymen wont die each year for not being able to afford health insurance.

  • Moony Ltd
    Moony Ltd 6 days ago +1

    And that's why Europe's better than the US. Suck it up!
    The thing about the language is so true. Whilst Americans grew up talking English they don't have to learn another universal language. We have to at least learn English as a second language and I'm very grateful for that.

  • nice man whit a nice name

    This is mostly western europe

  • Weird Corn
    Weird Corn 6 days ago

    Ehh the us is better because we have memes

  • PZntti
    PZntti 6 days ago

    2 button toilets is a very good idea