18 Cultural Differences Between the USA and EUROPE

  • Published on Dec 12, 2017
  • WHAT?! You have to pay to use public toilets, and to drink water in Europe?! And cigarettes are fashionable?
    It's about time someone addresses the cultural differences between the USA and Europe!
    I just finished a 6 week Eurotrip -- which means I've now spent more than 1 year of my life in Europe, and visited every single country on the continent (yes, all 45 countries!)
    While many things are similar about American and European culture, there are plenty of little (and BIG) differences that I'd like to bring to your attention in this video!
    It took me 6 weeks of compiling this footage, writing this script, and editing this video... so I hope you like it! And if you enjoy, please share with your friends :)
    Music: Kevin MacLeod
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  • Ben
    Ben 7 hours ago


  • Insan3
    Insan3 9 hours ago

    If you want free water you ask for a cup of water wish is usually free

  • FBI
    FBI 12 hours ago

    3:47 3 months in bulgaria hehehe

  • FBI
    FBI 12 hours ago

    1. No you dont need to pay 2. No you can just go into a random restaurant and ask for water and bazinga free water

    FRODEZZ 17 hours ago

    inn belguim is a vacation 8 weeks

  • Tropic
    Tropic Day ago

    Europian is not family affair, pfff say that to an England football fan..

  • 漫舞
    漫舞 Day ago

    1:26 *Football

  • Olan Kelly
    Olan Kelly Day ago

    In Ireland water is free and we hate sparkling water

  • Philip Butschinski

    On packed cigarettes are terrible pictures to deter.

  • 101 Hacks
    101 Hacks Day ago

    We won the world cup
    I said We because I am french

  • TRAP -Agario
    TRAP -Agario Day ago

    mine holiday is 4 months January February mars April also if u want that much it’s in norway

  • Ozlen Köster
    Ozlen Köster Day ago

    Hi. You had a perfect video about Dresden at Facebook. When can you upload that to TVclip? You are the best believe me ✌🏻

  • Christine Le Botlan

    It is not called soccer it is called football

  • Frederik Thomese

    soooo basiclally were better

  • Galaxy artist
    Galaxy artist Day ago

    You don t took nothing about lituhania!A live in here

  • Jusu
    Jusu Day ago

    In finland is bottles where you get 40 cent if you recycle


    Why is the picture of Europe not including Eastern Europe?
    What are you a eurasianist retard who thinks Eastern Europeans aren’t white?

  • Shadow Soldier
    Shadow Soldier Day ago

    British and proud

  • Marie J
    Marie J Day ago

    If you were thinking about getting to know God and changing your life…this is the best time because the world isn’t getting any better …2 Peter 2:4-9 (MSG) tells us that…God didn’t let the rebel ANGELS off the hook, but jailed them in hell till Judgment Day. Neither did he let the ancient ungodly world off. He wiped it out with a flood, rescuing only eight people-Noah, the sole voice of righteousness, was one of them.
    God decreed destruction for the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. A mound of ashes was all that was left-grim warning to anyone bent on an ungodly life. But that good man Lot, driven nearly out of his mind by the sexual filth and perversity, was rescued. Surrounded by moral rot day after day after day, that righteous man was in constant torment. So God knows how to rescue the godly from evil trials. And he knows how to hold the feet of the wicked to the fire until Judgment Day. Don’t put GOD off any longer, this may be your only warning, I want you to make it, don’t disappoint me Luv 😊

  • Para Noid
    Para Noid Day ago

    2 weeks of holiday only??????? you guys are slaves !!!

  • ανεμοδαρμένο γατί

    You mean WESTERN Europe.

  • Moinkhan PATHAN
    Moinkhan PATHAN 2 days ago

    Public toilets I free and I can speak for France (as citizen), Belgium and Netherlands atleast. In France..you dont have to specifically ask for still water. (no specific mention means normal water), and that's free in a jug (carafe d'eau)

  • as2mine
    as2mine 2 days ago

    Make about Balkans

  • Lego Friends LT
    Lego Friends LT 2 days ago

    In Lithuania if you recycle bottles you get 10 cents on every bottle and no guns shop.

  • P. K.
    P. K. 2 days ago

    6 is not true

  • Aida n man123
    Aida n man123 2 days ago

    I'm from UK but you don't have to pay for toilets so it's only in some places

  • Marcus Goes International

    Did you guys notice the thumbnail that Germany is still in two halfs

  • Rexhep Mani
    Rexhep Mani 2 days ago

    that Europe’s economy is pretty much the same and they all help each other the most helpfull in the European Union is Germany and I don’t know why because uk is richer than Germany probably because it doesn’t spend in the European Union

  • Marie Krejcarova
    Marie Krejcarova 2 days ago

    Its just weird how you talk about us. +these things seem so normal to me

  • Julien Andonov
    Julien Andonov 2 days ago

    I wouldn''t say that cigarettes = cool, maybe in young adults and teenagers, but for sure not for adults and grown people :)

  • Tick Tock
    Tick Tock 2 days ago

    I don’t know about cigarettes being fashionable iv never seen that before it’s actually kinda frowned upon

  • atletico
    atletico 2 days ago +2

    You can't make an Europe Culture. Of course there is similarlys but every country has his own tradition and way of life

  • _jinead elisha_
    _jinead elisha_ 2 days ago

    I had a 4 and a half week holiday during the summer term as we had 5 weeks off :)

  • FehrGoostaff
    FehrGoostaff 2 days ago

    The sports thing really isn't true for Ireland

  • Eryk Bubson
    Eryk Bubson 2 days ago

    Your right about the trash cans once there were loads in ireland and now every 1mile

  • Aarni Myllyaho
    Aarni Myllyaho 2 days ago

    "i know it's impossible to group europe into one category" then why the fuck did you make the video?

  • Wawawawa Wawaw
    Wawawawa Wawaw 2 days ago

    How retarded are you to have only one toilet button ? smh usa is so retarded

  • Wawawawa Wawaw
    Wawawawa Wawaw 3 days ago

    Wtf this is totally wrong. Like everything.

  • Ángel SP
    Ángel SP 3 days ago

    If you say Europe instead of European Union countries then you learned nothing

  • A HC
    A HC 3 days ago

    I’m sorry but I’m European and have lived in several European countries.... almost none of these are actually true. Also the entire population of Europe ISN’T FROM PARIS HE WAS LITERALLY DESCRIBING PARISIANS

  • Biss Miss
    Biss Miss 3 days ago

    Do you no 1 armekaner use so mot paver like 64 afrikaner

  • Art for life
    Art for life 3 days ago

    Wtf where did you fucking found this litle things, in fucking france and on pinteres !? Fucking american pig! "Oh i lived in europe for one year so i know every thing about it".😠😠😠😠😠🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷
    Have a nice day Bitch.😊

    • Art for life
      Art for life 4 hours ago

      Sunforged I just hate when people think they know every thing. I also had pretty bad day.

    • Sunforged
      Sunforged 5 hours ago

      +Art for life
      Good. Those riots out there seem brutal.

    • Art for life
      Art for life 5 hours ago

      Sunforged, honey I'm not from france.

    • Sunforged
      Sunforged 5 hours ago

      Salty frenchy lol

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 3 days ago

    Fu** you Americans, we get 10 weeks of vacation in the summer here in Finland.

    • Peter Griffin
      Peter Griffin 4 hours ago

      +Sunforged KELA pays 15000€ for my medicine every year.

    • Sunforged
      Sunforged 5 hours ago

      And you also get 50% of your money taken away from you for taxes.

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 3 days ago

    In Finland you get 0,40€ for a 1,5L bottle.

  • ShadowMan
    ShadowMan 3 days ago

    >In America, we don't have much to talk about before the 17th century
    Are you retarded?

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 3 days ago +1

    Soccer? **Coughs in European**
    It’s called football my dude

    • Merica
      Merica 2 days ago

      Justin Y. But in America we have football so he is saying what it is without confusuion

  • Lucian Andrei Matei
    Lucian Andrei Matei 3 days ago

    Europe is mi continent

  • Djox Jovich
    Djox Jovich 3 days ago +1

    You are so right

  • Miek
    Miek 3 days ago

    It’s not cool to smoke cigarettes in Europe, only in some countries it is usual.

  • FurryAnnihilatorBLYAT


  • SC GP
    SC GP 3 days ago

    And why you americans cant wait 5 minutes to serve food i mean you never heard of word wait

  • SC GP
    SC GP 3 days ago

    Not every country in europe is same i mean in serbia we dont have euro for example,ketchup is free,water is free,toilet is free

  • MrShayCollins
    MrShayCollins 3 days ago

    i ireland you dont have to pay to pee
    and you dont have to pay for ketchup in ireland too

  • Kapi Heimannczak
    Kapi Heimannczak 3 days ago

    in Poland there are values zl and gr.

  • Mount Lel 123
    Mount Lel 123 3 days ago

    duh america speaks english, while europe speaks whatever execpt for the UK And Ireland.

    • Sunforged
      Sunforged 5 hours ago

      Lots of people in the Scandinavian countries are fluent in English

  • Svensko92
    Svensko92 3 days ago

    Stop say soccer, its football

  • Jonathan Kivelä
    Jonathan Kivelä 3 days ago

    We do yous phones a lot!

  • pingouin astral oui
    pingouin astral oui 3 days ago

    Untrue thx for this bad video
    This is so false omg

  • A clear imposter To try stop T series

    Unclear: I seen ketchup In pouches

  • kovacs05
    kovacs05 3 days ago

    Ok so you missed England out since England is very to different to Europe

  • Joseph Stalinium
    Joseph Stalinium 4 days ago +1

    *Ketchup isnt free and food portions are small*
    Excuse me have you visited eastern europes crazies the balkans especially bosnia? Boy for 24 euros you can get a decent meal and water is free.

    • nailah
      nailah 3 days ago

      Talk to spain. For half the price you get a meal and a drink. It depends on the country, no shade.

  • TheBlueLinguine
    TheBlueLinguine 4 days ago

    1:25 actually here in Europe it’s call foot ball and don’t say Americans invented it as it’s been around since before America was founded

  • Bonnie Waddell
    Bonnie Waddell 4 days ago

    Americans really don’t know nothing about Europe

    • Sunforged
      Sunforged 5 hours ago

      Likewise for Europeans

  • Ann Modro Borowski
    Ann Modro Borowski 4 days ago

    white socks are only for working out

  • John Magas
    John Magas 4 days ago

    pay for ketchup and to use the toilet, dress nicely, clean streets & enviroment?? We don't do this things in Balkans

  • Pulozaurus Erectus
    Pulozaurus Erectus 4 days ago

    You know there is a country that is kinda like USA but is way smaller and dirtyer is called romania

  • Axel Drotz
    Axel Drotz 4 days ago

    small button = poop, big button = pee, think about it. Poop is solid and just need to be transported down. While there requiers a larger amount of water to flush away all the currrent water in the toilet!

  • Unique
    Unique 4 days ago

    Europe 1-0 America

  • Martin Savage
    Martin Savage 4 days ago

    How can you generalise the whole of Europe 😂 north of England is nothing like that

  • Max
    Max 4 days ago

    Cokes are not that standard size. And Europe isn’t a country so don’t compare it

  • GangsterForGester
    GangsterForGester 4 days ago


  • Heyitsmehevie Kennedy

    Ya the size of food one is normal it’s just because u Americans love food that’s y ur schocked

  • Steven Secker
    Steven Secker 4 days ago

    I live in Europe and about 2 of these FACTS are true. This is just american assumptions.

  • GoHoMe
    GoHoMe 4 days ago

    You missed the most beutiful country in the balkans its called Bulgaria and the has a lot of beutiful mountains and castels

  • Elias O
    Elias O 4 days ago

    It,s not all of Europa that is like that, it was just frans. Or at least the Most of it

  • Verbunden
    Verbunden 4 days ago

    >having a culture

  • Lucas Marasinghe
    Lucas Marasinghe 4 days ago

    We in europé is not a country we ARE a nation

  • Lucas Marasinghe
    Lucas Marasinghe 4 days ago

    Somethings was wrong but WHO Care

  • Julian Innis Beast
    Julian Innis Beast 4 days ago

    yo wtf is this

  • Julian Innis Beast
    Julian Innis Beast 4 days ago

    Idk bout this hell na

  • Berto Cisneros
    Berto Cisneros 4 days ago

    Good Video, I learned a few things... did you tell the French guy about Louisiana the Creoles and Cajuns (so we do speak French)? And for us Mexicans/Latinos we do have history before the 1700’s all the way to ur Indigenous time. Thanks I enjoyed your video

  • Joe Airbender
    Joe Airbender 4 days ago

    Just go to Twitch and see the difference with NA and EU

    just kidding, they both troll

  • Luke Owlett
    Luke Owlett 5 days ago

    Most countries in Europe don't need money for public toilets, for example the Uk, there may be some but it is quite hard to find one.

  • Asmr Owen
    Asmr Owen 5 days ago

    At least in Europe students have a threat of being shot by a machine gun.

    PT G4MERS 5 days ago

    Did you go to portugal

  • sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst

    Europe is 1,000,000,000 better than America.

  • Donna Fletcher
    Donna Fletcher 5 days ago

    Europeans LOVE drinking gravy

  • Naif Abdullah
    Naif Abdullah 5 days ago

    I think I’m going to start hating you, dude your video became our listening mid term exam. 😂

  • IDK
    IDK 5 days ago +1

    Depending on where in Europe...

  • Hades7
    Hades7 5 days ago

    This is more like Paris than Europe

  • Hattie Payne
    Hattie Payne 5 days ago

    Soccer? Do you mean football? No? HA HA! Non-European fool

  • xxxgamerlvxxx
    xxxgamerlvxxx 5 days ago

    EU sucks Also Baltic have Plastic machine that gives money too

  • penguin master 64
    penguin master 64 5 days ago

    How to die in europe.

    Say soccer

  • Memes n Shet
    Memes n Shet 5 days ago

    There are many generalizations in this video but those are based on his experience of traveling many european countries so as he said they are not necessarily true in every country,but some of them are useful tho.

  • Maximus Waughman
    Maximus Waughman 5 days ago

    Yeah, french schools are horendous. Trust me i live in france, the teachers are strict as hell and everyone is a buthole.

  • Gaming Kerberos
    Gaming Kerberos 5 days ago


  • m& m
    m& m 5 days ago

    Awh the ketchups are so cute lmao

  • George Chapman
    George Chapman 5 days ago

    you can't just comparer the whole content of Europe to America

  • Jovana Gavrilovic
    Jovana Gavrilovic 5 days ago

    On balkan water is Free😂