Compounding Pharmacies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on Sep 30, 2019
  • Compounding pharmacies create medication tailored to the specific needs of individual patients. John Oliver explains why this small corner of the drug market can cause big problems.
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Comments • 7 227

  • darkanimekitty
    darkanimekitty 20 hours ago


  • Michael Ray
    Michael Ray 2 days ago

    Typical John Oliver formula: "Here's something that sounds awesome and obvious that it should work. How do they f#ck it up?" I love this guy.

  • Mark Shelor
    Mark Shelor 3 days ago


  • Tuffsmoygles
    Tuffsmoygles 4 days ago

    Dude, David is 53 years old. Just let your grey show.

  • Keshav Srivastav
    Keshav Srivastav 6 days ago

    Aw man no wonder woman?

  • Wolfman
    Wolfman 7 days ago

    Are we all just gonna ignore the FACT that David Schwimmer dipped his head in the Hollyweird plasti-tub?? 😲...or that Ru Paul looks like a talking human relative of E.T??🤣

  • OmnissiahZelos
    OmnissiahZelos 8 days ago

    "have trouble swallowing pills"

  • mrselfdestruct1985
    mrselfdestruct1985 8 days ago

    Daniel O'Brien! What are you doing in that stock photo, you silly bastard?! Get outta that blood pressure cuff, Go get Swaim, and make me some more "Agents of Cracked"!

  • Laura G.
    Laura G. 8 days ago

    I’m not surprised Miami compound pharmacies are crazy 😬 we’re low key kinda savage

  • Mister Wonderful
    Mister Wonderful 9 days ago

    This is a small scale example of the dangers of “small government” politics. Government regulatory bodies have been neutered across all industries.

  • ANigerianPrince
    ANigerianPrince 9 days ago

    Was that Daniel O'Brian?!

  • Beau Woodcock
    Beau Woodcock 9 days ago +1

    Kiefer Sutherland is a National treasure

  • Subpar Hushpuppy
    Subpar Hushpuppy 9 days ago

    Did...did they get their hands on a stock photo of Daniel O'Brien with his arm in an arm pressure machine?

  • Duncan McManis
    Duncan McManis 9 days ago

    No joke, this was uploaded the same day I went to a pharmacy to pick up my meds. I feel like the universe is trying to tell me something, but I can't quite put my finger on what...

  • Susan Hepler
    Susan Hepler 10 days ago

    The parrot likes pina colada? Does she also like long walks in the rain, is she looking to escape!?

  • Brian G. Bankston Sr.
    Brian G. Bankston Sr. 11 days ago

    Time to change medical care provider from private and regulate the shit out of big pharma #jackbauercomeback

  • atma86
    atma86 11 days ago

    What’s the dude from cracked doing in that graphic? Does he work on the show?

  • Alejandro S
    Alejandro S 12 days ago

    18:45 I'm not used to seeing Kristen Bell actually swear ever since I've watched The Good Place.

  • Delta Jonson
    Delta Jonson 13 days ago

    That was the best ending yet.

  • Dubby
    Dubby 13 days ago

    I'd been taking intramuscular depo-estradiol from a compounding pharmacy for 5 years... this... this report scares me.

  • kangaxx
    kangaxx 14 days ago

    They cant even say piÑa LOL

  • Václav Smékal
    Václav Smékal 16 days ago

    For me, a European, every single episode of John Oliver is like "look what doesn´t work in the USA and works great in Europe" - compounding pharmacies are no exception - in Czech Republic, almost every community pharmacy is equipped with at least a basic lab, every hospital pharmacy is equipped with a lab suitable to make every possible drug form - from the simplest (hard capsules, creams, ointments, suppositories, vaginal suppositories) to the most sophisticated and advanced - sterile eye preparations, intravenous or intrathecal solutions or patient-adjusted-dose chemotherapy drugs. There is no possibility of wasting and misusing money, because these compounded medicines are usualy fully reimbursed by the public health insurance and if they are not, there are strict criterias why is that so and every insurance company is watching over its funds. And every compounding pharmacy must meet State Institute For Drug Control´s (It´s our national FDA) requirements for the quality of the medicines made and the lab equipment. Works just fine!

  • Kat Wilson
    Kat Wilson 17 days ago

    Capitalism :)

  • hedgehog3180
    hedgehog3180 17 days ago

    Oh no you made Ross mad, now he's gonna have a disappointing relationship with you and then cheat.

  • Ibrahim Tastekin
    Ibrahim Tastekin 18 days ago

    "No." Fuck me. That's amazing.

  • James Slick II
    James Slick II 18 days ago

    Oh, Jimmy Kimmel, after this season's finale episode last week, that Emmy is safely secured in John's hands.

  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul 19 days ago

    That's rediculous...

    USA: 327.2 mio inhabitants around 7,500 compounding Pharmacies
    Germany: 82.79 mio inhabitants 19,423 compounding Pharmacies

    By law EVERY single pharmacy in Germany is able to produce drugs.
    Also EVERY pharmacy in Germany is checked one per year.

  • Me (No, not Ashildr, I had the name before Doctor Who, and I'm not changing it!)

    I do 100% believe that this show is the brain child of a Brit who realised he'd probably have to live in the US without universal health care for the rest of his life and decided to at least try to not die an early death.

  • Garfield
    Garfield 22 days ago

    You ever have universal healthcare just to flex on Americans

  • nicksurfs1
    nicksurfs1 22 days ago +1

    2:30 so sad to see him go after his family like that! The reunion is gonna be awk AF

    • Keallei
      Keallei 14 days ago +1

      nicksurfs1 awk awk awk

  • Kayleigh Volkering
    Kayleigh Volkering 23 days ago

    As a Dutchy I would have not recognized that accent as ours xD where did he get that? So confused

  • Quinn Anne
    Quinn Anne 24 days ago

    I'm literally taking an intro to pharmacology class and literally in the FIRST WEEK, keeping medications and your damn food in separate places was one of the first things that was talked about. Sadly, not keeping meds where you poop was not one of those lessons. guess its time to re-visit the lesson plan x.x

  • Adam Roberts
    Adam Roberts 24 days ago

    Michael Bolton losing his parrot was actually pretty sad :(

  • Adam Resh
    Adam Resh 25 days ago

    I 100% remember that fungal contaminated injections story, it was fucking horrible.

  • J G
    J G 25 days ago

    Regarding the military vets being prescribed snake oil - who was the doctors prescribing it? Oliver said the pharmacy firms banded together, but the pharmacy firm doesn't prescribe those drugs. They can make all the miracle drug (tm) they want but another practitioner has to be the one to tell the patient 'here's the drug you need.' A pharmacist is able to prescribe drugs but almost certainly won't day to day in their job, same reason why you don't trust your oncologist to handle your knee reconstruction surgery. They are trained to know everything inside and out about the drug itself - but they aren't (usually) qualified to evaluate 'is this the drug the patient needs?' They didn't examine the patient or read their medical history, that's the prescribing doctors job. So what doctors were working for the Military were on someones payroll to prescribe junk medicine?

    The pharmacist is supposed to make the drug exactly how the doctor prescribed, because the doctor who examined the patient is the one who decides 'This is the way to go about treating it.' The pharmacist isn't supposed to second guess their instruction of someone they haven't looked at unless there is a obvious issue, like the new prescription will have a bad interaction with this other drug the patient has had filled monthly for the last few months. Its on the doctor for prescribing junk medicine, not the pharmacist for filling it.

  • clemfairie
    clemfairie 26 days ago

    That is not a lady parrot. That is a dude parrot. rip in pieces

  • Aishah Abd Rahman
    Aishah Abd Rahman 26 days ago


  • Laura Lee
    Laura Lee 26 days ago

    My compounding pharmacy has saved my life. Perhaps do a follow up show on regular medications. Here are the stats: "About 128,000 people die from drugs prescribed to them. This makes prescription drugs a major health risk, ranking 4th with stroke as a leading cause of death. The European Commission estimates that adverse reactions from prescription drugs cause 200,000 deaths; so together, about 328,000 patients in the U.S. and Europe die from prescription drugs each year. The FDA does not acknowledge these facts and instead gathers a small fraction of the cases." And adverse events don't have to be reported in the U.S. so the numbers could be higher. Source

  • Rushil N
    Rushil N 27 days ago

    Dear John,
    Please tell your writers that by throwing around the word "fuck" like this, it loses its comedic appeal.

  • Kristen Schebler
    Kristen Schebler 27 days ago

    Weirdly happy to see Daniel O'Brien-dude is fantastic!

  • Prederick
    Prederick 27 days ago

    That is absolutely one of the dudes from College Humor: After Hours at 0:10. Good for him!

  • bucca2
    bucca2 28 days ago

    Not to be That Person…but compounding pharmacies are going to the Bad Place

  • Theresa Springer
    Theresa Springer 28 days ago

    I do not believe this is an accurate portrayal of the vast majority of compounding pharmacies. Each state has their own laws in addition to the federal laws and for those of us with serious allergies, this is the only way for us to get medicine that does not make us sick. Additionally, many of the “pill factories” for Mass produced medicine are actually out of country anyway with little to no FDA oversight. My compounding pharmacy is excellent and highly sterile. My opinion is that the vast majority of crappy ones are in states with lax oversight (or none). I do agree there needs to be a standard for these pharamicies so that states that chose not to exercise oversight or enact laws to protect their citizens will be brought into the high standards of other states or shut down.

  • Julie Starkel
    Julie Starkel 28 days ago +1

    I'm a big fan of your show. You are great! However, I *really* think you got the Compounding Pharmacy rant wrong.
    You made a slight comment about how there are some good ones, but you focused entirely on the few bad ones, and by doing so, played right into the hands of big pharma, all while jeopardizing people like me that need compounded hormones.
    NOT all pharmaceutical hormones are alike, and I cannot take one-size-fits-all hormones, nor can thousands and thousands of men and women who need them. We rely on our excellent doctors creating the correct formulas for us, and using excellent compounding pharmacies to follow through on their orders.
    I'll keep this short because I've made my point. You are usually on the mark but messed this one up.

  • Eqvil
    Eqvil 29 days ago +1

    E.T. makes an appearance in this video.

  • patytre1
    patytre1 29 days ago +1

    John please make a program about the LeBaron family massacre occured on monday in Sonora, Mexico. Trump believes it was a crossed fire between drug cartels, but it was not! 6 Children and 3 women were killed even after one of them got out of the car and asked them to stop because there were children in the cars. It’s a shame!!!

  • The 1flym
    The 1flym Month ago

    I could've sworn that "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You" was about a group of space sex geckos

  • Penny
    Penny Month ago

    oh, I love Michael Bolton! Can't believe they didn't use the parrot to make the pirates of caribean joke

  • Dan Jakeway
    Dan Jakeway Month ago

    Farm sissies? Where are they; I'll make snide remarks and sneak away into the TV studio shadows. I can't see the TV, I lost my spectacles again.

  • Sapien
    Sapien Month ago

    United States of America, the Greatest Country in the World.

  • kripos
    kripos Month ago

    Well, that took, many unexpected turns. Not disappointed.

  • Abby Laiah
    Abby Laiah Month ago

    Did she say no?

  • Bettina
    Bettina Month ago

    Keep FDA out of it! They're just a pawn for the greedy or the sway of politicians. Look at all the failed FDA approved drugs. Maybe in the beginning they were better, but now I'm not so sure. Look what the CDC is doing to chronic pain sufferers! Shameful

  • Xawlan FTW
    Xawlan FTW Month ago

    Great segment! It was a relief to see a John Oliver bit where it is not all about Trump.

  • Dan the Dude
    Dan the Dude Month ago

    David Schwimmer looks weird

  • Robert Edward
    Robert Edward Month ago

    John Oliver is an annoying bird man who bounces around in his seat, he’s not funny or likeable and he is so transparently against Trump, or I should say the guys who write the material he acts like are his own thoughts are so transparently against Trump

  • Theresa Tomblin
    Theresa Tomblin Month ago

    This is a bit upsetting to me, to know that the compound meds I was giving my cat (pinning her down, forcing open her jaws, throwing pill down her throat and then coaxing until she swallowed; unpleasant for both of us) did nothing to ease her bowel issues and may have hastened her death a month later...

  • Carlos Baez Jr.
    Carlos Baez Jr. Month ago +1

    I’m so happy that Dan O’Brien from Cracked was able to find a great place to work. When I saw him show up in that blood pressure photo I had such a big smile on my face. I miss his work

  • jefferson fabian guiral forero

    You're a basic bird! It made my day

  • hamuka
    hamuka Month ago +1

    Formaldehyde = embalming fluid
    Acetone = nail polish remover
    Just to emphasize why exactly injecting those into people's eyes is fucking horrifying.