Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World 🍔

  • Published on Sep 30, 2018
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    Meat is a complicated issue. But also a delicious one. Let's talk about it.
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    Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World

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  • Jushua Sevilleno
    Jushua Sevilleno Hour ago

    i dont see a fish 😂 fish is delicious

  • Deborah Reilly
    Deborah Reilly Hour ago

    We should start processing vegan people because they are like 99.9999999% grass

  • highly flammable
    highly flammable 3 hours ago

    Wait I'm vegan

  • vj balan
    vj balan 3 hours ago

    69k comments. Nice!

  • Kevin Kelley
    Kevin Kelley 3 hours ago

    Yeeeeaahhh buuuudy!!! Vegan!

  • Jocelyn Lagat
    Jocelyn Lagat 4 hours ago

    We need COMMUNISM

  • MadMax
    MadMax 4 hours ago

    The meat industry needs to be cut down and needs to be entirely produced locally instead of large farms. Maybe have meat once a month to make it a special thing again.
    Honestly meat should be considered a delicacy and luxury; and hopefully we can become a plant based society in the future.

  • Jasper Strootman
    Jasper Strootman 10 hours ago

    What about eating fish?

  • lonelee
    lonelee 11 hours ago

    meat yummy. wish schools would teach us to kill and butcher our own animals.

  • Simon Cowell
    Simon Cowell 16 hours ago

    Good thing I’m vegetarian.

  • Spiders, Inc.
    Spiders, Inc. 18 hours ago

    I want to see a video of *My Big Hairy Nuts - In A Nutshell*

  • Aitor El Sabio
    Aitor El Sabio 20 hours ago

    Sounds tasty, the whole video

  • somthing about
    somthing about 22 hours ago

    2:48 O M F G the chickens are watching :(

  • Lawman22
    Lawman22 Day ago +1

    Cool, still going to eat it

  • OJK
    OJK Day ago

    'WE kill BILLIONS of animals yearly, we are the HILTER-STALIN's of history to animals. So the moral of the story is, enjoy your steak. Now what is even more important than the billions of deaths caused yearly by selfish narcissistic advanced apes? Im glad you've asked! The answer is free shit! Signup on skillshare for free if you are fast! GOGOGOgogogogo!!!

  • Yafar Just Yafar

    I'm watching this while eating mcnuggets

  • Rebel Riot
    Rebel Riot Day ago +1

    I love how incredibly fair these guys are to both sides of the issue, including pointing out how much suffering is caused by the meat industry. But of course, for many vegans that is nowhere near enough. I will say this: being an asshole is pretty bad for your well-being, so maybe that alone is enough to say the vegan lifestyle is the most unhealthy.

  • Insert Name Here
    Insert Name Here Day ago +1

    Who would know an informative video would be so disturbing and horrifying

  • Entriex
    Entriex Day ago

    Ha you vegans aren’t good people

  • E Do
    E Do Day ago

    Bob's beges

  • neckchubb
    neckchubb Day ago +1

    bob burbur

  • Justin Ramirez
    Justin Ramirez Day ago

    Animal cruelty is still a legal thing?

  • WGMC
    WGMC 2 days ago

    *Vegan Gains wants to know you're location*

  • Nellowz
    Nellowz 2 days ago +1

    I had... no idea... just when you think this world cant be any crueler it gets worse wether the posibility is theoretically or it is right in front of your eyes but your ignorance lets it slip.

  • 스펙터레지나
    스펙터레지나 2 days ago


  • TiJai White
    TiJai White 2 days ago

    bobs burgers lol

  • Jason Chan
    Jason Chan 2 days ago +1

    6:31 Samuel L Jackson, this is a tasty burger!

  • Nicholas Pierazzi
    Nicholas Pierazzi 2 days ago

    I hate meet

  • Noah Morales
    Noah Morales 2 days ago

    Hi Karen

  • FA Rocks
    FA Rocks 2 days ago

    Honestly if I could eat vegis I wouldn't eat meat but I just can't seem to be able to get a decent cut of greens down my throat X'D Call it how badly I was raised but honestly always hated the big animal slaughter houses...Ironically enough I am from a region where our relatives had their own farms and barns for chickens, vegis, cows, and lamb...And let me tell you that animal who was free to roam over the green planes of Blacksea and the meat they sell in the big cities had a massive difference..Also their cattles were too friendly and tried to lick my hand as I petted them >.>

  • Chaze Graphics
    Chaze Graphics 2 days ago

    Damn those transitions are awesome.

  • Frizzフレディ
    Frizzフレディ 2 days ago

    Why is everything wrong about us

  • Ivet Capdevila Codina

    Could you talk about the Holocaust?

  • Driftliketokyo34 Ftw

    Isn’t suffering already a resource? I mean, school is a thing.

  • Hyunje Lee
    Hyunje Lee 2 days ago +1

    vegans got me on this one.

  • Douglas Buchan
    Douglas Buchan 2 days ago

    That is so sad

    ZJTXZ 2 days ago


  • Zhiro Soran
    Zhiro Soran 2 days ago +1

    I can't eat meat anymore

  • Nautiliam
    Nautiliam 2 days ago

    I may be won't eat a lot less, but I'll try to go more often to the butcher, and check the origin of the meat

    • The Boy
      The Boy 2 days ago

      To make sure they were treated well before they had their thoat slit?

  • Jonathan Heebner
    Jonathan Heebner 3 days ago

    I feel like if you really want to eat meat but want to avoid the problems of meat production, deer hunting is probably a decent solution. I don't know how it is in other parts of the world, but in many parts of the US, deer are very overpopulated. I feel like killing a wild animal with a bullet is a lot more humane than what happens at factory farms.

    • Director Of Bagels
      Director Of Bagels 2 days ago

      Deer meat is not really a viable source of meat given that many deer hold a variety of diseases such as lyme disease

  • TrueDiamant 777
    TrueDiamant 777 3 days ago +1

    This end for the video is a Uno reverse to every vegan
    As a human, half wrong, half good, thank you for the video, I've enjoyed it.

  • Bruce Hughes
    Bruce Hughes 3 days ago +1

    Give Bob’s Burgers the credit they deserve!!!

  • Aaron
    Aaron 3 days ago

    I’m still gonna eat meat

  • Ghost Warrior
    Ghost Warrior 3 days ago +1

    Dont be vegan dont be only non veg
    Eat both thats balanced

  • Tactical troll
    Tactical troll 3 days ago

    20k dislikes from meat sympathizers who make jokes on other vegetarians. more than 3/4 of those morons don't understand and will not be ready to understand these facts above. As this video mentioned eating meat won't make you an evil nor eating veggies will make you an Angels. Its all for sustainability for our future generations. I wish these trolls would understand why most of us choose to stay vegetarian, all these reasons goes beyond the ethical, religious or moral reasons.

  • Nocturnalpumpkn
    Nocturnalpumpkn 3 days ago

    Bob's burgers educational episode.

  • StrikerGG
    StrikerGG 3 days ago

    USA is not all the world.

  • CaramelLeek
    CaramelLeek 3 days ago +1

    Lab grown meat is the perfect solution, and yet there are already headlines designed to make the public doubt it. Makes you wonder whether those journalists were paid off.

  • Laith Rafid
    Laith Rafid 4 days ago +3

    Who is watching this while eating meat? Is it only me???

  • Maria Botezatu
    Maria Botezatu 4 days ago

    I'm a vegetarian since august and the only diseases I've had ever since are colds.

  • xXDangerkas ???
    xXDangerkas ??? 4 days ago

    thet's horrorerb

    N U T S U D

  • Panshul Khurchwal
    Panshul Khurchwal 4 days ago +2

    That's why I am vegan

  • marko milunović
    marko milunović 4 days ago +2

    Could you make a video about dairy industry?

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James 4 days ago

    Thia video made me cry😭

  • Aniaya Cage
    Aniaya Cage 4 days ago

    Bob’s Burgers! 💖

  • Ace Shadowins
    Ace Shadowins 5 days ago

    Bobs burger!

  • mitchell bailey
    mitchell bailey 5 days ago

    looks like we need to cut back on meats and increase grains and what not.

    • The Boy
      The Boy 3 days ago

      We are growing enough grains, most of it is fed to livestock.

  • Luiz Marinho
    Luiz Marinho 5 days ago

    Nice try.

  • FriedShrump Crusaders
    FriedShrump Crusaders 5 days ago +1

    *Me casually eating meat while watching this video..*

    • Mosca
      Mosca 5 days ago

      Hahahahahah same here bro