Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World 🍔

  • Published on Sep 30, 2018
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    Meat is a complicated issue. But also a delicious one. Let's talk about it.
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    Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World

Comments • 68 812

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    • Dem
      Dem 4 days ago

      This is video is LACKING of informations. Shame on you. How can you not consider what causes meat to human beings??? Cancer, diabites , blood pressure and overall it makes human being more stupid and pathetic. Fuck. Shame on you.

    • spider guard
      spider guard 8 days ago

      but meat is healthy if you don't eat too much

    • Cj Vegas
      Cj Vegas 22 days ago

      If you could do one on this fish industry/fish labels/commerical fishing that would be kewl

  • GreenFreak
    GreenFreak 21 hour ago

    why would someone want to eat a button with the label "animate"?

  • I like cake but
    I like cake but Day ago

    What does my brother watch on his free time 😂

  • Emerald. x
    Emerald. x Day ago

    Allahın eti işte neyi tartışıyosunuz mk djskfşelfşwlfl

  • GR8t Gr3n1nj4 8 boi

    Anyone else gonna say Bob's burgers was in the beginning

  • zach jerret
    zach jerret Day ago

    Ok, I'll try my best to stop eating meat....

    Those poor animals...

  • Braixen Artistry

    While I won't be vegan from this, I'm still very happy you used facts and didn't just shove animal murder in my face

    • Braixen Artistry
      Braixen Artistry Day ago

      @james byrne It's not like people come out and kill cattle in the street in front of people, it's done in a slaughter house where the public can't see it. Using animal slaughter to convert people to vegan is just a dickish move. Also just because I would be vegan does not mean that any less animals would be harmed due to the growing population. As well as the fact that humans are more evolved makes us able to do what we do, if there was a species on Earth more advanced than us I can tell you that they'd probably turn us into burgers, the fact that we're at the top of the food chain is because we're intelligent enough to be so.

    • james byrne
      james byrne Day ago

      If you don't want to see animal murder, why would you not want to be a vegan?

  • Cybeliandiamonds
    Cybeliandiamonds Day ago +1

    Most people are woeful hypocrites the meat industry is proof of that

  • joyal k sabu
    joyal k sabu Day ago

    That's the reason we use steroids

  • Interesting Numbers
    Interesting Numbers 2 days ago

    The very small handful of extreme radical feminists would do this

  • Manuel Dominguez Bahamonde

    I understand the worry about animals, and of course i can't support large size farms, but growing animals is not only about efficiency ir water use, is far more complex. I'm from Perú and animal science engeneer, id like to share more information about it, if you like.

  • Isaac Lepischack
    Isaac Lepischack 2 days ago

    Counter argument: meat gives us most proteins and vitamins we need

  • Veronika Olasz
    Veronika Olasz 2 days ago

    OMG I got a KFC commerical

  • Paul Never
    Paul Never 2 days ago

    How's meat is the cheapest protein source (with perfect amino balance for human) if it so expensive to produce? It's doesn't make sense to me

  • Phúc Hồ
    Phúc Hồ 2 days ago

    well who care, every1 with certain IQ know our joy come from suffering of other being, whether it's a person or animal. A prime ex is America whose " give freedom " for any country have oil, or push away industrial waste ex.plastic to other developing country. As long as i and my family can get meat and other products with low price then let other suffer.

  • Johan Sebastian Chavez

    Not chicks ;(

  • juha bach
    juha bach 3 days ago

    The world : there's no taste in food without meat!!
    India : Time to show them our skills.
    Result : Veg dishes taste better than Non veg. What?

  • Mickey Cat
    Mickey Cat 3 days ago

    U need at least 6 to 8 oz. of meat plus plenty of veg we can not sustain good health otherwise unfortunately man has turned this into a big industry to make money exactly the same thing applies to plants these to are living things they have poisons called pectin all plants have this protection in them they don’t want to be eaten ether these poisons can create sore tummy indigestion, red chilli peppers warn of bird and animal that they are hot to eat so, animals plants are alike they have a will to live we as human do what we have to do that’s service and eat to live. So eat your veg eat your meat without fear of doing wrong u are allowed by the grace of god cheers

  • Plantera Waifu
    Plantera Waifu 4 days ago +1

    hi im a vegan

  • Johnny Z YT
    Johnny Z YT 6 days ago +3

    Imagine... meat seeds growing meat trees, bacon for leafs, sausages for trunks, and sprouting off of it. *STEAK.* MMMM...
    Never mind this video turned me 45 percent vegan.

  • Heli Nguyen
    Heli Nguyen 6 days ago

    Who else is eating Chicken McNuggets while watching this?

    METE IRMAK 6 days ago

    I will go to eat burger

    • james byrne
      james byrne 2 days ago

      @METE IRMAK The next time you're the victim of someone else's violent abuse, exploitation or fraud, just remind yourself that you were made to be used.

      METE IRMAK 3 days ago

      @james byrne Animals were crated to eat them.

    • james byrne
      james byrne 3 days ago

      If you choose a veggie burger next time you might be able to say that you haven't abused any animals today.

  • Dandan albasheer
    Dandan albasheer 6 days ago

    احب كوني نباتية 💙

  • Ian Chagas
    Ian Chagas 7 days ago


  • ASP_34
    ASP_34 7 days ago

    awesome im hungry now

  • ModEngineer
    ModEngineer 7 days ago

    I guess you could say there is a lot at steak.

  • Homelover productions

    We need to geneticly make animals that are brainless and more reasourse efficient that can't suffer because then vegans cant complain about animal suffering.

  • Homelover productions

    I how no problem with eating meat but I do have a problem with the meat industry.

  • meisi chen
    meisi chen 8 days ago +1

    What about vegen

  • Oliver Zhang
    Oliver Zhang 8 days ago +1

    Rip little chicken still in egg, bottom-left (2:50).
    One like is one prayer for lil' chicken's heartbroken family.

  • Nebby Cosmog
    Nebby Cosmog 8 days ago


  • Vishal Yadaa
    Vishal Yadaa 8 days ago +4

    I personally believe that not eating meat makes me a better person than a fellow non vegetarian

    • james byrne
      james byrne Day ago

      I agree.

    • Pranav Limaye
      Pranav Limaye 4 days ago

      Yup, and "better" in the same intensity (IN MY OPINION) as a friendly person is better than an annoying person.
      Weird comparison but ok

  • Monica Carden
    Monica Carden 8 days ago +1

    I'm sorry but if you watch this and still want to eat meat it literally doesn't make any sense

  • Sean J
    Sean J 9 days ago +1

    This channel is imperative and interesting. Keep going. Thank you for the lessons and awesome animations!

    • spider guard
      spider guard 8 days ago

      @Sean J I know your comment had nothing to do with veganism but I just wanted to say it

    • Sean J
      Sean J 8 days ago

      @spider guard hey dude thanks for getting in touch. Can you explain what you mean by "don't be vegan ok dude". Cheers.

    • spider guard
      spider guard 8 days ago

      don't be vegan ok dude

  • GD Tuxebro
    GD Tuxebro 9 days ago

    Gotta love the bob(s) burger(s)* reference
    *sorry i had a brainfart

  • jardeus
    jardeus 9 days ago

    well, i still like meat. but i like the information.

  • Markus Williams
    Markus Williams 10 days ago +3

    most common "argument" when meat-eaters can't think of anything else:
    *"i DoN'T cArE, iT tAsTeS gOoD"*

  • Karen Dougdeen Gokool
    Karen Dougdeen Gokool 10 days ago

    I eat meat when I was vegan I made a mis "steak"

  • Matthew J.
    Matthew J. 10 days ago

    Why don't we all just become vegetarians to save those poor animals from getting eaten?

  • The Jush
    The Jush 10 days ago +1

    Got an ad for mcdonalds before watching this

  • Hugh Quigley
    Hugh Quigley 10 days ago

    I think this is the only video that has ever made me lose my appetite, and I've seen some shit. I think I'm going to try going meatless each week for a day or two... or three. I really, REALLY love food and meat can turn a good meal into a great one, but I also love animals. I had genuinely no idea of the sickening conditions that pigs, cows, and sheep are kept in.
    By the way... Kurzgesagt mentioned that 1 billion sheep are kept for consumption but didn't mention the conditions they are kept in. Can anyone shed some light on that?

  • ClockMan
    ClockMan 10 days ago

    I just realized my favourite food only has one thing from animals:eggs.
    Well,it depends wether my grandma or aunt makes them,but still.
    Yay I guess.

    • Hugh Quigley
      Hugh Quigley 10 days ago

      What's your favorite food? Out of curiosity

  • III1 III1
    III1 III1 10 days ago

    Yo is this china

  • Jehdhdhh Jfjfhdhxhx
    Jehdhdhh Jfjfhdhxhx 11 days ago +1

    The bob’s burgers cameos tho

  • Jehdhdhh Jfjfhdhxhx
    Jehdhdhh Jfjfhdhxhx 11 days ago

    The bob’s burgers cameos tho

  • Andrew Liu
    Andrew Liu 11 days ago

    4:08 RIP bird

  • Fortnite and Intertainment


  • Photon Geyser
    Photon Geyser 11 days ago

    We need to start hunting again!

    • Preston W
      Preston W 8 days ago

      What happens when millions of americans start hunting?

  • Sam Lutfi
    Sam Lutfi 11 days ago

    wish I had these videos as a kid. can learn more in ten mins here than 6 months in any American middle school

  • Channel That I have
    Channel That I have 11 days ago

    6.9m views ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Ethan007R
    Ethan007R 12 days ago

    "Future generations" my ass. This world won't last much longer. Sad but true

    • Hugh Quigley
      Hugh Quigley 10 days ago

      If we can correct our harmful behaviors fast enough, there will be plenty of future generations to lack back on us with scorn!

  • Lauty Bend
    Lauty Bend 12 days ago

    fat f*cks

  • Sandy B
    Sandy B 12 days ago

    Poor chickens... their lives are very, very sad

  • Penghan Wang
    Penghan Wang 12 days ago

    I like to eat meat too

  • Amiel B
    Amiel B 12 days ago +1

    I love meat very much! But I keep the balance of meat and veggies.

  • Big Steve
    Big Steve 12 days ago

    Why doesn't the government just ban meat

  • Dragón de 8 cabezas
    Dragón de 8 cabezas 12 days ago

    those bob's burger references :v

  • Michael K.
    Michael K. 12 days ago

    MEET IS MUCH GUD! Even if I see how they are treated... I still will eat it. It is just so good. It is kind of an addiction that is excusable because it allows survival.

    • Michael K.
      Michael K. 12 days ago

      @Max Nah.. I'm just messing with y'all dudes. I like me some asparagus and Brussels sprouts.. Maybe some kimchi and potatoes.. Maybe some sauerkraut too.

    • Max
      Max 12 days ago

      @Michael K. You don't eat meat for survival - you do it for enjoyment. You could eat plants but you choose not to. Not hard to understand.

    • Michael K.
      Michael K. 12 days ago

      @james byrne Don't see the correlation, but okay. Thank you for the permission!

    • james byrne
      james byrne 12 days ago

      Cool, and if you ever find yourself the victim of someone else's violent abuse, exploitation or fraud, you can remind yourself that it was excusable because they really enjoyed doing it.

  • MelpyMelperson
    MelpyMelperson 12 days ago +1

    My grandma was convinced I'm a vegan, because I don't eat meat at every single meal lol. She tried to protect me at the restaurant 😂I love her.
    This video made me realize throwing away unused meat is basically throwing away a sacrifice.

    • MelpyMelperson
      MelpyMelperson 12 days ago

      Big Steve I wouldn't want my body thrown in the trash, especially if I was treated like trash in life.

    • Big Steve
      Big Steve 12 days ago +2

      Imagine spending your whole life on a farm packed in against one another dying a horrible death only to then be thrown in the trash :(

  • ken noble
    ken noble 12 days ago

    Where do they get there info ,I am not a nutritionist but this is incorrect .... fake video

    • Hugh Quigley
      Hugh Quigley 10 days ago

      If you look in the description (and in the corners at certain points of the video), they have linked a google doc (or something similar) of all their sources. This is an extremely trustworthy channel and has made many factually accurate videos before. In other words: they do not have some sort of agenda other than to present scientific findings in a visually pleasing way.

  • Krystian Węgrzyniak
    Krystian Węgrzyniak 12 days ago +1

    I'm a vegan and everything in this video is right, except one thing. You view animals as some impecable beings, but, in fact, if they were to evolve into ingelligent beings like humans, they would surely be just like us, having joy of eating meat. You're telling us that if they were the ones writing the history books, humans would appear as maniacs, which is not true. If they had to evolve to be intelligent, they would have to eat meat themselves, learn to light fire and so on. Also, it always amuses me when people say "oh, people are so bad, they are destroying the planet, are so egoistic, they don't deserve to be alive". It doesn't matter what species you are, you are not born perfect, you have to develop yourselves. Today we are destroying the planet, but we see this and we will take actions to change it. Germans, for example, weren't completely conscious of their actions when they were told to fight in the name of Third Reich. They were blind to the suffering of others, because they thought that they were doing the right thing, at least they were told so. Look up the Milgram's experiment. You might be thinking why there's no World War III yet, well that might be because people drew conclusions after what has been done in the past. We are not perfect, nor are we great, but we are constantly developing our species.

  • Ang Li
    Ang Li 12 days ago +1

    Don’t worry Flint Lockwood will keep us covered

  • coconuts
    coconuts 12 days ago

    meats a sacrifice of animal for yum.
    weird as heck

    • james byrne
      james byrne 12 days ago

      We generally don't think of animal sacrifice as something that civilized societies condone.

  • M Sumanasekara
    M Sumanasekara 12 days ago

    This is such a good video

  • slime z
    slime z 12 days ago

    Jezz all aboard the feels train

  • LordKhabal
    LordKhabal 13 days ago +1

    19k dislikes, eh? Can’t help but wonder why.
    Is it because there are legit, important reasons presented to eat less (or no) meat beyond “think of the poor animals?”
    Reasons like, “the amount of resources we commit to raising animals for slaughter on a commercial scale is staggering and unsustainable” and “yes, factory farm methane is significantly contributing to global warming; deal with it.”

  • Olga Sergeyeva
    Olga Sergeyeva 13 days ago +1

    I know the solution, just release most the animals and make the companies go hunting, there might be over population for a couple of years but since the animals evolved for humanes many won't be able to survive and the population will stabilize.

    • Photon Geyser
      Photon Geyser 11 days ago

      Not a very bad idea, but it has it's flaws and pros

  • Shiro Sutherland
    Shiro Sutherland 13 days ago

    Yes ok I’m watching this on Wendy’s 1/2 pound plain cheese only and Nutella frosty

  • Ashley Hart
    Ashley Hart 13 days ago +6

    We’re not gods.. we haven’t created animals, they were already on earth.. so people thinking they’re gods should calm their ego

  • bonelurker
    bonelurker 13 days ago +5

    19k lobyists disliked the video

  • Marko Gregurovic
    Marko Gregurovic 13 days ago

    I was listening until you got to the animal life part.. nobody cares

    • james byrne
      james byrne 13 days ago

      Good people do. There are more of them than you think.

  • Deniz Yılmaz
    Deniz Yılmaz 13 days ago


  • Yankı can şirin
    Yankı can şirin 13 days ago +1

    Most of the information is incorrect, especially about raising animals with antibiotics!

  • Raghu Seetharaman
    Raghu Seetharaman 13 days ago +1

    Eating meat is evil. Only vile, heartless people can engage in the needless torture and mutilation of animals for food. I hope these evil people die a similar death to the animals they kill. They will all burn in hell for how they destroyed the Earth.

  • Rock Level
    Rock Level 14 days ago +4

    "Human's love pixels! Quality! 1080p60HD! Are just the best things!"

  • Mudig
    Mudig 14 days ago +10

    Fatfucks disliking the vid.

    • Dem
      Dem 4 days ago

      I understand your frustation btw. At first sight i was confused too.

    • Big Steve
      Big Steve 12 days ago

      I know here all just heartless pussies

  • Daniel felipe Ortiz
    Daniel felipe Ortiz 14 days ago

    thank u for make my homework :v

  • Kelvin Broder
    Kelvin Broder 14 days ago

    The world would be perfect if every human died, right? Is that what you're saying?

  • Andrew
    Andrew 14 days ago

    What's up with the Bob's Burger theme?

  • Lieutenant diamond
    Lieutenant diamond 14 days ago

    Love the Bob's Burgers Characters Thrown in there.

  • Rome 7
    Rome 7 14 days ago +3

    Eating meat does make you a bad person

  • shxrtcut
    shxrtcut 14 days ago

    Am i the only one that's hungry for meat after watching this video

    • james byrne
      james byrne 13 days ago

      Nah, the world is full of sickos.

  • Downfall
    Downfall 14 days ago +2

    Air is part of nature. Nature can send natural disasters. Do not breathe.
    Water is used in "gross" manners for Rocket fuel. Don't drink water.

    • Oğuzhan Celil
      Oğuzhan Celil 12 days ago

      This is also suitable for the Marijuana. Or crack, or any other shit I can't remember now

  • Кроко Крокозъбелов

    I don’t know what is bob’s burgers because I’m a Bulgarian

  • Evan Lobo
    Evan Lobo 14 days ago +1

    Dont mind me just playing spot the vegan

    • Evan Lobo
      Evan Lobo 8 days ago

      @james byrne no im still playing

    • james byrne
      james byrne 13 days ago

      @Evan Lobo You don't want to play?

    • Evan Lobo
      Evan Lobo 13 days ago

      @james byrne ._. Ok then

    • james byrne
      james byrne 14 days ago +3

      That's an easy game, they'll be the ones talking about why you shouldn't abuse animals. It would be more challenging to explain how you morally reconcile not being one of those people.

  • kokxin fang
    kokxin fang 14 days ago +5

    Why do we need to eat meat when we can survive on plant-based food?

    • Cássio Muzykant
      Cássio Muzykant 4 days ago

      @Pranav Limaye I agree with you that people should be taught about the environmental price of the meat industry, so they can change their habits willingly in order to save their own world.

      I don't agree with forcing them to become vegetarian, or taxing (discouraging) them till they do, because I don't think the State should legislate over those things. Laws are suposed to limitate people's freedom so they won't hurt each other, and can live together in tolerance, if not in harmony, and that's were the government's role ends. Any more than that, at least for me, can be called dictatorship, and a world ruled by one isn't worth living in the first place. I don't believe the ends justify the means, that is...make the Earth's resources a property of the State in order to maintain humans alive, even agains't their will.

      If the masses don't change their habits, then they don't deserve to remain on Earth, and it will naturally wipe out our species. At least we will go down as free individuals. We haven't been here since the beginning, and won't be here forever. Humanity, as everything in nature, has it's own cycle to fulfill. Once we are gone, life on Earth will continue to evolve, till dinossaurs, apes, or maybe a new form of life become the dominant one again. Imagine an Earth ruled by something like the Koalas we have today lol :D wouldn't that be cute?

      Sorry for writing so much. If you read this far, thanks for being patient ^^

    • Pranav Limaye
      Pranav Limaye 4 days ago

      @Cássio Muzykant
      It's true, they wanna do it, but we need to consider that humans are psychologically biased towards themselves, and will always try to justify their immoral acts.
      Everyone commits SOME immoral acts, but not all of them are really inconsequential.
      I mean, the meat industry, it's enormous requirement of resources, the suffering it causes, and all the CO2 emissions, etcetera etcetera. You've watched the video.
      My point being that maybe people shouldn't be so free to eat meat, or should at least be discouraged from eating meat. This stuff should be taught in schools (in class, or as a project, or in workshops) around the world.

    • Cássio Muzykant
      Cássio Muzykant 13 days ago

      We don't. Still some of us want to, so they are free to do it.

  • A Boy With Crappy Ipad mini 1

    So now i understand why people are obsessed with beating their meat

  • dao
    dao 14 days ago +6

    i get laughed at by my family because i'm a vegetarian. they've seen cowspiracy where all these facts are brought up but they are still in denial 乁( ⏒ ͜ʖ ⏒ )ㄏ it's a cruel world

    • Teague Wessel
      Teague Wessel 5 days ago

      Yeah I’m basically vegetarian as well. Going vegan for me would be near impossible. Maybe when Im older..

    • dao
      dao 11 days ago

      @Big Steve well atleast they accept it, there are people who really don't give a crap at all

    • Big Steve
      Big Steve 12 days ago

      Your family are dicks :(

    • dao
      dao 12 days ago

      @Goat_ cat i avoid dairy and eggs as much as i can by drinking oatmilk and soymilk, but i still live with my parents and in my country vegan products are really pricey. im definitely thinking about veganism for the future tho

    • Goat_ cat
      Goat_ cat 13 days ago

      that's great but perhaps you wanna consider veganism? The dairy and egg food production still isn't very sustainable to the environment or kind to the animals. Dont wanna get ranty just thought I'd let you know

  • The Mad Mystic
    The Mad Mystic 15 days ago

    This is why I am a humanitarian.

    There are plenty of humans to go around.

    • Unknown
      Unknown 14 days ago

      @The Mad Mystic | Like you. I would enjoy eating you...

  • Maria Alonso
    Maria Alonso 15 days ago

    Are we just ganna ignore the bobs burgers references

  • Brit Rush
    Brit Rush 15 days ago +2

    I'm sure the cow really appreciates that you "respect" the steak lmao wtf

    • picake
      picake 10 days ago +1

      *rapes someone*
      Don't worry I respect the orgasm

  • Tarantinopi pp
    Tarantinopi pp 15 days ago

    Meat is good, meat is bad but it is good

  • raissa rahmadea
    raissa rahmadea 15 days ago

    Solution: eat your fish!

  • Fleekest
    Fleekest 15 days ago

    Good thing you didn’t go to in depth on how they’re killed.

  • Rahim Miah
    Rahim Miah 15 days ago

    @ 5:00 wtf??

  • Sean Aguila
    Sean Aguila 15 days ago

    6:10 *peta* *triggered*

  • Blazel
    Blazel 15 days ago

    anyone gonna comment about the bobs burgers reference at the start?

  • RT Trap Beats
    RT Trap Beats 15 days ago

    Im still goin to eat my kfc tonight so

  • Arif Reis
    Arif Reis 15 days ago +4

    *Kurzgesagt* - Brutally destroy your favorite food, and then

  • Dangerous Regenerator
    Dangerous Regenerator 15 days ago

    Press F before you eating a stake