Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World 🍔

  • Published on Sep 30, 2018
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    Meat is a complicated issue. But also a delicious one. Let's talk about it.
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    Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World

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  • MrAlen61
    MrAlen61 17 hours ago

    Not gonna give up meat 100% but going to try to take atleast 2 days off per week

  • livez
    livez 18 hours ago +1

    I think im going vegan. Idk, I'll think about it over a good steak.

    Maybe 2

  • Drean
    Drean 18 hours ago

    I'm not gonna stop eating meat, but I can try to cut back a little.
    Personally I've found it increasingly disgusting over the past few months. I'm not sure why I've started feeling this way, but pork's been cut out already so it's a start.

  • Saksham Mahajan
    Saksham Mahajan 18 hours ago

    I love your videos and they are very educational too but i have one imp question that why there are birds in your video?

  • Kamesh Panchal
    Kamesh Panchal 19 hours ago


  • Nike Head
    Nike Head 20 hours ago

    Look...I don't like Mexico but I have family down there...I also have family in Brazil...they live in rural areas...I have to land in a different city then take a bus to the small town where they live...any ways they live off the land and have life stock and when I eat their meat it doesn't come from the market! It comes from the back yard lol
    They will kill a chicken in the most human way...or a goat or a small cow when there's a big party or festival around the town....also they eat the pigs oh and turkeys...the meat looks different and taste waaay better than the one we get at the grocery stores....I will never stop eating meat!!! 😁

  • Another Ben Cult member

    Not stupid so I won't go vegan but I will go vegetarian

  • Granny
    Granny 21 hour ago

    Where is Indonesian subtitle?

  • suhas suhas
    suhas suhas 22 hours ago

    My mouth stopped watering after watching the video about meat.

  • Bahadır çakin
    Bahadır çakin 22 hours ago

    Yarramı ye.

  • blarg bob
    blarg bob 22 hours ago

    hrm what should we do, well maybe if we ate the stuff we were feeding to them the prices would go down for that stuff and make it more well known and taught that it is wasteful to raise and eat meat more so than eating meat is cruel, bc we dont really care if it is, just aim that its not as effecient ?

  • 남 남
    남 남 23 hours ago

    l am Korean. and l signed up today. Have a happy day!

  • rishon koren
    rishon koren 23 hours ago

    I’m vegetarian

  • Shushumiga
    Shushumiga 23 hours ago

    Way to be objective, guys...

  • Land Stalker
    Land Stalker 23 hours ago +1

    2:43 Animals eat each other too, so if we are also animals why shouldn't we eat animals.

    • Race Lever
      Race Lever 19 hours ago

      Because you are not the type of Animal that needs to eat other Animals to live... ;-)

  • FL0W3R P0W3R
    FL0W3R P0W3R 23 hours ago +1

    I'm eating chicken wings while I'm watching this video :/

  • john wildenberg
    john wildenberg Day ago

    im waiting for one of your new videos i realy enjoy these all your topics thay ar all interesting keep it up man good work

  • Superman's Daddy

    I see ED-E in the future segment.
    What's the Gainax flick they're referencing halfway through the video? The one with the kid on the grass?

  • Noah Medders
    Noah Medders Day ago

    4:07 anybody see that?

  • gebbletook
    gebbletook Day ago

    Chickens and pigs would kill and eat you if they had the choice. Fuck em

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard 18 hours ago

      I believe sheep are generally seen as the smarter choice to fuck (that's why New Zealand have so many of them ;)). Like you say, chickens & pigs will try to kill you!

  • Rohit Khot
    Rohit Khot Day ago

    All the dislikes are the hardcore meat eaters

  • the bob squad
    the bob squad Day ago

    OH NO THOSE POOR ANIMALS!! ... Yeah i'm not going vegan though.

  • AJ B
    AJ B Day ago

    Is this Bob’s Burgers themed

  • Cowcowmanthingit 172

    This makes me want to eat mcnuggers now

  • Gina Sander
    Gina Sander Day ago

    Why did he use Bob burgers people


    So how do we deal with meat that is extremely unsustainable and quite a torture? The video needs to consider HALAL MEAT as a more merciful option too :)

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard 18 hours ago

      Please explain the procedure of halal killing of a 1000 pound cow to me & why you think that is less cruel than the alternative.
      Also please tell me, have you ever watched a video of best practice halal slaughter? If not, how do you know it's not cruel?
      I have a video link here I can share with you if you really believe halal is kind

    • Race Lever
      Race Lever 19 hours ago

      The merciful thing to do is not kill and eat an animal... Halal is cruel... ;-)

  • Crispydad
    Crispydad Day ago

    So, to other animals, we’d be rampant genocidal maniacs that thrive on suffering...

    Like a predator?

  • Vdaddy
    Vdaddy Day ago +1

    What if I eat meat because I want to? I don't tell you vegans to stop smoking weed so don't tell us how to live our lives you damn commies.

    • Race Lever
      Race Lever 19 hours ago

      Are you really trying to compare someone using a plant to someone killing a sentient being???... Ridiculous buddy... ;-)

  • Eduardo Weffort
    Eduardo Weffort Day ago +1

    More videos about cells & stuff❤

  • Hades the gamer
    Hades the gamer Day ago

    Seriously was watching Bobs burgers when this happened

  • Andrew Chen
    Andrew Chen Day ago +1

    watching this while eating a chicken pie

  • bob bobinson
    bob bobinson Day ago

    Whoever animated this really likes Bob's Burgers

  • The M
    The M Day ago

    Ya I’ll pass . I’m sticking with meat

  • The M
    The M Day ago

    Ya I’ll pass . I’m sticking with meat

  • ArabxGT
    ArabxGT Day ago

    In Islam, it is forbidden to show animals to other animals while being killed... To not cause them an incredible deal of fear prior to their death. Additionally, only painless & swift methods of killing are allowed, all painful methods of killing animals for feed is strictly forbidden in Islam. Which is why people living in Muslim countries will always pay more for animals treated with no cruelty, even if it meant eating less meat because of the expensive price.

    Watching this video made me realize & be thankful for the difference between some animals farmed abroad & the ones I can find locally.

  • El_Tony Geester619

    The Earth would get rid of us because we are simple a plague

  • Variety Plays
    Variety Plays Day ago

    Why is bob's burgers people in this

  • QuantumFlare
    QuantumFlare Day ago +1

    This video made me eat less meat

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando Day ago

    complete mind-numb morons will see this video as "pro-vegan"

  • Jayce Winter
    Jayce Winter Day ago

    I wanted to point out that the majority of that 97% of calories lost becomes shit, which is then broken down and used to fertilize plants. Also what's with the Bob's Burgers characters.

  • sar yely
    sar yely Day ago

    wao you are absolutely right about that! It feels horrible!... lately, I started to love your videos. You have a new susbcriptor!

  • Dank Chef
    Dank Chef Day ago

    Bob‘s. Burgers.

  • Wonkatonka M8
    Wonkatonka M8 Day ago

    please stop bobs burgers isnt funny

  • Kris Tatunay
    Kris Tatunay Day ago

    I guess I shouldn’t eat proteins..... nah frick vegetarians.

  • Rich Lau
    Rich Lau Day ago

    Artificial meat ftw, people!

  • Archle
    Archle Day ago

    its amazing that 15 thousand people have been personally injured by cows

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard 17 hours ago

      not really, not if you have any experience with cows (and especially bulls!)

  • Clover Wolfe
    Clover Wolfe Day ago

    This is sad, many people will watch this and not listen to anything.... Typical

  • J D
    J D Day ago +1

    I hate people, they are very bad and selfish. I am so sad for animals. They just want to live... But humans take their right from them too. Now I will be vegetarian.

  • Del Piero
    Del Piero Day ago

    Just eat green

  • SKULL lord
    SKULL lord Day ago


  • Martin S.
    Martin S. Day ago

    gracias por traducir al español muyyy lindo video

  • Slenem
    Slenem Day ago

    Glad people are going vegan! More meat for me!

  • Sam the plush dachshund & Huskerton the plush husky

    0:01 The beggining is going to get you sued

  • Samuel Mason
    Samuel Mason Day ago

    yeah but is the cheese burger even meat anymore?

  • Simon Kan
    Simon Kan Day ago

    Just not eating meat doen't really make a difference imo cuz if 10 people don't eat meat 1000 do mostly everyday of their life soo..

  • Consult Keith Young

    Not a vegan. Won't become one. Just wanted to say I can't believe how many people didn't already know this and act like this is convincing them. The biggest issue is antibiotics in my opinion. Plus government subsidies, which I am forced to pay for.

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard 17 hours ago

      antibiotics can be near eliminated in ruminant animals via a system called managed intensive rotational grazing. They put a large herd of cows together in a small space, with enough food for only 1 day, then the next day they move them to a new paddock the same size & the next day & the next day. This lets crops/grass fully regrow & so feeds far more cows on the same land area, but more than that, any bacteria are left behind each move & so have no host to multiply on. Plus they're not trampling around in mud all day everyday, so the ground microbes are healthy & in high numbers & they attack & eat the bacteria too. Same with fungus, parasitic worms etc etc. Natural infection control :))
      It's also more natural & so the cows are happier & less stressed & that also helps with disease control (and also faster weight gain with the same quantity of food)

  • Soul Traveller
    Soul Traveller Day ago

    -Raise taxes on meat products
    -Cut spending on meat production
    -Use that cut spending for substitutes
    -Support ads regarding the negative aspects of meat industries
    -Invest in restaurants supplying vegan and vegetarian foods (CoreLife, Veggiegrill, etc)
    -Don't eat meat

  • Dreamysunshine
    Dreamysunshine Day ago +1

    Just go vegan!

  • Nikky Otero
    Nikky Otero Day ago

    I like the Bob's burgers animations lol

  • ghazala kauser
    ghazala kauser Day ago

    My family don't eat meat much at all we eat meat like burgers and etc in 2 weeks or so so my family kinda helps does it?

  • Copycat 83
    Copycat 83 Day ago


  • Lizzy Wizzy
    Lizzy Wizzy Day ago

    Eating the meat is only half of the fun, watching the production is the other half

  • Balkrushna Kadam

    Just don't care what this video says because pleasure of eating meat ( which taste good but makes you unhealthy) is bigger to human than anything else, if it's bad for planet just don't care , that's what we do for living

  • Fernando Diniz GOVEGAN

    Por um mundo vegano até o fim deste século.

  • Review GAMING
    Review GAMING Day ago

    🍖🍗🌭🥩🍔🌯🌮 This make me so *HUNGRY* 🤤

  • Furkan AÇAN
    Furkan AÇAN Day ago

    You are AWESOME

  • Fernando Diniz GOVEGAN

    For a vegan world until the end of this century.

  • some weeb
    some weeb Day ago +1

    IN Denmark we do it better/more humane

  • The Steadfast Duelist

    *I'm not going vegan but I'm willing to cut back on meat to three days a week.*

  • General At0MiC
    General At0MiC Day ago

    Alright didn’t know we are Adolf know

  • General At0MiC
    General At0MiC Day ago

    I’ll stick to my potato’s

  • Bertzvi
    Bertzvi Day ago +1


  • ProKnight66
    ProKnight66 Day ago

    Kurgezagt team, can you please make more videos on space colonization. I love that subject.

  • The supreme Doritos Oof

    Bob's Burger!

  • Paul De Vleeschouwer

    Kurzgesagt for EU parlement

  • Brian Scalabrine

    Anyone else notice all the bobs burgers characters

  • tee hee
    tee hee Day ago

    Being nice to aimals is cool and all, but lab grown meat doesn't sound natural at all to me. It sounds so unnatural, like who's to say they aren't pumping it with all sorts of chemicals. Is there some other Eco-friendly alternative that doesn't involve it being grown in some lab somewhere and it still sound relatively natural?

    • Yoko Yakamori
      Yoko Yakamori Day ago

      Doesn't sound any different than what they are pumping into our foods now. Nothing beats the real thing, though.

  • Red Eagle
    Red Eagle Day ago +2

    Good but only half the story let me explain the rest.
    Yes animal farming need a lot of resources but so does plant farming. Think of forests turned into farms. The earthworms killed, fungi, insects, birds, rodents, plants,etc. species extinct, not few members killed but extinct. Next time you eat your bread think of how many lives you destroyed by taking away their home, their families killed and species extinct.
    Think of a hunter gatherer, they will kill only grown animals who lives their lived freely and they only kills few members as if they will not it will disturb whole ecosystem(if you disagree you have very poor biology) and killing few members who were free for their lives is way better then vanishing their whole species. So blame agriculture / farming not meat consumption

    • Ethicc V
      Ethicc V Day ago

      Red Eagle lets say you have one small plot of land, according to your logic it’s better to grow crops to feed a cow for 5 years while you starve and get a few weeks supply of meat in the end? I suggest you rewatch this video with a working brain and get the point across.

    • Ethicc V
      Ethicc V Day ago

      Red Eagle I think you just missed the point of the video by bias to justify your bad habits. The video literally states that plant farming is required for animal farming, where do you the food that those animals eat come from? You’re contradicting yourself, you kill more local life and use more land by feeding 5 years of plant food to livestock for a tiny piece of meat instead of eating plant food directly. I don’t know why people are so retarded and blinded by bias to come up with bs logic that makes no sense.

  • Sartii
    Sartii Day ago

    This is just...sad

  • Colbi I
    Colbi I Day ago

    Just discovered this channel and really liked it until 2:41 , that reasoning makes no sense, we don't thrive of suffering of anything, and if livestock were writing the history books, then they would be committing the same genocidal acts on plants, thats how stupid that logic is

    • Ethicc V
      Ethicc V Day ago

      Colbi I plants don’t have a nervous system or a brain, they don’t feel suffering and are not sentient beings. It’s like saying your hair can feel pain when you cut it. If you’re gonna argue that plants can feel suffering, you kill more plants through meat consumption equivalent of 5 years of plant food for a grown cow. Stop using stupid logic and think for once, face reality ffs.

    • BezoomnyBratchny
      BezoomnyBratchny Day ago +2

      False equivalence fallacy

    • Colbi I
      Colbi I Day ago

      @Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell

  • NowYouPeepMe
    NowYouPeepMe Day ago

    I am so happy I mostly eat vegetables! :D

  • Raynee
    Raynee Day ago

    That's a nice k/d

  • Ice Leone
    Ice Leone Day ago

    Btw if you live in a 3rd world country just forget about it

  • SUgameplay
    SUgameplay Day ago

    The comment section is a complete mess, I think we all need to take a step back and try to place yourself in the opposing side’s position. Meat eaters want to eat meat, vegans want to save animal lives. So why not do what the video says? It’s a perfect moderate solution; meat eaters get to eat meat and more animals’ life’s get saved. We don’t need to be so absolute as to say I’ll never go vegan or veganism is the only way, there are more moderates solutions.

  • Ice Leone
    Ice Leone Day ago

    I feel for a cheeseburger

  • SEETHALER studio

    "These are the horrible things we do to animals and nature, in the future people might think it was an atrocity. Anyway, if you love the taste of meat, that justifies all of that. Enjoy your steak."

  • Anna & Furball
    Anna & Furball Day ago +2

    I will subtract a piece of meat for every like I get, and it starts with 3 rows

  • WillowTheCat
    WillowTheCat Day ago

    I’m vegan but i ain’t gonna judge ppl who eat meat

  • carlosvacos 333
    carlosvacos 333 Day ago

    Ok but... if you switch to a vegetarian diet, proportionately, how many vegetables would you have to eat to maintain the same weight?

  • Faizaan Naseem
    Faizaan Naseem Day ago

    Can’t wait to eat chicken pasta later 😍

  • Great Production

    This is amazing!!!!

  • OddMicky
    OddMicky Day ago

    this is...terrifying :/

  • Hikigaya Hachiman

    Well we are not so cruel because there are some animals that are illegal to eat and kill.

  • sauce oil
    sauce oil Day ago

    The beginning characters were from Bob's Burgers' lol

  • Albus
    Albus Day ago

    idk how i feel about lab meat bro

  • Simo Asri
    Simo Asri Day ago

    This video may trick you into believing that it is not biased, but it is. This stuff really goes both ways, and we've been eating meat since human creation, our jaw is made to pull meat and teeth are made to cut into it.
    You think people in the vegan industry are angelic people and meat industry are bad ones? People will remain people and no matter what you gonna find good and bad ones in both sides.
    Each diet has its positives and negatives, the key is balance between both of them, this video representing people who eat meat as if there is nothing else in their fridge but grinded pigs and slaughtered sheep.

  • Guy with a chrome mask

    Instead of trying to kill each other, how about we have a balanced diet of plant and meat days. A famous person once said this quote “Perfectly balanced, as all this should be”
    Vegans get their plant days and meat eaters get their meat days. MOST people are happy if they do this

  • zdn_ mln_syl
    zdn_ mln_syl Day ago

    Can yaou tell me how diamonds are created

  • AdvancedGamer YT

    I liked meat' WHEN chicken is small...