Fortnite Montage - "ZEZE" (Kodak Black, Travis Scott, & Offset)

  • Published on Oct 13, 2018
  • New fortnite montage featuring my boy Obey Stats, enjoy!
    Song: Kodak Black - ZEZE (feat. Travis Scott & Offset)
    Use code "SOAR-RECKZO" in the item shop!
    Obey Stats:
    Twitter: Reckzo
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  • Reckzo
    Reckzo  7 months ago +128

    UPDATE: Just got my creator code changed to “Reckzo”. Please update it in your item shop if you want to continue to support me! 🚨

    • lilzac daniel
      lilzac daniel 4 months ago

      your sick been waching since 2017 i got all of my friends subed to you i use your code too god bless brother

    • TheBlazingTiger
      TheBlazingTiger 4 months ago

      Yo how you so famous lol I cant even get 1k views

    • Yo_CHAOSZ
      Yo_CHAOSZ 5 months ago

      Yo reckzo can u do a montage of ransom by lil tecca It 🔥

    • kamel benhaberou
      kamel benhaberou 6 months ago

      Yes reckzo

    • Og tsm Newby
      Og tsm Newby 6 months ago

      You have aimbot jk

  • Tezzy
    Tezzy Day ago +2

    who else is here in november 2019 just searched his most popular video

  • ynw_gahery Cerrato
    ynw_gahery Cerrato 7 days ago

    2019? Someone

  • EF_Ghost7
    EF_Ghost7 13 days ago +1

    When I was 7 I
    Called this trash your goated
    Nice vid even tho I am really late

  • Oofless
    Oofless 18 days ago +2

    9lokkine should be in this

    • jaydon
      jaydon 12 days ago

      Oofless yuh

  • Nicholas Rodarte
    Nicholas Rodarte Month ago +2


  • Gavin Velardo
    Gavin Velardo Month ago +1

    This song wants me to kill my self

  • *FaZe._.Bakir*
    *FaZe._.Bakir* Month ago +1


    • jaydon
      jaydon 12 days ago

      *FaZe._.Bakir* 🎒🎒

  • Loni Go Krazy
    Loni Go Krazy Month ago +3

    this bring back memories

    • jaydon
      jaydon 12 days ago

      Loni Go Krazy 🤕yup

  • iStefan
    iStefan Month ago +2

    um ok

  • Texan
    Texan Month ago

    Go sub to my boy Flyestboy1

  • Vex_EzClapz
    Vex_EzClapz Month ago

    6ix9ine drop the soap🗣

  • Eesen
    Eesen Month ago +1

    Yo I’ve been watching for a while do you want to play
    I play pc btw

  • Denis Udivic
    Denis Udivic 2 months ago


  • Spice -Roblox and more
    Spice -Roblox and more 2 months ago


  • Matthew
    Matthew 2 months ago +1

    Faze Reckzo 👀

  • I L I K E O R E O S
    I L I K E O R E O S 2 months ago

    Started at 2011 yt and only has 200k subs 🤦‍♂️ but you deserve more

  • Zo and Zay Stupid Adventures

    all it is is a noscope real gameplay

  • Deathy
    Deathy 2 months ago

    u so toxic but i love it

  • Alexis Anderson
    Alexis Anderson 2 months ago

    your good but my bf is better😭😭😭

  • NxstyFN
    NxstyFN 2 months ago

    Sooo god

  • Khalil Servance
    Khalil Servance 2 months ago

    Some clips wasn’t even yours

  • iiVortexii
    iiVortexii 2 months ago

    This man put kodak live 😀🥶♨️🤣

  • xXT1T1Xx
    xXT1T1Xx 2 months ago

    Go subscribe to my TVclip channel I make fortnite with lots of music

  • Sandy Carannante
    Sandy Carannante 2 months ago

    Reckzo: Too easy
    Kid: my god he's hacking

    Kids mom: Shit the fuck up I'm going to sleep

  • Hayden Klinker
    Hayden Klinker 2 months ago

    This was whenever I was a bot ;-; *season 5.* until season 10

  • Autistic Defaulty Boi347

    Reckzo or Fe4rLess

    XD LIL DUMPLIN' ! 3 months ago

    Bro ur cracked

  • Brandon Schultz
    Brandon Schultz 3 months ago

    Zeze ¢ents ooop

  • D U D U •
    D U D U • 3 months ago +1


  • Emir Ortigoza
    Emir Ortigoza 3 months ago +1

    When FORTNITE was actually fun

    HTM VERMILLION 3 months ago +1

    how do you use these songs aren't they copyrighted

  • Energy Levi
    Energy Levi 3 months ago

    I trickshoted that like

  • Ijuana
    Ijuana 3 months ago

    Aye new sub here!

  • Jack Karsten
    Jack Karsten 3 months ago

    Some of the clips aren’t urs, go to 0:30 and look at the kill feed, it’s not him

  • SkulleX
    SkulleX 3 months ago

    Love the gameplay!

  • adrian salgado
    adrian salgado 3 months ago


  • Ben Nemzek
    Ben Nemzek 3 months ago

    Bro this back when fortnite was good though no cap

  • STRANY61
    STRANY61 3 months ago

    U are the king

  • bob the builder
    bob the builder 3 months ago

    Reckzo is better than faze orba like if you agree

  • Nilson Delgado
    Nilson Delgado 3 months ago +1

    fornite is bicht

  • AWOOGY Dwaladyl
    AWOOGY Dwaladyl 3 months ago +1

    2019 so I had to check

  • Aineshツ
    Aineshツ 3 months ago +1

    You’re actually cracked 👌👌👌👌

  • Vicious_ Anderson
    Vicious_ Anderson 3 months ago

    One of the clips aren’t even his

  • Cobalt55i
    Cobalt55i 3 months ago +1

    can you give me a shout out plz for my youtube channel

  • Jmiller
    Jmiller 4 months ago

    There’s obey stats clips in there

  • B3A5T akaBeast
    B3A5T akaBeast 4 months ago

    Nice shots

  • khayo_7
    khayo_7 4 months ago

    If you dont mind i will use ur bid with credit?

  • LAMEツ
    LAMEツ 4 months ago

    *tiktok has entered the chat*

  • Dimas O.
    Dimas O. 4 months ago +4

    I will never be as reckzo im an avvrage pro🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    MKU FIGHTS 4 months ago +1

    Best trickshoter in my opinion

  • Kevin Durant
    Kevin Durant 4 months ago +1

    Faze Reckzo X Faze Durant

  • jr gaming
    jr gaming 4 months ago

    I love this song

  • Yadira Munoz
    Yadira Munoz 4 months ago

    Do la la la

  • Maria Olvera
    Maria Olvera 4 months ago


  • Gurditt Badesha
    Gurditt Badesha 4 months ago

    do u know a guy name robinsrobin

  • Lil Gbay ッ
    Lil Gbay ッ 4 months ago +4

    Kodak: *opens mouth*

    English: *Am I a joke to you*

  • Teresa Delgado
    Teresa Delgado 4 months ago

    He’s the coolest TVclipr

  • Ethan Hiltz
    Ethan Hiltz 4 months ago

    So cringe when ppl do this smh

  • Bare and broghan
    Bare and broghan 4 months ago