there is no iPhone 11

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • What if Apple went bankrupt? What if Steve Jobs never returned to the company? We will never know how things would have played out, but we can be certain things would have been a lot different.
    I have never been more excited to share a video with you. HUGE thank you to everyone who helped make it possible.
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  • Jon Rettinger
    Jon Rettinger  4 months ago +1536

    I had a blast making this one. It's definitely the most ambitious video I've ever been a part of. If you want to see the series continue with another company, hit that like button.

    • adharsh sabu
      adharsh sabu 25 days ago

      nice one jon

    • Charlie Peterson
      Charlie Peterson 3 months ago

      I loved this video. I've always viewed you as very professional and the quality of your videos is astounding. Keep doing what you love man.

    • GrandCamino6
      GrandCamino6 4 months ago

      Very well made video! I can't help but to think of the movies Back To The Future and The Butterfly Effect with all of the alternate endings. I enjoyed watching this one! Subscribed!

    • Ghaffar Ellis
      Ghaffar Ellis 4 months ago

      This is everything perfect. You nailed this one to the T. I'm looking forward to episode 2.

    • Damon
      Damon 4 months ago

      Great subject but even greater producing and editing. Pro 💩 for sure🍻

  • An Do
    An Do 13 hours ago

    Hey, what’s the song from 0:45? Siri (Shazam) couldn’t name that one.

  • Suyash Jain
    Suyash Jain Month ago

    beautifully shot , grt work Jon
    This is how a tech video should be like 👏🏻
    instead of the guy just sitting & talking to camera 🤦🏻

  • Cameron Myrick
    Cameron Myrick Month ago

    Fantastic video- found it through Rene over at Vector. Welcome to my subscription list!

  • Cavid Aev
    Cavid Aev Month ago

    I'm going out of my mind, which song is this? 0:48 - 1:00 🤯

  • Teja Karlapudi
    Teja Karlapudi 2 months ago

    15:50 - This shot was DOPE!

  • PhoenicianC4D
    PhoenicianC4D 2 months ago

    Interesting video
    I love your video edit to this documentary 👍

  • Danny -boy
    Danny -boy 2 months ago

    Awesome video 👍👍❤️

  • Edward Jaycocks
    Edward Jaycocks 2 months ago

    Even though I knew most of the historical events there was a few little holes that I learnt so good one

  • Edward Jaycocks
    Edward Jaycocks 2 months ago

    Fabulous video keep up the good work

  • Cornelius Smith
    Cornelius Smith 2 months ago

    Real top notch video. Like a show Netflix could put you on.

  • Jai Shyam
    Jai Shyam 2 months ago

    What if your folks had never met? There wouldn't be this video. Not criticizing you for this video - just joining in on the humor.

  • Miras Khakimzhan
    Miras Khakimzhan 2 months ago

    bro, that blackberry phone you designed is absolutely sick. For those who don't know blackberry OS was a beast. RIP.

    MITKO BOMBATA 2 months ago

    Who said that?

  • Coco Drilo
    Coco Drilo 2 months ago

    2:14 RHOBH: Bill Gates, Steve Job
    Cat at table: Steve Bill, Jobs Gates

  • Gina Z.
    Gina Z. 2 months ago

    Probably the best video I’ve seen in a long time. More like a mini documentary that was well written and executed! Loved it!

  • Pedro De Santiago
    Pedro De Santiago 2 months ago

    If you need a new follow focus Jon. Hit me up 😂

  • making music is keeping me alive

    If There Was No Apple Banana Would Prosper

  • I know AppleOS
    I know AppleOS 3 months ago +1


  • HaruxCore
    HaruxCore 3 months ago

    Excellent video, Jon. This is the kind of quality stuff that separates you from other content creators. Really enjoyed watching this one.

  • david sandlin
    david sandlin 3 months ago

    No parc no apple 2e no Oregon trail. Now that would be the real travesty.

    BROKEN VIBES 3 months ago

    Just discovered your channel

  • Akin DT
    Akin DT 3 months ago

    If you are imagining a world without the tyrannical monopolists known as Disney, and you don't instantly hit the button to make that happen, you're evil.

  • Dominic McIlrath
    Dominic McIlrath 3 months ago

  • Ray Amatsoleman
    Ray Amatsoleman 3 months ago

    Didn't watch the first time around because it looked to long but great video.
    Also no Apple without Bill Gates. Those two, Jobs and Gates, their fates are intertwined.

  • fredurbans
    fredurbans 3 months ago

    WOW SO PRO VIDEO! THE MONTAGE! COLORS! THE SCENERY ! Amazing work! keep it up!!

  • J3 52
    J3 52 3 months ago

    Yo this video was great. Production, vision, content. Wish it were longer. But I’m not complaining. Quality ish right here.

  • Devin H
    Devin H 3 months ago

    Watching this from iPhone 11 using swipe texting flawless

  • Brett McMaster
    Brett McMaster 3 months ago

    Microsoft actually bailed Apple out of their financial problems years ago.

  • Jerry Berglund
    Jerry Berglund 3 months ago

    Still dont think the iPhone from 2007 was that big of a deal. It was the iPhone 3 that was the gameshifter to be honest...The phone that got the other brands crying into the night. Because iPhone became a real smartphone because before that it was just a better dumbphone.

    and noway that Blackberry should have had such importance. Probably should Ericsson/Sony Ericsson and Nokia have a bigger say in he smartphone development with symbian than Blackberry OS. Blackberry was only big in US and America... that was not the case over here in he rest of the world where NOKIA and Ericsson was the big companies.
    To be honest. I am more and more thinking in terms that Europa and Asia has to get their heads together and choose a operating system to compete against Android and iOS. Because at the moment I am getting more and more annoyed that Google seems to forget Sweden all the time. They release so much just reseantly and the only THING they let us Swedes buy is Google nest mini. I was thiniking. Is this a joke??? NOt even the good stuff is coming here... No pIxel, no Google Nest Wi-fi and so on....
    Is Sony, did go towards Sailfish OS and really support it, it might be what SONY needs to get a fresh new start... The good thing with Sailfish OS is that you can even use android apps...

  • Prashanth Reddy
    Prashanth Reddy 3 months ago


  • Devan Devan
    Devan Devan 3 months ago +1

    Apple: I don’t feel so good

  • Devan Devan
    Devan Devan 3 months ago +2

    I believe Steve Jobs still would’ve found a way to make it work

  • Cosmin Trica
    Cosmin Trica 3 months ago

    Please someone tell me the song at 0:55 !!!

  • SkywakerPlayz
    SkywakerPlayz 3 months ago

    Wow, One decision really change

  • Will Serrano
    Will Serrano 3 months ago

    Why are all the TVclipr’s doing the presenter looks forward and speaks while the camera shoots them from the side? That takes you out of the video faster than anything.

  • Asher
    Asher 3 months ago

    this was an awesome video, love the documentary style video.

  • stuermer69
    stuermer69 3 months ago

    @JonRettinger may i ask what shoes uou are wearing, brand and model?

  • Ja Sha
    Ja Sha 3 months ago

    Wow i just loved this “what if ?” take on innovation, specifically Apple’s. This masterpiece of a video just made me more grateful for the smartphones that we have now. Really glad how things turned out from 1980s to 2019. Hope we get a part 2 in the future.

  • Shogo 昇剛
    Shogo 昇剛 3 months ago

    But there is iPhone 11

  • Eth Nick
    Eth Nick 3 months ago

    Interesting stuff. Curious to see a similar style video on Google & Samsung.

  • Boris G
    Boris G 3 months ago +1

    5:36 what’s that song?

  • Shane Anderson
    Shane Anderson 3 months ago

    So where's the Kickstarter for that modern day blackberry slider???? Running Android 10 and blackberry 11

  • Luis Olvera
    Luis Olvera 3 months ago

    The best video of Apple history that I have never seen.

  • Verrottesok
    Verrottesok 3 months ago

    Apple was not that creative. In movies, there were mobiles even when the idea did not even really existed. We would have had mobile phones either way.

  • D_King 993
    D_King 993 3 months ago

    What have I watched!I thought it was a review

  • Rishabh raj
    Rishabh raj 3 months ago

    Nice Amazing Effects and Video ❤️❤️❤️

  • Super Saiyan 3
    Super Saiyan 3 3 months ago

    steve jobs era apple > Tim Apple era Apple

  • Gracyn Levi
    Gracyn Levi 3 months ago


  • Kevin Huitzil
    Kevin Huitzil 3 months ago

    If apple wouldn't have existed, the world would have been a better place without that greedy company lmao. But the flow of life and all would have continued, someone else would have created it.

  • Joshua Ortiz
    Joshua Ortiz 3 months ago

    iPhone 11 isn’t making any sales lol

  • David Slagh
    David Slagh 3 months ago

    This video was so good. I had literal chills at a few points. One of which was seeing Google on the clapperboard at the end, can't wait to see that video.

  • MorTaL Gaming
    MorTaL Gaming 3 months ago

    The production quality is simply top notch. Btw love the bearded look

  • Free Da Dom
    Free Da Dom 3 months ago

    Why is it at 00:42 into video, I felt happy inside seeing all those old tech :(

  • Adrian Claridge
    Adrian Claridge 3 months ago

    Okay, this is good.

  • Steve Oldham
    Steve Oldham 3 months ago

    Great video. Well done

  • Vanessa Kindell
    Vanessa Kindell 3 months ago

    WVFRM bought me here.
    That mock up looks night and day better than the phones we have today. I officially want Apple to die now so we can have that instead. I don't like this future, I want to go back.
    Also you completely ignored the OG artist thinking differently computer: the Ameiga. Without Apple in the way to steal their thunder, they would have probably been the proprietary alternative to Windows and we probably would be in a different world where we have specialized hardware on our motherboards like the Ameiga's hardware scrolling chip, to do all kinds of tasks instead of just ramping up processor speeds to handle it all in software. Heck maybe Commadore would have made the big successful competitor to the Blackberry and half of the smartphones would have a beach ball logo on the back instead of a piece of half-eaten fruit.

  • Mac Man
    Mac Man 3 months ago

    @12:57 apple is looking for hardware partners I think you meant to say Next is looking for hardware Partners

  • Occam's Chainsaw
    Occam's Chainsaw 4 months ago

    I am iphone 11...
    No more

  • Henry Almodóvar
    Henry Almodóvar 4 months ago

    Very good video Jon. It got me thinking that even thought Apple shook the world with the innovation of the first iPhone, they might have done more harm than good to the mobile industry. I remember before the iPhone companies took risks and did great designs. After Apple showed them "how it was done", most companies just became copycats.