NEVER WEARING AGAIN... Morphe Fluidity Foundation Review + Wear Test


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  • Sarah
    Sarah 7 hours ago

    30 mins of talking for her to say the foundation is okay... Ugh.

  • Juliette De Maso
    Juliette De Maso 7 hours ago

    60 shades of nay.

  • Leilani Semetara
    Leilani Semetara 8 hours ago

    This looks like every other foudation/concealer. I just dont get the issue smh

  • Leilani Semetara
    Leilani Semetara 8 hours ago

    "This is 60 and this is 110. They just look so similar to me" ok no. 110 is CLEARLY darker. And with 60 shades most of them are gunna be SIMILAR to each other. With slight differences. Which I think is awesome cuz there are some skin tones that literally cant find ANYTHING that matches because everything is either slightly too dark or slightly too light. With such minute variations in color it makes it MUCH easier to find o e that matches PERFECTLY

  • Roxanne Dallas
    Roxanne Dallas 13 hours ago

    5:17 How tf do these look similar?

  • Curves and Kisses
    Curves and Kisses 13 hours ago

    does anyone know what lashes nicol is wearing i NEED them in my life!!! xx

  • Genesis Mendez
    Genesis Mendez Day ago

    She's over there omplaining about the yellow but I'm over here like yeess omg really tell me more is extremely difficult for me to find a foundation due to my yellow warm olive undertone. I flipping hate all these foundations that claims it have yellow undertones really doesn't. Shit turns pink/orange on me.

  • Maiah Mason
    Maiah Mason Day ago

    All these comments annoying shut up

  • Thomas Evans
    Thomas Evans Day ago

    I LOVE the fact that even though u have a discount code u aren't being so positive about the product when obviously it isn't perfect

  • damselcausingdistress 81

    The hair color reminds me of what a chlorine pool looks like when the toddler pees in it💁 Just FYI

  • Belen Flores
    Belen Flores Day ago

    Ok someone is paying you . Morphe is doing this for clout . This foundation has been viral through internet. It’s bad but yet everyone is going to know who morphe is .

  • Emily Denford
    Emily Denford Day ago

    why she tryna be like kylie ???

  • KoKo
    KoKo Day ago

    How much did you get paid to hate this? 😂🤣 You contradicted yourself so many times. It’s obvious you were biased from the beginning. Your makeup looked amazing the only thing that deserves a bad review is your attitude.

  • Kat McMahan
    Kat McMahan Day ago +1

    wait i think it looks good lol

  • allison wray
    allison wray Day ago

    As a supper cool toned pale girl ( almost everything makes me look like a cheto) whose friend is native American decent and is very warm undertones I think she was doing a good job but just doesn't understand what people with different undertones are looking for

  • Gigi McGuane
    Gigi McGuane 2 days ago

    Blue hair does not suit you.

  • Blue Sturkey
    Blue Sturkey 2 days ago

    as a lady of color I can say those concealers are horrid and wouldn't even match my undertones and I'm pretty light! disappointing! However girl you've never offended or come close to offending women of color and i believe the colored community would agree!

  • AnastaziaU
    AnastaziaU 2 days ago

    All the annoying white girls commenting below about how she's being negative, in reality the darker shades undertones literally look like crap and are unwearable. Please sit your asses down.

  • Emily Fuentes
    Emily Fuentes 2 days ago

    She literally said “i have a code and you can use it. You can use it for a brush if you don’t like the foundation..... so shady!!

  • Emily Fuentes
    Emily Fuentes 2 days ago

    Tell me how those two colors looked alike in the beginning 😂 you’re so full of shit Nicol. You’re always shoving your morphe code even spelling it out. It was a good move to “hate” it for once.

  • S Cazares
    S Cazares 2 days ago

    How can she give the foundation a C-plus or B-, yet say she will never reach for it again??? I don't know why i didn't trust her "check in times", it all seemed like she just changed locations and did it that way. Maybe next time show a time such as your iPhone, watch or something. Make up just looked to recent to have been worn thru the day. I love those check in videos and i can totally notice the difference from a fresh face and an over time wear. Personally, its getting harder to trust you tubers. I get its a job and they make money, but at the cost of dishonesty?? Just seemed contradicting at times.

  • Gabriela Garza
    Gabriela Garza 2 days ago

    I don’t trust this review. At all.

  • Boss Girl
    Boss Girl 2 days ago

    Yh u just like kylie jenners shit

  • Karen Trejo Jimenez
    Karen Trejo Jimenez 2 days ago

    She says what people want her to say, if you watch her other videos she’s usually really positive and likes everything but the only reason she is being negative is because of all the backlash she got on Twitter and so she’s not even gonna give her true opinion she’s only saying what other people wrote on Twitter no original thoughts what so ever

  • Glam Barbee
    Glam Barbee 2 days ago

    The bottle is colored so it doesn’t show the true foundation color.

  • cflowermakeup
    cflowermakeup 3 days ago +1

    I agree on the undertones they are all so weird looking! And matte MATTE! Lol

  • Mary Macfadzen
    Mary Macfadzen 3 days ago

    I am very yellow, this is good to me lol. Green is good for olive tones. Once foundation is blended out the stark yellow/green isn’t as crazy looking.

  • mia
    mia 3 days ago

    love this girl!!!!

  • Ali Perry
    Ali Perry 3 days ago

    Girl your skin is FLAWLESS

  • Esha Latchman
    Esha Latchman 3 days ago

    Wow your beat looks 😍😍😍

  • Sara Kauffman
    Sara Kauffman 3 days ago

    What lip is she wearing

  • Kaitlyn Jorge
    Kaitlyn Jorge 3 days ago

    also i wouldn’t say she’s being negative the entire video she’s honestly keeping an open mindset towards anything that happens

  • Kaitlyn Jorge
    Kaitlyn Jorge 3 days ago

    loving morphe for 2018
    2019 trend:
    hating morphe

  • robust girl
    robust girl 3 days ago

    I admit some of them look the same but theres nothing wrong with green undertones, its called being olive skin toned

  • e
    e 3 days ago

    the only white woman i'll ever listen to , subscribed.

  • isabela oliveira
    isabela oliveira 3 days ago

    When will white woman stop speaking for black woman? I believe you should have indicated channels of black gurus who were talking about the foundation.

  • Stephanie Yousif
    Stephanie Yousif 3 days ago

    Watched another tutorial on this foundation collection and you sound very uneducated on the way the shades work. And the foundation looks amazing on your skin, and you are still being negative. Look for the positives girl!!!!

  • potato bunny
    potato bunny 3 days ago

    That one concealer would be perfect for a terracotta pot.

  • Maria Bugge
    Maria Bugge 3 days ago

    5:16 lol, its a big difference

  • Maria Bugge
    Maria Bugge 3 days ago +1

    Obviously can we see you have already made your opinion on the product, lmao just give it a try

  • ILuv Islam
    ILuv Islam 3 days ago

    Let them dry!!!! Everything looks weird when it’s wet. Let it dry for God sake.
    Her shades are perfect. Idk why she’s pretending to have troubles.

  • ILuv Islam
    ILuv Islam 3 days ago

    There are green dark people and yellow people.. there are no “correct” shades because there are EVEEERRRYY color of person.

  • Emily Elizabeth Anderson

    I love the fact that nobody is jumping on the fact that the foundation FUCKING STAINED HER ARMS!!! I’ve swatched darker shades on my arms and they’ve NEVER EVER STAINED BEFORE!!! THAT ALONE IS A FUCKING RED FLAG YALL!!! It smells like paint, it stains like paint, it dries like paint. That says a lot.
    Also, for those who were saying that they would not watch her videos because of the attitude, fuck off. She has a right to your opinion. If you don’t like it, that’s a YOU problem, bitch.

  • Laine Sroge
    Laine Sroge 4 days ago +1

    The concealer feels heavy cause you put so much on!

  • Felicity Faulkner
    Felicity Faulkner 4 days ago +1

    Some people do have a grey undertone. It would've been better if they grouped them all in undertones rather than all over the place.

  • Rahaf Bedah
    Rahaf Bedah 4 days ago +3

    She speaks sooooooooo much!!! I have never been annoyed by someone speaking like I’d watch james charles for 40 minutes with him fast talking and still get everything but she keeps repeating what she says every second where she could’ve said it briefly...

  • Karen Barajas
    Karen Barajas 4 days ago +2

    This is the most contradicting review I've ever seen. In all honestly camera picks up nothing you were complaining about skin looks pretty good. 🤷‍♀️

  • Tyler
    Tyler 4 days ago

    Copies Kyle Jenner’s hair

  • Elysian Fields
    Elysian Fields 4 days ago +1

    I'm mixed and IVE NEVER had a foundation shade that was right for my skin. It's always been too light or too dark so FOR ME and other mixed people 60 shades of foundation is a BLESSING. It's not fun having to buy 2-3 foundation bottles and mix them in the hopes of getting a shade close to your own... the formula clearly needs work but Morphe is definitely working in the right direction.
    P.S. I have extremely oily skin and live in the Caribbean so this "dry" foundation will truly be a blessing for me all around. 😁

    SCHEHRAZAD A 4 days ago +2

    You’re so loud it’s difficult to watch you

  • amie does art
    amie does art 4 days ago

    Hiiii am new u seem really cool ...

  • Alisa Khalid
    Alisa Khalid 4 days ago +3

    Terrible review, not being realistic nor open to the product. First and last video unfortunately

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow 4 days ago +2

    Hair looking rough

  • kellie scruggs
    kellie scruggs 4 days ago

    Instead of negative Nancy it’s negative Nicol. 🙄🙄

  • Amy Hill
    Amy Hill 4 days ago +4

    No in my opinion she is very negative from the beginning and as a beauty guru she should've known that the packaging color isnt the actual color of foundation.

  • So So
    So So 5 days ago

    If you're dry you should not wear or test this

  • Yasmine Carrillo
    Yasmine Carrillo 5 days ago

    Wow... you would think she would have better brows... lol

  • StrawberryNinja Nibbles

    Why do all “beauty gurus” use the same language? Like snatched, honey, gorl, sister, calling everything ‘she’, “I’m living for this” or “not here for that” etc....

  • April MacIntosh
    April MacIntosh 5 days ago

    Omg they could’ve did such a better job took longer to develop the shades

  • Francesca Pizzi
    Francesca Pizzi 5 days ago

    Why are you keeping your jacket on when you are at home?

  • Ddawg M
    Ddawg M 5 days ago

    It’s not that hard- 15 shades with 4 undertone options (warm, cool, neutral, olive). It sounds like a tantrum “TL;DR I don’t understand, too many options, I won’t take a moment to read and learn”.

  • Abby Glamour
    Abby Glamour 5 days ago

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  • Stacey Carlisle
    Stacey Carlisle 5 days ago +3

    Honestly I wish I was a beauty guru to share my opinion on this foundation, I keep hearing everyone saying the undertones are not right but, I am one of few people that has a bizzar undertone. I’m like an olive neutral, so not pink but also not too yellow but too pale to be olive.

    • Lamija Hreljic
      Lamija Hreljic 3 days ago

      I am literally so pale with weird undertones,so usually I go for the lightest shade and make it work

    • Emster234
      Emster234 5 days ago

      same. this is why i dont wear make up because i just gave up. Ive tried the lightest shades and they look white but as soon as i try one higher, they are too yellow

  • Elizabeth Moya
    Elizabeth Moya 5 days ago

    That’s not gray and that does not have a red undertone wth ? The concealer is amazing

  • ala
    ala 5 days ago

    only 15 seconds in and i don’t know if i can handle her just to see the product review

  • ray 0
    ray 0 5 days ago

    the only people saying the range and undertones are okay are white

  • Natalie Allen
    Natalie Allen 5 days ago

    Great review! You made great points for women of color. I’m not sure why they thought orange/red was the way to go with us but who knows. Love your openness and honesty. That one concealer is definitely an orange corrector not useful as a standard concealer for anyone I know.

  • Bla Bla
    Bla Bla 5 days ago

    12:43 is it just me or does the way she aplied powder giving me anxiety

  • Leah Carlton
    Leah Carlton 5 days ago

    God she was so annoying this video. Like she didnt do a blind review and was annoyed before she even started. Always contradicting herself.

  • Sky Meredith
    Sky Meredith 5 days ago

    Loooove your nails! That shape really suites you.

  • Roxana Gonzalez
    Roxana Gonzalez 5 days ago

    I appreciate the honesty!! You’re an avid morphe user and affiliate!! I am dry and I will pass on the foundation and concealer god of your review! I appreciate the in depth info by purchasing foundation online is hard!!

  • RedLadyBug U
    RedLadyBug U 5 days ago

    What foundation would you recommend with someone with dry sensitive acne prone skin ? Thx

  • Peyton Riley
    Peyton Riley 5 days ago +1

    Every single youtuber I’ve seen review this gives a totally different (and wrong) price point. In this one she says the foundation is $12. James Charles says it’s $14, then corrects himself while editing to $18. So what is it?

  • Jasmin Kiefer
    Jasmin Kiefer 5 days ago

    great review. very informative

  • Malissa Cease
    Malissa Cease 6 days ago +3

    (Cakes on the concealer) “The concealer is heavy and feels Cakey”
    (Pounds on the powder) “My skin felt so dry”
    It looks great and it matched you perfectly. You came into this negatively and that’s being interpreted to viewers as “keeping it real” uhhh no.

  • joan tazisalady
    joan tazisalady 6 days ago

    This is a pass for me. I have dry patches and don't like drying products

  • A Hooligan
    A Hooligan 6 days ago

    what lashes!!!????

  • ANDI
    ANDI 6 days ago +3

    I’ve never seen or heard of you before but you jus popped up on recommended. Hmmm well you just trashed them hard af and then threw your code at us? I feel bad for morphe these days tbh everyone’s gangin up on em like it’s the thing to do suddenly when last year they were what’s cool

  • lelechim
    lelechim 6 days ago

    Green undertones would be great for olive tones, but I've never heard of anyone having grey undertones.

  • Perlita Zavala
    Perlita Zavala 6 days ago

    I’m so confused about the moment section. I don’t feel like she was too harsh. Didn’t seem like she already had a made up mind...

  • Carmen Garcia
    Carmen Garcia 6 days ago

    First timer here! Love your 💅. You should make a vlog while you get them done!

  • Natalie Juarez
    Natalie Juarez 6 days ago

    you sound like Mila kunis

  • Amor Antasia
    Amor Antasia 6 days ago

    24:09 Can we appreciate these facts?! THANK YOU!!! 🙌🏾✊🏾

  • Fluffy Anika123
    Fluffy Anika123 6 days ago

    Awesome content Miss Rachel! So far with the videos that I have watched, I liked the hauls and reviews! You're voice is soothing too! 😍😍😍 (IG and Twitter: fluffyanika123)

  • MichiganHoney
    MichiganHoney 6 days ago

    Its normal for companies to make the deeper shades super red and orange but our actual undertones run cool, warmer, red, golden, neutral, etc just like everyone else. Never understood why companies think we have only 1 undertone 🤪😡😳

  • Dani Michele
    Dani Michele 6 days ago

    super YIKES

  • Torry Donadio
    Torry Donadio 6 days ago +1

    When you didn’t blend that nose contour I got anxiety 😂

  • Austin D
    Austin D 6 days ago

    how can you talk about ashy.. with that hair like that boo.

  • z a myers
    z a myers 6 days ago

    I agree with what you're saying about the darker shades. Too red. None of those would work for me.

  • heyitscrissy19
    heyitscrissy19 6 days ago

    This video would’ve been better if it was less biased against Morphe from the beginning.

  • Leia Jade
    Leia Jade 6 days ago

    What would u do if someone u loved died ???

  • Lesley Johnson #momlife

    I think u need to vlog🙂

    INGIE K 6 days ago

    If the undertones are different than usual, isn't that a good thing? Shouldn't people who need those undertones also have products to use? People who complain about something not working for THEM are just majorly entitled, expecting that every new release will match their wants and needs. Let it go and pick one of the 2574products that DOES work for you. Just let people know if it will generally work for them or not.

  • Lesley Johnson #momlife

    Love your new hair

  • Kayla Jacobsson
    Kayla Jacobsson 6 days ago

    Less is more, as a first impression I would've used less concealer than what you put on your face because you really caked it on. In my opinion you didn't give it a fair chance.

  • ericadennett30
    ericadennett30 6 days ago

    The foundation looks good to me. 😃

  • tatyana t
    tatyana t 6 days ago

    We need more deeper shades???? Come on now, you are kidding me? There is about 11 shades for girls with white, very light, light, medium light skin tones. And the rest of shades for medium and deep skin tones. And we still need more deep shades? Why no one screaming that light skin tone girls also want their shade? 95% of the time i go to the store and can't find my shade!!! I am medium light! Just make all deep skin tone foundation and rave about it! Light skin tones will suck it, no one it there for our rights!

  • AlanaB Beauty
    AlanaB Beauty 6 days ago

    I think a vivid blue or green would look great on u instead of pastel

  • I want a sugar daddy.

    Finally a real review

  • Olivia
    Olivia 6 days ago

    I am LOVING this hair color and length on you Nicol!