How to choose an Electric Fuel Pump!

  • Published on May 26, 2017
  • There are virtually unlimited choices when it comes to choosing an electric fuel pump for your vehicle! But how do you know where to start and which pump to choose? Watch along as Jeremy gives you some insight and knowledge before you make your next pump purchase.
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  • Felix Culpa
    Felix Culpa 14 days ago

    where are Holley products manufactured?
    I'm considering making a purchase but have seen some "old" companies "new" chinese made stuff and it is so poorly machined it doesn't even function correctly.
    If Holley has taken this route I wont fool with it.

  • Manuqtix Manuqtix
    Manuqtix Manuqtix 25 days ago

    Why are some aftermarket fuel pumps noisy?

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  24 days ago

      Typically the noisest pumps are loud due to the way they plumbed. They are being starved for a fuel and cavitating. Some pump designs, though, even when plumbed correctly just have an inherently loud nature. -Keith

  • Sam Sixkiller
    Sam Sixkiller 29 days ago +1

    Great explanation nothing missed out no assumptions at all. Thankyou

  • Javier Garcia
    Javier Garcia Month ago

    What fuel pump can I use for a 2005 GMC Sierra 5.3 v8?

    • Javier Garcia
      Javier Garcia 28 days ago

      HolleyPerformance do you happen to have a number I can call?

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  29 days ago

      Give our tech department a call for a product recommendation! -Keith

  • Mark kelley
    Mark kelley Month ago

    I have a 383 sbc full roller engine. Any ballpark idea of which pump it would need?

  • StrangeClanTV
    StrangeClanTV Month ago

    Holy fuck this seems so confusing 😵

  • saxon_hale
    saxon_hale 2 months ago

    Lol I'm here trying to get a aftermarket fuel pump for my 1969 MG Midget Project car.

    FUCK $150 for an OEM fuel pump, All I gotta do is get fuel from here to there. And it's an electronic fuel pump.

  • Lal Chandra
    Lal Chandra 2 months ago

    Impressive video.
    I changed the fuel pump in truck and no vapour lock.

  • Hossein Hayati
    Hossein Hayati 2 months ago

    Thank you for sharing :)

    ALWAYS LIVE 2 months ago +2


  • Richard Varela
    Richard Varela 4 months ago

    I have a doubt, for some weber carburetors which electric pump do you recommend?

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  4 months ago

      You didn't specify which Weber carb you have, in my experience with the side draft carbs they like to have about 3.5psi max. Assuming your wanting a self regulating fuel pump here are a couple of choices. the Holley 12-426 and 12-425
      Mr Gasket 42S
      Most all of our other electric pumps would require and external regulator to bring the pressure down enough for the Weber. We have a large selection of regulators that would work, you can check them out here. Hope this helps, Thx J

  • raul barragan hernandez

    hi! I have a jeep cj7 with engine stroker 4.7 and carburetor edelbrock 600. what pump should I buy? preferably not noisy

    • raul barragan hernandez
      raul barragan hernandez 5 months ago +1

      @HolleyPerformance thai you so much!

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  5 months ago

      The first thing you should do is get rid of that brand "E" carb!! LOL! All kidding aside, our Holley red or blue pump would work great for your set-up assuming that you are looking for an external "in-line" pump and not an in-tank unit. Heres a link for you. Remember to mount the pump as close to the tank as possible and lower than the lowest possible fuel level for best performance and life-span. Thx J

  • Jam McCockin
    Jam McCockin 9 months ago

    I have a MC 2150 on my 82 F150 302ci 4x4 with a c6 Auto trans. I bought the truck from a PO. If it has a carb on it but it has an electric fuel pump ( it's hardwired on a switch mechanical pump is still on block just not connected) would the Electic Fuel Pump be supplying too much pressure to the Accel Pump Diaphragm that Is used for a mechanical pump?

    • Jam McCockin
      Jam McCockin 8 months ago +1

      HolleyPerformance Thank You, omw to Oriellys on Saturday and she died on me.. Accel was still leaking, tried priming her and the peddle snapped. TIG'ed the pedal, then tried priming and no gas. So my fuel pump was Fawked as well. changed pumps and diafram. she's get 14 to the carb. runs like a top. thanks man!

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  8 months ago +1

      That all depends on what the specs are on the electric pump. It will push fuel past the needle and seat first (usually happens around 8+ psi of pressure), if you are getting a fuel leak at the accelerator pump it is probably a bad diaphragm. Thx J

  • JessieJ
    JessieJ 9 months ago

    Got any high pressure high GPH diesel pumps that cost less than $200.00 ??? I have a 5.9L 12 valve P-pump Cummins and I am looking for a reliable affordable pump with 3/8 or 1/2 inlets/outlets that can maintain a minimum of 20PSI at full throttle

  • Mike Skidmore
    Mike Skidmore 9 months ago

    I want to do an LS-3 swap run on flex fuel .. I want to add nitrous in the future .. With my carbureted car I needed about 3 PSI for my Nitrous .. spray bar under the carb.. I have not yet figured out what pressure an LS nitrous spray bar uses..
    I plan to upgrade my gas tank so I can run an in the tank fuel pump .. I like the Holley Sock type fuel filter but have notices many other brands use similar ..
    When I added Nitrous to my 1979 Z-28 Camaro I added a simple in line electric pump .. I removed my mechanical fuel pump that used a return fuel lien and also had a charcoal Canister to store gasoline fumes.. With Engine vacuumed it sucked those gas fumes into the intake instead of loosing them to the atmosphere which would cause a little air pollution ..
    Sadly I removed all of that and later discovered the High Volume pump that cam on my Camaro put out more fuel pressure than the small Holley Electric pump .. I also found a kink in the stock steel fuel line coming out of the gas tank .. I replaced that with rubber fuel line .. I also used an adjustable fuel pressure regulator .. The car still has a small steel fuel return line and I may still have the Charcoal Canister ..
    I have read quite a lot on high pressure fuel systems yet have heard no mention of a Charcoal fuel canister ..
    I like the idea of a PWM pump set up the best.. I like the Haltech ECM and wiring Harness.. I did not find a similar product by Holley so far..
    I need to research if the Haltech 2500 series ECM can already do PWM or if I have to add a second ECM with fuel pressure sensors.. I also of course need a GM type Flex fuel ethanol content Sensor..
    \ I does look like Holley offers some of the better Motor mount kits for LS swaps but they web page is terrible for info as is their page for a complete radiator set up ..

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  9 months ago

      @Mike Skidmore Got it, I will pass it on! J

    • Mike Skidmore
      Mike Skidmore 9 months ago +1

      @HolleyPerformance It's not difficult to Navigate It just simply does not include the necessary information to select the correct radiator ect .. for LS swaps .

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  9 months ago +1

      Our HP and Dominator ECU's can both handle pulse width modulation of your fuel pump. I will pass the info on to our web designers about the difficulties in navigating the website! Thx J

  • ScottDLR
    ScottDLR 9 months ago

    YOu didn't address noise.

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  9 months ago

      Noise level depends on the pump mounting location, what isolation mounts are used, vehicle sound deadening, etc. Too many variables to cover! J

  • Manfred Schield
    Manfred Schield 10 months ago

    I just installed a 2002 5.7 Vortec Kodiak Marine engine in my 1981 Chevy 3/4 ton truck. I equipped the engine with my stock Quadra-jet 4-brr carburetor and had to use an electric fuel pump , due to the Kodiak 5.7 engine not having the hole for the mechanical pump.
    I contacted the engine manufacturer and was told that the engine has a 383 stroker camshaft and the engine produces about 300hp.
    I am having a problem with the engine wanting to die out (it does) due to lack of enough fuel at intermittent times and will not start until a minute or two passes.
    Since i put the engine in last week i am currently on my third fuel pump. The first two were duds the same day. Today i went to the local auto parts store and purchased a Mr. Gasket brand pump that is rated at 4 to 7 psi. I have the pump in the engine bay with the hood completely off. After getting on the throttle a few times it stalled out on me and would not start until about a minute or two passed.
    My question to you please :
    (1) What size fuel line hose should i use ?
    (2) What pump do you recommend for my setup ?
    (3) And what do i do about the vapor return line that is left over now that i am no longer using an mechanical pump ?
    Please help. Thank you.

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  10 months ago

      @Manfred Schield Glad we could help!

    • Manfred Schield
      Manfred Schield 10 months ago +1

      @HolleyPerformance Thank you so much ; i already moved the fuel pump and used the 5/16" fuel line and it works fine now. Thanks again , i really appreciate your help.

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  10 months ago +1

      5/16" fuel line should be just fine for 300hp. If you are using pump gas you will need a fuel pump capable of flowing at least 120lph or 32gph at 7psi. I believe your installation of the pump in the engine bay is your biggest problem! An electric fuel pump is much better at pushing fuel than pulling fuel so it needs to be as close as possible to the fuel tank and mounted below the lowest fuel level so it is gravity fed. If you are using the 12S Mr Gasket pump you should be fine as long as you mount it correctly and in the proper location! Thx J

  • Brenton K
    Brenton K 11 months ago

    don't count on it

  • soy chingon
    soy chingon 11 months ago

    I have a Holley electric fuel pump part # 12-125. 125 GPH this pump works for ls swap ? ( engine vortec 5.3)

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  11 months ago

      NO, that pump is designed for carbureted use. you will need a pump rated for EFI use such as our 12-920. Thx J

  • Aaron D
    Aaron D Year ago

    I have a 1973 mustang with a pro-jection 2d Efi system
    Would you recommend me a different fuel pump to use not the stocking one

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  Year ago

      I assume when you are referring to the "stock" fuel pump, you mean the electric unit provided in the Pro-Jection kit? The pump P#534-38 is a great pump and is matched to the Pro-Jection system very well. Unless you have added larger injectors or maybe forced induction the included pump will do just fine. We still offer replacement units under the part number I listed above if you need a new one. Thx J

  • mr srb
    mr srb Year ago

    Holley made in korea

  • silvester weber
    silvester weber Year ago

    I need 10 psi or so lift pump with wire harness conect3d un to my battery Its 1995 3500K 6.5

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  Year ago

      Most of our pumps are only rated for use with gasoline and have not been thoroughly tested for use in diesel fuel. Your best bet is an aftermarket pump designed as a lift pump for diesel use. However, we do offer a few pumps that are diesel compatible, here is a link to those we offer! thx J

  • hueroski
    hueroski Year ago

    Can the holley red pump be dead headed to feed a carburetor?

    • mr srb
      mr srb Year ago

      Do red holley pump reviews ull change ur mind . Stick wth mechanical

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  Year ago

      Yes, Our red pump has an internal pressure relief valve with a maximum pressure of 7psi for carburetors and is designed for use without an external regulator. Thx J

  • Garnett Scott
    Garnett Scott Year ago

    I have an 06 Z71 flex fuel Avalanche and I’ve installed an GM Performance 6.2 ls3 rated at around 515 hp, I’ve somewhat recently, about 5 or 6 months ago, started running e85, by the way it’s my daily driver. Within the last 8 weeks I’ve replaced the fuel pump twice and I think the pump I just put in is exhibiting the same pre failure symptoms. It’s an intake pump in a return less system. I’d ultimately like to add some more performance adders such as forced induction but obviously need to get this issue resolved first. I’ve been looking at retro fitting an after market in tank pump and filter do you have any suggestions? Thanks

    • adventconstruct
      adventconstruct Year ago

      Thank you! Would the post pump filter be in tank?
      Do you have part numbers you’d suggest?

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  Year ago

      Yes, I recommend using a return/bypass style regulator as well as a pre (or hydra-mat) and post filter. thx, J

    • adventconstruct
      adventconstruct Year ago

      Fantastic! Will I need to Install a separate regulator and filter?

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  Year ago

      Just trying to help, you said that you needed to resolve this issue first.
      We have several choices to replace your factory pump but you will probably have to do a little modifying to mount one in place of the stock unit. here is a link to the page-
      The 12-929 looks to be your best choice since it's compatible with E-85 fuel, you never said what type of forced induction you were planning or what hp you would be adding, but this pump is capable of supporting 750 hp naturally aspirated giving you some room for hp increase over what you currently have.
      We also have some options with our retro fit units-
      Thx again J

    • Garnett Scott
      Garnett Scott Year ago

      To clarify, it’s a flex fuel vehicle/pump. E85, I’m not so sure.

  • frits duwel
    frits duwel Year ago +1


  • Zo Pound
    Zo Pound Year ago

    Ok I have a 1997 350 vortex converted over to carb in my 1987 Monte Carlo summit racing intake. I was wondering with electric fuel pump I’ll need ? The car stalls when I mash the gas. I’m currently running a cheap one. Don’t know the horse power, have Wilwood brakes, and running unleaded fuel. I need to purchase ASAP.

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  Year ago

      There are a lot of variables for fuel pumps!? Are you currently using a mechanical or electric fuel pump??
      Here is a link to our mechanical pumps we carry_
      And a link to our line of electric thx J

  • andrew gillis
    andrew gillis Year ago

    ok so my 62 twin carb Corvair needs no more than 10 gallons per hour, thru dash 6 lines (after the T fitting stem which already is 11/32 ID rubber, this part OK for 91 octane if it's from Shell in Canada, not sure about other product, and its effect on the mechanical pump diaphragm.
    these pumps had several poor quality re-issue and I may have wound up with one - did not go to internet sources

  • Buddhika Perera
    Buddhika Perera Year ago

    What is the best fuel pump for datsun b310 (1979) .?

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  Year ago +1

      Perfect, I would recommend our Holley red pump, no regulator needed!
      You could also use one of our mighty mite pumps if your wallet is a little on the light side. Hope this helps you, Thx J

    • Buddhika Perera
      Buddhika Perera Year ago

      HolleyPerformance it is stock engine...carb and..external and no regulator

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  Year ago +1

      Going to need some more info?? Engine? stock or modified engine? carb or efi? in tank or external? regulator or no regulator? thx J

  • Alex Felix
    Alex Felix Year ago

    help me to know which pump is good for my Toyota cienta with engine power 1490

  • Troy Macleod
    Troy Macleod Year ago

    My car came with a 160 gph pump so your saying that was good for 1700 hp ? It was a dead head to if I went with a 120 would it run cooler maybe? Or does that matter

  • fulluvjoy
    fulluvjoy Year ago

    My husband installed a Holly electric fuel pump on our '70 Nova. The thing sounds like the car is ready to fall apart. Sometimes, it's quiet, and sometimes it super loud. It seems to be getting progressively worse. We haven't figured out a pattern as to why this is happening. Does anyone know why it sporadically sounds loud, and what can be done about it? My husband's tightened it to where it isn't rattling, so it's not that. It is mounted in back by the fuel tank. Thank you.

    • fulluvjoy
      fulluvjoy Year ago +1

      Thank you so much, J, for taking the time to respond. I've passed on this information to my hubby.

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  Year ago

      There are several factors that are crucial when using an electric fuel pump. First the pump needs to be mounted as close to the tank as possible (elec pumps are better at pushing fuel than sucking fuel). The pump also needs to be positioned as low or lower than the lowest possible level that the fuel will be in the tank! Since it sounds like you are using the stock fuel pickup (correct me if i'm wrong) in the tank, it's a good idea to drop the tank and pull the pickup assembly out for inspection. 48 years can change a lot of things. The pick up could have been damaged from previous installations or even have pin holes causing fuel aeration or completely rusted off, reducing its ability to pick up fuel as low as it should be able to in the tank. replacements are inexpensive and can be found at most auto parts stores or online. thx J

    • fulluvjoy
      fulluvjoy Year ago

      I don't know. It's a Holly electric fuel pump putting out between 4 and 7 psi. The carburetor we use calls for about 5 to 5 1/2 psi. We filled the tank yesterday and the noise stopped. For now. The gas tank still had about 6 gallons of fuel in it. Hubby figured it might have gotten low enough that the fuel pump was sucking air. We're hoping that's what it is. Like I said, for now it's quiet. Thank goodness. :-)

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  Year ago

      What part number is the pump?

  • thesixgunfighter
    thesixgunfighter Year ago +1

    I have a Dodge 318(TBI stock), and plan on converting it to carb (with a regulator). And need to replace the stock in-tank fuel pump. I have considered just installing an inline pump ahead of the tank(90' Ram). Is that a bad idea?

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  Year ago

      Has the in-tank pump failed? if not you can get a bypass fuel pressure regulator to reduce the pressure down to work with a carburetor.
      If your pump is bad then yes, you can replace it with an external pump. Keep the pump as close as possible to the tank and below the low fuel level. Some plumbing work will be necessary to make it all work but look at these pumps if you choose to go with an external unit. Thx J

    LUIS ISABEL Year ago +13


  • Kent Brian
    Kent Brian 2 years ago

    What can I use on a 78 international scout 2 with a Holley 2 Barrel with a 304 V8?

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  2 years ago

      Here are a few good options for you depending on price and the fuel demand of your engine. thx J

  • x0rify
    x0rify 2 years ago

    Is it possible to damage an in-line fuel pump by using it with water?

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  2 years ago

      Yes it is possible, water when in it comes in contact with oxygen (air) can cause rust and corrosion damaging pump internals. Water does not have the lubrication properties that fuel does increasing wear and heat. A small amount of water is present in most all fuels, especially fuels with ethanol added.

  • chevy vega
    chevy vega 2 years ago +1

    is this a robot or person

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 2 years ago

    I am trying to find an electric fuel pump for my 351M (400) for my '78 F250. I have no clue which one to get. any suggestions? thanks!

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  2 years ago

      If you use one of the pumps I suggested above you will not need a regulator! Good luck! J

    • Donald Trump
      Donald Trump 2 years ago

      thanks again! so will i need to get a regulator as well or will this do the job well enough by itself? have a good one!

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  2 years ago

      One of our Holley red pumps part # 12-801-1 should work just fine. You could also use a Mighty might pump part #12-427. Be sure to mount the electric pump as close to the fuel tank as you can ( electric pumps are better at pushing fuel than pulling) and below the lowest fuel level in the tank as possible.
      Here are 2 charts to help you make an educated decision. Dont forget the filters!!
      Thx J

    • Donald Trump
      Donald Trump 2 years ago

      hi, thanks for the reply! have a 2bl carb that came stock with the 351m. freshly cleaned. I do not have a regulator

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  2 years ago

      Are you running a carburetor or EFI? Do you already have a regulator?

  • Jose David Quintero
    Jose David Quintero 2 years ago

    really good video.
    I have a question, what if I need a fuel pump ASAP for my stock engine, just to get it running, but plan on increasing horse power next year? should I buy a pump for the horsepower it has at the moment and upgrade later? or can a stock 125hp engine run with an oversized pump for 200hp and have no problems?

    • HolleyPerformance
      HolleyPerformance  2 years ago

      That's a bit of a tricky question. A lot of it depends on the type of pump used and how much of an increase in horsepower you plan to do in the future. Most pumps should be able to handle under-performing when used with a quality return style regulator and adequate return line. But remember that if you restrict a larger fuel pump you will create more heat and over time it can cause damage or even failure. There are plenty of budget minded pumps available today that would supply your stock engine. Why not use one of these now and save your money till you know exactly what you will need for the upgraded engine! thx J

  • fastjp72
    fastjp72 2 years ago +1

    Thanks for the video!