Best Homemade Nacho Cheese Sauce Recipe - Football Food

  • Published on Jan 18, 2015
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    This is the BEST Homemade Nacho Cheese Sauce recipe. It has only five ingredients that are all-natural, and it's super quick and easy, only 10 minutes to make it! Perfect for football season or whenever you just want some nachos!
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  • ray
    ray Year ago +259

    boutta mix this up with ground beef and hot Cheetos 😶

  • MajPsch83 W
    MajPsch83 W Year ago

    I'm going to make this as a topping for some cheese fries! Looks so simple and delicious!

  • Neonm Valor
    Neonm Valor Year ago

    Thank you very much, this helped alot

  • No One
    No One Year ago +4

    short and to the point, bless you

  • jennifer garcia
    jennifer garcia Year ago +2

    I made this and i think it would’ve been better without the flour

  • Dallon had a fall out at the disco

    It’s really good on soft pretzels


    I have lost loads of weight yhis is a really bad video for me to watch. great really and so easy thanks.

  • Will Kreiser
    Will Kreiser Year ago +11

    I added half of a small can of diced chilies to this and it was amazing. Added the perfect nacho cheese kick. Thank you for this.

  • Jawad kaleemuddin
    Jawad kaleemuddin Year ago +1

    It is tempting...

  • Ashley Santos
    Ashley Santos Year ago

    Well then . Let me get my ass up and cook up some NACHOOOOOOS ! I literally have every ingredient in my kitchen. Yeii

  • CabotCheese
    CabotCheese Year ago

    That looks amazing! Perfect for dipping pretzel bites in too. Thank you for sharing! ~ Averill from Cabot

  • Mr Poe
    Mr Poe Year ago

    Well she said real cheese... sEemS LegIT

  • G Blowhard
    G Blowhard Year ago

    Hi can I make in advance and reheat or keep it in a warming jug?

  • OsKBLaZe
    OsKBLaZe Year ago +5

    You can add macaroni to this and you got the perfect mac n cheese baby!!

  • Altaaf Sacoor
    Altaaf Sacoor 2 years ago

    Looks so dilicaous

  • MC_ Stealth
    MC_ Stealth 2 years ago

    Made again right now!

  • MC_ Stealth
    MC_ Stealth 2 years ago +1

    This was beautiful!
    But only, when I added the one cup of milk, it still was very thick so I had to add more. Overall, it was the best by far and the easiest. Thanks!

  • Unknown
    Unknown 2 years ago

    Is sliced Velveeta cheese alright too? I read its like 10 slices to make 8 oz like you did in the video.

  • JejuneFox
    JejuneFox 2 years ago

    Great recipe. If I make it for my fam, I'll have to take out the pepper though (they have acid reflux that's very sensitive), but I love me some spicy cheese! Can't wait for hotdog night! Thank you for making it simple!

  • Sami_Callea 12
    Sami_Callea 12 2 years ago

    Why did ahe put it on the chips I would have just drank it oml lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rachel Hunter
    Rachel Hunter 2 years ago

    I know you said you added whole milk, but is it okay to use other types of milk?? It's just that we only buy in the semi-skimmed milk (& I always prefer this kind). It won't ruin the recipe if I use semi-skimmed instead, will it?? Just curious to know... 😅

  • Rob Baker
    Rob Baker 2 years ago

    I've wanted to learn to make nacho cheese at home forever. Thanks so much!

  • MLBson09
    MLBson09 2 years ago

    watching this while eating tostitos scoops. REALLY wish i had something like this to dip it in.

  • PDP
    PDP 2 years ago

    That looks delicious. Im gonna make this tomorrow night.

  • Joe Spinell
    Joe Spinell 2 years ago

    Thank you

  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor 2 years ago

    Great recipe.

  • Caitriona Cooke
    Caitriona Cooke 2 years ago

    Thanks a mil

  • Rahel Leta
    Rahel Leta 2 years ago

    Nice and easy Thanks a lot!

  • Christian Chapel
    Christian Chapel 2 years ago

    holy ravioli this it good

  • Jaden Davis
    Jaden Davis 2 years ago

    Thank you ladie

    MAITREY DESAI 2 years ago

    I made it and it tastes really REALLY good! I love it!

  • the poison maker
    the poison maker 2 years ago

    Thanks my dude i made some and its bomb

  • the poison maker
    the poison maker 2 years ago

    Thanks my dude i made some and its bomb

  • The Real Cod3ine
    The Real Cod3ine 2 years ago

    I didn’t use whole milk I used skim and didn’t have cayenne pepper or sea salt so I used Mac n cheese powder mix along with cheese it works

  • car56s
    car56s 2 years ago

    Brilliant! I love these wonderful easy recipes!

  • Kat Cymru
    Kat Cymru 2 years ago

    That looks awesome! ! I need to do this x

  • Lucky The Fox
    Lucky The Fox 3 years ago

    Simple solution. Grab a sandwich cheese, put it on a bowl of nachos, and put it in the microwave for the cheese to melt. No need to thank me :v

  • AsapBerg
    AsapBerg 3 years ago

    will 2 percent milk work

  • samiwaly
    samiwaly 3 years ago

    yam yam tleshs😋

  • Fibro Disney Canadian Girl

    Can u use Almond milk instead of whole milk?

  • steven stone
    steven stone 3 years ago +36

    does it sray a liquid when chilled or does it thicken

  • nasser ali
    nasser ali 3 years ago +1

    I love nachos

  • Lani Bell
    Lani Bell 3 years ago

    your amazing

  • Ng ye heng  Nicholas
    Ng ye heng Nicholas 3 years ago

    can i use starch instead of flour? if cant what kind of flour should i use?

  • elena Sal
    elena Sal 3 years ago

    Woah how come your cheese is orange!

    • NightxKillaT_T
      NightxKillaT_T 3 years ago

      elena Sal there are like 15 different types of cheese, she is using Sharp Cheddar

  • Aviation X Central
    Aviation X Central 3 years ago

    Dang ur right it is good I did it and I'm only 13 and it tastes like cheese heaven!

  • mariemarie268
    mariemarie268 3 years ago

    so basically a bechamel sauce?

  • Ryuko
    Ryuko 3 years ago


  • Amelia B
    Amelia B 3 years ago +1

    I ordered nachos in the cinemas and the cheese sauce was so amazing I have to find out how I can make one, thank you for this video

  • MrKimonster12
    MrKimonster12 3 years ago +3

    its funny cuz i was trying to make nacho cheese sauce then i found this video, and now im using ur recipe. also ur really stunning. thanks for the recipe ☺

  • Jami olesh
    Jami olesh 3 years ago

    can this sit in the crock pot for a few hours?

  • Mealinaaa
    Mealinaaa 3 years ago

    Hi ! Love the receipt. Could you tell me how much ml milk you are using? A cup of milk is quiet different here in Germany :) Would be great! Greetings

  • Wissam Salman aka WSM
    Wissam Salman aka WSM 3 years ago

    Can we use mozzarella cheese

  • Wissam Salman aka WSM
    Wissam Salman aka WSM 3 years ago

    Can we put mozzarella cheese

  • SnippleSnapple
    SnippleSnapple 3 years ago


  • Anchor Films
    Anchor Films 3 years ago

    I tried this recipe exactly how you said to do it and both times it was too chunky. It was not the smooth and creamy sauce as seen in the video. I exacted the flour and all the other ingredients. Pretty disappointed

    • Anchor Films
      Anchor Films 3 years ago

      Kien Lam ok thank you

    • Kien Lam
      Kien Lam 3 years ago

      Joseph InChrist What she is making with butter and flour is what we call a roux. In most cases we use unsalted butter because we like to control the amount of salt that goes into the dish. However, salt also cause the gluten in the flour to toughen up which may explain the clumpiness. Try using equal parts flour and unsalted butter. Making sure the flour is cook slowly and throughly.

    • Anchor Films
      Anchor Films 3 years ago

      Kien Lam I am not sure what kind of butter it was. Does that make a difference?

    • Kien Lam
      Kien Lam 3 years ago

      Joseph InChrist Did you use unsalted butter?

    • Anchor Films
      Anchor Films 3 years ago

      Craig I tried it twice. The first time it was too thick and pasty. The second time was a little better. I did asd more butter, but the end result was still a little too thick and the flour was still slightly clumpy in the end result

  • Jason Hunter
    Jason Hunter 3 years ago +6

    2 tablespoons of flower made mine very thick! Should I maybe use 1.5 next time? Or maybe I didn't use enough milk? ( Measured flower not milk )

    • Jason Hunter
      Jason Hunter 3 years ago +1

      Also used cheese from the store?

  • bobbyjay seddon
    bobbyjay seddon 3 years ago

    great way of making the sauce came out great when i made it!

  • Simon Fonnardy
    Simon Fonnardy 3 years ago +102

    Nacho sauce? Nope ima use it for fries

  • Psyko
    Psyko 3 years ago

    Hi, great recipe! I was wondering, how i could preserve this. could you put the cheese sause into plastic tubs and freeze them and then melt them in the microwave for future use? if so what way would you go about it? I'll subscribe, thanks.