What's Your "I Was The Only One To Get Away" Story? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • ► What's Your "I Was The Only One To Get Away" Story? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)
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  • Storytime With Reddit
    Storytime With Reddit  21 day ago +77

    Thanks for watching everyone ❤️❤️
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    • Prometh With Codeine
      Prometh With Codeine 20 days ago +1

      My friend was the only one who could get away when we were in several shops in town to look what we could steal so we have money for the weekend, we went into P&C an expensive clothes shop and looked at a few Tommy Hilfiger jackets, we found one for 400 Euro. This wasn’t the first time we’ve done this but not in that kind of shop, I took the jacket and a few other expensive shirts, went into the locker and gave it to my friend, we both knew we were screwed when a store detective looks at the cameras, so we went out quick, and suddenly the 2 Meter big Arabic looking store detective is screaming through the store, we ran out past an alley and my pants was slipping, I was pretty fast though, suddenly I slipped and fell on the floor in the middle of a big shopping street with lots of people 🤣
      The store detective was still after me and in front of me was my friend with the jacket, I lost him and I still ran away for like 2 minutes when I was completely exhausted and the detective shouted to every passerby that they should grab me, although I didn’t steal anything they called the police looked in my bag found my weed, a knife, and ammunition wich is highly illegal in Europe, they proceeded to put me in a cell for the rest of the day and call my mother, I didn’t get a punishment for that because I was probably about 15 or so, and my friend the bastard already sold the shit we stole for a big bag of weed. So it was all cool.

  • MARz Derp
    MARz Derp Day ago


  • bijou bijoux
    bijou bijoux 8 days ago

    Who cares if you get chlamydia? That shit is just a month's worth of pills and some genital irritation and bam it's gone. STD's are overrated. That guy missed out.

  • Austin T.
    Austin T. 10 days ago

    What is a white party?

  • George Doujaiji
    George Doujaiji 12 days ago

    12:43 Rime of the Ancient Mariner, we read this in english class lol. And the guy who survived it told it to someone at a wedding and the guy felt wiser after it.

  • Celso Politano
    Celso Politano 13 days ago

    The seond dude pulled a Thanos

  • WashYourHands
    WashYourHands 13 days ago

    3:37 I call that strategical Biological Warfare.

  • Nezir The God
    Nezir The God 14 days ago

    1st story is literally the movie half baked

  • valeria262
    valeria262 15 days ago

    Was with four friends, snuck into a theatre to a movie that turned out to be ten minutes til over and cop was at the entrance. Took our seats but two friends bounced when they saw the movie was almost over I convinced 3rd friend to stay til end then asked people next to us for their tickets, walked out with everybody but got stopped by cop who had our friends, showed cop our tickets and dipped out. Wop wop

  • Un-Swagger Souls
    Un-Swagger Souls 15 days ago

    Dude shitted in enclosed room, door was faulty/broken by his lunches for a while now, self explanatory

  • Norman Six
    Norman Six 16 days ago +1

    Once I typed in 304 in a calculator and it flipped it upside down and showed it to my friend while pointing at someone else. There was 7 people involved somehow and everyone got their parents called besides mine. We were in 6th grade.

  • Mr.Karma
    Mr.Karma 16 days ago

    14:50 you've initiated a gang war

  • Croazz B
    Croazz B 17 days ago

    3:34 "Outstanding move!"

  • becausewhy not
    becausewhy not 17 days ago

    The first guy is pure bro

  • Ray_17
    Ray_17 17 days ago +1

    (read the whole thing it'll make sense) This is my story in grade 6 there was this new kid he was from Pakistan let's call him stupid and after a couple of months later stupid starts acting up. My friend was using the washroom and this idiot went to my friend and bad-mouthed his parents so he beat him up. My friend was suspended and the other Muslims including me knew the truth but we didn't say anything because no one would believe us. So everyone thinks of my friend as a bad person and we only knew the truth and when we did say what actually happened no one Listened. After stupid called my dad some things and I was crying after and some of the Muslims my closer friends started to make me feel better so after my younger twin found out and beat stupid up a little and my teacher found out and talked to me and my twin but no one got in trouble my brother just had to talk with my teacher after that I started hitting stupid in class and I'm sure my teacher knew but he didn't say or do anything one time stupid told on me and my teacher was still on my side. Heres some context he knew English but his family said he didn't know English but his older sister in grade 8 knew English. And the worst part is he harassed my little sister no touching thankfully he even made his younger sister suck his thing

  • Jackson Connelly
    Jackson Connelly 17 days ago

    we were ding dong ditching. my friend rings the bell and we hide in a ditch when the guy comes out he yells something and goes back in. my friend jumped out right after and the guy came out. i then not seeing the guy come up and the guy does not see me leave the ditch. as he is yelling i act like i dont know what he is saying and say some stuff in Spanish. then leave

  • Kilo The Raptor
    Kilo The Raptor 17 days ago

    I was the only one to get away....

    Playing hide and seek

  • Biggie BeeG
    Biggie BeeG 17 days ago

    the private school sex story got a whole lotta rats 😂

  • Shadow Jetpack
    Shadow Jetpack 18 days ago

    5:21 not sure if it is real or not but damn, that’s pretty messed up.

  • Bingus Bongus
    Bingus Bongus 18 days ago

    7 ads....

  • WolfvineGaming
    WolfvineGaming 18 days ago

    Bot: alkoohol

  • Kr Sage
    Kr Sage 18 days ago +1


  • Aemilius
    Aemilius 18 days ago

    Me and my friends got chased by the cops in high school for skipping class and I hid in a bush the cop looked me right in the eyes and kept walking got the other kids and I ran away to a separate bush and got away with it

  • gacha cookies
    gacha cookies 18 days ago

    I was running away and.all I could her was magical laughing and all the sudden one by one my comrades were going silent then I heard him gaining in me and I tripped then befor i knew it he said haha I win your it

  • Vitrolic
    Vitrolic 18 days ago

    8:15 Stories like this is what gives me anxiety when I go to public places.

  • JetMoto 1
    JetMoto 1 18 days ago

    its funny cause I saw this the same day I was detained by a school safety officer for trespassing into a middle school

  • Minecraft
    Minecraft 18 days ago +1

    Me and my brother got in trouble for breaking a cup
    I’m the only one who escaped the belt

  • demon cat
    demon cat 18 days ago

    So here's interesting story's
    Me and my friends basically get away with everything since all the teachers love us we are like the teacher pets and we have never got caught doing anything wrong anyway here are a couple of the best stories
    1. So there is a porch kinda thing that the bus kids go on to get to threw a door into our hallway anyway the teachers always baned kids from hanging out there so me and my friends are hanging out there thinking about ditching our first class well we forgot one thing our homroim teacher takes that way to take her child to her class well when we remember that the door opens and closes we freak out cause a gut instinct told us that's our teacher we are so dead anyway we start walking we pass our teacher and say good morning in our innocent voices she says good morning and we all keep walking (3 other kids that we always hung out with in the morning got caught and had iss for 2 days)
    2. Ok so me and friends decied to be late 2 class one day well we got there the door is lock we do a knock (my grade is tight so yeah a secret knock the teachers don't know about) a guy near our door opens it a crack he is lick go to the bathroom the teacher is about to leave im lick um no so my friends fallow my lead we slip threw the crack i tip e toe to were we put our back packed i throw my back pack down and wait till her head is turn and grab my computer and get to my desk sit down and my teacher catches none of us.

  • Irosoku Yammamoto
    Irosoku Yammamoto 18 days ago

    So one time my friends and I were about to have a full on war with our belts when a teacher came in. He saw us all with our belts out, ready to rumble. He chewed us out for a minute then he left while giving us a warning. We all booked it, in case something else happened, or the teacher came back or worse, another staff member with the teacher. I know its not like the others, but its one of the only things i got, if i remember anything else i'll share it.

  • Kamekaze Vikings
    Kamekaze Vikings 18 days ago

    My great grandpa was aboard a Japanese destroyer which was the only Ship to return to Japan in its group or something

    [UNKNOWN USER] 18 days ago


  • Ninja Penguin
    Ninja Penguin 18 days ago +1

    12:41 I’ve definitely read that book

  • Nate-[COD] Fida
    Nate-[COD] Fida 18 days ago +7

    The first guy is the savior his people got but didn’t deserve

  • Major Tom
    Major Tom 18 days ago

    Well here’s mine

    I live in Ireland and in my school you do one thing wrong huge punishment , me and a few others were shouting at these girls passing through our school and when we got into our class the teacher says who did it , I would have been ratted out but I bent down and got off Scott free, they got in a lot of trouble

  • Alexander kjellberg
    Alexander kjellberg 18 days ago

    The " with a dollar to my name" what does that meen???

    • DatBoi 713
      DatBoi 713 17 days ago

      It means that he was the only one to leave the casino with some money, or in other words, he didn't get cucked.

  • aCertainPerson 1
    aCertainPerson 1 19 days ago

    God so many ads

  • Sparkachu
    Sparkachu 19 days ago

    The one about the guy who got fired for saying something to the bitch face

  • MrChillerNo1
    MrChillerNo1 19 days ago

    the cop busting stories sound so 1984 style... You US guys really have it bad... with your Drinking, partying and smoking laws.

  • Ty C
    Ty C 19 days ago +1

    15:00 I would’ve started goin for the teachers.

  • Dead Will
    Dead Will 19 days ago

    When my siblings was getting their asses whooped for some shit I did

  • Poetry Paradigm
    Poetry Paradigm 19 days ago

    12:18 You madlad

  • Crackhead Planes
    Crackhead Planes 19 days ago

    Racism saved his a**

  • Azar Tsay
    Azar Tsay 19 days ago +1

    Back in grade 8 we had to make cars in technology class, mine didn’t work because the wheels got jammed, we had to take of video of it running. My friends didn’t have it either so all of us took a video from a girl in our class, they all got zeros and I had a full grade

  • mylo.0
    mylo.0 19 days ago +3

    That’s a real one in the first story I’d love to have a friend like him

  • Militant
    Militant 19 days ago


  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez 19 days ago

    Sub held the class in 30 mins after the bell after some one reported a missing item, she searched through every single backpack. Right when the bell rang, I opened the door and started walking off.... a few kids managed to get outside the class but the sub pulled them back in. Once I saw that I dipped the fuck out of there😂😂😂😂

  • yung lou
    yung lou 19 days ago

    12:40 Rime of the ancient mariner lmaoooo

  • No Count
    No Count 19 days ago

    12:40 That bird was most likely an albatross.

  • fine by me
    fine by me 19 days ago

    in my school the is a famous quote by a formor head of school ''no face, no case'', so deny and deny and deny, with out evidence, no one can do that much to you

  • TheNightcrawlr06
    TheNightcrawlr06 19 days ago

    I dont get the story about the bachelor party gambling

  • J Brown
    J Brown 19 days ago +5

    Buddy who 'heard' the story of the ancient mariner, you win the internet.

  • bigmac 707
    bigmac 707 19 days ago

    My friends all got arrested in Singapore but not me. Their back now but they spent a half a year all the way in Singapore

  • bigmac 707
    bigmac 707 19 days ago

    Place I worked you had to sign a contract for a guaranteed amount of work. So if you got paid 15,000 in the beginning you would have to continue the work till it’s done no matter how long it would last. I didn’t sign it purely because it would interrupt a family vacation. Well it took a little longer than expected and it started snowing and they had to shut down for the winter, the contract states that you can’t work for other employers while under their contract, so they had to wait the whole winter and half of spring before they could work, and then another month to finish the job, took a little under half a year to finish a 15,000$ job. And everyone who worked their was fucked over some even lost their cars and houses

  • HockeyDude98
    HockeyDude98 19 days ago

    Plot twist:
    The deans are watching this vid and now the will expell/suspend/give demeritts to you

  • Adrienne Kaio
    Adrienne Kaio 19 days ago +7

    That dude in the first story is a badass, a true bro, and a born hustler.

  • Pibzy
    Pibzy 19 days ago

    Not exactly me not getting caught but here we go

    Ok so I was in school and my lesson rooms were changed around so it was chaos, but anyway you get a detention for being late and if you miss that detention you get out in isolation and you get excluded after
    So me being the dumb ass went through the staff stairs (idk why I went cause teachers constantly went through) and the teacher who was most hated teacher just so happened to be there walking up the stairs so all of us run but My shoe just had to fall off and I got put in detention 2 twice
    And was late to the lesson so that was fun

  • ASE
    ASE 19 days ago

    Story #1 is some badass shit daamn

  • Just Alula
    Just Alula 19 days ago

    My religion teacher told my class that in his school they had a big fight every lunch. The teachers would baracade the doors and about 3 guards were killed in a year. My teacher was abled to be protected by his druggie friend cuz he would just be genuinely nice to him.

  • Not Corruptions
    Not Corruptions 20 days ago

    Honestly if you and a group are doing some hood shit have this condition “we got called down they ask u to write stuff down say “I know nothing about it” most likely they don’t have any proof

  • whooshmeifgay 888
    whooshmeifgay 888 20 days ago

    8:47 holy shit that girl is racist af