Why Pearls Are So Expensive | So Expensive

  • Published on Mar 16, 2019
  • Pearls come in many different colors and sizes, and these variables help determine their value. The most expensive pearl ever sold was Marie Antoinette's pendant. It went for $32 million in a 2018 Sotheby's auction. Celebrities like Rihanna, Uma Thurman, and Cardi B all adorned themselves in pearls for last year's Met Gala.
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    Why Pearls Are So Expensive | So Expensive
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  • hbird13
    hbird13 21 hour ago

    I would totally want a greenish pearl over a pinkish pearl

  • CHRIS_ MODZ258
    CHRIS_ MODZ258 2 days ago

    Jimmy neutron made one in few seconds

  • astralips
    astralips 2 days ago +1

    WOW I never knew there was a black pearl

  • Lies Bennoui
    Lies Bennoui 2 days ago


  • Aceman
    Aceman 2 days ago

    Idk but I really like the voice of this narrator

  • Eduardo Ota
    Eduardo Ota 4 days ago

    Make a video explaining why *everything in life is expensive* 👀

  • Cake
    Cake 4 days ago

    They murder clamps for their tongues

  • seinundzeiten
    seinundzeiten 6 days ago

    irrational desire for shiny baubles?

  • Roll Beats TV
    Roll Beats TV 6 days ago

    why yo mama so expensive

  • Rick Rijuana Productions

    Like any other hustle you can price your products how you feel..... Luster 😂

  • Silviu Teodorescu
    Silviu Teodorescu 6 days ago

    Why at the start that girl has a tattoo?!

  • Boogey MANN
    Boogey MANN 8 days ago

    The Black Pearl is so expensive because it's Jack Sparrow's ship

  • Yobius the Tercioculus

    i think ender pearls are the most expensive

  • sydney_ lived
    sydney_ lived 9 days ago

    No shit Marie Antoinette’s pearls are going to be expensive

  • Aili
    Aili 11 days ago

    you like my diamonds and my *pearls* I said _thank you designed it._

  • SushiDelux -
    SushiDelux - 12 days ago

    -Rich People-

  • Ambar Violeta
    Ambar Violeta 13 days ago

    not worth it lol

  • Cup No0o0odles
    Cup No0o0odles 14 days ago +1

    No wonder that giant oyster in club penguin was so defensive

  • Lonezewolf Gaming
    Lonezewolf Gaming 15 days ago +1

    For some reason, I read this as Pears than Pearls

  • Potato Fury
    Potato Fury 15 days ago

    I found a pearl in a clam while I was eating once.

  • Hi Its me again
    Hi Its me again 16 days ago

    Didn't know Pearls are bugs....

  • Gyo Truth
    Gyo Truth 16 days ago +2

    couple of years from now *"why oxigen is so expensive"*

  • 2ECOND
    2ECOND 16 days ago

    My mom has so many of them, she always said they were real but I had no idea it could be expensive 🤣🤣

  • Brooklyn CrEaTiOns
    Brooklyn CrEaTiOns 17 days ago

    *vsco girls left the chat *

  • Samuel Ng
    Samuel Ng 17 days ago

    wait, there's a bug inside every natural pearl???

  • LaH AnD mAh
    LaH AnD mAh 18 days ago

    Just go to the dollar store and get some pearls for a DolLaR 💀

  • nesrtnica
    nesrtnica 18 days ago

    i sold my golden necklace with a pearl for drugs lmao

  • Under Developed
    Under Developed 18 days ago

    How many times is this dude gonna say the n word

  • Bari Martin
    Bari Martin 18 days ago

    This seems like a waste of money to be completely honest

  • James Youngs
    James Youngs 19 days ago

    bardi gang 😛

  • EricSmellMyFart
    EricSmellMyFart 19 days ago

    who tf bites oyster?

  • Ryan Han
    Ryan Han 20 days ago

    So pearl is like acne for oysters

  • See Nomore
    See Nomore 20 days ago

    ...Only expensive because THEY want them to be. Just like perfume. ...You don't pay it and the price drops. ..it's that simply.

  • bruhh asffdd
    bruhh asffdd 21 day ago

    here in philippines theres a lot of huge pearls waiting to be discovered

  • issa pearl
    issa pearl 22 days ago

    my name is Pearl and I literately have $20 to my name

  • Blizzbee R.
    Blizzbee R. 22 days ago +1

    (Pearl farmers put something into the oyster and wait...)
    Oyster: "Am I a joke to you!!???"

  • Cyrus jamito
    Cyrus jamito 23 days ago

    The Philippines is home of pearls

  • Nowhere To Go
    Nowhere To Go 23 days ago

    That gemologist is giving me Gary Numan vibes for days! 😄

  • Debbie Cakes
    Debbie Cakes 24 days ago +1

    so a pearl is formed from a dead sea bug??? did I hear that correctly?

  • Lady Gaga's ARTPOP Shiny Blue Ball

    Pearls are literally trash covered in dry oyster spit

  • nlmaster98
    nlmaster98 24 days ago

    As for every question regarding the price of something the answer is short and sweet;
    Just because people are crazy enough to spend this much money on them.

  • Zubaida Kablan
    Zubaida Kablan 25 days ago

    I love pearls you know why ? Because it's pearl of the sea.

  • Alfredo Sandoval
    Alfredo Sandoval 25 days ago +1

    So you are paying for the liquid from the oyster

  • Falco Lombardi
    Falco Lombardi 26 days ago +1

    You deserved to feel that financial hit if you are willing to pay those prices for any rock, or hardened clam spit.

  • Tylor Johnston
    Tylor Johnston 26 days ago

    Pearlier o expensive because it’s mr crabs s daughter

  • Littleshredder58
    Littleshredder58 26 days ago

    Why is it so expensive? Because you idiots keep paying for it that’s why lol

  • Akane can’t Draw
    Akane can’t Draw 27 days ago

    Good to know dead organism parts are cost 32 Mil

  • Akane can’t Draw
    Akane can’t Draw 27 days ago +5

    Me: Okay I'll finally sleep I have school tmr
    'Why are pearls so expensive'
    Me: Good question why are they-

  • kawaii crumbs
    kawaii crumbs 28 days ago

    Marie Antoinette is my claimed to be great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great (and a ton more greats) grandma

    JOE FAQURSELF 28 days ago

    I came here to read a barrage of pearl necklace jokes and comments... people of TVclip, you have disappointed me today

  • King Peter
    King Peter 28 days ago

    For the same reason as Diamonds, Retards place and artificial value, and other retards believe them., Fun fact, we can not make diamonds in labs that are transparent and mimic any colour of a "natural" dimond, oh and Dimonds dont last for ever, they burn, they are made of almos pure Carbon, your basicaly wearing a piece of shiny coal

  • Diabetes
    Diabetes 28 days ago

    Mr.krabs sees the price of Pearl being sold in japan.

  • BeActive Behappy
    BeActive Behappy 28 days ago

    They are nothing but stones if not for their blind demand...!
    That's a *pearlfect* answer to the question..

  • Gabe
    Gabe 29 days ago


  • skasere1
    skasere1 29 days ago

    -Why pearls are so expensive?
    -Because Human is stupid and gives value to things that nature gave him for free

  • Lori Witzel
    Lori Witzel 29 days ago

    Pearls must be easy to get I think I have some pearls. From oysters

  • sisnege licayan
    sisnege licayan 29 days ago

    Reminds me of pet rock

  • oBringMeTheDiscoCake
    oBringMeTheDiscoCake 29 days ago +4

    wait a second, PEARLS ARE PIMPLES!!!!!!!

  • Red Butterfly
    Red Butterfly 29 days ago

    The pearl of the orient is already sold in china

  • Anime with Garielle
    Anime with Garielle 29 days ago

    Humans r the worst. We make a living animal uncomfortable for a trinket we Place value on what's more thousands of these animals r killed because rich white people wanna feel pretty. I think pearls r pretty but i'd rather fine 1 real 1 by accident that take a life 4 it

  • Xeno de Tipanoy
    Xeno de Tipanoy Month ago

    Why does the title echo?

  • SomeHumanOnThe Internet

    So, if you wear pearls, you're a parasite.

  • Elie •
    Elie • Month ago

    Y'all better stop forcing oysters to do shit like this and then crack them wide open, killing them just for some rich ass person to wear them around their neck and feel special

  • Jocelyn Bedell
    Jocelyn Bedell Month ago +1

    Why was Marie Antoinettes's pearl necklace so expansive? It was *MaRIe ANTioNEtTE's *. Pearls as large as the one on her necklace may be rare but there has literally only been one Marie Antoinette.

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez Month ago

    Shit I only sell them for 1 gold each

  • Neon Red kill
    Neon Red kill Month ago

    why not measure the luster of a pearl by using a spectrometer to measure the amount of light reflected?

  • ieattofu68
    ieattofu68 Month ago

    I have some very nice pearls that were easily affordable and quite lovely.

  • mona lisa on crack
    mona lisa on crack Month ago

    The way I see it natural shouldn't have any more value than cultured.

  • Namron9797
    Namron9797 Month ago +6

    Business Insider: *makes videos explaining the costs of things*
    Idiots on TVclip: iT's CAusE we SaY It'S ExpeNsIVe!

  • retarded kid think the tornado siren is music

    This is how many times he said pearls

  • fpshooterful
    fpshooterful Month ago

    WAIT a min... wait a min.... SOOOO all this time Pearl is just some dead organism that it started off with? AND People pay thousands and thousands of dollars for it?! RICH ppl.... you soo crzy!

  • Blair the cat
    Blair the cat Month ago +3

    "A gemologist at the gemological institute" sounds like someone caught in a lie when asked about their career

    • Blair the cat
      Blair the cat Month ago

      Namron9797 I didn’t mean to insult that guy, it’s just a bit silly. Like saying a butcher is a ‘meatologist and a meatological institute”

    • Namron9797
      Namron9797 Month ago

      Hello, actual studying gemologist here. It's the same thing as saying a professor at a university.

  • Vyeyllah
    Vyeyllah Month ago

    Explain that $15 pearl I got from the coast in an oyster

  • Emmarina
    Emmarina Month ago +1

    *talks about pearls, talks about Mikimoto*
    *Fails to mention the natural pearl industry in the gulf that Mikimoto single handedly destroyed*

    • Emmarina
      Emmarina 29 days ago

      @Namron9797 my guy calm down I never said it was theft 😂

    • Namron9797
      Namron9797 Month ago

      @Emmarina What Mikimoto did was not theft in any way. It is not his fault, nor is it his responsibility, to protect outdated methods. Did he make it illegal for them to farm their own? Did he poison their water to kill the clams? Did he monopolize the industry to choke out competitors? No.

    • Emmarina
      Emmarina Month ago

      @Namron9797 so? Ignore the culture of a place that was so focused and specialized in pearl diving that its country's market crashed when better ways of making pearls were found? Seems like undermining or ignoring what they've done, don't you think? 🤔

    • Namron9797
      Namron9797 Month ago

      It's called innovation. If innovation ruins your industry, it wasn't meant to last. Don't blame the person who improves something. Blame the person who didn't grow with the times.

  • Taylor H
    Taylor H Month ago

    It’s crazy how people value things like this. An oyster literally got something stuck in its mouth, tried to get rid of it. And humans come along and are like this is worth 1,000’s of dollars. Jewelry is so overrated. Focus on love, relationships, and peace not Things.

    • Namron9797
      Namron9797 Month ago

      @Taylor H Memory decays.
      Also, you chose to watch a video about material things. Either you're a hypocrite or you literally enjoy wasting your time on things you have zero interest in.

    • Taylor H
      Taylor H Month ago

      I don’t like coffee and I don’t really wear makeup. I have enough confidence in myself that I don’t need it. Not coming for those who do wear it. But my point is material items don’t matter. You can have all the money in the world but be lonely. But u can very little and be rich in your heart. We die and go to heaven or hell. I’m not going to put my riches to things that decay.

    • Namron9797
      Namron9797 Month ago

      Keep saying that while drinking your Starbucks and wearing make up.