Mitch Trubisky is still making rookie mistakes in his third season

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
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  • LTrain 45
    LTrain 45 Month ago +2805

    If Trubisky stared at a woman the way he stared at his primary WR, he'd probably be arrested

    • ArmadilloLover99
      ArmadilloLover99 29 days ago +1

      Mayjaplaya Wasn’t even in college, he was like 16 😂

    • ArmadilloLover99
      ArmadilloLover99 29 days ago

      Lyndon Bernard Probably because of old tweets that were discovered the night he was drafted, particularly one which stated “I love to kiss tittiess”

    • Mayjaplaya
      Mayjaplaya Month ago

      @Yeti Nothing's really wrong with that, it's just funny to joke about

    • Brian Clark
      Brian Clark Month ago

      there's NOONE else to throw it to. that's the problem.

    • MrFrinZy
      MrFrinZy Month ago

      LTrain 45
      Lol relax

  • Chris Bomicino
    Chris Bomicino 29 days ago

    He can't make the throws. He can't hit receivers in motion. No better than Rex Grossman, same issue, same problems, same limitation. The game is too much, they don't get it, they can't get it, they won't get it.

  • Oddjuxtaposition
    Oddjuxtaposition 29 days ago

    Sucks, man. I hope he gets it together. Met him at Carolina (I'm a bit older than him) and he's a great guy. Looked decent in college and I don't blame him for going to the draft since he got paid, but probably could have used another year. Still got time to turn it around but he's got a lot of work to do.

  • Dan Duffy
    Dan Duffy 29 days ago

    Yeah after that game that thing that hurt the most, was realizing the Bears picked the wrong dude. Not just the wrong guy, but not even sure he'd be a good backup. Move on after this season if he doesn't improve. I refuse to watch thieir defense be wasted

  • dj Curiosity
    dj Curiosity 29 days ago

    I plead the fifth...

  • Rocky C
    Rocky C Month ago

    It could be worse you could have our QB Kirk Cousins.

    OAO DOUBLE O SHITT Month ago

    do you think the bears watched this video ? 😂

  • Jay Oliver
    Jay Oliver Month ago

    Excellent break down.

  • EsoterX
    EsoterX Month ago

    Mitch needs to raise his game to the next level. If he can't he needs to sit the bench and get traded next season. We need a top 5 QB now or the Superbowl will not happen. It's his 3rd season and he's looking worse than last year not better. Get your shit together or it's the CFL or Arena Football next fall.

  • Jean Joseph
    Jean Joseph Month ago

    Waiting on on the Lamar Jackson improvement analysis video lol

  • James Green
    James Green Month ago

    Is it me or does be look like he should be in high school?

  • The Rich Effect
    The Rich Effect Month ago

    there was literally no reason to pick him as our first round pick, everything he has, watspn and mahomes had way more of.

  • spence
    spence Month ago

    when are people gonna realize he just sucks?

  • RCJH2019
    RCJH2019 Month ago +1

    2:48 That play is actually called "DA BOMB". psh...

  • 1337b3nnyvav00m
    1337b3nnyvav00m Month ago

    A Josh Allen video would be SUPER interesting. I feel like he’s developing better than Mitch.

  • Brennen Toquam
    Brennen Toquam Month ago

    Probably too late now but if the cowboys offence have a good week I'd be curious what they are doing under Kellen Moore.

  • sour airhead
    sour airhead Month ago

    Its because he's in his 3rd season. Some guys take longer to develop. Makes you appreciate guys like brady and big ben

  • ChuckandLydia Goering

    Brett you could learn something by watching ( bears barroom the tape never lies)

  • ChuckandLydia Goering

    Lol go watch bears bar room week 1 the tape never lies... get a true analysis with the tape never lies.... this clown only shows you what he wants.... this is not how you break down film... can't believe you would watch this garbage bears fans... I shut it off 30 seconds in

  • ActingandGames
    ActingandGames Month ago +1

    Maybe Nagy has a Tecmo Super Bowl Playbook and can only call eight different plays in the same game?

  • drus
    drus Month ago

    Ok but this is all only focusing on the negative parts of the game. He made a few mistakes yes but let’s be honest his offensive line was absolutely garbage. Anyone is bound to make mistakes when they’re constantly under pressure. You also didn’t point out any of the good things Mitch did in this game. He was set up for failure from the start, offensive line, play calling, and no preseason reps. Cmon give the dude a little slack. I understand it’s frustrating but he’s not as bad as you’re making him out to be. Is he elite or a pro bowl QB? No , but there’s also no way In hell I’d say he’s the next Blake Bortles.

  • Andrew Herman
    Andrew Herman Month ago

    As a Green Bay Packer fan, I would still rather have an aging Aaron Rodgers than a young Mitch Trubisky. I've been telling everyone that he is NOT the franchise quarterback everyone wants him to be.

  • tricool1
    tricool1 Month ago

    Remember when you made a video about how great he was?

  • marcms25
    marcms25 Month ago

    Why cant we get a good qb

  • Bleed Green
    Bleed Green Month ago

    Thanks for confirming our suspicions about Bitch Trushitsky

  • Josh H
    Josh H Month ago

    Talking about the pic around 13 min...I’m betting when Trub missed the wide open ARob earlier out of that set a coach put the old MS Surface in front of him and said, looky there, ARob wide open. We’ll run it again. When we do, hit him. That’s the rub. Mitch doesn’t seem like he has the ability to diagnose on the field in the heat of the moment. In his mind, coaches showed him the previous play and he just didn’t have the ability to adjust when it wasn’t there.

  • lebeR Ogun
    lebeR Ogun Month ago

    I need to know why he isn't improving after all the hype from media, his teammates, coaches, and execs.

  • Jacob Jaramillo
    Jacob Jaramillo Month ago

    I need you to do a weekly break down on Mitch because you are so on point with this. I love this content. I’m a bears fan I find it so educational

  • Randy Carlson
    Randy Carlson Month ago

    Didnt look much better in game 2.
    As a Bears fan, hate to say it, but Mitch is destined to be a career backup.
    I know it’s still early, but I’m not seeing anything promising from him. Too many dumb reads, laser sighting his primary read, and terrible progressions. Reminds me of the ‘06 Bears. Mitch is like Grossman with more athleticism. Both had stellar defenses. We have far more talent now. No excuse.

  • Josh Lynch
    Josh Lynch Month ago

    1:18 very little credibility at this point. Trubisky isn't good, but you can't expect the guy to open up while running from 2 pursuing defenders and a corner following.

  • Dylan Tubbert
    Dylan Tubbert Month ago

    Typical bears QB

  • ethan Wood
    ethan Wood Month ago

    Allen Robinson has so many pass breakups. Bruh is a good db

  • SoloMidLaner
    SoloMidLaner Month ago

    Good Lord, that 1st Down look where he underthrew Gabriel, Robinson had no one between him and the goalline.

  • The Sounds
    The Sounds Month ago

    It's time to start Chase Daniels

  • Shadysidebeast
    Shadysidebeast Month ago

    He reminds me a lot of Brock Osweiler

  • Jazzu
    Jazzu Month ago

    Love the video, hate the truth. Was terrified all off season we'd be a Jags 2.0, and I'm afraid we have Bortles 2.0

  • brandon muse
    brandon muse Month ago

    I think Mitch will play better as the season goes on. He played ok against Denver.

  • spazzingchubbyturtle
    spazzingchubbyturtle Month ago +1

    Could you do a video on Mason Rudolph? Please

  • Alex Ragone
    Alex Ragone Month ago

    That’s racist

  • Marti
    Marti Month ago

    Watching that game showed me Trubisky has serious issues knowing what is going on. I've never played football a day in my life and I know not to throw the ball into double coverage or stare at anybody. The fact that he still does at this point is worrisome. If this is his limitation, the Bears will have to sign someone and draft a new QB in 2021 with the first round pick. The worse thing they can do though is talk about an extension. He doesn't even deserve to have his fifth year option exercised. I still want to believe but the time for excuses is over. He has to stop the stupid mistakes and bad throws now or leave the team. I think if Pace is still the GM for the next QB, he won't pick a guy like Trubisky again.

  • Brian Clark
    Brian Clark Month ago

    so I'll give you the 2nd play. the int to end it is all Nagy. dont call the same play 5 times when theres no where else to go with the ball.

  • Gorilla Toupee
    Gorilla Toupee Month ago

    Nagy also isn't good.

  • SilverSpadeLord
    SilverSpadeLord Month ago

    Definitely Lamar Jackson vid we need that

  • SilverSpadeLord
    SilverSpadeLord Month ago

    Poor Allen Robinson smh

  • Alex Cooper
    Alex Cooper Month ago

    Please do one of these every week! As a bears fan who hates Mitch and his awful vision and equally awful accuracy, I need evidence to show all my fellow idiot fans who see the stat sheet and think this clown is good. Terrible take up to take the kid who couldn’t start until his senior year and barely did anything when you had Mahomes who had all the arm talent in the world and tore it up for multiple seasons. Pace needs to bring in a new qb soon or he should get the boot. His hit rate has been good from the third onward, but he has too many misses at the top of the draft and in FA.

  • Jake Lavelock
    Jake Lavelock Month ago

    Kollmann Football IQ: 1000

  • Lost Coast Commodore

    Mitch "Marc Sanchez" Trubisky

  • Zander Belko
    Zander Belko Month ago +4

    Why Famous Jameis is making the same rookie mistakes in his 5th season...

    • Bleed Green
      Bleed Green Month ago

      Zander Belko He thinkin’ about fuckin her right in da 🐈

    ANIME JAKE Month ago

    Something that annoys me about Mitch is his refusal run. I understand the risk of injury, but there are times were it looks like he could run out of the pocket for an easy 8 yards when the one receiver he was looking at isn't open. I could be wrong and maybe the running lane looks more open on TV than it actually is. I think it would open the passing lanes up a lot more for him if the defenders were worried about him running. In his game against Denver today he ran the ball once for 8 yards and that was it.

  • CP Maverick
    CP Maverick Month ago

    He’s not gonna learn. The system he played in high school and college didn’t require these kinds of reads

  • Colt Duncan
    Colt Duncan Month ago

    I’ve loved all your videos but I’m so tired of seeing Trubisky. Who cares about a loser that was overhyped since he was drafted! Still a good video as always though

  • Seth Riegls
    Seth Riegls Month ago +2

    Great video. I would like to mention:
    The Packers have a much better defense this year. Yes, Trubisky made dumb mistakes but Green Bay finally has talent on defense. Give them credit for making Trubisky look like a rookie.
    Nagy wasted the entire pre-season. Trubisky had zero snaps and it was obvious. This includes the offensive line as well. They played poorly too.
    Hire Andrew luck or Peyton Manning to come and work with Trubisky. Seriously. Give them a call.

  • The Sports Guy
    The Sports Guy Month ago

    ITS ONE GAME! And they didn’t play in the preseason to get the kinks out. They’ll be better moving forward. Nagy called his worst game. And Mitch played his worse game. Disregard all of last season like the rest of you guys suffering from confirmation bias 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Shiesty Shawn
    Shiesty Shawn Month ago +1

    Being from Chicago and a life long bears fan this game was so painful to watch. I’m still pissed about it

  • Ken4JCML
    Ken4JCML Month ago

    I dont hate Trubisky but blame it on the Bears drafters.

  • immasoxfanbaby
    immasoxfanbaby Month ago

    When mike Ditka start doin commercials this means the bears are not doin good. Now were seeing mike Ditka players highlights already. Uh oh were in trouble

  • NFL Predictions
    NFL Predictions Month ago

    Don’t bury trubisky yet he could’ve had an off game. Yes there were a lot of mistakes that aren’t just from a bad game but from deeper issues but personally I believe trubisky will turn it around and have a greats season. It’s all on the coaches to help him out for now.

  • immasoxfanbaby
    immasoxfanbaby Month ago

    Bring, up Bray . Cause mitch is not taking us to the super game. He didn't score any points against Philadelphia last yr that's why we depended on a field goal to win the game. Mitch will only take us to the mental ward.

  • Ian Osorio
    Ian Osorio Month ago

    I think Nagy chose to call a pass heavy gameplan thinking the Packers had primary gameplanned to stop the run based on the hype before the the season started. But still...nice video to deliver the "Truth Buscuit" about Trubisky.

  • lifeofnate
    lifeofnate Month ago +2

    Man we haven't had anything you could call a "Franchise QB" since coaches wore stinking fedoras and trenchcoats