Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer

  • Published on Nov 21, 2019
  • Return to Half-Life in VR, March 2020.
    Available for pre-purchase on Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/546560/HalfLife_Alyx/
    Set between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2, Half-Life: Alyx is a new full-length game built from the ground up by Valve for virtual reality.
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  • Vr Oreo
    Vr Oreo 10 hours ago

    0:15 0:57 It looks a slightly bit unnatural because all the objects on the shelves seem to have no friction at all.

  • Цветан Петров

    I hope we finally find out what happened to Adrian Shephard.

  • kilerek3
    kilerek3 10 hours ago

    if this is before gordon appearance and valve said its good to know EP2 lore, so... maybe in this game we will travel throught time to the borealis and gman will took us from gordon?

  • ThatGuy
    ThatGuy 11 hours ago

    Is this a prequel to the Half Life series? Or a sequel

  • Joshua Ross
    Joshua Ross 11 hours ago

    I’m literally going to buy VR just for this game man.

  • Shaun LaFleur
    Shaun LaFleur 11 hours ago

    G man looking like Heisenberg.

  • lol
    lol 11 hours ago

    Half life alyx Vs Boneworks

  • Daniela Mawile
    Daniela Mawile 12 hours ago

    Valve : 1... 2... alynx ... 4 ...

  • kaan polat
    kaan polat 13 hours ago +1

    Aaa shit here we go again!

  • arcticmonkey267
    arcticmonkey267 13 hours ago

    I thought this day would never come, now I’m worried about how much money I’m gonna need to play this

  • Ancient Ones
    Ancient Ones 13 hours ago +1

    So is this Half Life 3?

  • Александр Олейников


  • ayush apte
    ayush apte 14 hours ago +1

    Imagine this game to be played on call me kevin channel🤣🤣🤣🤣

    MAD TOCHA 14 hours ago

    Mf vr no

  • Superslime 1234
    Superslime 1234 15 hours ago

    Giving me some major portal vibes.

  • luraeye
    luraeye 15 hours ago

    Can I shoot myself in this game?

  • 박민규
    박민규 15 hours ago

    0:27 (긴장감 넘치는 음악)

  • Bob Smooch
    Bob Smooch 16 hours ago

    Holy shit if that is the graphics for the game it will look beautiful as hell

  • Francisco Molinar
    Francisco Molinar 16 hours ago +1

    Man Boneworks looks weird

  • Enforcer
    Enforcer 16 hours ago

    I've got a boner

  • DocterSmileyFace .M
    DocterSmileyFace .M 17 hours ago

    now we just need portal 3

  • ItsRoskull
    ItsRoskull 17 hours ago

    One of my first conversations with my friends back home after completing Basic Combat Training included a part where I said "Man it's been so long half life 3 is probably a thing."
    I wasn't disappointed

  • Victor Carvalho
    Victor Carvalho 17 hours ago

    I'm gonna dislike this because it's VR only.

    • BlorgusTV
      BlorgusTV 16 hours ago

      ok do it look like i care?

  • HIInobëó kswill
    HIInobëó kswill 18 hours ago


    PÃŃÇÅKĘ 18 hours ago +1

    Everybody gangsta until they see a headcrab

  • Henry Butler
    Henry Butler 18 hours ago

    Boneworks mechanics but alyx graphics and details

  • Micah Roberts
    Micah Roberts 19 hours ago

    Alyx: [goes through impossible journey]
    Freeman: [wakes up 5 minutes later on a train]
    Alyx: u_u

  • The Xextreem
    The Xextreem 19 hours ago

    And still not Half Life 3 but a spin off version. Ok ok. Still why valve why?

    • TitaniumRobotSeacow
      TitaniumRobotSeacow 17 hours ago +1

      Not a spin-off it's a prequel Valve have said that you need to actually play episode 2 to understand this game..so what does that mean?

  • ReverendSyn
    ReverendSyn 20 hours ago +1

    We waited 16 fucking years for the story to move FORWARD.
    Valve instead takes the story BACKWARD with a prequel.
    Get bent, Valve.

  • Pawelsky
    Pawelsky 20 hours ago

    source 2 ?

    • Pawelsky
      Pawelsky 19 hours ago

      @Jamie Vatarga I am slightly afraid that all games on source 1 after the update will no longer be the same :(

    • Jamie Vatarga
      Jamie Vatarga 20 hours ago

      Yeah. And they're releasing source 2 alongside it so modders can get to work with it!

  • DronyBoi
    DronyBoi 20 hours ago

    and a few years ago gabe declined that he'll ever make another half life FUCK YEA

  • Mr. Statesman
    Mr. Statesman 22 hours ago

    Is this real?! Is this Fucking Real dudes? Am i awake?! Am i fucking in a dream or is this real?! Im hyped so much! Thank you valve! Its been so long. Im fucking excited! Is this real?!

  • OrdoMallius
    OrdoMallius 22 hours ago

    Half Life 3 confirmed cause it's actually 4 now.

  • Luisito Perú
    Luisito Perú 23 hours ago

    Half Life 2 Episode 3 = year 2 0 2+1

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP 21 hour ago

      Not trie, don't spread misinformation.

  • Tranquilized Horsefly

    This is why LFD3 was cancelled, for a VR game that uses half life in the name but is really just an interactive puzzle game,.

    • Tranquilized Horsefly
      Tranquilized Horsefly 20 hours ago

      @Jamie Vatarga mew :3

    • Jamie Vatarga
      Jamie Vatarga 21 hour ago

      L4DVR was leaked as one of the 3 games valve is releasing in 2020

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP 23 hours ago

      Yes, because everything HL related is an instant money grab even tho it looks like they took some sweet ass time with the game so far. L4D was NOT cancelled tho, it should probably come out as a VR game too.

  • 2xy 4u
    2xy 4u Day ago


  • CSS
    CSS Day ago

    Half life 3

  • hohohomcclane
    hohohomcclane Day ago

    VR shit damagin eyes. Looks great but for a normal Half Life we still waitin

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP 21 hour ago

      @Jamie Vatarga Huh... Well, that must suck.

    • Jamie Vatarga
      Jamie Vatarga 21 hour ago

      @Zero001 LP so basically, VR sickness comes from when your senses are confused the same as motion sickness. Your eyes see the ground moving, but your body doesn't sense it.
      It feels the same as motion sickness.
      Most people who start VR are prone to it for about the first week, but majority actually get over it in a week or two.
      Half Life Alyx has the option to play with teleportation so the ground never moves when you're not moving irl, and this prevents motion sickness. You can use that while your body gets used to being in VR, and then use fee locomotion later

    • Jamie Vatarga
      Jamie Vatarga 21 hour ago

      VR doesn't damage eyes any more than a normal screen. That's a myth that doesn't have any backing

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP 23 hours ago

      How exactly does it feel to feel sick from VR or to have "VR legs", people always say it is something horrible. Just wanting to know so I can adjust my feelings and be able to discuss more easily.

  • DavidKFZ
    DavidKFZ Day ago +1

    I can't be the only one that still thinks GMan is the most enigmatic character in the entire gaming industry

    SİVASLI58 Day ago

    Where is freeman????? I m so sick and tried of wait half life 3!!!!!!

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP 23 hours ago

      @SİVASLI58 Just accept the fact that this is what we get, for now, people are happy, just be happy with them and live on...

    • SİVASLI58
      SİVASLI58 Day ago

      Jamie Vatarga hmm 🤔 they try to fill that story’s empty, i can understand this but 20-21 years we are wait !!!! Enough!!

    • Jamie Vatarga
      Jamie Vatarga Day ago

      This takes place before Half Life 2 when Freeman was still in stasis

  • Dedektif Wolfy
    Dedektif Wolfy Day ago +1

    1:01 anyone else saw the tf2 scout mini figure in the left corner?

  • Piop970
    Piop970 Day ago

    CYBER-GTA-PUNK 2077 - E3 Trailer 11M views.... HALF LIFE ALYX 9M afrer 3 week... CD Projekt says VR is a very small niche ... HAHA! ....

  • Tiziano Monasterio

    Aaaaaaa me estas jodiendo valve

  • owenc3
    owenc3 Day ago

    what's with the invisible arms?

    • KanaAtem
      KanaAtem 13 hours ago

      Without arm trackers, VR arms tend to be glitchy.. Some developers work through it and others don't.

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP 23 hours ago

      Arms are still pretty "meh" in VR. They get where they don't need to and just fuck up everything. It's for the best really.

    • JotaJota
      JotaJota Day ago

      Imagine yourself all the time with your arms that way. It feels weird.

    • Name Here
      Name Here Day ago +2

      Invisible arms is better than visible arms that doesn't work right

  • Gavin Miguel
    Gavin Miguel Day ago

    0:58 This needs to be in Gmod Vids

  • soldier tf2
    soldier tf2 Day ago +7

    Pause at 1:01
    Look at the bottom left corner
    Mini figure of RED Scout spotted
    RED has 3 letters
    So does HL3
    Nine is a number
    Nine has 4 letters
    4 divided by 2 is 2
    The acronym for half life also has 2 letters
    There is one scout in the trailer
    There has not been a third half life
    Coincidence? I think not
    But there’s more
    There is no BLU scout
    Blue is the color of combine helmet eyes
    There are multiple combines
    There are 3 combines in 1 scene
    One combine represents Half Life One
    One combine represents Half Life Two
    One Combine represents Half Life Three
    Coincidence? Nope
    But there’s more
    Someone made a post about scout laughing at the scout statue
    Two scouts in one post
    Valve can’t count to three
    There are 3 games in the Orange Box
    That means valve actually can count to three
    Three threes
    If we split up the threes into Portal, Team Fortress 2 and Half Life....
    TF3, Portal 3, and Half Life 3 confirmed

  • Austin M
    Austin M Day ago +1

    this looks so goofy . my disappointment is un measurable. and yea of course they make it to wear i have to buy a vr head set .

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP Day ago +3

      Goofy? Well, the joke about the gun being unloaded was pretty goofy, but we got goofy stuff in (I think) all of the HL games. You don't have to, it's your money and your choice. The reason its VR is because Valve is one risky son of a bitch and, yet again, is trying to improve or even perfect the VR FPS genre just like HL1 did.

  • Awaiting Input
    Awaiting Input Day ago

    Cool! This VR headset is shaped like a headcrab

  • 27 17
    27 17 Day ago +1


  • The Sabway Metro

    Игра просто говно

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP Day ago +2

      Just because you don't have the sufficient funds out of the millions does not mean the game is instantly shit. To your other comment, everyone was waiting for him, but a lot of people are pretty happy Alyx is in the spotlight. Also, I am not gonna bother translating this myself.

  • The Sabway Metro

    Кто его ещё ждёт

  • Super Sandro
    Super Sandro Day ago

    How valve likes to count
    1, 2, 2.2, 2.3, Alyx

  • milord
    milord Day ago

    Half life 3 no alyx

  • Tristan McInnis
    Tristan McInnis Day ago

    So I need a VR now.

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP Day ago +1

      If you wish to play a hopefully great game that will kickstart VR FPS genre, then yes.

  • Jeffrey Vauxhall
    Jeffrey Vauxhall Day ago +3

    It'll be shown more at The Game Awards they said we will see more gameplay they said

  • Akko Design and Gaming

    oWo wats dis? *notices valve game* oo0oohh so big onii-chan, i can't wait to press your buttons and play with chu :3 teehee

  • PreGame
    PreGame Day ago

    Ahhh so valve wants VR HL3 . And this is the test version . So people HL3 Will be release in 2030 🤔

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP Day ago

      Nope, if they did release HL3 for VR, it would actually do much worse, because people would be hella mad. IF HL3 comes out, not for VR.

  • Zekrom
    Zekrom Day ago +1

    now we have to wait for Left 4 Dead 3

    • Zekrom
      Zekrom Day ago

      Zero001 LP Oh man that's going to be amazing

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP Day ago

      @Zekrom Oh, you do?... Well, apparently, L4D VR is gonna be a thing. So that's cool.

    • Zekrom
      Zekrom Day ago

      @Zero001 LP yeah

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP Day ago

      *Well wouldn't you like to hear something funny that's probably gonna happen*

  • Mike M.
    Mike M. Day ago

    I was sorta excited for this until I realized the aim is to make it a female lead character this time -- no thanks.

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP Day ago +1

      Ah, quit your bullshit. Not only are you wrong, but you are also very wrong. The aim of the game is to kickstart the FPS VR genre with a great AAA game. They didn't want to continue the story because they fear it might not meet expectations, however, Valve never really touched on the story of Alyx until now, so they went with that.
      *Please, stop spreading BS and lies that are in no way true just to boost your and others stupid ideology.*

  • boogaboss
    boogaboss Day ago